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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings December 4 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: OCR reduced to 5.0 percent

Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank today reduced the Official Cash Rate (OCR) from 6.5 percent to 5.0 percent. Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard commented that "ongoing financial market turmoil and the marked deterioration in the outlook for global growth have played ...

2: Politics: Muslims In France Are French First
Common Ground News Service

CGNS: Those who believe in the “clash of civilisations” also claim that Islam cannot flourish in the West without creating a threat there. However, such talk falls on deaf ears in France where Islam has been present since the Middle Ages.

3: New MPs in for emotional rollercoaster
Massey University

A daunting emotional journey awaits new MPs when the 49th New Zealand parliament sits for the first time next week, according to a Massey researcher.

4: Google Street View launches in New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand, 2 December 2008 Google today announces the launch of Street View on Google Maps in New Zealand: . Street View is a new feature for Google Maps that lets internet users view and navigate 360 degree ...

5: Business NZ policy is "anti freedom"
Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary Andrew Little has condemned Business New Zealand's employment briefing to the incoming government as "anti freedom".

6: Westpac NZ reduces mortgage lending rates

I've just emerged from a pricing discussion and am able to confirm that Westpac New Zealand has responded to today's OCR cut buy announcing a cut to the following lending rates:

7: UN Aid Worker Slain In Sri Lanka

The top United Nations humanitarian official in Sri Lanka today called on authorities to mount a thorough investigation into last week’s murder of an aid worker in the east of the violence-wracked country – the third staff member from the same relief ...

8: The Christian take-over of Wellywood
Gordon Campbell

Everyone knows that Hollywood is a den of godless, Obama –loving pinko liberals. That being so, New Zealand’s transformation, post Rings, into a minor hub of Christian movie making seems like…well, a minor miracle. In my experience, local film crews ...

9: Treasury Briefing to Minister of Finance Released
New Zealand Government

Finance Minister Bill English has today released the Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Finance from the Treasury.

10: Commentary: Forget Darwin---The Sooner The Better
Scoop Feedback

Frederick Engels, in an 1875 letter, stated: “The whole Darwinian teaching of the struggle for existence is simply a transference from society to living nature of Hobbes’s doctrine of bellum omnium contra omnes and of the bourgeois-economic doctrine ...

11: Santa Line to light up Auckland this Christmas
Telecom New Zealand

Santa’s Elves have been busy in Auckland stitching together more than 37,000 magical lights to carry wishes to Santa this Christmas. The Telecom Tree - a seven-storey high light structure - will shine in Auckland’s Victoria Park this December and ...

12: Great Land Giveaway: Neo-Colonialism by Invitation
James Petras

Newly emerging nations have joined with the usual neocolonial suspects in a massive bid to buy up poorer countries' available land. How do they pull it off? "The process of agro-imperial empire building operates largely through political and financial ...

13: India should look into her own backyard
Syed Atiq ul Hassan

India is the largest democracy in the world and is claimed to be the world’s rising economic power after China with Mumbai a leading international financial city. With a population of more than a billion India has vast division among the people on the ...

14: Air New Zealand A320 Accident Update 16
Air New Zealand

More than 20 family and friends of the New Zealanders lost in the A320 accident will be in Perpignan by tomorrow.

15: Kiwibank Responds To OCR Cut

Kiwibank has reacted immediately to the cut in the Official Cash Rate by reducing all home loan rates. The bank is now offering a one-year fixed rate of 6.49% p.a. and a variable rate of 7.45%.

16: Sharples: Global Forum for Bioethics in Research
The Maori Party

This is a fantastic time to be holding this ninth global forum on bioethics in research. The last three months, in particular, have been unprecedented in terms of the acts of resistance and celebration initiated by indigenous peoples and members of vulnerable ...

17: ALBA and the imperial protection racket
Toni Solo

For years it has been more than clear the course US and European Union policy would take towards the progressive governments of Latin America. Even in December 2006 it was possible to write "One can only hope Latin America's Spring endures longer ...

18: What a lower OCR means for residential housing
Bayley's Real Estate

While the lower OCR is positive news for New Zealand’s property market, it could be some time before the full effects of the decrease flow through to the property sector, according to the managing director of leading real estate company Bayleys, ...

19: Secretary Clinton: Obama's Promises to Be Kept
Al Giordano

Although the steps between President-elect Obama's November 13 meeting with Senator Clinton in Chicago and the December 1 nomination of the latter for Secretary of State did not exactly embody the "no drama" brand of the former (and, behind the scenes, ...

20: Next Year Is ‘Make Or Break’ For Somalia
United Nations

Somalia’s population faces total destitution next year without more effective aid, a United Nations humanitarian official cautioned today, as the many problems in the Horn of Africa country are exacerbated by extremely difficult political and security ...

21: Maori Party must use influence on climate
Green Party

Welcoming the Maori Party's call today for 'urgent and meaningful' action on climate change, the Green Party urges Maori Party Ministers to help rescue New Zealand's climate credibility.

22: Liar, Liar!! Barack Obama's Secretary of War
Bruce Dixon

Some Obama supporters are wringing their hands over the selection of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Hillary was, after all, a consistent supporter of the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and much more. But Barack Obama's selection of Reaganite ...

23: Thinking Cactus to launch Global Business Day
Thinking Cactus

Monday the 8th of December 2008 will see the first ever global celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship through business incubation.

24: Hon Tariana Turia; Co-Leader Of The Maori Party
The Maori Party

As we have travelled from across the country and across the world to Taranaki, I have been thinking about the beautiful and delicate mountain, Pihanga, who brought us together – from Te Kahui Maunga – the mountains of Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngaruahoe, ...

25: Hanover DO NOT want Receivership
Exposing Unacceptable Financial Activities

The polished delivery at the final Hanover Road Show meeting today will undoubtedly have placed further fear and a possible dilemma for some inexperienced voting investors.

26: Goff Welcomes Signing Cluster Munitions Convention
New Zealand Labour Party

Labour leader Phil Goff welcomed today’s signing in Oslo of the Conventions on Cluster Munitions which bans the manufacture, possession and use of such weapons by signatory countries.

27: ACC Congratulates New Zealanders With `Attitude’

An Auckland choreographer and an Eftpos-servicing company are helping lead the way in changing New Zealanders’ attitudes towards people living with disabilities.

28: 1.122 Million Visits in just 24hrs is second behind Trademe in terms of being the most visited site in New Zealand, and is inching towards the number one spot with a record 1.122 million visits in only 24 hours.

29: Big blow-out in another ACC account
New Zealand Government

Officials are recommending an increase in earners levies of $1.337 billion over the next three years to cover significant increased costs of the ACC Earners' Account that funds non-work accidents involving employees.

30: Abortion Causes Mental Ill Health In Women
Right To Life New Zealand Inc

A new study conducted by the Otago University reveals that women having an abortion have a 30% risk of developing mental ill health, higher than other women who chose life for their baby. The study was reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry. ...

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