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Media Flash - Mar. 5, 2001 - Mail Batch No. 057

Media Flash

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Monday, March 5, 2001

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Rural Press 'Misused Market Power'

* JOHN B. FAIRFAX'S Rural Press Ltd received bad news from the Federal Court, according to The Advertiser (SA) on Saturday:

* 'Rural Press Ltd and its subsidiary, Bridge Printing Office Pty Ltd, had misused their market power in dealings with another publisher of regional newspapers, the Federal Court in Adelaide has found. JUSTICE MANSFIELD found them in breach of the Trade Practices Act in their dealings with Waikerie Printing House Pty Ltd from July 1997 to May 1999. He found that, as a consequence, the three firms entered into an arrangement for the withdrawal of the The River News by Waikerie House from the Mannum area, breaching the Act's anti-competition provisions.

* 'Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman PROFESSOR ALLAN FELS said the ACCC took action because it was clear a powerful firm had threatened a family-operated publisher, in this case to stop it competing against a Rural Press paper. It had also ensured the publisher contravened the act by entering into an anti-competitive arrangement with it. Submissions about penalties will be heard at a date to be fixed,' The 'Tiser reports.

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PMT (Pre-Merger Tension) On PMP Deal

* JAMES PACKER of Australian Consolidated Press has reportedly already complained to ACCC Chairman PROFESSOR ALAN FELS about the planned PMP - IPMG merger, according to IVOR RIES in The Australian Financial Review. Last week's $630 million deal - if approved - sees PMP Chairman KEN COWLEY and CEO BOB MUSCAT parachute out of the company, leaving its management to gun publishers (and potential 40 per cent shareholders) JOHN B. FAIRFAX and TIM FAIRFAX of Rural Press, and MICHAEL HANNAN of Eastern Suburbs Newspapers/Hannanprint, together as IPMG (Independent Print Media Group).

* MICHAEL HANNAN is likely to be Chairman of the merged entity, says LARISSA KAYE of B&T Weekly Online. JANE SCHULZE of The Age quotes HANNAN to say that the fact his family was prepared to go public after 67 years indicated his interest: 'That should give you an idea of how exciting we think this is that we are actually prepared to give up our privacy.'

* LUKE COLLINS of The Fin says the merger would see the merged group control '70 per cent of the contract printing market and up to 80 per cent of the magazine distribution sector'. MATT HANDBURY of Murdoch Magazines says he is 'blown away' with the deal; he was negotiating to buy some PMP magazines which include TV Week and New Idea. The magazine division - Pacific Publications - dropped profit from $14.9 million to just $1.8 million.

Hannan Family Built Group

* MICHAEL HANNAN'S share in IPMG has a long history:

* 1887. FRANCIS HANNAN (1854 - 1907) opens his first butcher shop in the Sydney suburb of Randwick, having migrated from Ireland via New Zealand in 1879. In succeeding decades the family built a chain of butchery businesses and an extensive property portfolio in Sydney. * 1934. NORMAN HANNAN (1895 - 1973), FRANCIS' son, establishes the family's first newspaper, The Randwick District News. * 1958. The Double Bay Courier is acquired and with it the company's first Linotype machines. The plant is shifted to a new printing factory in Randwick. * 1961. A 50:50 joint publishing venture is formed between the HANNAN family and a company jointly controlled by the PACKER Family Company, Australian Consolidated Press. Fairfax Suburban Publications Pty Ltd. merging five competing papers into three. * 1968. After years of outsourcing the printing of its newspapers, the group acquires its first web offset press. MICHAEL HANNAN, the present Group Managing Director, joins the business and Hannanprint is formed. * 1978. With the take-over and merger of other publications, the company now has its flagship newspaper The Wentworth Courier running 48 pages or more a week. Another web press is added.

* MEDIA FLASH note: Last week's Wentworth Courier was 284 pages full color gloss.

New TV 'Station' Begins Today

* WAYNE ROGERS' team at Renaissance Television switches on this morning (Monday, March 5) at 8 o'clock, with eight hours (8am-4pm) every weekday on Melbourne's Channel 31 community television station. The station, owned by retirement village developer Primelife Corporation (through its Lifestyle Media International subsidiary), is aiming at an over-55 audience dubbed as 'the Mature Viewer' by frontman TONY BARBER. BARBER has also been fronting full-page Herald Sun ads, and a radio campaign on 3AW and GOLD-FM.

* ANDRÉ VAN DER ZWAN, who is handling PR for the 'station' tells Media Flash that personalities signed to the station include SUE McINTOSH (chat show), PAUL CRONIN ('specialist programs'), ARTHUR HIGGINS (host of Senior Living News), DENIS WALTER (Australian and international music programs) and DOCTOR SALLY COCKBURN (DR FEELGOOD). MAX STUART is Station General Manager. According to ROBERT FIDGEON'S Herald Sun report, former Premier SIR RUPERT HAMER and ex-Nine programmer JIM McKAY are on the Renaissance advisory board.

* TED SENT, Primelife CEO, says the existing transmitter situated at Mount Dandenong has been upgraded and a new antenna installed: 'We do not want to compete with the major networks. We established Renaissance Television as a dedicated network to serve senior people in our community.'

* ROB MOORE, GM of Briz 31 (Brisbane), and FILOMENA PALARIC, Co-Ordinator at Sydney's CTS 31, are understood to have received submissions from Primelife to extend the Renaissance Television concept to Brisbane and Sydney.

31 Can Be The Loneliest Number

* WAYNE ROGERS has probably spent more in one week publicising Renaissance Television than Melbourne's Channel 31 has spent on promotion in its entire history. Saturday's Herald Sun included a four-page liftout. The 'station' will include programming that includes the Power Without Glory and Roots series as well as I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners. More people are likely to tune into Channel 31 than ever before ... yet what have the Melbourne Community Television Consortium scheduled at 4pm when RTV signs off? On Monday and Tuesday, it is a RMIT construction lecture, followed by an hour of Fishcam 'test pattern'. On Wednesday, it is two full hours of Fishcam - a camera pointed at a fish tank. With this godsend publicity, what a squandered programming opportunity to win new viewers!

