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CEAC Concerned About 'Workers Voices Not Being Heard In Rest Home Review'

CEAC supports the Union with concerns that - ‘workers voices not being heard in rest home review’ as Sam Jones from the E Tū union said the review panel was made up of public health officials and industry representatives and has no workers or officials from the union or any rest home residents.

Problems encountered by CEAC: 'The terms of reference'

QUOTE: "The review's ‘terms of reference’ state that the intention is for rapid progress so it is using a small group who have wider links into the relevant sectors." - Sam Jones.

  • We have been actively working with Government and local body agencies for 20 yrs on public health issues and have seen the same deliberate blocking of community voices being represented in the setting of “the terms of reference” mechanism.
  • The “terms of reference” ‘charter’ system set by Government bureaucrats have long been a ‘festering sore’ democratic worry for communities we represent.
  • The terms of reference exclude any ‘inclusion’ references or considerations the terms of reference is set that the public are most often prevented from presenting their voices.
  • Worse still are not even being included in the ‘group’ at the table as they are planning on issues of public health concerns.

This lack of inclusion is now endemic in NZ among many “focus groups” set-up to investigate public health and transport issues around NZ, we have observed in our 20yrs of involvement as an NGO advocacy group for communities.

Observation: NZ Ministry of Health are seen not having any desire to offer inclusion with communities nor unions it seems.

  • So we support unions speaking up on the lack of inclusion for their members rights.

Considering this especially during the Covid paramedic we sadly witnessed yet another failure of a dying mother has her siblings being blocked from being at her bedside by a callous Ministry of Health who sadly lacks compassion.

History: “A kinder, gentler, caring, inclusive, government” before the 2017 election

We all expect this Government who promised us to be “a kinder gentler caring inclusive government” before the 2017 election, now need to show leadership and step up here and change the “Terms of reference” of this “Group” that Sam Jones from the E Tū union said, “The review panel was made up of public health officials and industry representatives and has no workers or officials from the union or any rest home residents.”

With that vital information Unions say are needed inclusion including the lack of proper PPE (personal protection equipment) ‘information for patient and worker safety’ Government must allow the patients residing in accommodation plus rest homes living and dying of Covid 19 to protect their families during the pandemic, and be at the table to give them a voice as the union requests to “have a voice: to be actively involved with planning a better outcome for their workers and rest home residents.

UK are claiming that early diagnosis and treatment give patients a better chance of survival.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and proper testing for COVID 19

  • We at CEAC have been for many months requesting NZ Ministry of Health expand our COVID 19 testing to all citizens, and this includes all rest home workers and residents, to capture all these lost statistics in our pandemic, but the Ministry is so far not planning to include rest home workers to align us to the UK model of data collection.


  • Elderly are now most venerable and are dying in NZ now without being diagnosed if, they previously had or still have Covid 19 that is the cause of death by using two testing protocols explained below.
  • UK are claiming that early diagnosis and treatment give patients a better chance of survival.
  • So clearly we not finding all the complete more accurate data and are running without adequate accurate data on this Covid 19 pandemic to save lives.
  • As CEAC has said before; the statistics must incorporate with the current ‘swab test’- “the antibody test (also called a serology test.) which confirm all who developed immunity to Covid 19 before death.


  • We need to know who has actually developed immunity to the virus.
  • We do not have these tools at present in the test protocol
  • NZ Ministry of health is using only the nasal or throat swab test, which can ‘migrate’ from the nasal or throat in a few days we are being advised.
  • The current ‘nasal throat Swab’ coronavirus test look for the virus’ genetic material in a sample of mucus, which is usually collected by a nasal or throat swab administered by a health care worker. and only diagnose a current infection.
  • Whereas the antibody test (also called a serology test.) finds who develops immunity to Covid 19.
  • It signifies that the person has been exposed to the virus long enough that their immune system has been responding to it - which is the real gold standard now being used.

Proof is below, “A ‘negative’ coronavirus test result doesn’t always mean you aren’t infected”

This was found reported in China during their pandemic, and they resorted to ‘lung Xray’s’ to confirm that the patient was seriously ill after so many confusing false negative swab results were repeatedly found occurring there.

And this also shows how false Swab testing is.

Quote: “A test developed by the researchers was able to detect 2019-nCoV in oral swab samples. But samples taken about 10 days later did not have a positive result.”

CEAC is on the record here

CEAC have several times requested for “NZ Ministry of Health to be cautious” now more so with the virus testing protocols beginning on 20th January 2020.

CEAC calls for Ministry of Health to be cautious

Monday, 20 January 2020, 2:31 am
Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

Monday 20th January 2020

CEAC calls for Ministry of Health to be cautious of mystery viral pneumonia spreading from China

  • For our public health and safety.

CEAC is calling on Gov’t, Ministry of Health to carry out the following;

  • Provide full Personal Protection Equipment. (PPE) and proper testing for COVID 19.
  • Allow relatives to attend the end of life of their loved ones dying from covid 19.
  • Ministry of Health must incorporate with the current ‘swab test’- “the antibody test (also called a serology test.) which confirm all who develop immunity to Covid 19, to save citizens lives and avoid false negative throat nasal swab tests.
  • Conduct full Covid 19 testing of all our citizens firstly and complete a full assessment of solid robust controlled ‘track & tracing’ of the Covid 19.
  • We must have mass testing of all our whole community firstly to have a solid ‘robust tracing process’ to fight Covid 19.

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