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The 7th Anniversary Of 9/11 And The Cycle Of War

The 7th Anniversary Of 9/11 And The Cycle Of War

By Vincent L. Guarisco

'Why would all 110 stories drop straight down to the ground in about 10 seconds, pulverizing the contents into dust and ash - twice. Why would all 47 stories of WTC 7 fall straight down to the ground in about seven seconds the same day? It was not struck by any aircraft or engulfed in any fire. An independent investigation is justified for all three collapses including the surviving steel samples and the composition of the dust.' ~Ronald H. Brookman, structural engineer, with a masters degree in Engineering from UC Davis

'Photos of the steel, evidence about how the buildings collapsed, the unexplainable collapse of WTC 7, evidence of thermite in the debris as well as several other red flags, are quite troubling indications of well planned and controlled demolition.' ~Kamal S. Obeid, structural engineer, with a masters degree in Engineering from UC Berkeley

Here we are once again at an early threshold of another anniversary marking the seventh consecutive year that the Project for the New American Century boys (the architects), and the Bush administration (the perpetrators) of September 11, 2001 attacks, are still walking free among us, holding the mighty reigns of power within the construct of our own mundane borders. And just like the previous six years, justice seems to be a difficult task for bringing the guilty ones to trial. But eventually, the cretins will get what they deserve. As a nation weeping from immeasurable pain and loss, we deserve nothing less. Our recoil from the many injustices will only increase our tenacity for redemption and, as we turn the page to the next chapter, we must ensure it is devoid of this mafia’s presence.

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I now understand how special prosecutor Jim Garrison felt so many years ago when he tried to expose the guilty culprits who assassinated John F. Kennedy. Well, I’m here to say that Mr. Garrison is one-up on us. At least during the Warren commission proceedings (inadequate hearings he later condemned), he got a little more satisfaction when he was afforded the right to question his suspects 'under oath.' Even though justice was never served in any real sense -- Garrison's brother later got murdered too, along with Martin Luther King and others -- one fact remains. Garrison's ability to get some of evildoers 'on-record' gave the whole affair a small degree of credibility for historical purposes, and preserved the fundamental rule of law for interrogation -- two things the Bush administration arrogantly rejects in this frightful day of presidential oligarchy.

Yes, our Commander in Chief, the unpopular dullard many in the world would love to stone, is trying to contain this nation's worst treasonous crime and cover-up as he illegally claims 'executive privilege,' by not allowing congressional testimony to be given by those summoned within his own ranks. A slap in the face to all red-blooded Americans who watch with amazement as they try to avoid any incriminating missteps whatsoever. But, let's get real -- even if they did testify, I’m sure it would only consist of nothing more than a simple mish-mash of despotic double-speak laced with insulting euphemism pouring out of both sides of their pathetic faces.

This ugly display of 'damage control' seems to be a haughty life preserver for them to cling to. And one thing is for sure, they certainly do have tight lips on a shameful capsized ship. All are fools in shark-infested waters -- fools who truly believe nothing will ever be realized in their lifetimes to prove their ineffable ways. And while I’m on the subject of unspeakable 'lip service with a triangular tongue twist,' we can never forget how the gauntlet fell awfully hard and fast when House Republicans went after Bill Clinton for simply getting a blowjob in the oval orifice. Unlike today’s sorry schism. All we get today is a different kind of sardonic head job, a 'bittersweet nothingness.' And we stand here, impatiently holding our hat. At least for now...

~A sad reminder of what It was like for the victims...

A reality check is sometimes necessary in order to recreate a crime scene in true human form. In order to fully grasp the severity of that horrible September day, we must place ourselves in the victims' shoes. How can we even begin to imagine what it must have been like for the victims on that horrible day? Thousands of unsuspecting people innocently showing up for a normal work day only to be relentlessly pulverized -- floor by floor -- like sacrificial beef shoved into a descending meat grinder at free-fall speed. Hot steel shards tore them from limb to limb as the buildings were purposely rigged to demolish on top of them.