* RON BARASSI - famed as football's 'Number 31' - would be a great icon to promote Channel 31. 'BARASS' is in the over-55 target audience, and still seen as a popular Melbourne icon. Go get him!

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Fairfax Foxtrot

* GREG HYWOOD and ALAN REVELL are making their marks as Editors-in-Chiefs at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald respectively. HYWOOD presides in Melbourne as 'the way news is gathered, reported and analysed is changing'. A re-designed Age newsdesk was installed at the weekend, and includes representation from online, breaking news editors and package editors. In Sydney, REVELL has been issuing memoranda using the first-person pronoun: 'As part of my restructuring of the Herald Publications' business, I wish to announce the integration of our Marketing and Circulation departments.' February 27: 'I am pleased to announce ...'

F-Word 70 Times

* VIC MELI, former 2GLF manager, says the community station broadcast the F-word 70 times in five minutes: 'I'm sure the Australian Broadcasting Authority would be really impressed with this sort of programming.' MELI is now a Director at 2RDJ. MICHAEL BYRNES, station head, told a local newspaper that he did not deny the accusations but said all except two episodes occurred late at night or in the early hours. The station runs out of a building in Liverpool, owned by Liverpool Council.

Long Shots: Priest Jailed

* ASH LONG'S new book, Long Shots, carries a chapter and pictures about his days publishing a group of Victorian country weekly newspapers. He recalls publishing how one town's Presbyterian Minister faced charges for violently assaulting his daughters; how another Presbyterian sky-pilot clashed in his paper's columns with publisher PETER ISAACSON; and how the Anglican priest was simultaneously de-registered as a doctor, as well as losing his religious post.

* The quadrella has just come in. FR TERRY PIDOTO, the town's Catholic priest, has just received a jail sentence for serious offences alleged some time back. According to GEOFF HEYES' Yea Chronicle in a piece buried at the bottom of Page 2: 'Former Yea Catholic Priest, TERENCE PIDOTO, was sentenced, last Wednesday, to three years jail with 18 months non-parole for four counts of indecent assault. DET. SGT LEIGH ABBEY of Melbourne Rape Squad said MR PIDOTO was sentenced at the Melbourne County Court for offences occurring in 1976 and 1977 at Broadford.'

* READ ALL ABOUT IT IN 'LONG SHOTS' - ORDER THE BOOK NOW. You get a free copy when you subscribe to Media Flash.

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When John Howard called an election, Leader Newspapers called

Wilson Everard.

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CAB Launches Demographic Audit

* HEATHER CRAVEN, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Circulations Audit Bureau has completed the second Profile Demographic Audit for its publisher member, Electronics News. The Profile Audit provides a detailed breakdown of the readership, with analysis by industry, job function and qualification source, tailored into a four-page marketing tool using tables and graphs to display the data, publication logos and information on the direction and marketplace served by the publication. 'The audit provides advertisers and agencies with a new range of data to better evaluate the readers of Electronics News,' says MS CRAVEN.

Big Pond Squeezes Newsletter

* WAYNE BERRY, Top Gun sales coach, has a weekly newsletter sent by E-mail to more than 5000 subscribers. But the publishing efforts haven't been so easy over the past few weeks, when BERRY swapped to Telstra's Big Pond cable service: 'You haven't received my Top Gun Tips recently because of a problem we have had with our ISP Bigpond who provide our cable connection to the Internet. A while back they changed mail servers and at the same time disallowed the number of transmissions of any e-mail with more than 100 recipients. (We have nearly 5000 subscribers now.) Unfortunately they did not tell us this and for weeks nobody at Bigpond could tell us why we could not send our E-mail newsletter. Well they finally came clean with us three days ago, and we have now found a temporary way around this restriction. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. (we are still awaiting an apology from Big Pond.')

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Bryant Doubts Raised By 'Mercury'

* REX GARDNER'S Saturday Mercury (Tas.) has given some fodder to PAULINE HANSON'S recent utterances with Police Reporter ELLEN WHINNETT'S front-page report headlined 'Survivor Raises Bryant Doubts'. WHINNETT says WENDY SCURR, a Port Arthur massacre survivor 'has publicly challenged the circumstances surrounding the slaying of 35 people'. The former guide says she believes something was 'very badly wrong' in the official version of events surrounding the 1996 massacre. SCURR will make a special guest appearance later this month at a national forum organised by Australia's far-right movement to discuss her views. The theories expounded by some One Nation and far-right supporters and detailed in a book by West Australian man JOE VIALLS argue gunman MARTIN BRYANT was not responsible for the massacre.


* STEPHEN MAYNE, Crikey website publisher, held a fund-raising piss-up on Thursday night (March 1) at the Dendy Bar in Sydney, featuring ad man TIM SHAW. ABC political analyst ANTONY GREEN was also scheduled to appear. Probably spent what he raised in air fares.

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'Age' Man Slams Media Flash

* NIGEL HENHAM, Director of Communications at The Age, has hit out at Media Flash over last week's article about circulation issues at the Melbourne broadsheet.

