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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Scoop Archive: UQ Wire: Connecting The Dots Bush..Bath..Bin Laden

Saudi Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, an Osama bin Laden benefactor, has laundered money into tax-exempt U.S. entities for years as a foreign financier of terrorism. But a new 9/11 lawsuit is thrusting Mahfouz's latent past business links to George W. ...


2: Sludge Report #140 - Thou Shalt Not Steal

In This Edition: Thou Shalt Not Steal - This Is Not About Persuasion, It Is About PR For A Decision Already Taken - The Countdown To War Has Begun - Poppy’s Friends Run Interference For Junior - The Prize – Cui Bono – Commanders In Thief - There ...


3: Howard's End: The Iraq War Is Already Underway

The global diplomatic flurry to gain U.N. support for an offensive against Iraq is a smokescreen and post-dates the start of the U.S. offensive which took place three months ago - not with a bang, but with little-publicised steps. Maree Howard ...
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4: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...


5: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...


6: The Strange Case of the Vanishing Women

“What do women want?” Freud famously asked. Well, for starters, we would like to be seen to exist.


7: Scoop Feedback: Oil, Iraq, 911, Nandor & Tauiwi

In this edition: Oil And War In Iraq - How I see 9/11 - Re: David Miller Online. What Came of September 11? - Whining Wankers - The Tauiwi's Whakataukii, "Think Globally Act Locally"


8: Streets of London: Greedy London

Londoners consume three times their fair share of the Earth’s resources according to a comprehensive report released yesterday, only days after the Johannesburg Conference on sustainable development.


9: Guest Column: War Begins And Nobody Notices!

Normally, the title for this column could be a headline for The Onion, that hilarious, irreverent Wisconsin publication that twists things around in order to hint at some absurd reality. The Onion presents fake news and commentary, poking fun at politics, ...


10: Scoop Images: 911 Protest At US Embassy

More photos of today’s protest at the US Embassy. For background see… Protest at US Embassy on September 11 . See also… Scoop Images: Panorama Shot Of US Embassy Protest


11: September 11 2002 Is World Peace Day, Hug Someone!

Virtual Huggers Of The World Unite! It’s Time For The World’s Biggest Hug – For Peace!


12: Uri Avnery: War Now!

Slowly, President Bush's war plan against Iraq is emerging from the thick fog. At first it looked like a collection of hazy slogans, but gradually it is becoming clear that it has definite - if hidden - aims.


13: Questions For Oral Answer - 11 September 2002

1. Hon RICHARD PREBBLE to the Prime Minister: Following news stories reporting that President George W Bush will tomorrow in his address to the United Nations propose that an ultimatum be delivered to Saddam Hussein to re-admit United Nations weapons ...


14: Questions Of The Day Transcript - 10 September '02

1. IAN EWEN-STREET (Green) to the Minister for Biosecurity: On what specific grounds did the Government choose an approach different from the plan (so-called Option 5) developed by the Painted Apple Moth Community Advisory Group, and supported by the ...


15: UQ Wire: Connecting The Dots Bush..Bath..Bin Laden

Saudi Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, an Osama bin Laden benefactor, has laundered money into tax-exempt U.S. entities for years as a foreign financier of terrorism. But a new 9/11 lawsuit is thrusting Mahfouz’s latent past business links to George W. ...


16: Saudi Arabia: The Sarajevo of the 21st Century?

Is Iraq a Diversion from the Real Invasion or Will Bush Try to Occupy Both Countries at Once? - by Michael C. Ruppert of From The Wilderness


17: White House does disservice to memories of victims

The US administration is doing a disservice to the memories of the victims of 11th September by using the occasion to beat the drums for war against Iraq, Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.


18: Confusion in the House

The Social Security Working Towards Employment Bill underwent it's second reading in Parliament yesterday. This Bill removes all work testing of the DPB and the 13 week stand down period which currently applies if a parent voluntarily leaves employment ...


19: The Real Deal: On the Money Trail

Enron. Arthur Anderson. WorldCom. Global Crossing. Some of the biggest players in corporate America, and what do they have in common? They are all perpetrators of reporting fuzzy numbers as revenue to pump their stock prices. But in the realm of ...


20: Scoop Images: Panorama Shot Of US Embassy Protest

A panorama shot of today’s protest at the US Embassy. For background see… Protest at US Embassy on September 11


21: Scoop Images: Satellite Reveals Qatar US Air Base

Images published by GlobalSecurity.org taken by DigitalGlobe.com on June 13 2002 – and used here with permission of DigitalGlobe - reveal that preparations are well advanced for air strikes against Iraq.


22: Nanny National wants "Crime of Conversation"

"Big Brother Nats desperate for knee-jerk attention" is how Libertarianz Leader Russell Watkins today described National MP Simon Power’s call for draconian "grooming" laws to criminalise anyone 16 and over communicating with anyone ...


23: The New Write - NZ Young Nationals

News of the week from the pens of the Young Nationals: Iraq, Dr Don, Green Muppet, Libz, Hot Goss, Joke of the week, website of the week...


24: Why a War Against Iraq is Illegal Under Int. Law

New Zealand must urge General Assembly and Security Council members and all Heads of State to denounce US unilateral action of planning and preparation for warfare against Iraq as contrary to its Charter and Customary International Law. As the judgment ...


25: Scoop Images: Amazing New Two Towers Screen Shots

A selection of an astonishing new set of images published today by Scoop’s online content partner theonering.net - CLICK HERE FOR FULL SET OF IMAGES . See also the Scoop LOTR feature page


26: United Future Fails First Test

The parliamentary vote for landmark legislation to remove work-testing for parents on the domestic purposes benefit reveals how parties will be split this term, ACT Social Services and Employment Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.


27: The Gods of war and peace: Lessons from 911

One year on, since the day the world shook under the terror attacks of Sept 11, we brace ourselves for another war in Iraq. George Bush mobilizes, against world opinion. He is resolute to defend his country from future attacks, which have the potential ...


28: Danes warned against New Zealand Experiment

“Danish unions will today premiere a film which warns Danish people against a repeat of the New Zealand neo-liberal policies by its recently elected Liberal Government,” Council of Trade Unions president Ross Wilson said today.


29: Dunne outlines UF position on immigration

“In the light of the current highly-emotional and damaging to New Zealand debate on immigration, I want to remind the country of United Future New Zealand’s policies on this very important issue,” said party leader, Peter Dunne, today.


30: Leo Koziol: Naked in Nuhaka

This is the first edition of Naked in Nuhaka, launching a weekly/fortnightly column exploring issues of identity and culture in Aotearoa NZ in the 21st Century.


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