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Magic Mussels: Media Hype No Cancer Cure - Mark Peck Said The 'M' Word - Winston Complicates Electricity Reforms - MPs Employment Contracts? - Why Tax Is Not An Election Issue - Breast Is Still Best and much much more...

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Magic Mussels: Media Hype No Cancer Cure

- The New Zealand distributor of a green-lipped mussel extract being touted as a possible cancer cure has halted distribution after recognising that claims made in promotional material far outstrip any evidence from research. See... Media Hype No Cure For Cancer [1] in the General wire. Meanwhile in the Politics Wire ACT's Marlborough Candidate welcomes the discoveries concerning Mussels.

[1] -

Mark Peck Said The 'M' Word

- Despite his reluctance to now admit it, Labour's biotechnology spokesperson Mark Peck said the 'M' word last week. And in doing so he has heralded a major, and rather embarrassing U-turn for Labour's policy on genetic engineering. Scoop's Jonathan Hill looks at the decision, the reaction to it and possible implications. See... Mark Peck Said the 'M' Word [1] in the Headlines wire. See also ANZFA Meeting Backgrounder in the same wire.

[1] -

Protest Over Expected Genetic Engineering Decision

- This week is a big week for genetic engineering. Scoop's Jonathan Hill looks at the Australia New Zealand Food Authority meeting that Wyatt Creech will attend tomorrow. Decisions on what food will be labelled and how are expected to be made. See... Protest At Expected Genetic Engineering Decision [1] in the Headlines wire. Today Phillida Bunkle slammed the government for trying "to delay and mis-lead the New Zealand public". See... Government attempting to mislead on G-E food [2] in the Parliament wire.

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Winston Complicates Electricity Reforms - Again

- The future of electricity amendments remains a murky issue following today's New Zealand First party leader's press conference in Tauranga. "I was dismayed to learn last Friday afternoon that Mr Bradford was going to progress the bill in the House regardless of our support or otherwise. Such an approach simply represents a breach of good faith." Winston Peters back to what he does best - confusing things. Peters appears to be saying that he conditionally supports the proposed legislation, however in many respects his statement comes across more like a challenge. See... Power Price Negotiations Presser - Winston Peters [1] in the Parliament wire. Also in the Parliament wire ACT's Rodney Hide says todays developments show Peters still cannot be trusted. See... Winston Proves Again He Can't Be Trusted - ACT [2] .

[1] -
[2] -

MPs Employment Contracts?

- By tomorrow, (Tuesday) all MPs and most election candidates will have received for perusal their own hard-copy of a comprehensive pre-election employment contract and accountability oath containing a full job description, performance criteria and numerous safeguards for the electorate constituents (the employer). An apparently new lobby group is pushing the move. See... NZers Move To Put MPs On Employment Contracts [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Why Tax Is Not An Election Issue - Cullen

- In a speech today to KPMG, Labour Finance Spokesperson Michael Cullen articulated Labour's tax policy and says tax has not emerged as one of the two or three leading issues of the 1999 election. Wishful thinking? Judge for yourself. See... Labour and Tax [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Breast Is Still Best

- At the beginning of World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August 1999) Plunket's National Nursing Advisor says tens of thousands of New Zealand breastfeeding mothers are the champions of early childhood nutrition. See the release and breastfeeding fact sheet... New Zealand's Unsung Breastfeeding Heroes [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

New Mobile Breast Screening Service Launched

- Prime Minister Jenny Shipley today launched new mobile breast screening units which she says will help rural women access the same services as urban women. See... Mobile Breast Screening Enhances Women's Health [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Christians Outraged Over South Park Classification

- The Christian Heritage Party is outraged that the Chief Censor has awarded the movie South Park an R-16 classification. "If this is Bill Hastings's image of New Zealand the way he wants it, he can get himself another job. New Zealanders are not interested in promoting the pornographic perversity and incessant obscenities and blasphemies contained, in what must be, one of the filthiest mainstream movies ever to be released." See... Censor Censured Over R-16 For South Park [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

128,000 Households Have No Enrolled Voters

- Letters will be delivered from today to 128,000 households throughout the country where there is no one currently enrolled for this year's general election and referenda. See... 128,000 Households Have No Enrolled Voters [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Balkans Editorial: Give Peace A Chance

- Scoop's Alastair Thompson analyses the latest developments in the Kosovo tragedy, observes on the relevance of continued military action in the Gulf, and argues peace is not a two way street. See... Balkans Editorial: Teach Your Children Well [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

WINZ Doing Well - McCardle. Others Not So Sure -

Associate Work and Income Minister Peter McCardle today released figures on the achievements of Work and Income NZ in the employment area over the past year. Despite being plagued by scandal he says the department is doing very well. See... WINZ makes big savings/getting results - Minister [1] in the Parliament wire. However Green Party Co-leader Rod Donald says the Minister's defence of WINZ is "a pathetic attempt to justify appalling performance". See... McCardle Scores "Own Goal" On WINZ [2] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -
[2] -

Legal Aid Shakeup Announced

- Legal Aid spending will be capped by a two-stage plan which will see the granting of legal aid centralised, and eligibility reviewed, Justice Minister Tony Ryall announced at the weekend. See... New Accountability and Innovation For Legal Aid [1] . The reaction to the announcement is ranging. ACT MP Patricia Schnauer has welcomed the move after campaigning for it for five months, but says major issues still need addressing. See... ACT MP Wins Tighter Controls For Legal Aid [2] . Labour have also welcomed the decision but say it should have been made years ago. See... Legal aid provisions [3] . Mat Robson of the Alliance says the move is electioneering and the changes are back the front. See... Legal a
id changes, back to front
[4] . All in the Parliament wire.

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[3] -
[4] -

Kevin Roberts And A Big Black... 747?

- The 747 I'd like to fly the world in - with the All Blacks. Scoop talks with the... unusual Kevin Roberts. See... SCP Interactive: Edge Theory: An All Black Plane? [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

Sunday Papers - Lomu On The Market

- The Sunday news led yesterday with an exclusive report that rugby superstar Jonah Lomu is on the market. As the All Blacks prepare for the World Cup, Jonah Lomu has been put on the world player market. Last week the London Club Saracens rejected the $1.7 million-a-season asking price. Lomu is said to be making the move because he wants more time on the field and the decision coincides with All Black coach John Hart's decision to confine Lomu to a part-time role in the All Blacks. For more on what is in today's Sunday papers see... Sunday News [1] and Sunday Star Times [2] in the News Monitor wire.

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