* HENHAM writes: 'Ash, I refer to your piece today which refers to The Age. I have the following comments to make :

i. the reference to the national trend which "saw the majority of Saturday newspapers lose sales" year on year is correct. In fact out of 12 papers Australia-wide, 9 newspapers' circulation declined (e.g. The Daily Telegraph -2.50% (-8,712 copies), The Australian -2.84% (-8,815 copies), West Australian -1.88% (-7,179 copies), Courier Mail -1.60% (-5,363 copies), SMH -1.86% (-7,179 copies), The Australian -2.84% (-8,815 copies), NT News -0.67% (-217 copies), Canberra Times -0.18% (-125 copies). Fairfax's media release did not refer to Sunday figures.

ii. A Saturday readership of 1.04 million with overwhelming leadership in the important key markets such as ABs 420,000 vs HS 222,000, (The Weekend Australian 87,000) is not, I would suggest, of a newspaper in "strife".

ii. I don't see any incongruity about The Age telling its readers how many job classifieds it has in the paper even though circulation has declined. The Herald Sun is obviously sensitive to the fact that The Age has 88% market share of job classifieds, 80% of real estate, and 66% of car ads. When it comes to classifieds and AB readers, the Herald Sun and The Australian are bit players. Full stop.

iii. I haven't seen any reference by you to the Herald Sun's circulation decline Monday-Friday year on year (-4,149 copies). Of course they don't like to tell people they've lost 80,000 in sales since 1991. The Australian has lost around 20,000 in sales since it reduced its price to 40c in 1998 (and subsequently 60c). Some achievement.

iv. Monday-Friday circulation The Age year on year outperformed the Herald Sun and The Australian. Why don't you tell your readers that ?

iv. The Herald Sun's figures are always inflated by gimmicks and discounts (particularly during the Olympic period). Last year they spent $5.97 million in the year to November 2000 in main media (AIM data) in a desperate attempt to increase sales. How many papers are virtually given away by the Herald Sun in various $7-a-year school/education deals around the state ?

v. According to the latest readership figures (which you didn't include), in the last quarter the Herald Sun lost 12,000 readers Monday-Friday, 21,000 on Saturday, and 19,000 on Sunday. Why didn't you report that? The Age was the only newspaper NOT to decline in circulation Monday-Friday in Victoria and New South Wales.

vii. The Age online site recently attracted 900,000 site visits for the week. How does that compare to the Herald Sun's performance ? The Age's readership in print and online on a daily basis is now around the 800,000 mark. Hardly a poor figure I would suggest.

* To every story there is always another side. I think it is time to give some coverage to other newspapers' performance (or lack of) - including those interstate papers such as the Daily Telegraph which at the last audit recorded the second worst performance Monday-Friday of any newspaper in Australia. I look forward to the next edition of Media Flash.

Media Flash Replies

NIGEL - Thanks for your E-note. But let's look at the facts. 1. You say (your point iv): 'Monday-Friday circulation The Age year on year outperformed the Herald Sun and The Australian. Why don't you tell your readers that?' Bullshit Nigel. The Age numbers (less than 200,000) are much less than the Herald Sun (500,000-plus) and The Australian. 2. Your paper blames 'national trends' on job ads for dramatically losing its Saturday circulation, when the other paper in town gains sales. Are they not subject to these same awful 'national trends' ? 3. You tell me (your second point ii) that the Herald Sun and The Australian are 'bit players' in classifieds. You then urge me to compare Age figures with these 'bit players'. 4. You urge me to compare readership figures. The latest table that ran across my desk was for Melbourne's Sunday papers. Sunday Herald Sun, 1.45 million (up 33,000 readers); Sunday Age, 666,000 (down 26,000 readers). 5. You ask me to tell me readers about circulation figures. Yet has your paper been straight with its readers, and given simple, truthful comparisons about its own current circulation compared with the glory days of The Age? NIGEL, I've printed your letter verbatim in Media Flash. But I don't know what it is in the water coolers at The Age since the Legionnaire's Disease outbreak. Back in the old days, the job of a Communications Director was NOT to draw attention to the troubled circulation numbers and other problems at the paper. And by the way, good luck with that other readership and profit magnet published by The Age: Melbourne Express. As always, ASH LONG, Media Flash 'Age' Gimmicks?

* A MEDIA FLASH READER notes NIGEL HENHAM'S comment that the Herald Sun distribution is boosted by gimmicks. The reader asks if The Age free copies (as part of the admission price to Melbourne's Museum and Motor Show) are included in the official sales figures of the broadsheet.

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Say It Ain't So, Joe (Part 2)

* WILLIAM VERITY is one of Australia's most energetic local newspaper Editors. He is in charge of the Fairfield City Champion (NSW), part of IAN CROWTHER'S Fairfax Community Newspapers. VERITY slammed in hard behind troubled local MP JOE TRIPODI ... until the evidence came in. Last week, VERITY had this message for readers in his 'The Way It Is' column on Page 2: 'Following last week's call on Fairfield MP JOE TRIPODI to apologise for his sex life or leave public office, I offered him space in the paper to defend himself or say sorry. I have received no response. Draw your own conclusions.'

* VERITY also had a crack at the Fairfield Advance local paper, published by GENE SWINSTEAD'S News Limited Community Newspapers (Cumberland Newspapers): 'The Advance will no longer be first with the news' - it publishes on Wednesday from this week, the same day as the Champion.'

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Fairfax Community Newspapers

Victorian Head Office: 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong, 3175.

Phone: (03) 9238 7777. Fax: (03) 9238 7682.

Publishers of: Dandenong Journal, Monash Journal, Knox Journal, Maroondah Journal, Yarra Ranges Journal, Whitehorse Journal, Footscray Mail, Altona-Laverton Mail, Williamstown Advertiser, Brimbank Advocate, Melton Express-Telegraph, Bacchus Marsh Express-Telegraph, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, Sunbury Telegraph, Werribee Banner, Community News - Moonee Valley, Community News - Moreland, The Flier, House & Land, New Homes & Land

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Asia-Pacific Wire

* BRENT IMPEY, New Zealand Chairman of Can West (owner of NZ TV stations, and 14.9 per cent shareholder of Australia's Network 10), summed up TV3 and TV4 talks this way to the New Zealand Herald: 'We are having discussions on a whole range of issues - ownership is one of them.' TV3 recently had a $19.9 million pre-tax loss. The newspaper concluded: 'Local television staff have been briefed about the possibility of a takeover. Most staff were believed to view the prospect positively because of Australia's closer cultural links to New Zealanders than Canadians.' No news, however, if BERT NEWTON'S program will become Good Morning Australia ... and, oh, New Zealand.

