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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 30 December 2007

The Top 30 rating items on Scoop for December 30, 2007, including: 1: Whales: In Response To Japan Whaling Association, 2: John Chuckman: Bhutto, Bush & Musharraf, 3: New Years Eve Destinations. 4: Pakistan: On Borrowed Time. 5: Prelude To Election...

Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 30 December 2007



The Top 30 rating items on Scoop for December 30, 2007 were...

1: Whales ...1 - In Response To Japan Whaling Assoc.

Sue Arnold

Saving whales is not about abusing the cultural rights of Japanese. Saving whales is about our collective humanity survival in the face of multiple serious threats to the ocean environment. We are all connected environmentally, we need to work with ...

2: John Chuckman: Bhutto, Bush, And Musharraf
John Chuckman

With the assassination of Ms. Bhutto, we are given to understand that anti-democratic religious zealots killed Pakistan's last hope for democracy. But her assassination was a far more complex event than such simplistic claims.

3: Wotif: Top Destinations Booked For New Years Eve has announced that Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are the most popular destinations in NZ for New Year's Eve. The Total bookings for New Zealand's cities rival domestic leisure destination bookings for the same period.

4: Pakistan: Living On Borrowed Time -- Syed Kamal
Syed Akbar Kamal

Amidst scenes of chaos, violence and mayhem emanating from Pakistan after the assassination of Pakistan's People Party chief Benazir Bhutto, the 5000-odd Pakistani community living here in New Zealand is stunned and shocked.

5: Stateside: Prelude To The 2008 Election, Part 3
Rosalea Barker

Aside from the websites devoted to reporting recent developments on the subject of the validity of election results, and news reports such as this one on AlterNet, dated 27 December, about the status of the new Holt bill, saying that introduction ...

6: New Millionaire + $491K In Akl & Lawrence + Baches
New Zealand Lotteries

This New Year's Eve three lucky Lotto players from Auckland and Lawrence are going to have thousands of reasons to celebrate, after winning $491,210 each in First Division on tonight's draw, says NZ Lotteries' Chief Executive, Todd McLeay.

7: The Price To Pay For Democracy In Pakistan
Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Benazir Bhutto openly slammed Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism. She vowed to allow US forces to launch operations against Al Quaeda groups inside Pakistani border in northern Pakistan for which Musharraf always denied.

8: Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 29 December 2007
Scoop Daily Ratings

The Top 30 rating items on Scoop for December 29, 2007, including: 1: US President Up For Sale, 2: An Antiquities Conspiracy?, 3: Pakistan: On Borrowed Time, 4: Ethiopia/Eritrea: Restraint Urged, 5: Qantas Strikes Likely To Effect Holiday Plans.

9: Katherine Rich: Music Teachers Grounded By Labour
New Zealand National Party

"Education Minister Chris Carter should tell parents why the Government is cutting school resources to the iconic Itinerant Teachers of Music Scheme next year by withdrawing resources for teacher travel time."

10: Clowns: New Ally In Helping Iraqi Refugee Children
United Nations

The United Nations refugee agency has enlisted a new ally - red-nosed clowns - to help put Iraqi children traumatized by the violence of their homeland at ease while they register for school in neighbouring Syria.

11: NZ Police Alert: Road Closure Fire Courtenay Place
New Zealand Police

There are road closures in place due to a Fire in a buidling on the corner of Courtenay Place and Taranaki St, Wellington City. This is an initial incident report. As more information is gathered by Police details may change.

12: Manukau CIB Investigate Baby's Injuries -- Police
New Zealand Police

The Counties-Manukau CIB has commenced an investigation into the origin of a head injury which has resulted in the admission of a 2mth old baby girl to Starship Hospital. The baby girl is in a critical condition.

13: ITUC Condemns Latest Pakistan Terrorist Atrocity

"Those who resort to terrorist acts must not be allowed to succeed in their aim of thwarting democracy and the rule of law and we trust that the people responsible for this atrocity and other such acts will be found and brought to justice."

14: Hybrid Force For Darfur Set To Deploy 31 Dec 2008
United Nations

The UN-AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), set to become the world body's largest peacekeeping operation with some 26,000 personnel at full strength, is poised to officially take over on Monday from the AU force currently on the ground.

