Cablegate: February 16 Civ-Mil Roc Drill in Doha: Purpose And

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E.O. 12958: N/A

1. (U) This is an action request; please see para 10.

2. (SBU) SUMMARY: In preparation for the February 16
CENTCOM/SRAP/ISAF/Embassy Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) civ-mil
planning exercise in Doha, post has consulted extensively
with ISAF over format, content, participation, and logistics.
Post and ISAF have reached consensus on many aspects of
conference - e.g. the need for a more strategic-level view
than originally formulated, with more time for discussion;
and the value of senior Afghan and U.S. agency participation.
We invite SRAP guidance. END SUMMARY.

3. (SBU) As post understands, the purpose of the Feb 15-16
conference is to present a comprehensive outlook of USG
activities and strategy in Afghanistan, both geographically
and over time through December 2010, in order to share
information, ensure actions are complementary and identify
and resolve issues and gaps. Day 1 (Feb 15) will be a dress
rehearsal for the Day 2 (Feb 16) main event. We have
anticipated that the topic leads will be Embassy or ISAF
subject matter experts who present the activities planned in
country. To maximize benefits from the presentation and
discussion, preparation materials such as presentation
slides, speakers, notes, and additional information papers
will be consolidated and provided to senior participants
prior to the conference.

Format: Two six-month rounds over 19 substantive areas
--------------------------------------------- ---------

4. (U) Post has agreed with ISAF jointly to recommend that
the format of the conference should consist of two six-month
iterations (vice four three-month turns). Longer segments
offer an opportunity to think more strategically and should
allow for more discussion. We have also agreed with ISAF on
nineteen lines of effort as topics for presentation and are
awaiting formal response from CENTCOM and SRAP: Situation
Update, Military Deployments, Non-US Military Deployments,
Civilian Deployments, ANSF Force Generation, Communication,
Major Military Operations, CT Operations, ANSF
Development/Employment, Reintegration, Governance,
Sub-National Governance, Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law, Threat
Finance, Economic Development, Agriculture, Counter-Narcotics
and Borders. We understand that SRAP and CENTCOM also are in
agreement with this framework.


5. (SBU) Participation in the event is pending final
confirmation but will include senior representatives and
subject matter experts from SRAP, CENTCOM, ISAF, and Embassy
Kabul. Post, together with ISAF, recommends that attendees
include selected GIRoA ministers and key international
observers. The Ambassador and COMISAF will finalize a
proposed list over the next several days, together with
suggestions for invitation timing and procedures. Post and
ISAF further recommend that the Kabul-based NATO Senior
Civilian Representative (Italy,s Amb. Gentilini) and the
Deputy Commander from JFC Brunssum (British AVM Harper)
should be invited. UNAMA has expressed interest in
attending, and while Post encourages their participation,
more discussion is needed to ensure invitations are extended
to the right persons.

6. (SBU) Ambassador Eikenberry and GEN McChrystal are
expected to finalize a joint recommendation on GIRoA invitees
by January 24. Including key ISAF/NATO partners reinforces
President Obama's strategic vision for transferring
responsibility to the Afghans and building long-term
relationships in Afghanistan across the international
community. The following heads of ministerial "clusters"
are under consideration: MOD (Minister Wardak), MOF (Minister
Zakhilwal), MAIL (Minister Rahimi). Others include: MOI
(Minister Atmar), NDS (Director General Saleh), IDLG
(Director General Popal), Reconciliation and Reintegration
(Minister Stanekzai), FM Rassoul, and a ROL representative.
Post is also considering whether to invite MRRD Minister
Mansoori and/or Minister of Education Wardak.

7. (SBU) As President Karzai may be uncomfortable with having
almost all of his most important ministers absent from Kabul
at the same time, we are willing to accept specific deputy
ministers on a case-by-case basis. Post also recommends
arranging for the Ministers to attend the day of the
conference only, arriving in the morning and returning to
Kabul the same evening, and/or having those who do not travel
to Doha watch the conference on SVTC along with senior Kabul
staff. We recommend not engaging President Karzai on the

KABUL 00000216 002 OF 002

Doha Conference or extending invitations to Afghan officials
until after the London Conference given his overfull agenda.


8. (SBU) Logistical factors surrounding the conference
require attention now. CENTCOM is arranging lodging and
meals for conference attendees at Al Udeid Air Base and
ensuring access to the facility and specific conference
rooms. ISAF is coordinating military air from Kabul to Al
Udeid Air Base. The Embassy has the lead on coordinating
visas for all civilian and non-DOD attendees from
Afghanistan. Visas are necessary for non-U.S. citizens and
difficult to obtain on short notice, and will likely require
a diplomatic note (and possibly other assistance from Embassy
Doha; we will follow up directly with Doha). Visas for
Afghans will be particularly difficult, especially if the
attendance list is not confirmed until after the London
Conference. CENTCOM has not indicated a restriction on the
number of people to attend, but reinforced that lodging is
limited and the briefing room seats only 90 personnel. Post
anticipates requiring 20 seats in the main briefing room, not
including Afghan or international observers. Additional
attendees will observe from an overflow room via
video-teleconference. Therefore, a final list of SRAP and
other attendees would be appreciated as soon as available.
We expect that SVTC links to Washington will be available,
limiting the need for travel by Washington-based staff
without speaking roles.

9. (SBU) The conference will be conducted in the
time-honored military "Rehearsal of Concept"(ROC) drill
format. An initial scenesetter will describe the current
state of play. Then, each of the topic leads will provide an
approximately five-minute description of the activities
planned during the timeframe Feb 16 - Jun 30, followed by a
discussion period. The leads will repeat the process for
Jul 1 - Dec 31, followed by a second discussion period. The
rehearsal concludes with an endstate overview describing the
projected state of play in December 2010. A wrap-up/final
comments section by principals completes the conference.
Notes will be captured throughout the conference on a
synchronization matrix.

Washington Agency Participation

10. (SBU) Action Request: Post requests Department solicit
senior policy level representation from the interagency.
Senior representation from the following agencies would allow
valuable coordination for the Mission: USAID, DEA, FBI, USDA,
Treasury, DOJ, and NSC. In view of the limited seating in
the conference room, participants and attendees from SRAP and
other civilian agencies would be appreciated soonest. ISAF
and CENTCOM advise that seats in the conference room will be
limited to senior representatives and subject matter

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