* NOOR MOHAMMAD, Police Chief, is apologising that his members severely beat up nine journalists after one of them took photographs of some students being dragged by police officers at Dhaka, Bangladesh. 'We are sorry for causing trouble to the journalists,' the Chief told the South China Morning Post. The students were accused of cheating on their exam papers. IFTEKHARUL ANUPOM, Mulshroot weekly magazien reporter, has been hospitalised with a serious head injury.

* HUN SEN, Cambodia's Prime Minister, summoned 200 executives from five TV channels and told them to banish women in revealing clothing from the nation's screens. The Straits times says the ban includes short skirts or sexy clothes. MR HUN SEN asked TV producers not to screen violent films, as 'our kids will act the same'.

Overseas Desk

* JACK ROTHERHAM, currently Rolling Stone Vice-President/Publisher, is expected to become Head of Corporate Sales for Wenner Media, which also publishes Men's Journal and US Weekly, according to LISA GRANATSTEIN of Media Week (US).

* WALT DISNEY CO. has acquired a 50 per cent interest in the 827,634-circulation US Weekly.

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Sydney Siders

* WILLIAM VERITY, Fairfield City Champion Editor, carries this item: 'You won't read about it in our opposition paper, The Adance, but we'll keep you up to date. The News Limited newspaper was in court for two days last week over a defamation action being taken by Fairfield independent councillor MARIA HEGGIE. The action surrounds a front page article published on November 3, 1998, headed 'Taverns Tirade'. It reported on a fiery council meeting which debated the policy on gaming tavern policy. The action centres on comments attributed to the current mayor, CR BOB WATKINS, about CR HEGGIE. CR WATKINS denies making those comments. Barring an out of court settlement, the fight is likely to continue for at least another six months after the jury was discharged last week and costs awarded against The Advance. The newspaper is understood to be seeking leave to appeal the decision, which will have to be decided before the case can continue in front of a fresh jury.'

* MARC GONSALVES is providing the editorial leadership for the WM Magazine: Eastern Suburbs Living (formerly styled as Eastern Suburbs Messenger). the publication is part of MICHAEL HANNAN'S IPMG stable: short tabloid, 24-pages, full color, stylish. Others on the project include Publisher STEVE JAMES, Ad Manager JAN HEARNE, Classifieds Manager ENA WHYTE and journalists CLARE MASTERS and JAMES WILKINSON. ALISON CARDINALE handles the impressive creative design.

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In the latest Quadrant magazine:

Mark Latham MP on Globalisation's optimists and pessimists - Greg Melleuish reviews Blainey's History of the World - Alan Gill on Britain under the Jackboot: occupied Jersey 60 years ago - Sean Regan on our post-modern Pilger - Peter Ryan defends the reputation of the judge who sent Ned Kelly to the gallows - the final instalment of Keith Windschuttle's analysis of Aborigine massacres, and the lies of the missionaries - Sophie Masson on Harry Potter - new poems by Les Murray and others.

Quadrant is a magazine that has always been identified with searching out the truth, making sure that one orthodoxy is not mistakenly replaced with another. One of the great roles of Quadrant has been its questioning of political correctness. And when I reflect . on the idleness of so many in academia and, despite some notable and well-known exceptions, on the shameful assault on the reputation of Geoffrey Blainey, you will have in mind the sorts of things that I think are relevant to the role of Quadrant. - John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia.

Quadrant Magazine - Australia's leading independent review of controversy, ideas, literature, poetry and the arts. Ten issues a year, $59.40 (inc. GST), US$80 overseas. PO Box 82, Balmain, Sydney 2041, Australia. Telephone (02) 98181155; fax (02) 98181422. Email . Editor P.P.McGuinness; literary editor Les Murray.

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Melbourne Memo

* PETER BLUNDEN'S Herald Sun launched a re-modelled Home color magazine in Saturday's edition. The 32-page full color tabloid mag, published by NICK TROMPF (News Custom Publishing), also included a 28-pahe short tabloid At Home insert. They are both edited by MICHELLE BROWN. The paper also carries a Real Estate 12-page pre-print.

* DENILDO ALBUQUERQUE has been appointed 'Infrastructure Manager' in the IT Department of The Age. ALANA HOLLENBERG becomes 'Solution Delivery Manager'.

Queensland Quips

* 101FM, in Brisbane's Albert and Logan area, is off the air for its southern listeners. The Albert and Logan News carried an announcement: 'This is because of a fault in the southern antenna system. For safety reasons this has had to be turned off the prevent damage to our current transmitter. We hope to have corrected the fault by the end of March and look forward to installing our new transmitter.'

* MARILYN VALE is producing a healthy stable of Quest Community Newspapers (News), which produced a top-notch coverage of the Queensland state election won by PETER BEATTIE'S Labor party. Briz 31 compere TAMARA TONITE stood for BEATTIE'S seat. The North-West News reported: 'Not to be upstaged by PAULINE HANSON'S purple lacy gown, complete with a split up the side, Independent candidate and drag queen TAMARA TONITE arrived at the election tally room on Saturday night in a sequined aqua gown. All that glitters was not gold for MS TONITE, who came in fourth in the Brisbane Central vote.'

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West Wire

* HARRY KLEYN and ELTON SWARTS, proprietors of WA Business News, have commenced home delivery throughout the Perth metropolitan area, from Tanchep to Mandurah. The paper launched weekly last August, and has won strong support under News Editor MARK POWNALL. A full color monthly magazine is also being launched, in addition to the best-selling Business News Book of Lists.

Odd Spot (Whoops!)

* DAVID GURRY, Magistrate for the Snowtown killings case, has suppressed the name of a dog belonging to one of the defendants, as publication could prejudice the proper administration of justice.

