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Payout Deal Announced - Former Tourism Board members, Bryan Mogridge and Michael Wall will get $212,000 including legal costs and travel expenses and an apology for damage to their reputations. The original unlawful payment of $340,000 is to be returned. ACT says the payouts offend the public sense of justice and Jim Anderton is to take his outrage to the PM's electorate. While, Peter Dunne says the Tourism Board Fiasco is a costly joke.

Speaker Dismisses Complaint - A complaint that the Prime Minister misled the House in her personal explanation to the House earlier this week has been dismissed by the Speaker. Both Labour and the PM comment on the matter in the Parliament wire.

Police Shoot Man - A homicide inquiry has been launched after a man was shot and killed by police following a car chase north west of Auckland this afternoon. The man is reported to have brandished a weapon at police.

Labour's ACC Policy Released - In the Parliament wire, the Labour party releases ACC policy that Labour ACC spokesperson Ruth Dyson said will restore the principles upon which the original scheme was built 25 years ago. ACT says Labour's ACC Policy is anti-business, while National says it is 'Sheer Stupidity'. While Federated Farmers says put politics aside, give ACC competition a chance

High Flying New Zealanders - The Prime Minister announces that two New Zealanders have been appointed to senior U.N. positions in the Parliament wire.

Credit Review - The Government announces in the Parliament wire that the consumer credit law is to be reviewed.

The House - Question Time saw more fun and games about prisoners using prison as base for burglary and other matters, including the presence of the Prime Minister. See Questions Of The Day (1-6) covering Producer Board Reform - Accident Insurance Policy - Tariff Reductions - Defence Personnel - David Downer - APEC , while Questions Of The Day (7-12) covers: Communication Trumps - Hawkesby - Waitangi Tribunal - Accident Insurance Levies. Later, the House passed the Home Invasion Laws

Booking System - The Conservation Minister says a new booking system for the Able Tasman Park makes a tramp a walk in the park. Though Dr Smith makes clear his changing of the way New Zealanders access their wilderness is a move taken with some regret.

After APEC Comes… - In the Parliament wire, there is a speech from Lockwood Smith on the WTO

The House: Guns And The Pan Tax - MPs last night voted down the Alliance's firearms legislation, but agreed to look at getting rid of the iniquitous 'pan tax'. See The House: Guns, Alcohol And The Pan Tax. The Government has said it will introduce its own firearms legislation… soon.

Prisons Monty Python Style - The case of the Wanganui burglar who used the local prison as his base may sound like a Prisons Monty Python skit, but it highlights serious deficiencies in New Zealand's prison service, Labour justice spokesperson Phil Goff said today. See the Parliament wire

Tax Credits - Keith Rankin looks at The Parental Tax Credit and the future of the Welfare State. See the headlines wire. The legislation implementing the credit is likely to reappear before the House today.

APEC - Lockwood Smith says APEC was reinvigorated At Trade Ministers Meeting. See the Parliament wire.

Free Glasses - The Government's move to free glasses for about 7,000 young children comes into force today.

Delamere Attacked - Rob Donald says in the Parliament wire, that Tuariki Delamere's ongoing smear campaign on an immigration case is disgusting.

The Bottom-Line -Now information on banned directors can now be found on the Net. See the business wire.

Come In May, Your Time Is up - In the general wire, the LTSA warnsDrivers born in early May are running out of time.

A Golden Bugger - In the business wire, Saatchi says they have won a Golden "Bugger" for Toyota at Cannes

It's Not Easy Being Green - The Green Party, who look to be running into opposition to getting an accommodation in the Coromandel with Labour and the Alliance, have now also been told that the Cannabis Party won't stand aside for them in the general election as a whole either. The Scoop looks at the subject in the headlines wire. Rod Donald's speech to the ALCP conference is in the Parliament wire.

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