And let us not forget the brave and gallant efforts of exhausted fireman, police and paramedics, etc...running up seemingly endless stairways into disaster, armed with fire hoses, medical kits and other rescue equipment tucked under their tired and aching arms trying to save innocent lives as the devil's pre-planted cutter charges unsparingly greeted them with demonic eruption snatching their lives in the blink of a thermite flash. Then afterwards, the mayor left them entombed to rot beneath the massive pile of rubble that was soon hauled off to the landfill as trash.

For those of you who do not know what thermite is -- according to hundreds of experts not under the corrupt wing of the White House, it’s the type of explosive used to demolish the World Trade Center. That’s right, regardless of how they expeditiously tried to get rid of all the evidence, dust particles remained preserving crucial evidence containing trace elements of the stuff to unequivocally prove that planes did not cause the collapse.

I apologize for continuing this graphic description, but I feel compelled to extend my comments about those who suffered at the hands of our deceivers. Picture yourself 10,000 feet in the air strapped in a front row seat soaring at 300 plus miles per hour in a two-winged coffin of death. My God, can we even begin to imagine the unnerving confusion and horror that seared the minds of those who were aboard those hijacked planes digging their nails into the armrests as they watched their planes veer off course? It's inconceivable to fathom the extreme terror they must have felt when they entertained what was happening -- what would happen next. All trapped in limbo, without hope, paralyzed for what must of seemed like a hellish eternity as their end drew closer. Eventually, realizing for sure the executioners' true intent as the killers heartlessly banked -- then nose-dived -- their planes into the most horrendous nightmare our nation has ever seen.

Adding insult to injury, all New York residents were put at risk when they were falsely told by the Environmental protection Agency (EPA) the air was safe to breath (sic). So many illnesses are encountered even today as New York City residents suffer progressive health problems from ingesting the massive amounts of atomized carcinogens floating in the air on that fateful day, and in the aftermath of what had happened. Sadly, it’s beyond our ability to track the real numbers accurately. And for those of us who live far away from this epicenter of misery, we are affected entire nation forever doomed to suffer post traumatic stress disorder as we relive this horrific crime, time and again.

On many countless nights over the years I am living proof of psychological effects as I am unable to sleep when I imagine how those poor lost souls drew their last earthly breath as they vainly begged for mercy at the hands of those without any remorse. It’s always the same for me, I usually drift away in the early morning hours with a slight glimmer of hope that the killers may have pumped some sort of sleeping gas into the planes rendering them unconscious before they really knew what hit them. The other scenario is too horrible to imagine in these turbulent days of restless woe.

~A CIA sponsored boogeyman named 'Osama Bin Laden'

In retrospect, not everyone has been needlessly killing innocent civilians and crudely sacrificing brave military souls for a bogus invasion that never should been happened while chasing our tail in Afghan caves with the so called 'War on Terror' (sic). A useless war of choice willfully created by a US Supreme Court-appointed madman hunting down Osama Bin Laden, his new modern day 'Patsy.' Like those before him, such as Lee Harvey Oswald and others, bin Laden is a 'fall guy' who takes the heat -- gets the blame. And with the many profitable perks promised to those doing business with the merchants of death, is it any wonder this fiasco is still playing out? Nation building, privatized troop support, poppy fields for the drug trade industry and oil pipelines for petroleum barons, etc., are but a few of the enterprises that elevated many simpletons with dollar daisies sprouting in their pocketbooks. All unremorseful of how we got there or when we will shall leave.

Amongst the madness, many professional scholars for truth with the best minds assembled have been working overtime to unlock this 21st Century mystery in real terms. Although, I do love to entertain one amazing hypothetical point: if US smart bombs could tell tales, might we learn a thing or two from talking shrapnel? Yeah, I’d place a heavy handed bet (with favorable odds) that OBL may have a few ounces of metal-shards rattling around in his decomposing corpse after we probably blew him up years ago. Oops, bite my tongue, you don’t suppose we’ve been chasing a 'ghost' all these years? Have we? Well, you gotta love to hate those sneaky CIA-sponsored hate objects. Dead or alive, a good believable 'spook' sure gets the ol' prep-rally factor motivated for moving those daddy war bucks into the war chest for a profitable conflict.