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This Week In Byron Bay

* BYRON BAY FOLLIES: THE BYRON SHIRE ECHO is an independent locally-owned free weekly covering Australia's most sophisticated rural market.

Check it out on Advertising enquiries to or ring (02) 6684 1777.

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Press Gang

* REX GARDNER'S Hobart Mercury made a blunder when it dropped a regular feature by the look of a Page Two 'Thank You' on Saturday. "Thank You ... to all those readers who took the trouble to contact us about the TV Prime Time Planner which did not appear in The Mercury on Monday. We received more than 225 calls, letters and e-mails. The vast majority were inquiring and polite, some were annoyed, and a few were gratuitously and roaringly rude. Unlike politicians, we have listened, we have heard the message. Bring back the TV Prime Time Planner. And, unlike politicians, we are not delaying in taking action. The planner will be back next week. But, because we want to bring you more sport on Mondays, the TV Prime Time Planner will be published every Tuesday, starting March 6.'

PR Department

* KERRI ANNE KENNERLEY, 2GB afternoon host, is telling radio audiences around Australia about her regime for beauty: she takes just two Imadeen tablets every day. Take four, KERRI ANNE, take four.

* JIM HILCKE still appears as Operations Manager at the 3AK website. Wasn't the popular 71-year-old radio veteran sadly removed weeks ago?

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Fast Books: Getting Started

Fast Books launches its new series of Getting Started booklets: 9 brief but informative guides which can help you take the first steps to preparing a book which will be economical, attractive and professional. These booklets are about fonts, type sizes and page layouts: poetry, family history, memoirs, children's books, non-fiction, fiction. These booklets cover relevant issues such as good design and layout, copyright, etc: cover layouts, photographs, copyright & ISBN.

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Air Waves

* GREG FLOOD, 3AK boss, might find it easier to swallow his pride and re-employ JOHN BLACKMAN as the station's breakfast announcer, after the two had a stand-up 'blue' at Christmas. BLACKMAN was upset that his on-air partners ANNA PINKUS and DENNIS DONOGHUE were not to be included in the 2001 line-up. He was replaced by newsman ROBERT HICKS and he-thinks-he's-funny voted-out-Parliamentarian BERNIE FINN. Back-of-the-truck quarter hour cumulative figures show HICKS and FINN have a net loss of 71,000 listeners each week. HINCH ain't happy at their lead-in.

* MONDAYS: Hicks/Finn, up 8000. TUESDAYS: Down 11,000. WEDNESDAYS: Down 15,000. THURSDAYS: Down 41,000. FRIDAYS: Down 12,000. The HICKS/FINN figures are best in the 745am-8am slot, as listeners start to tune in for HINCH starting at 8am.

* BLACKMAN did not endear himself to a reconciliation with FLOOD, after appearing on BERT NEWTON'S Good Morning Australia TV program, and comparing the working difficulties to a 'one-legged arse-kicking competition'. Even BERT blushed.

Community Broadcasting

* STORRY WALTON - former Australian Film and Television School Director - is the new Chairman of 2NSB, on Sydney's North Shore. He replaces BARRY SPICER, who remains a Board member alongside MICHAEL BEAUMONT, PHIL DOBBIE, JOHN MAIZELS, DENNIS RUTZOU and BARRY SCOTT. RICHARD SAINSBURY has been appointed to the newly-created position of Sales Manager, and RICHARD OSBORNE is Station Supervisor.

------ ------

Your ABC

* STUART LITTLEMORE returns tonight (Monday) to ABC-TV, 9.15pm.

* MARK GRIFFIN, counsel for a defendant in the Snowtown killings, told Magistrate DAVID GURRY that the ABC-TV News (SA), had showed photographs and images of his client, without pixelation or an attempt to hide his identity. ANDREW McGARRY of The Australian reports that the ABC broke the 1999 suppression order, because the station's facilities had been stretched because of the death of cricketer SIR DONALD BRADMAN. ABC Counsel, ANDREW SHORT, said the breakdown was because of human error: 'With people being busy with other matters, they were not paying attention that they ought. But, as I say, that's a matter that will be looked into.'

* ROBYN WATTS, ABC Adelaide, has a vacancy forb a Business Development Manager: News, Current Affairs, Sport. SNZ104046.

* MARK HASTINGS, ABC Sydney, has information about an Administrative Assistant's position at ABC Classic FM, Sydney. ANR103038.

* LISA MITCHELL is providing further information for a Publicity Co-Ordinator's position in ABC New Media, based in either Melbourne or Sydney. AVM109091.

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Big Names Dept.

* ANDREW GORDON, WIN-TV Deputy Chairman, turned the first sod at the site of Campbelltown's new radio station, by using a grader. He dispensed with the gold shovel: 'Like most guys, I've always wanted to drive a tractor.'.

* MICHAEL HOLMES and ROSEMARY CHURCH, Australians working for CNN Atlanta, are now filing reports for GRAHAM RICHARDSON'S 2GB afternoon radio program.

* TRISHA LONG (no relation) has become Director, Planning and Finance for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald. 'She will take up her appointment on Monday, March 26, and report to me,' says Editor-in-Chief ALAN REVELL in a memo to staff. GORDON DUNLOP becomes Finance Manager; GEETA FUMRIA is now Business Manager, Group Publications.

Country Cousins

* PAUL SCOTT, from Mildura's Hot-FM, writes:

* DAVID BRUNTON, New Zealand journalist who came to Australia in 1969 and was "In Black and White" columnist for the Melbourne Herald in the 1970's died in Adelaide last week after a year long battle with cancer. He also spent some years at Sunraysia Daily in Mildura as senior reporter in 1985-86. In between (and up until his death) he worked in tourism for both Victorian and South Australian Governments and a number of regional centres such as Mildura and Riverland of South Australia.

