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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 16 November 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Questions And Answers Thursday, 16 November 2006

Office of the Clerk

( Uncorrected transcript—subject to correction and further editing. ) Thursday, 16 November 2006 Questions for Oral Answer Questions to Ministers Childcare—Free Hours Policy National Certificate of Educational Achievement—Examination Process ...

2: U.S. Cements Military Presence in Central America

Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Daniel Ortega’s victory in Nicaragua’s recent presidential election could roil the U.S. – as well as its friends in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama – making Central America the new fulcrum for the Bush administration’s future ...

3: MTV NZ Screens Programing for World Aids Day


MTV NZ (Channel 35, SKY Digital) will screen a selection of programming for World AIDS Day on Friday December 1, as part of MTV’s on going multimedia HIV and AIDS Staying Alive prevention campaign.

4: Audio/Text: Was A New EU Munition Used In Lebanon?

STATE OF IT by Selwyn Manning

Scientific reports are surfacing that question whether enriched uranium particles were found in a crater in Lebanon. Was a low yield nuke tested during the Israel/Hizbullah conflict? Has Israel the expertise to develop such weaponry without superpower help?

5: Questions And Answers Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Office of the Clerk

1. Police—Public Confidence 2. World Cup 2011—Auckland Stadium 3. Climate Change—APEC Summit 4. Electricity Commissioner—Minister's Comments 5. Primary Health Care—Reports 6. Ingram Report—Ministerial Review 7. Cancer Diagnoses—PET/CT Scanners

6: The Yes Men Strike Major US Business Conference

Lyndon Hood

An activist impersonating a WTO representative at a major US forum on African business forum has proposing a formalised system of corporate slavery for the continent. This morning Scoop received the following press release from "World Trade Organization", ...

7: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007

Project Censored

Click on HEADLINE links below to view censored stories on the Project Censored website…. See… Project Censored: Media Accountability Conference for a video report from freelancer (& Scoop contributor) Jason Leopold who is author of the 2nd story ...

8: Waitakere Takes World Gold At Environmental Awards

Waitakere City

Waitakere is the most “liveable” city in the world according to the United Nations -backed LivCom Awards, announced last night. The LivCom Awards, held in China, is the world’s only awards competition which focuses on Best Practice in managing ...

9: Top Five General News Category Websites

Nielsen NetRatings

The above graphic shows the top five website ranking for channels in Nielsen//NetRatings' Market Intelligence General News category for New Zealand visitors in the week to 12 November.

10: William Rivers Pitt: The Carlyle White House

William Rivers Pitt

It was bad enough when the Carlyle Group bought Dunkin' Donuts last year, forcing millions of conscientious caffeine addicts to look elsewhere for their daily fix. Now, it appears Carlyle has added 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to its formidable portfolio ...

11: Today's Top Scoop Stories - News Summary

Selwyn Manning - Scoop Auckland

Nuke Issues: Scientists Testing Crater Find Radioactive Particles - Scoop Audio & Text - SCOOP IS IN THE HOUSE - RECOMMENDED AUDIO - News Ratings: Scoop Cements 4th Ratings Position Well Ahead of TVNZ News - Online Poll: Auckland Calls For Public ...

12: Stadium decision time for Auckland City Council

Auckland City Council

The government has asked Auckland to decide whether it would prefer a new waterfront stadium or a redeveloped Eden Park stadium for the Rugby World Cup 2011.

13: When your mobile phone doubles as your ticket


New Zealand music lovers are getting their first taste of the latest in high-tech mobile technologies this week with the launch of M-TICKETS and BlueZones.

14: Government Vandals Destroying Our Heritage - Mark

New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First defence spokesperson Ron Mark has reacted angrily to reports that the Army’s tracked M113 armoured personnel carriers have been sold for scrap and will be destroyed by Christmas, describing this as an act of sheer vandalism.

15: Public Address 16/11/06 - Uncapturing Content

HARD NEWS from Russell Brown

The Draft Digital Content Strategy Discussion Document is online now. Having been involved in a part of the process of creating it (the Imagineers' Group, under the auspices of the National Library), I've been very interested to see what emerged...

