Cablegate: Mx 2009-516, Odc Leahy Vetting Request


DE RUEHME #3153/01 3091554
P 051554Z NOV 09




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. Action request. Post requests a response within 12 business
days (November 20, 2009) per WHA/MEX guidelines for this Leahy
vetting request from ODC on Sedena Special Training, in Mexico D.F.,
beginning January 10, 2010.

2. Post possesses no credible evidence of gross violations of human
rights by the individuals listed below and requests that the
department conduct Leahy vetting check.

3. Name (Father, Mother, First), DOB, National Identification
Number, POB, Position, Organization.

Alvarez, CastaNeda, Angel Andres, 17-Aug-1975, M, LNAGAN7508171H701,
Cuautla, Morelia, Teniente, MX Army

Anzures , Tlapa, Raul, 13-Aug-1974, M, BTMRRL74081313H800, Hidalgo,
Guerrero, Teniente, MX Army

Aparacio, Marin, Jose, 8-May-1976, M, FRDLIS77050809H300, Mexico DF,
Mexico, Capitan 2/o, MX Army

Arroyo, Ramos, Manuel Jesus, 30-Mar-1981, M, C-4618715, Hecelchakan,
Campeche, Teniente, MX Army

Astudillo, Garcia, Rafael, 1-Feb-1977, M, GRFRRF77020108H600,
Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Teniente, MX Army

Avila, Tejacal, Galileo, 27-Jun-1972, M, ORCRGL72062720H101, Mexico
DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Ayala, Cardenas, Marco Antonio, 15-Dec-1975, M, AVTJMR75121512H000,
Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Teniente, MX Army

Bautista, Martinez, Jeronimo Manuel, 22-Jun-1981, M,
RDANJR81062221H501, Puebla, Puebla, Teniente, MX Army

Becerra, Mata, Alfredo, 10-Jul-1978, M, CRLPAL78071009H800, Mexico
DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Buclon, Toledano, Gabriel, 19-May-1976, M, LPRSGB76051015M800,
Tlanepantla, Edo. Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Cabrera, Hernandez, Sergio, 1-Dec-1982, M, ASGRSR82120107H300, Villa
Flores, Chiapas, Teniente, MX Army

Calvo, Cornelio, Luz Javier, 5-May-1978, M, RMJRLZ78050511H401,
Salvatierra, Guanajuato, Teniente, MX Army

Cansino, Baez, Agustin, 28-Aug-1972, M, RZIBAG72082820H202, Cuilapan
de Guerrero, Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

Cardenas, Cruz, Andy James, 28-Aug-1978, M, BCTLAN78082817H100,
Axochiapan, Morelia, Teniente, MX Army

Cardenas, Luna, Jose Luis, 20-Dec-1972, M, HRQRLS72122009H301,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Capitan 2/o, MX Army

Caro, Rodriguez, Abel, 15-Sep-1978, M, MZSNAB78101530H000, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Cortez, Lopez, Oscar Armando, 3-Feb-1973, M, VRMCOS73020317H101,
Olintepec Villa Ayala, Morelia, Mayor, MX Army

Davila, MuNoz, Pedro, 27-Apr-1966, M, APMRPD66042720H500, Oaxaca,
Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

Del Angel, Hernandez, German, 13-Mar-1968, M, SNACGR6803135H700, San
Lucas Xolox, Edo. Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Diaz, Rodriguez, Julio Cesar, 4-Dec-1977, M, PRCRJL77120420H600,
Ixtepec, Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

Fernandez, Perez, Hugo, 29-Jul-1974, M, HRMNHG74072905H802, Melchor
Musquiz, Coahuila, Teniente, MX Army

Frias, Delgado, Cesar, 5-Nov-1965, M, VLSSCS65110515H201, Mexico DF,
Mexico, Capitan 1/o, MX Army

Garcia, Vasquez, Alejandro, 14-May-1975, M, GNJRAL75051411H600,
Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Teniente, MX Army

Gavito, Ramirez, Victor Manuel, 5-Jan-1977, M, GRLYVC77010512H600,
Xaltianguis, Guerrero, Teniente, MX Army

Gonzalez, Juarez, Horacio, 13-Dec-1970, M, JMCRHR70121320H601,
Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

Gonzalez, Rios, Mariano, 27-Jun-1978, M, ANHRMR78062330H900,
Tantoyuca, Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Guerrero, Frias, Ruben, 13-Oct-1969, M, CRLNRB69101312H800,
Acapulco, Guerrero, Teniente, MX Army

Guerrero, Leyva, Edilberto, 22-Jan-1978, M, MRESED78012220H401,
Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

Hernandez, CarreNo, Jair Martin, 10-Jan-1981, M, VDRCJR81011030H500,
Veracruz, Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Hernandez, Quiroga, Carlos, 18-Jan-1978, M, SNBNCR78011817H100,
Cuernavaca, Morelia, Teniente, MX Army

Hernandez, Zuppa, Crispin, 5-Dec-1961, M, DZRDCR61120517H001,
Morelos, Morelia, Teniente, MX Army

Herrera, Mena, Jorge, 25-Jul-1973, M, RVVLJR73072521H100, Atlixco,
Puebla, Teniente, MX Army