* Commercial stations 3MA and Star FM Mildura have new management. After two and half years as General Manager, GLENN HOLMES, transferred to STAR FM operations in Coffs Harbour. Mildura sales manager STEFHAN GOLOBIC has taken over the management role.

* Mildura's narrowcast operator Old Gold 1359AM will have its licence renewed. Comunications Minister SENATOR RICHARD ALSTON'S announcement of security of tenure will ensure the station remains on air from 2002. This was the "first of the auctioned licences" in Australia and obtained at reserve price by Sport 927. It was later sold to the Sunraysia Community Radio Association (3 HOT FM) but because the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) does not provide funding for narrowcast operators, it was on sold to Mildura man ASHLEY SCOTT, whose father runs the Mildura Independent Star, which is the biggest circulating Mildura newspaper with 15,300 copies each print run.

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The Local Report

* MICHAEL RAY, High Country Times Publisher at Mansfield (Vic.), has become involved as Publisher of the Ovens & Kiewa Valley Echo (Bright - Beechworth, Vic.). The paper was founded by NARDA CAIN and CHERYL LONG (no relation); the former is now in a business partnership with RAY, who has expanded the paper to free weekly home distribution in the Beechworth area. Commercial opponent HARTLEY HIGGINS (who has the Ovens & Murray Advertiser at Beechworth, and the Alpine Observer at Bright) isn't taking the incursion lightly. His website says: 'The Alpine Observer has a new branch office located inside the Maguire Chiropractic Centre, Star Road in Bright. Now we can better serve the community with our reporter JANE STEPHENS ready to talk to you around the district. JANE will be at the office on Monday and Friday mornings, from 8.30am to 9.30am, and during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week.' So, does this mean war?

Glass House

* PAUL BENTLEY led 3AW's Thursday 6.30am Southern Cross news bulletin (directed by ROB CURTAIN) about Toorak property developer DAVID MARRINER'S Mercedes Benz being stolen from his high-security home. A high-profile local's car being nicked probably does deserve a mention, but did it really require top of the bulletin status with newsreader DAVID ARMSTRONG tagging it as an 'Exclusive'?

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FIRST MULTI-NATIONAL E-BOOK A South African computer expert and an Australian writer have published what they believe is the world's first multi-national electronic book. The free book, "Life Begins at Eighty ... On the Internet" by veteran Sydney journalist Eric Shackle, is posted on Barry Downs's Kimberley Web site, linked to other sites in the United States, England, Scotland, Australia and Bangladesh. Articles from the various sites cover a grab-bag of topics: the world's biggest turkey and largest hailstones, computer-generated anagrams, mysterious lights in Texas and Queensland, 15 towns named Rugby, Global English, and how to cultivate a herb said to ease arthritic pains. "Like most of my generation, I used to regard the Internet as a fearsome monster rapidly devouring the world we knew," 81-year-old Shackle says in the introduction. " Then at the age of 79, I bought my first computer, studied David Pogue's hilarious book The i-Mac for Dummies, and began a new life. Captivated by the magic of the World Wide Web, I began writing freelance articles about my discoveries. Some of them have been published by the New York Times, the Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada), the Straits Times (Singapore) and the Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) ... "Read some of my articles [which] I hope will inspire other retirees to join the world's largest library, and share its magical allure."

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Editor's E-Mail

* BARRIE GREEN,, writes: 'Thanks for the latest Media Flash. As an ex 3AK News chief-of-Staff (at Channel Nine in the seventies) I found all the latest stuff about 3AK rather interesting! ANDREA BAKER and I started back at Latrobe University this week teaching 3WAM - 'Writing Across Media' - a first semester 3rd Year Journalism unit (last year it was 2nd Semester) so we're busy all of a sudden. ANDREA, just back from India, also reaches media at Swinburne.'

* SUZANNE YANKO,, writes: 'Hi Media Flash, Congratulations on the e-publication. I'm Australian working on contract as producer/presenter for Radio 4, Radio Television Hong Kong (after some years in Oz on the frenetic freelance circuit, mainly Melbourne Herald Sun and The Age.) Good to catch up on the news! This could eaily become addictive - how do I subscribe?' Editor: Simply send us an e-mail, like this.

* OLIVIA SIMON,, writes: 'Hi, can you send me a weekly email with the media jobs please?'

* PIP WILSON, from Wilson's Almanac,, writes: 'Welcome back to the indefatigable ASH LONG! Carpe diem - Seize the day! Abundance and gratitude.'

Stix And Stones

* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily, looks at the squid, the kid, an `I do' and an `I didn't' * 'You'd get giant calamari rings the size of car tyres, but they'd taste like floor cleaner'' - Melbourne scientist DR MARK NORMAN, examining a 12m squid caught off the coast of Tasmania, says the ammonia pockets in the flesh of giant species, not to mention a beak powerful enough to bite off a man's leg, might discourage people hunting them for food. AAP.

* 'Does it mean you can't ring up?' - eight-year-old child's answer to a query about the meaning of the word `immobile'. Column 8 (SMH).

* 'One of my favourite bands is Backstreet Boys. I like Nick. I'm only 10 but I'm old enough to know that no matter what I do they're never going to marry me'' - fan letter on the Internet. The Australian Magazine.

* 'You must be rubbing your hands together' - golf commentator SANDY ROBERTS is obviously ignorant of how people like one-armed former golfer JACK NEWTON express their glee at having backed a winner. Channel 7.

Pasquarelli's Politics

* JOHN PASQUARELLI writes: 'The terrible disease Foot and Mouth is laying waste to England's cattle industry. The recent resurgence of this scourge threatens to bring economic chaos and could spread to Europe. Following on the heels of Mad Cow Disease, European cattle farmers face a massive crisis. The Australian meat industry and agriculture in general can capitalise on this disaster but can our Governments rise to the occasion? Our inability to police our coastline and prevent its invasion by drug and people smugglers means that Australia cannot afford to be smug. If the present situation is allowed to continue, it can only be a matter of time before Rabies and a host of other human and animal scourges come ashore, bringing devastation. Imagine if the Ebola Virus made it here!'

