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TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2004




Chalabi at odds with US Administration - Turkiye
US insists those killed in Iraqi wedding were not `innocent'
- Milliyet
Shocking US statement: Bad guys party, too - Sabah
Iran warns US against operations in `holy sites' - Sabah
US, UK submit new Iraq resolution to UN - Milliyet
Chris Patten: Turkey is European - Milliyet
FM Gul urges TRT to begin Kurdish broadcasts - Sabah

Ahmad Chalabi: US occupation of Iraq `a fiasco' - Yeni Safak
Russia, Germany, France oppose UN resolution on Iraq -
Gen. Zinni: Iraq a wrong war with a wrong strategy - Radikal
Gen. Zinni: Neo-cons responsible for failure in Iraq - Yeni
Western NGOs: 10,000 civilians killed in Iraq - Yeni Safak
Iraqi provincial morgue reports show 5,000 Iraqis killed -
Iraq wedding footage contradicts US claims - Cumhuriyet
Patten supports Turkey in EU, criticizes Ataturk - Zaman
`TRNC' to launch diplomatic attack for ending isolation -


US wants Turkish bases: MFA has confirmed that the US wants
to deploy warplanes in Konya province under the pretext of
using them for `training exercises,' "Cumhuriyet" reports.
The MFA noted that the US-proposed MOU on training exercises
would give extensive authority to US troops. A Ministry
official added that the MOU cannot be accepted in its
current form. The MOU would have allowed deployment of US
troops in Turkey without a parliamentary decision, and it is
still being discussed by the US Administration and the AK
Party government. Negotiations on the issue will continue
until the June NATO Summit in Istanbul, according to

Israel-Palestine: The Turkish-Palestinian parliamentary
friendship group reported after returning from Palestine
that they have witnessed Israeli brutality and destruction
in the region. Palestinians face coercion and torture every
day, and Israeli soldiers destroy homes and kill children,
the lawmakers said. The Turkish parliament will discuss
Israel's operations against Palestinians and the recent
situation in Iraq in a general session on Tuesday.

Government speeds up work for broadcast in Kurdish: FM Gul
said his government has adopted measures to ensure that
broadcast in languages other than Turkish will begin soon.
`We will implement the constitutional changes quickly, and
change the penal code in July,' Gul stressed. `New
regulations are also needed to make it easier for non-
Muslims to open houses of worship, and to protect
minorities' property rights,' he emphasized. Gul added that
the reopening of Halki Seminary will be discussed
separately. Gul asserted that Ankara did not want to leave
room for EU excuses regarding the adoption of EU criteria.
Meanwhile, "Milliyet" reports that the Council of Europe
Parliamentary Assembly has assigned British lawmaker Russell
Johnson as the rapporteur for investigating the status of
Kurdish cultural rights. Johnson is expected to visit
Diyarbakir, Mardin, Van and Hakkari provinces from June 7-

EDITORIAL OPINION: Iraq/US Homeland Security
"What Will Bush Have to Say?"
Yilmaz Oztuna editorialized in the conservative Turkiye
(5/25): "This article was penned before President Bush's
television speech on Iraq, but I am pretty sure about what
he will have to say. He will apologize for the torture
scandal and assure us that these `individual cases' will be
punished. He will probably add some arguments to justify
the Iraq war, focusing on the was against terrorism. He
will not mention either the protection of oil reserves or
Israeli interests. . President Bush will also mention the
transfer of authority to Iraqis. However, the design for
the new Iraqi administration is already doomed to failure.
The new administration, according to what the US has in
mind, will be in charge of governing the country except on
military matters and oil-related issues. With such a design
for the future of Iraq, Washington seems to be creating even
more trouble for Iraq and the region."

"Good Bye America"
Mustafa Mutlu commented in the mass appeal Vatan (5/25):
"The US Department of Homeland Security is working on a
system to monitor foreign visitors prior to their arrival to
America. The database for this system will cost as much as
15 million dollars. This means that by making your visa
application, you will be agreeing to a clear violation of
your privacy. There is only one reason for such a policy --
fear. The US administration thinks this is the way to
prevent terrorist attacks. What about being considered as a
potential terrorist just because you want to be a tourist in
the United States? Isn't this humiliating enough? The Bush
administration has pursued a misguided foreign policy that
has increased the number of US enemies around the world.
The new Homeland Security policy will only serve to turn
more US friends into enemies. . The US is on the verge of a
transformation: it will either be a land for free tourism or
turn into a kind of iron curtain country."

"Towards The Doom Day"
Haluk Ulman opined in the economic-political Dunya (5/25):
"The world is now witnessing an unprecedented level of
violence because of President Bush and his middle- east
twin, Ariel Sharon. Ignoring international law in Iraq and
Palestine, they are acting on their own to create more
bloodshed and tears.The level of international ignorance
about these inhuman policies and for the lies to cover them
up is astounding. People who characterize Iraqi and
Palestinian suicide attacks as `terrorism' believe that
their policies are legal and are trying to make the world
believe this as well. However, the acts of these countries
are terrorism as well. PM Erdogan has clearly described
thee policies as `state terrorism.' Not only Iraqis and
Palestinians, but the whole Arab world believes that the US
and Israel are terrorist states, and that their terrorist
actions are directed against the Islamic world. The Arab
world has every right not to hold this belief for as long as
Bush and Sharon remain in power. People who dream about
peace in the Middle East and prepare plans to achieve peace
should stop kidding themselves. Because of these two
terrorists, the Middle East, is being dragged to its doom at
alarming speed."


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