Cablegate: Republic of the Congo 2009 Tip Interim Assessment

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REF: STATE 112432

1 (U) SUMMARY: Emboff met with representatives from UNICEF,
UNFPA, the Congolese Ministry of Justice, and six local human
rights NGOs that concentrate on issues related to trafficking in
persons. Both government and civil society groups described
government efforts that the GROC has undertaken, including
collaboration with UN anti-trafficking efforts, creation of six
judicial clinics to support victims of trafficking and to
identify traffickers, and passage of child protection laws.

2. (U) Representatives from UNICEF and UNFPA reported government
collaboration in a number of areas, including identification of
trafficking victims and identification of traffickers through
six free judicial clinics throughout the country. The Ministry
of Social Affairs partnered with UNICEF to conduct research on
indentifying trafficking victims. UNICEF reported collaboration
with the Regional Office of the Ministry of Social Affairs
office in Pointe Noire to train police officers to identify
victims but were unable to state the exact number of officers
trained. The six judicial clinics noted by UNFPA are
government-supported and provide a forum to recognize both
trafficking victims and traffickers. These clinics are
year-round open clinics that are available for trafficking
victims and other human rights violation victims to make their
claims. Mr. Mavoungou, Director General of Human Rights and
Fundamental Liberties at the Ministry of Justice, noted that
limitations to the clinics are numerous, since many human rights
and trafficking victims are reluctant to prosecute their

3. (U) Emboff also met with Mr. Valentin Mavoungou, who
described government response to trafficking in persons,
including the creation of a ministry task force to monitor
trafficking in children, judicial clinic support, and upgrading
procedures that regulate the prosecution of offenders. Mr.
Mavoungou noted the support and passage of the Child Protection
Code, which is awaiting Presidential signature to become law.
Mr. Mavoungou did not have an estimate on when the President
would sign the Child Protection Code, but noted that this is the
last step in the process and is dependent upon the President.
Mr. Mavoungou added that the ministry commented on one specific
law currently underway and supported by the Ministry that
regulates the prosecution of trafficking offenders. He did not
have any estimate on when this law would enter Parliament or be
passed. END COMMENT.


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