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John Pasquarelli

is collecting Papua New Guinea Tribal Art again.

Please contact me at P.O. Box 139, Yarraville, Victoria 3013.

Ph (03) 9314 4120. Fax (03) 9314 5914, Email:

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Mad Cow Disease

* D. writes: 'One day, PAULINE HANSON is being chauffeured to a One Nation rally in the Queensland outback, when her driver swerves to avoid a pot hole and hits a cow on the side of the road, killing it instantly. When they arrive at their destination, PAULINE suggests to the driver that he should go back to the farmhouse and apologise for the accident and offer to pay for the damages. * Three hours later, the driver returns, with all his clothes torn, holding a bottle of wine in one hand, a Cuban cigar in the other, and swaying left to right as he walked. PAULINE asks the driver "what happened?" * "Well, the farmer gave me this bottle, his wife gave me this cigar, and his beautiful 19 year old daughter made passionate love to me." "Bloody hell - what did you tell them?" "I said, Hi, I'm PAULINE HANSON'S driver and I just killed the cow."

The Trewistle Files

* Now Canberra has declassified the file, we are free to publish the entire Trewistle saga. One or two episodes may seem familiar. Ask yourself: "Did I miss something really insignificant?"

TREWISTLE PUSHES THE ENVELOPE * NASDAQ darling Trewistle Technology has punched its way into the lucrative home delivery business with a stunning new concept - the virtual postman. Now, instead of simply opening the boring old e-mail, it will be presented on your screen by a cyberpostie, with a cheery greeting of "Morning", "Hope this isn't from the ATO", or "That dog of yours should be put down." The new Trewistle character, who will appear in a top right window whenever you press "Get Mail", comes in a small range of genders, skin colours and uniforms. (I quite like Natalie, who has an air-sea rescue flak jacket and purple lurex boots. She looks about 18). * Cyberpostie only costs 15 cents per delivery, compared to 45c for a letter through Australia Post. "But the real benefit of the Cyberpostie," explained creator MILTON TREWISTLE, "is in the security area. "With a flick of her throttle, Cyberpostie consigns spam straight to the bin, adding a couple of entertaining viruses to discourage further junk mailings. * "If somebody is spamming you porn, Cyberpostie will download it before it bothers you and pass it to ADRIAN and NARELLE." * Cyberpostie "learns" about people from whom you do not wish to hear, and automatically takes a trip back down the signal to present a series of facial contortions, finger gestures and abuse on the sender's screen. "That'll stun 'em," TREWISTLE growled.

* All in all, Trewistle Technology's latest brainchild seems set to inflame the bourses. Hollywood rumours persist that TREWISTLE is negotiating the rights to use computer-generated look-alike big star Cyberposties who will deliver the mail with songs from their chart hits. * "The possibilities beggar the imagination," commented the creator. "They've certainly beggared mine."

* WARWICK BARRACLOUGH also writes seriously! He is a Perth freelancer, majoring on business, e-commerce and PR projects. Contact him at:

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Long Shots

By Ash Long, Publisher, Media Flash

* WE WERE WRONG. NATHAN ZWAR, Producer at 3AK, has not been head-hunted by the ABC. NATHAN ANDERSON has ... he is producing TREVOR CHAPPELL on ABC weekend overnights.

* PHILLIP KNIGHTLEY will give the inaugural C.E.W. BEAN address at the National Press Club, Canberra, on Friday (March 9)as part of Centenary of Foundation events to honor the work of Australian war correspondents, camera crews and photographers from the Boer War to the present. KNIGHTLEY'S topic is 'Glory and Death: Australian Warcos Have A Long And Glorious Tradition Which Is Danger Of Being Lost. How Can We Preserve This Tradition? And How Can we Save New generation of Warcos From Untimely Death?'

* JOHN CUMMINS QC, defamation specialist and bankrupt Sydney barrister, offered on Friday to settle his $1 million debt to the Australian Taxation Office, reported PAUL BARRY in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday. 'The settlement would involve retrieving and sellinh assets MR CUMMINS transferred to his wife MARY, and a family trust in 1987.'

* JAN EAKIN led Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald business report that 'share prices closed weaker yesterday as News Corp dipped on speculation that talks concerning the acquisition of DirecTV could be off, and following profit-taking in banks and resources'. News Chief RUPERT MURDOCH had a few words of his own for Fairfax and Packer interests, when he spoke with US journalism students during the week.

* CAROLINE WILSON, Chief Football Writer at The Age, boring readers with her hobby horse of women participating in the men's sport. Her latest: 'So just imagine it, because that is about as far as you'll get on this issue. Because, in reality, the AFL is no closer to appointing a woman to its eight-man board than it was when WAYNE JACKSON first broached the subject all those years and four male commissioners ago. You have to wonder why he brought it up in the first place.' Yeh 'CARO', you have to wonder why anyone would raise the subject.

------ ------

Media Money

* 50 PER CENT write-down of profit: that's the Merrill Lynch 2000-01 forecast for KERRY STOKES' Seven Netrwork. AAP reports the profit forecast is $77.6 million; down 23 per cent.

* $1.90: new cover price of the Sydney Morning Herald Weekend Edition, effective from last Saturday.

Bottom Line

* $11 was price of Southern Cross Broadcasting shares on Friday, up 40 cents, after a 21 per cent jump in December half earnings to $12.7 million. SEAN SMITH of The Saturday Mercury (Tas.) says there was a sharp fall in advertising for SCB around the Olympics, with TONY BELL advising that cost containment would be a priority 'given the difficult and uncertain advertising market'.

* $385 buys coverage at according to an ad in IAN CROWTHER'S Parramatta City Sun. The advertiser boasts of a '21st Century Business Internet Directory'.