16: Early childhood degree at MIT snapped up

Manukau Institute of Technology

The opportunity to study towards the new Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching) degree at Manukau Institute of Technology, to be launched on Thursday, 7 December, will be snapped up by working mother of two and student, Aroha Crosbie.

17: Alex Bremner's Overseas Sojourn: Leaving Home

Alexandra Bremner

The Kaipaira harbour has just slipped past my airplane window and my journey has begun. Months of planning, saving has finally come to fruition and quite frankly it doesn't feel a bit real. But that will pass.

18: Entertainment to garden by

Ellerslie Flower Show

The show has brought together a diverse group of singers, dancers and bands, all performing at the Manukau City Cultural Performance Garden just inside the main show entrance.

19: AUT Graphic Design Exhibition Opens - Aotea Centre

Auckland University of Technology

Parodying faulty perceptions of South Auckland is the basis for AUT Bachelor of Design student Corinne Smith's end of year exhibition. Smith is one of 100 Bachelor of Design and Honours students showcasing their work at the Aotea Centre in this year's AUT ...

20: Powerful Work With Ancestral Influences Wins Award

Martin Hughes Contemporary Pacific Art Award

A Samoan/Chinese/European artist, Lorene Taurerewa from Wellington is the recipient of the Martin Hughes Contemporary Pacific Art Award for 2006 for a drawing representing her monumental series of 12 figures titled Journey of 1000 Miles.

21: Reports of the Death of Transatlantic Relations

US State Department

Kurt Volker, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Remarks at National Conference of Editorial Writers Orlando, Florida November 13, 2006

22: Bush's Post-Election Session With His Shrink

Bernard Weiner

The last time we met , you were so upset with me I thought I might be headed to Guatanamo. But those of us in the psychiatric profession are used to momentary rages from clients when they're dealing with highly sensitive topics. So why did you ask ...

23: Rechargeable Hearing Aid Launched In NZ

GN ReSound

People who wear hearing aids will soon be able to take advantage of the latest technology development, as GN ReSound prepares to launch a fully rechargeable hearing aid onto the New Zealand market.

24: Support for Community Owned Wind Turbines Welcomed

Sustainable Energy Association

“Community support for sustainable energy systems continues to be strong but there are still considerable barriers to community ownership of local renewable energy systems,” said Dr Tony Bittar, chairman of the Sustainable Electricity Association ...

25: Syed Atiq ul Hassan: Is Saddam Hussein A Scapegoat

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

On November 5, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging by a special tribunal, set-up in Baghdad, on the charges of killing of 148 men and boys. Saddam Hussein failed to defend the execution, which he claimed as a purported assassination attempt ...

26: Today's Scoop Just Politics News Summary

The Scoop Team

SCOOP IS IN THE HOUSE; Security News: Peters Talks Tough On Terrorism; Election Promises: Nats Claim Free Childcare Won't Come; Digital: E-Government Strategy Promises Digitisation Nation; Environment: Parker Addresses Climate Change Convention; MORE POLITICAL HEADLINES

27: Australia's Alcatraz: History will judge Howard

Project SafeCom

"History will not be kind to the ageing Australian Prime Minister John Howard over his control of people fleeing regimes such as Saddam Hussein and the Taliban - and even perhaps in the near future people fleeing countries destroyed by climate disasters," ...

28: Up To 1 Million People Threatened By Flooding

United Nations

Up to 1 million people in southern Somalia could be directly affected by the worst flooding in 50 years, deepening a humanitarian crisis already exacerbated by renewed fighting in a country that has not had a functioning national government since 1991, ...

29: Communications Line Issue Number 39 of 16 Nov.

John Bishop

I freely confess to not understanding all the politics of the Auckland Stadium, but the way the matter has unfolded neatly illustrates some of the techniques and challenges of politics in a democracy.

30: Mobile Music Set To Explode With Vodafone Music


Mobile music takes centre stage today with the launch of the new Vodafone Music service which includes an online music store and new dual delivery full music track downloads for a hot new price of $1.99.


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