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16 Years of Scoop | $16 To Join Scoop As A Member | Please Share This

Operation Chrysalis Crowd-Selling Update #1

16 Years of Scoop | $16 To Join Scoop As A Member | Please Share This

From Scoop Editor & Publisher Alastair Thompson

Dear Scoop Readers, Subscribers , Supporters & New Founding Members Of Scoop,

Scoop's latest crowd-selling campaign has got off to a good start - 6 days into the campaign Scoop now has 42 founding members! And we are stoked!

If you are one of these founding members congratulations. You have shown a commitment to support independent media in New Zealand, and for that we here at Scoop are very grateful.

These are very dark days in the NZ media.

Following hot in the footsteps of the demise of Campbell Live, we have seen a remarkable hollowing out of journalistic talent at Maori Television, and a massive editorial reorganisation at Fairfax in which 160 of 700 editorial staff are having to re-apply for their jobs.

This email is suggesting a response to this state of affairs, namely you dear reader are:

1. Encouraged to become a "Member of Scoop" at a cost of just $16 per annum, or one dollar for each year of Scoop's service to the community so far.
2. Encouraged to to help us recruit new members (there are instructions below for how to do so.)


16 Days Of Scoop = Scoop's New Crowd Funding Campaign

Hopefully the observant among you will have by now noticed our recent #ScoopSweet16th Birthday celebrations and the launch #16DaysOfScoop Crowd-Selling campaign on Pledgeme.

Our second round of selling is being conducted in order to draw attention to (and help fund a sales push for) Scoop's new "Ethical Paywall" business model.

The good news is that this "Ethical Paywall" project is working. And it changes everything for Scoop - providing us with the ability to sustainably grow a resilient and independent not-for-profit news business which will likely be able to ride out the great digital news disruption currently underway.

In the seven weeks since the 29 April launch we have been picking up high quality clients and champions of the idea. Accredited Scoop Organisation Licence holders now include Parliament, MFAT, The Department of Internal Affairs, Russell McVeagh, Bell Gully, the Turnbull Library. And our endorsees include the Legal Librarians Association.


16 Years of : $16 To Join Scoop As A Member : 16 Days of Scoop

If you visit Scoop's NEW CROWD-SELLING PAGE you will see that it costs $16 to become a "Scoop" founding member.

Scoop's founding members will be kept updated on progress about the "not for profit " structural changes we are making and have the opportunity to participate in discussions around The New Scoop in coming months (we are aiming for the incorporation transaction for The New Scoop to take place in August).

"Notable" Scoop Members each receive one of Scoop's special leather bound notebook/sketchbooks.

In the campaign you will see that can become a Certified Member (with a Certificate for $50), a Notable Member (with a Notebook for $75), a Fashionista Member (with a t-shirt for $95) and a Full Monty Member (with both for $150).

"Fashionista" Scoop Founding Members each receive one of Scoop's special leather bound notebook/sketchbooks.

Help Spread The Word
Support The Establishment Of A Strong Ethical NZ News Media Outlet

Finally as promised here is some advice on how you can assist us with this effort. Note that if you become a member via Pledgeme you will be prompted to share the news about this online on Facebook and Twitter. Please do so. Below are some instructions for how you can do this manually.

Facebook is far and away the most effective way to achieve online visibility of digital activism efforts.

As a result becoming a socially active Facebook user is something that Scoop highly recommends. As news consumers we should all be posting links to news material about things that actually matters, and in doing so we will help redress the Kardashian imbalance

If all of us reward good quality journalism with likes and shares we will all help maintain standards in the industry.

But right now we want to promote this Scoop Membership drive - which is a way to support NZ news media on steroids thanks to its connection to a new business model which has the potential to establish a new funding source for news media generally, and not just Scoop.

SUGGESTION 1 - Post about your support for the Scoop Membership drive on Facebook:

Sample Posts (cut and paste one of the following and post it on your Facebook wall):


I have become a Member of The New Scoop.

I did so because I believe New Zealand needs strong, independent and fearless media if it is to continue to function as a democracy governed under the rule of law.

I encourage you to become a member too.


16 years of
$16 To Become A Member
I joined - and I think you should too.

For less than the price of three large milky coffees in downtown Wellington you can become a Member of for a year. It’s a steal. Sign up here >>

SUGGESTION 2 - Promote the Scoop Membership Drive In Twitter

Tweet these tweets or make up your own.


Everybody with an interest in NZ news is invited to join and become a “Member of @ScoopNZ” >> #16DaysOfScoop


16 Years Of | $16 To Join >> #16DaysOfScoop #FutureOfNews


16 Days Of Scoop - Building A Sustainable News Company For The People Of New Zealand | @PledgeMe #16DaysOfScoop

SUGGESTION 3 - Share, retweet, link, like and favourite each other's promotion efforts.

Search Facebook for #16DaysOfScoop or Twitter for #16DaysOfScoop and like, retweet, share and favourite each other's promotional efforts.

In doing so you will increase the overall network effect of all our effort.


As always please do not hesitate to contact Steven Wood or I with any questions you have about what we are up to at

Kind regards
Alastair Thompson
Scoop Editor and Publisher

© Scoop Media

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