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Gale Bullock: Weekend Reading On Realty Reality

Realty Reality Down Under -- Topic de Jour

Like Father, Like Son?

Ole Bear, Commentary

Last week on the Internet financial channels, there was enough stuff on the FED and Greenspan on realty markets bubbles and interest rates and his conundrum not being able to figure out that the Chinese and Japanese are still buying Treasuries like crazy to drive mortgage interest rates back down again in spite of FED tightening.

Of course Greenspan’s conundrum would be solved if he read Dr. Antal E. Fekete at FSO, and checked either his Funk and Wagnells or Noah Webster for the definition of “blackmail.” So, we are not going to bother with conundrums today, nor lies and deceit from the American Banking Cartel, aka the Federal Reserve.

I stumbled across the Bovard essay last week – Bush Profiteering from Housing Defaults, and immediately thought of Pete Brewton, who exposed the cover-up of the S&L Scam. Well, heck!

Just read the essay here! I also thought about Sanders, Fitts, and Blackburn, so I provided your week-end reading material. I like simple, direct questions – Like Father, Like Son?

Nobody wants you to connect all the dots, but I do. Read this stuff and connect the dots.

The FHA as a Neighborhood Wrecking Ball? Now, that is what I call Satire with a Capital “S”!
Here are the actual links I found on the Fed Boys and their Conundrum, if readers want to surf ‘em!

Bloomberg - Bloomberg - Washington Post - MSNBC - Agence France Press - Agence France Press

If our readers read the above links, how in the Cat’s Pajamas could Greenspan ever have said a couple of year’s ago that real estate could not be a markets bubble, because all real estate markets are local? And financial markets linger on every word of Greenspan and the FED Boys… as if they were the Gospel according to St. Luke and St. Peter!

Yours Truly,

Ole Bear [Gale Bullock]
Columbia, Missouri USA

About the author…

Ole Bear has three professional realty valuation designations from a major USA professional organization, which controls its membership using Delphi Techniques, Cognitive Dissonance, and Group Manipulation Tactics. He has been a Missouri Real Estate Broker since 1974, and a practicing valuation expert since 1976. He is becoming rather expert on mortgage and appraisal fraud, predatory lending, mortgage servicing and foreclosure fraud, and generally applies the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse to practical real estate valuation. These are central banking, Kondratievian Economic Cycle Theory, Technical Analysis, Histories of Markets, and Austrian Economics, which he combines with standard realty valuation theory into Battle Plan Portfolio Analysis and his understanding of financial markets and how the money works on Wall Street. He is an avid writer on real estate and financial markets, plays piano, is a composer/musician, a singer in church choir, and is active in both radio show and community theater. His first featured essay on Scoop NZ was Toy Boys of Fraud.

See: Scoop NZ Original Version March 15, 2004
See: Revised Internet Version, Fall 2004

He currently serves as the Ole Bear Editor for an essay forum on a major financial website called Realty Reality. Realty Reality Down Under provides an additional venue for exposing the fraud in American real estate, realty valuation, government agencies, and mortgage lending. It is our opinion that inflating real estate is being used to hold up the consumer and Wall Street [financial markets] as the US Economy, while the American Central Bank and the BLS lies about inflation, all the while Bernanke [possibly Greenspan’s replacement?] runs the printing press on legal tender fiat paper funnie monie 24/7! Ole Bear is also a Southerner bred and true, originating from the Mississippi Delta Region of the Old South.

Most folks are led down the primrose path that in case of a GSE default [Fannie, Freddie, Sallie, Ginnie, et cetera] that the US Congress will have to vote on a bailout. Won’t happen folks, unless it is a mechanism of further centralization and control. In case of a derivative bailout of these false, spurious, bloated, bastard [all previous definitions synonymous with this definition if you check your dictionary], the Federal Reserve is the ultimate lender of last resort with all mechanisms in place to bail out the Big Boy Banking Money on Wall Street, should the GSE derivative bets go under water. I learned this from John Dizard’s famous essay – Alarm Bells Sound for Fannie and Freddie.

Central Bankers always protect the Big Boys on Wall Street, don’t they?

Prozac, anyone?

Weekend reading:
See: Bush Profiteering from Housing Defaults by James Bovard [The Future of Freedom Foundation]
See: The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush by Pete Brewton
See: Selected Blackburn Essays, for Just Shoot the Beast!
See: Mel Martinez Hotseat – Fitts
See: Stanley Sporkin Hotseat -- Fitts
See: The Myth of the Rule of Law -- Fitts
See: American Tapeworm – Fitts with Franklin Saunders [Moneychanger}
See: Where is the Collateral? -- Sanders
See: So, Where is the Collateral? -- Sanders
See: Negative Return Black Budget Economy – Fitts and Sanders
See: Blackburn on The Appraisal Foundation, HUD, GSEs et al -- Blackburn

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