In romancing the stone further, I wonder how many OBL lookalikes are really out there reading scripts and doing videos as this live reality show unfolds? Yeah, and some of the tricky Islamo-terrorist actors even wear expensive jewelry no less (a taboo for real Muslims). Whew, now that’s what I call real 'Hollywar' entertainment! And nothing keeps the machete swinging faster than us getting bamboozled watching bogus 'Nick Berg' execution video where, if you watch very closely, his head rolls like a low budget B-flick. Oh, I’m sure he lost it, God rest his soul, but certainly not by those they tried to portray in that sick dramatization played time and again on the internet. I would only add, after considering all the handsomely paid Blackwater mercenaries running around, and the many CIA-Ops and Mossad agents dug in and around Iraq with wonderful Arabian suntans (most of whom are on the payroll) is it really that hard to figure out? Indeed most have a vested interest in trying to keep the American hate in full bloom to secure longer contracts for this or that, or for serving other interior motives. Yes, I'm sure most could easily pass for someone of Arab descent with a little makeup, the right clothes, and a cool headdress. Think about it...

~The Anthrax letters

After all that has transpired, we would have to be uniquely inept to not remotely suspect that the anthrax letters played a vital role in fanning D.C. unrest. Just at a time when certain select House members were offering a little resistance to passing the egregious 'Patriot Act,' these powdered jewels ended up in a few unsuspecting mailboxes. Even though Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy did not get a whiff of the deadly stuff, as intended, the scare alone sent a powerful message to everybody involved -- they had better fall in line behind those who willfully stripped us of our Constitutional Rights. And, did you notice how more letters magically appeared, right on cue, effectively shutting down the US Supreme Court just before the Patriot Act may have been scrutinized? Funny how shit like this happens. And let us not forget that the chemical itself was later determined to be a traceable strain of weapons-grade material manufactured in a lab at Fort Detrick, Md., north of Washington.

In addition, just recently (2008), it’s equally amazing how one guy, Steven J. Hatfill, a former scientist who worked at the lab and a 'person of interest' to then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft’s pithy investigation, who was suing the government for being harassed for years and was dubiously dubbed by the media to be the lone 'mad scientist' -- suddenly was let off the hook. Although his job, his reputation and his life were destroyed, Hatfill walked away with more than $5 million and a 'sorry 'bout that' wave of the hand.

And, just as suddenly, we were told the real culprit, scientist Bruce Ivins, also working at Fort Detrick, committed suicide upon learning the goons were closing in on him. How sweet. Logic snaps to mind -- dead men tell no tales when jackboots are eliminating loose ends just before this administration folds its tent. Gee, I wonder, if poor Bruce could drop us a message-in-the-bottle from purgatory, would he offer us some additional insight on who his next bunk buddies will be?

~The media’s role in all of this

Is it any wonder we remain pessimistic with everything that has happened? We distrust our news media for damn good reasons. But in order to stay focused, we must continue to know their propaganda is an elaborate con game. In truth, these public liars are business partners with those who continue to murder with impunity, all heavily invested in defense corporations on Wall Street. Make no mistake, most talking heads and silly pundits are mere puppet clowns jumping hoops and climbing ladders for a paycheck signed in blood as they deliver 'Oscar' performances for their mind-bending circus acts. Bottom line -- the best thing to do is bring others into the realm of informative alternative news sources (on the internet). A sober reality worth inviting, so we can avoid the pernicious rhetoric that has come to be mainstream news. It truly is a breath of fresh air to throw away the rumblings of tinsel-town performers.

And we can do something else too, let’s quickly boycott all of the culprits' sponsors. It’s the least we can do as wise, educated consumers who have been severely screwed over. I, for one, refuse to support those who would readily sell their own mothers on a street corner for a dime if they thought it would pull them out of the gutter to ease their shameful existence. I invite you to join me Indeed, we must not pay for their half truths, no truths and seditious silence for the many unreported smoking guns they have ignored that makes Nixon’s Watergate pale by comparison. If we remain resolute, we can defy their behavior-modification tyranny that tries to keep us docile, stupid and compliant.

I say get rebellious with our middle finger extended high as we pass along the secrets they try to conceal. To do anything less is mere cowardice or denial with ramifications that extend far beyond our own borders leaving our neighbors vulnerable with a massive nuclear arsenal pointed their way. Having said that, I can not stress enough, a single day should not go by without all of us doing everything we can to inform others of what the heck is going on. Get involved, or get ready to reap a methodical whirlwind that promises to deliver more progressive death and destruction.

