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JANUARY 11-15, 2010

1. SUMMARY: The 41st session of the International Maritime
Organization (IMO) Subcommittee on Standards of Training and
Watching (STW S/C) met in London from 11-15 January, 2010,
chaired by Rear Admiral Peter Brady (Jamaica). The session
was attended by delegations from 90 member states, 2
associate members, 1 United Nations specialized agency,
observers from 4 intergovernmental organizations, and
observers from 22 non-governmental organizations. Two working
groups (WG) were formed to address agenda item 7, the
comprehensive review of the Standards of Training,
Certification and Watching (STCW) Convention and the STCW
Code. One WG was formed to address agenda item 8, a review
of the Principles for Establishing the Safe Manning of Ships.
USDEL objectives were achieved. Accomplishments and outcomes
of particular interest are below. END SUMMARY.

Agenda item 7:
Comprehensive Review of the STCW Convention and STCW Code
--------------------------------------------- ------------

2. The S/C discussed the proposed amendments to the
Convention and Code emanating from the September 2009 second
intersessional working group, and finalized the draft text
for the consideration at the STCW Diplomatic Conference.
Issues of interest follow.

3. Chapter I - General Provisions. The following issues will
be finalized at the Diplomatic Conference: 1) whether or not
to include provisions that would allow for the release of the
countries audit reports to other countries upon request; and
2) placement of the table for assessment of minimum entry
level and in-service physical abilities for seafarers in Part
A or Part B of the STCW Code. The WG finalized: 1) the
definitions; 2) the summary tables indicating the type of
certificate to be issued under each regulation; 3) the table
for in-service eyesight standards; and 4) the harmonization
and methods for the revalidation of certificates.

4. Chapter II - Master and Deck Department. The WG agreed: 1)
to include elements relating to leadership and managerial
skills, situational awareness and decision making at the
operational level; and 2) to include basic safety training
requirements for deck officers.

5. Chapter III - Engine Department. The WG agreed: 1) to
update the competence tables for officers in charge of an
engineering watch, Chief Engineers, and 2nd Engineers and
amend tables A-111/1 and A-111/2 accordingly; 2) to delete
the requirement for a senior electro-technical officer and
transfer the relevant competencies from the senior
electro-technical officer to the electro-technical officer;
and 3) to amend the requirements for an electro-technical
rating to include different and flexible entry provisions and
shipboard service to enable entry from different capacities.

6. Chapter V - Special Training Requirements for Persons on
Certain Types of Ships. The WG agreed: 1) to clarify the
guidance related to a three month approved seagoing service
and a one month onboard training program for certification in
advanced training for tanker cargo operations; 2) to include
additional guidance in order to clarify the term "immediate
responsibility"; and 3) to finalize the guidance on training
requirements for personnel on ships operating in polar waters.

7. Chapter VI - Emergency Occupational Safety, Security,
Medical Care and Survival Functions. The WG agreed: 1) to
include provisions to require seafarers to provide evidence
of having maintained the required standard of competence,
every five years in areas where training cannot be conducted
on board; and 2) to include mandatory training for seafarers
related to the prevention and suppression of acts of piracy
and armed robbery against ships under the security provisions.

8. Chapter VIII - Watchkeeping. The S/C agreed to forward two
draft texts in square brackets to the Diplomatic Conference
related to the exceptions to the agreed hours of rest
requirements - paragraph 9 of section A-V111/1 of the STCW
Code, "Fitness for duty".

9. The S/C, under Agenda item 8, continued its work to review
the principles for establishing the safe manning levels of
ships. The S/C discussed proposed changes to Resolution A.890
(21) and agreed: 1) to prepare a draft revised Assembly
resolution on Principles of safe manning; and 2) prepare
draft amendments to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea Convention)
regulation V/14.

Agenda Items Addressed

10. The S/C addressed all of the agenda items during the
meeting. Agenda items of interest follow.

11. Agenda item 3 - Validation of Model Training Courses. The
S/C agreed that the Secretariat and interested parties review
and update the STCW model courses in a phased manner and to
submit them in due course to the S/C for validation.

12. Agenda item 4 - Unlawful Practices Associated with
Certificates of Competency. The S/C noted the information
provided by the Secretariat detailing the reports on
fraudulent certificates for the year 2008.

13. Agenda item 5 - Training of Seafarer Safety
Representatives. Based on the outcome of the Joint MSC/MEPC
(Marine Safety and Marine Environment) working group on the
human element relating to amendments to the ISM
(International Safety Management) Code, the S/C noted that
there was no need for further action by the S/C and invited
the Committee to delete this item from the work program.

14. Agenda item 6 - Casualty Analysis. The S/C noted that the
global loss of fishermen every year continued to be a cause
of concern and that entry into force of the Torremolinos
Protocol and the STCW-F Convention would be helpful in this
respect. The S/C urged Member Governments to ratify these
instruments at the earliest possible time.

15. Agenda item 9 - Measure to Enhance Maritime Security. The
S/C recalled that inclusion of appropriate security-related
provisions in the comprehensive review of the STCW Convention
and Code had already been dealt with and finalized under
agenda item 7.

16. Agenda item 10 - Development of an E-Navigation Strategy
Implementation Plan. The S/C agreed to defer further
consideration of this item to STW 42.

17. Agenda item 11 - Revision of the Recommendations for
Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships. The S/C agreed to
defer further consideration of this item to STW 42.

18. Agenda item 12 - Development of Model Procedures for
Executing Shipboard Emergency Measures. The S/C invited
parties and international organizations to submit revised
proposals and information on existing relevant industry
guidelines for consideration at STW 42.

Re-Election of Rear Admiral Brady as Chairman

19. Agenda item 14 - The S/C unanimously re-elected Rear
Admiral Peter Brady (Jamaica) as Chairman and Mr. A.H.
El-Kayssi (Lebanon) as Vice-Chairman, both for the calendar
year 2011.

Next Session
20. The 42nd session of STW (STW 42) is tentatively scheduled
for 24 to 28 January 2011.

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