Review: The Magic Flute - Magic Moments

Max Rashbrooke: Mozart’s The Magic Flute is an extraordinary tale, blending a story of great solemnity, of elegant music and Masonic virtue overcoming hatred and discord, with elements of extreme silliness and pure fantasy. .. More>>


Scoop Review Of Books: ‘Lovely Swans Of Art’

On Cillia McQueen's 'In a Slant Light': Diary-keeping forms the basis of much of this memoir – as with earlier poems – and we are led gracefully through the waves of her life as she sails through both rough and smooth waters. More>>

Scoop Review Of Books: From Here And There

Being Chinese: A New Zealander’s Story
by Helene Wong.
This is the fascinating story of Helene Wong, born in 1949 in Taihape to Chinese parents: her mother, born soon after her parents migrated here, and her father, born in China but sent to relatives in Taihape at seven to get an education in English. More>>

Chiku: Hamilton Zoo's Baby Chimpanzee Named

Hamilton Zoo has named its three-month-old baby chimpanzee after a month-long public naming competition through the popular zoo’s website. The name chosen is Chiku, a Swahili name for girls meaning "talker" or "one who chatters". More>>

Game Over: Trans-Tasman Netball League To Discontinue

Netball Australia and Netball New Zealand have confirmed that the existing ANZ Championship format will discontinue after the current 2016 season, with both organisations to form national netball leagues in their respective countries. More>>

NZSO Review: Stephen Hough Is Perfection-Plus

He took risks, and leant into the music when required. But you also felt that every moment of his playing made sense in the wider picture of the piece. Playing alongside him, the NZSO were wonderful as ever, and their guest conductor, Gustavo Gimeno, coaxed from them a slightly darker, edgier sound than I’m used to hearing. More>>


Howard Davis Review: King Lear At Circa

In order to celebrate it's 40th birthday, it is perhaps fitting that Circa Theatre should pick a production of 'King Lear,' since it's also somewhat fortuitously Shakespeare's 400th anniversary. If some of the more cerebral poetry is lost in Michael Hurst's streamlined, full throttle production, it's more than made up for by plenty of lascivious violence designed to entertain the groundlings. More>>



Scoop Review Of Books: Tauranga Books Festival
Escape to Tauranga for Queen’s Birthday weekend and an ideas and books-focused festival that includes performance, discussion, story-telling, workshops and an Italian-theme morning tea. More>>

Wilderbest: 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' Takes Top Spot At The Box Office
Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople has cemented its place in the record books overtaking the 2010 Kiwi classic BOY (which Waititi also directed) to become the largest grossing local film at the New Zealand Box office. More>>

Comedy Festival Awards: Winners Have The Last Laugh
David Correos and Rhys Mathewson have capped off an incredible Fest by picking up the country’s most prestigious comedy awards; the Billy T Award and The FRED Awardat last night’s Last Laughs hosted by Paul Ego. More>>

Scoop Review Of Books: Antarctic Anthology
Rebecca Priestley’s latest anthology, ‘Dispatches from Continent Seven’, presents a fascinating collection of writing from some 50 Antarctic scientists, explorers and visitors, ranging from Captain James Cook up to the present day. \\. More>>

Werewolf: Music Criticism As A Dating Metaphor
Music criticism can be just another form of consumer advic... Yet ever since pop music criticism first entered the media mainstream it has played a wider role, too. Rather than a decree with a numerical score attached, this kind of criticism functions more like travel notes. A conversation, even a form of seduction. More>>


Scoop Review Of Books: Rushing For Gold
The first section focuses particularly on the Victorian connections – commercial, legal, mining and personal, including migration statistics. But for me the most interesting chapters were in the middle sections about the people of the goldfields. More>>

Comedy Festival Review: VOTE BATT
The political campaigning in the US over the last eight months or so has provided a stark insight into how far political candidates are willing to go. This background came into focus as “former comedian” – now politician – Tim Batt ushered people up into the front seats, passing out badges and taking photographs with his not entirely adoring public... More>>

HRH QEII's 90th: New Zealand Post Birthday Stamps Fit For A Queen
New Zealand Post is celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday with a special series of stamps and a limited edition silver coin. The Queen was born on 21 April 1926. To mark her birthday, New Zealand Post has produced ‘lenticular’ or moving stamps that feature nine different images of the Queen on just three stamps. More>>


Anzac Day: A Time To Stand Against Hatred
The Human Rights Commission says ANZAC Day is a time for New Zealanders to remember those things our grandparents stood for and stand up against intolerance and prejudice. More>>


Review: The Moral Ambiguity Of 'Eye In The Sky'
The use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) has prompted both protests and legal action, but few films have engaged in the debate, forgetting there’s someone at the controls and instead emphasizing the alien nature of a remote, robotic death. Colin Firth and Ged Doherty’s Raindog Productions' initial offering, 'Eye in the Sky,' is among the first to explore this morally grey area. More>>