~The real lesson of World War II

You be the judge. For me, it’s hands down. I now understand how my parents' generation felt totally betrayed by the anomalies surrounding the Pearl Harbor massacre. It would seem that history has conveniently forgotten to mention the insurmountable amount of suspicion many folks had in how the Japanese magically made it through all of our defenses, including the watchful eyes of many strategically placed Island-spotters armed with radio transmitters throughout Midway, our radar technology, etc. We were told the Japanese slipped through unnoticed and -- voila -- quickly obliterated our destroyers and submarine fleet at port. My, history loves to glorify this official fairytale they quantified for decades. Sound familiar? God forbid, if we should ever question or tarnish the official explanation of WWII or say, September 11, 2001? Nope, no apologizes are offered in my humble journey into the abyss for truth. Indeed, everything is subject to public scrutiny and as true patriotic Americans, it’s our duty to do so in our daily routine.

My father, Anthony Guarisco, a Navy seaman who served valiantly in the South Pacific during World War II and Korea, never wavered throughout his entire life in his belief that Pearl Harbor was purposely allowed to happen by the power brokers of his day. Just as many others, he said they did this so the US could squarely plant both feet into that war and send a harsh nuclear message to its communist enemy in the Soviet Union. He also told me something else very interesting. He said he first suspected something was dreadfully wrong when his commanders suspiciously ordered the 'entire aircraft carrier fleet' to leave port just before the attack occurred. He said the admirals of his day knew full well -- as long as they had their precious aircraft carrier division still intact -- they could win the war they so callously desired.

For over 50 years, my father’s eyes welled-up every time he spoke about this. He was truly heart broken and became physically nauseated each time he was reminded of how the military brass of his day shrewdly allowed all those brave men and women to die an unsuspecting death -- like ducks sitting in a carnival shooting gallery.

We can all agree, as my father did, that WWII needed to be fought in order to stop Hitler. But he also admitted the only reason the Japanese attacked us in the first place was because our submarine fleet, as well as British fleets, were bombing Japan’s oil tankers in Burma. Remember that Japan depended solely on its imported oil for virtually all of its energy needs. Also note, our submarine fleet was the first target to be destroyed during the initial attack. And for those who may question my father’s credibility, I invite you to review a tribute I recently published honoring my parent’s many accomplishments in life. Especially, read their impressive bio:

~Remembering the bombing of Japan

Even as I write this essay way ahead of schedule (in August) to mark the coming anniversary of September 11, 2001, I want to point out that August 6 and August 9 are two dreadful days to mark on our calendar as well. Sixty-three years ago in 1945, Harry S. Truman insanely dropped two nuclear bombs, named Little Boy and Fat Man, on 'civilian' targets, destroying Japan and thus ending WWII. A sober irony to reminisce as my fingers rattle across this keyboard with goose-bumps protruding across my skin.

For sure, let us never forget what we did. It took less than 2.1 seconds for our past heartless warmongers to wipe-out more than 140,000 human beings in the blink of an eye. Truman's gift was one that kept on giving. Another 80,000 dead by the end of the year and, If you consider the many illnesses related to radiation exposure over six decades, the casualties could easily be in the millions. My God, how can we look into a mirror knowing what we did? How can we gleefully watch this insane administration attempt to justify more bombing campaigns in the Middle East? I would add, the nuclear option is not off the table for Iran, Pakistan, Syria and others. As a final note, I wonder how many lives would be spared if all those oil wells in distant desert sands only pumped 'sea water'? Hmmm...

~The Vietnam War

Does the word 'false-flag' operation mean anything to you? I suggest you quickly do some research on the many suspicious anomalies surrounding the 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident that gave us the Vietnam War. In 2005, an official declassified National Security Agency (NSA) report revealed that the attack on the USS Maddox was not North Vietnamese boats. But yet, President Lyndon B. Johnson used that incident as the catalyst to launch the war. Thus, a huge jungle eulogy was given to the American public producing a Vietnam Memorial Wall containing more than 58,000 names etched on its haunting surface. I ask you this, how many times -- how many more times -- are we going to be fooled?