15: Rosebud Is Overall Winner Of Sydney Hobart Race
Regatta News

The Commodore of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Matt Allen this afternoon formally announced the US STP65 Rosebud, owned by Roger Sturgeon (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida), as the provisional overall IRC winner of the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

16: $4.5 Million Big Wed. Win Results In Burnt Dinner
New Zealand Lotteries

"I was cooking dinner yesterday, when my husband yelled out that we had the winning Big Wednesday ticket. I just said 'Yeah right' and carried on in the kitchen," the winning woman said.

17: Sec Rice Signs Condolences Book For Benazir Bhutto
US State Department

"I wanted to come to express our deep sympathies with the Bhutto family, with supporters of Benazir Bhutto and, of course, with the Pakistani people. This is a day of great tragedy, great mourning. She was a champion for democracy." -- Secretary Rice.

18: Government evaluating truancy texting pilot
New Zealand Government

A pilot anti-truancy project, which automatically notifies parents by text message if their children are not at school, is being evaluated by the government to see if it will be suitable for all schools.

19: Attacks On Workers Slows Relief In Eastern Chad
United Nations

To ensure that relief assistance is provided should security conditions continue to deteriorate, the UN and its partners have revised their contingency plans for the areas of Goz Beida and Koukou.

20: Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 28 December 2007
Scoop Daily Ratings

The Top 30 rating items on Scoop for December 28, 2007, including: 1: Ethiopia, Eritrea: Restraint Urged, 2: Former FDA Official Marketing Lilly Drug, 3: Pakistan's Former PM Benazir Bhutto Assassinated, 4: Dennis Kucinich: On The Death Of Benazir Bhutto.

21: Ban Ki-moon Names New Deputy Head For UNICEF
United Nations

Saad Houry, a dual Lebanese-Canadian citizen, has been the Director of UNICEF's Division of Policy and Planning since January 2003, and he is also a member of the agency's Global Management Team, Programme Management Group and Audit Committee

22: US State Dept Daily Press Briefing: Dec 28, 2007
US State Department

Pakistan: Embassy Islamabad in Touch / Condolences for Loss of Former PM Bhutto / U.S. Encourages Calm / Fight Extremism / Discussions with Sharif & His Political Party / Circumstances Surrounding Bhutto Assassination / US Does Not Pick Leaders.

23: Get Futuristic And Funky This New Year's Eve
Wellington City Council

This year's Rhythm and Beats New Year's Eve celebration features Olmecha Supreme, a large ensemble led by musician extraordinaire Captain Imon Starr (Rhombus, Nuvonesia and the Roots Foundation). They promise to take the crowd on a voyage through sound.

24: Cooling Towers In CBD & High Legionella Count
Auckland City Council

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) has advised Auckland City Council that routine tests of several air conditioning cooling towers in buildings in the CBD have identified a high legionella count in one of these buildings.

25: UN Lauds Efforts On Global Hunger Fight In 2007
United Nations

While the many initiatives held throughout 2007 have helped to strengthen efforts to feed the hungry, WFP stresses that more needs to be done given that 25,000 people still die each day from hunger-related causes.

26: Bob Hecht: Fragments Of An Antiquities Conspiracy?
Suzan Mazur

Hugh Eakin’s recent "Treasure Hunt" story in The New Yorker profiling Marion True, the former Getty curator on trial in Rome for conspiracy to traffic in ancient art, devotes a column to True’s 1991 paper on the destruction of ancient cultural sites, ...

27: Benazir Bhutto Laid To Rest In Family Mausoleum
VOA News

Throngs of people lined the streets as the coffin holding Ms. Bhutto's body was taken to her final resting place and lowered into a grave next to her father at the family mausoleum in southern Sindh province.

28: New UN Survey: Alarming Malnutrition Rates, Darfur
United Nations

The overall malnutrition rate among children under five in Darfur reached 16.1 per cent this year, compared to 12.9 per cent last year, surpassing for the first time since 2004 the emergency threshold of 15 per cent.

29: Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 27 December 2007
Scoop Daily Ratings

The Top 30 rating items on Scoop for December 27, 2007, including: 1: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2007, 2: Drought and desertification in Iran, 3: New Zealand Air Games Takes Off Over Wanaka, 4: Explosion In Highest Paid Education Ministry Staff.

30: iTouch Business Mobility recognised at NZTE Awards

At the Auckland Town Hall on Friday 23 July leading mobile computing experts iTouch Business Mobility was celebrated at the annual NZTE Export Awards as finalist of the Information and Communications Technology category. iTouch attributes this achievement ...


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