Abscondopus: Inky The Global Superstar
After making a bold escape from Napier’s National Aquarium of New Zealand, Inky the octopus has become a global superstar. Inky, a common New Zealand octopus, has become one of the world’s most famous animals since news broke on Tuesday of his successful escape. More>>


Love Duets: Classical Couple Join NZSO
Max Rashbrooke interviews Nicola Benedetti and Leonard Elschenbroich: One of the super-couples of the classical world are in New Zealand for a series of concerts with the NZSO – and performing the first piece they ever played together. More>>


Scoop Review Of Books: Shaking More Than The Earth
Christchurch Ruptures by Katie Pickles Professor Pickles, head of history at Canterbury University, has written about the earthquakes from a new angle, arguing they have “fractured pathways to remembering the past”. More>>

Root-Tracing: Howard Davis On Mick Fleetwood
Peter Green began the second great epoch of British blues when he replaced Clapton in the Bluesbreakers, but after cutting just one record with Mayall, Green and the Bluesbreakers' rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie formed Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. More>>

'Lanky': New Zealand’s Only Pelican Passes Away
The only Pelican in New Zealand has passed away. Lanky, the Pelican has been the longest living resident at Wellington Zoo, after arriving in 1978. However, he was euthanised after his health recently deteriorated. More>>


Best NZ Opening For NZ Film: Hunt For The Wilderpeople A Box Office Smash!
“We’ve bet BOY’s opening weekend box office which made me kind of sad. But then I got over it really quick and now I’m stoked!” says director Taika Waititi. More>>

Pokie Money: Decline In Lotto Revenue To Affect The Arts
Creative New Zealand is reviewing its budgets for the 2016/17 financial year and beyond, following a further forecast decline in revenue from New Zealand Lottery Grants Board (NZLGB) for the 2015/16 financial year. More>>


Collection Of April Fools Joke (As Far As We Can Tell): Green Party To Launch “Cow Nappies” To Combat Pollution
The Green Party is introducing a members’ bill today that will reduce environmental degradation as a result of dairy intensification by requiring all cows to wear nappies. More>>


Review: The Light-Hearted Hermeneutics Of 'Hail, Caesar!'
Despite rave reviews in both 'Variety' and 'The New Yorker,' 'Hail, Caesar!' is a box-office dud, costing an estimated $22 million, but only grossing $29 million in the US since its 2015 release. Like many Coen brothers films, however, beneath its frantic and farcical surface is a serious underlying level ... More>>

Scoop Review Of Books: Before The ‘Thrones’
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a spinoff of George R.R. Martin’s 'A Song of Ice and Fire', the fantasy books whose first volume was A Game of Thrones... More>>

Very Acting: The Seven Sons Of Supparath: The Winch Of Fate - Part One
Paul Waggott, local actor and international fantasy nerd, will be playing all the roles in this production in what will no doubt be a virtuoso display of both physical endurance and actorly skill. More>>

Scoop Review Of Books: Adventures In Persia
This is a true story of a French couple’s amazing archaeological expeditions in the late nineteenth century in what is now Iran and Iraq. More>>

St Luke's: Billboard Hammers Home Easter Message To Donald Trump
Glynn Cardy, the minister of St Luke’s, says the billboard takes aim at the candidate known for calling a wide variety of people ‘losers’ because Trump’s views are in direct contradiction to the message of Jesus. More>>


Review: Prince’s Intimate New Zealand Debut
One piano. One microphone. A couple dozen candles. One Prince. This concert was Prince in a way most people will never hear. Foregoing his usual performance with the backup band, he instead went solo, creating a more intimate but no less powerful atmosphere. More>>

River of Fundament: Wellington To Host New Zealand Premiere Of Epic Film
Wellington audiences have an exclusive opportunity to attend a one-off New Zealand screening of the cinematic production River of Fundament , by superstar New York-based artist and filmmaker Matthew Barney and composer Jonathan Bepler, ... More>>

Ranginui Walker: A Revolutionary Of Our Time
Te Ururoa Flavell: E te hikuroa taniwha o te whawhai mutunga kore: takoto mai, takoto mai rā! Kei te mōteatea te ngākau, kei te heke ngā roimata me te hūpē. E te rangatira, okioki atu rā ki te ukaipō o ō tīpuna. More>>


Losing The Game: Raggamuffin Statement
We honestly believed ‘The Game’ would honour his obligations to our festival and it was only when we had our people at the airport on Saturday to pick him up to play Raggamuffin IX did we find out he did not board the plane in Dubai... More>>

Werewolf: The Cult Of Cuteness
To outsiders, the Japanese concept of “kawaii” – which roughly translates in English as “cute” – is central to a bundle of Western impressions of Japanese popular culture... More>>


Scoop Review Of Books: Go East!
I love the Eastern Bay of Plenty... So I devoured Andrea Cooper and Nikki Slade Robinson’s picture-heavy “Paradise: Eastern Bay of Plenty” in one sitting. It’s a small book that the authors’ were prompted to put together after realizing there hadn’t been a book showcasing the region since the 1950s. More>>

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