~The first Gulf War

Or we could examine how the bullshit artists convinced us how those poor, defenseless Iraqi incubator babies were heartlessly thrown to a cold, filthy concrete floor to die. A big damn lie that helped George senior sell the first Gulf war to the American public. That’s right, it never happened. It was all a big elaborate hoax. A Kuwaiti public relations (PR) firm manufactured the whole affair, hiring an actress who later was determined to be a diplomat’s daughter, to dramatize the lie as real.

News outlets continuously ran with it on TV to get everyone all hyped-up for war. And to seal the deal, a clever mon-senior pushed his crown jewel by covertly tricking CIA-sponsored insurgent forces to invade Kuwait in what they thought was a green light with the blessings of the Almighty. Unfortunately, they learned, too late, that they had been betrayed. They were brutally squashed by our forces who played the role of heroes coming to the rescue. Indeed, I guess it’s safe to say, 'Junior' is a chip off the old 'Senior' block. Do we see a pattern here?

~Will the Cycle of War Ever be Stopped?

This is the multi-zillion dollar question that should be considered a bargain when compared to the value of life itself. I ask again, will this madness ever end? Truly, will we ever stop believing pathological liars who will say anything to germinate a conflict? In the real world, war has always been a profitable 'spectator sport' for those who embellish themselves in power and greed. Old crusty men will always send our young, innocent, and brave men and women off to fight and die in useless wars that, realistically, do not need to be fought. And by God, I mean it, this repeated cycle of madness must end once and for all. Otherwise, we will continue to be placed in harm's way -- mere pawns scurrying about as feeble toys to be manipulated by old crusty geopolitical chess masters like Dick Cheney and others who have been destroying and displacing lives for decades.

I apologize for such a disheartening, lengthy read, but felt it was critical to point-out the obvious known examples that have catapulted us into our present day dilemma. Sadly, I have barely scratched the surface of many infernal obfuscations that have chilled our bones from the very beginning of our country's birth. From the day that pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock and used smallpox as bio-warfare to weed-out Redskins, to the Native American death march that is the 'Trail of Tears,' to the slave owners who forced blacks to pick cotton in plantation fields, our nation’s history is ghastly; it is replete with terrible memories.

However, if you want to understand a little more about the horrible attacks of September 11, 2001, a good place to start is David Ray Griffin’s 'The New Pearl Harbor,' or perhaps his 'Debunking 9/11 Debunking,' or his latest, '9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press -- all of which lay out perfectly how our 21st Century wizards work their magic with cunning ability.

As I once wrote in a past article (worth a second round), isn’t it funny how life's little ironies always seem to make the full circle? Truly, what goes around -- comes around...

Freedom is like a hovering analogy-cloud that lingers above the mist that haunts those who fraudulently repress large populations of people in the name of national security. At first, the peasants embrace repression in order to remain safe, then they tolerate it to feel protected and, eventually they hate it. They become resentful of the protectors who enslave them and, in due time, will almost always revolt in disobedience. Freedom is a glorious boomerang -- it's a wondrous hive full of spiritual honey called 'human nature' that beckons the soul to be free -- a natural elixir that will forever replenish itself regardless of fake promises of 'security.' Even more so for those who have experienced it and then lost it -- it will not be denied!

Well, today’s mendacious tyrants are no exception, they will meet this fate I speak of eventually...nobody, either good or bad, is immune from the grand test of time. Each of us will be remembered in our own proper context with a full measure of reconciliation administered to appease our collective memoir.

Good luck and God bless.


Vincent L Guariscois a freelance writer from Bullhead City AZ., a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime founding member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Reprint permission is given as long as article content is not altered or changed and credit is given to the author. The 21st century, once so full of shining promise, now threatens to force countless millions of us at home and abroad into a dark abyss of languishing poverty and silent servitude; a lowly prodigy of painful struggle and suffering that could stream for generations to come. I’m wishing for a miracle, before it is too late, the masses will figure it out and will stand as one and roar. So, pass the word — it’s past time to take back what is ours — the American Dream where the pursuit of happiness, the ability to live in a free and peaceful nation is a reality. We bought it, and we paid for it. It’s time to take it back For replies, contact:

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