* $110,000 PLUS BONUS - the 'screw' for a Manager: Communication Planning - sought out byt Laughlin Executives for a leading financial institution.

The Last Word

* RUPERT MURDOCH became a University Q&A man on Thursday when he faced Columbia Graduate School of Journalism students. Former Vice-President AL GORE asked 'THE DIRTY DIGGER' if it was legitimate to skew news coverage to sway a politician. According to MARK RILEY, New York correspondent for The Age, RUPE replied: 'No, I don't think that would very proper. I don't ever do that. It would be very unfair to our readers.

* IAN MUIR, Chief Executive of the new OzTAM television ratings company, was reported in Saturday's Daily Telegraph to say that the system was the best that Australia has had. A memo to clients had admitted that the survey was not representative of the community, the paper said. 'The more significant of the identified variations are: an over-representation of families with young children, and a shortage of older grocery buyers and young grocery buyers without children. Clients are advised to be aware when using OzTAM/ATR data.' DAVID SIBLEY of The Canberra Times says Nine will use the A.C. NIELSEN figures until 'flaws' are fixed.


* RUPERT MURDOCH has been his typewriter, penning a Letter To The Editor at The Australian Financial Review: 'In case you are faintlyu interested in the facts, your article about myself and Fox News ('GORE Invites Old Fox To Speak To Young Hacks') is completely incorrect ... why don't you just leave your brilliant cartoonist to poke fun at me without misstating all the facts?'

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News Limited Community Newspapers

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Australian Media Job Directory


* PRUE CARTER, at News Limited, is recruiting Customer Service Representatives to sell for the Cumberland Group, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph (NSW). The reps will look after inbound calls, faxes and E-mails. Parramatta positions relocate to Surry Hills by August. (02) 9865 8377.

* BILL SAKELLARIS at Morgan & Banks, Melbourne, is recruiting a Business Development Manager to provide advertising/point of purchase solutions.

* PHILLIP DRURY, Creative Director at Mazengarb Leo Burnett, has a Copywriter's position at the Sandy Bay (Tas.) agency. ROSS COPPING wants an Account Manager; so does FRANCES MAXWELL, Manager, MLB Direct.

* BOB EAMES has details of the Public Affairs Officer position, $50,000-plus, at the Defence Housing Authority. The position is in Canberra.

* PETA WISE and ANDREW MARTY at SACS Executive Solutions have the novel vacancy for an 'Information Junkie', reporting to the MD of a firm with HR projects.

* ALLAN RAE at KPMG Consulting requires a Media Relations Professional for Mobil and Esso. Key responsibilities include 'emergency response management (and 'corporate identity guardianship'.

* LISA GREENAWAY, ABC Sydney, wants showreels, photos and CVs from Program Makers for digital television. Would you like to make a youth oriented program? Reply by March 16.

* FRED HILMER'S John Fairfax Group want a Photographer (Maternity Leave Contract for The Fin; plus an Advertising Sales Co-Ordinator/PA (Sydney) for Good Weekend and Sunday Life.

* RITA CATTONI has details on the Video Trainer's position at Waripiri Media Association, Yuendumu (NT).

* PETER ROBERTS at HBA Consulting Group is on the hunt for Melbourne-based Sales executives for a printing industry firm with $100 million turnover.

* BRONTE DE YOUNG at the Adelaide Festival of Arts can answer queries regarding the Publicist's position. (08) 8216 4444.

* DAVID VELLA, Network 10 Adelaide, advertises for a Station Broadcast Engineer. Applications close Friday (March 10).

* LUKE FOLEY at the Australian Services Union requires a Journalist/Media Officer.

* HEWITT ASSOCIATES seek a Communications Consultant for their practice.

* JOHN LANDY, Governor of Victoria, wants an Aide with 'well developed written and oral communication skills'. $47,614 plus a clothing allowance.

* FRED HILMER is recruiting leaders for the new Age Tullamarine printing plant (Vic.). NICKY ROUSIANOS and MARINA HIGGS have details on the positions of Operations Leader, Reliability Services Leaders and Reliability Services Co-Ordinator (Contracts).

* KRIS BISSLAND at Dunhill Sales & Marketing requiries a Senior Account Manager and an Account Manager for south Australia.

* HARTLEY HIGGINS wants a Journalist for Alpine News, April-September. Fax: (03) 9888 4840.

* HELEN HILL has a position for a Senior Art Director/Designer, enjoy a package around $60,000. Client is an international leader in the entertainment arena.

* TELEVISION LECTURER is title for the Australian Film Television and Radio School position paying up to $62,846. Apply to the Human Resources Officer, North Ryde (NSW).

* PACIFIC INTERNET requires a Public Relations manager, Melbourne.

* VICKI CAMMLADE at Elite Publishing seeks a full-time or part-time media sales person (Vic.). (03) 9481 41900.

* TRACI WHITAKER at Margot Davis and Company is handling applications for a Public Relations Manager (Sydney), $100,000 package.

* GAYLE AUSTEN, Corporate Relations Manager at Seven Network, Melbourne, advertises for a Marketing/Promotions Co-Ordinator.

* AUS AID, the Australian Agency for International Development, has Media Unit vacancies including an Executive Level 1 (Public Affairs), up to $61,660, and an APS Level 6 (Public Affairs), up to $51,514. GPO Box 887, Canberra 2601.

* WARWICK SNOWDON, Member for the Northern Territory, seeks a Policy/Media advisor, and is prepared to pay $38,207 plus overtime for the advice.

Work Wanted

* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. We'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at

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Effective Words

If you are looking for someone who can create advertising copy, write media releases and proofread in a single bound (well almost) then I'm your woman. I'm a freelance writer with a variety of government and private sector clients. My career in both the media and education goes back 25 years. If you want effective words and you want them quickly and at very reasonable rates then call Alison Grahame (that's me) on 02 4324 3328 or fax 02 4324 0061.

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