Jimenez, Cortes, Israel, 16-Jun-1971, M, CARI710616HMCRDS04, Mexico
DF, Mexico, Tte. Coronel, MX Army

Juarez, Vazquez, Jesus Israel, 18-Jun-1971, M, MRCRJS71061821H502,
Puebla, Puebla, Teniente, MX Army

Licona, Lopez, Jesus, 14-Sep-1979, M, TNTRJS79091421H200, Puebla,
Puebla, Teniente, MX Army

Longar, Aguirre, Edgar, 14-Feb-1973, M, QRMRED73021409M500, Mexico
DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Lopez, Rosas, Oswaldo, 25-Aug-1973, M, CLCROS73082516H000,
Michoacan, Michoacan, Teniente, MX Army

Lozano, Martinez, Eduardo, 13-Oct-1974, M, SRALED74101311H101,
Irapuato, Guanajuato, Teniente, MX Army

Marcelo, Lopez, Leonel Guadalupe, 15-Nov-1976, M,
LCLPLN76111513H600, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Teniente, MX Army

Martinez, Espino, Helio Cesar, 25-Dec-1980, M, JRVZHL80122516H100,
Puruandiro, Michoacan, Teniente, MX Army

Martinez, Peralta, Jose Luis, 27-Feb-1973, M, RYCRLS73022730H700,
Tepetzintla, Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Montes, Rodriguez, Emilio, 18-Dec-1972, M, RYVZEM72121809J301,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Moran, Cordero, Jose, 1-Mar-1973, M, CRCRJS73030109H400, Mexico DF,
Mexico, Capitan 1/o, MX Army

Moran, Mojica, Roberto, 4-Oct-1974, M, GVRMRB74100420H600, Tepelmeme
Villa Morelos, Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

MuNoz, Sanchez, Ricardo, 20-May-1973, M, MNRDRC73052009N000, Mexico
DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Ortiz, Cruz, Jaime, 28-Feb-1970, M, DVMZJM70022808H901, Ciudad
Juarez, Chihuahua, Teniente, MX Army

Palma, Huerta, Eber, 11-Aug-1979, M, MRMJEB79081116H200, Lazaro
Cardenas, Michoacan, Teniente, MX Army

Perez, Cruz, Eduardo, 11-Jun-1975, M, SLJMED75061109H400, Mexico DF,
Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Quiroz, Martinez, Hiram, 19-Nov-1976, M, ALCSHR76111909H901, Mexico
DF, Mexico, Capitan 2/o, MX Army

Ramirez, Juarez, Eduardo, 24-Apr-1976, M, ZCIZED76042421H100,
Cholula, Puebla, Teniente, MX Army

Reyes, Carballo, Oscar, 22-Aug-1981, M, C-5012322, San Mateo Atenco,
Edo. Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Reyes, Vazquez, Jose Manuel, 19-Dec-1972, M, BCMTMN72121909H601,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Capitan 1/o, MX Army

Rivas, Villa, Ignacio Margarito, 15-Sep-1976, M, MRPRIG76091509H800,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Rodriguez, Animas, Daniel, 6-Jun-1974, M, GNRSDN74060615H302, Estado
de Mexico, Edo. Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Romero, Hernandez, Renan, 12-Nov-1974, M, AYCRRN74111230H000,
Catemaco, Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Ruiz, IbaNez, Jorge, 23-Apr-1968, M, ARRMJR68042330H200, Acayucan,
Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Salazar, Jimenez, Gamaliel, 30-Aug-1976, M, HRCRGM76083009H200,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Salazar, Miranda, Raul, 5-Sep-1977, M, URCTRL77090520H000, Ixtepec,
Oaxaca, Capitan 2/o, MX Army

Sanchez, Acosta, Cesar Augusto, 10-Apr-1981, M, HRZPCS81040609H400,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Santos, Bueno, Juan Pablo, 4-Jul-1978, M, FEPJ780704HVZRRN09,
Veracruz, Veracruz, Teniente, MX Army

Sosa, Corales, Jovany, 6-Apr-1979, M, RMHRJV79040609H400, Mexico DF,
Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Suarez, Alvarado, Mauricio, 19-Sep-1976, M, CNBXMR76091909H501,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Mayor, MX Army

Tenorio, Torres, Juan Angeles, 7-Sep-1973, M, ANTLJN73090717H101,
Zacualpan de Amilpas, Morelia, Teniente, MX Army

Ureiro, Cueto, Benito Hilario, 21-Mar-1976, M, GRVSBN76032120H700,
San Luis Amatlan Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, Mayor, MX Army

Vargas, Machuca, Alejandro, 15-Nov-1976, M, SSCRAL76111520H100,
Cuilapan de Guerrero, Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army

Velazquez, Sesman, Ambrosio, 7-Dec-1972, M, ZCSNAM72120709H800,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Vidales, Rechy, Jose Ramon, 3-May-1974, M, MRLPRM74050315H901,
Mexico DF, Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Zacarias, Sandoval, Gerardo, 2-Jan-1977, M, PLHRGR77010215H200,
Zinacatepec, Edo. Mexico, Teniente, MX Army

Zacatelco, Izelo, Jesus, 7-Aug-1969, M, LZMRJS69080720H200, Oaxaca,
Oaxaca, Teniente, MX Army


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