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Scoop has free and premium services. Subscriptions to Scoop’s premium services provide the revenue which enables access to to be provided for free to the public.

While Scoop is free for the public to access, Scoop’s terms of use state that commercial - i.e. professional at work users of Scoop are required to have a commercial organisation licence to access Scoop.

These “Scoop Services” pages explain Scoop’s Free, Premium and Licensing services.

Scoop’s Free Services - Many Voices Informing Influencers

Scoop has been publishing the news – in real time – since 1999. Press releases sent to Scoop are provided with visibility to the public, business and media as well as exposure to the government’s decision makers.

As content is published by our editors it is tagged and formatted then published under the byline of each contributor. As they are published all Press Releases are immediately added to Scoop’s publicly accessible search database and indexed by Google.

Due to the reliability of Scoop’s service over a lengthy period, content posted to Scoop reaches a remarkably large and influential professional audience who use Scoop to access a near-real time stream of actionable business intelligence.

Building A Sustainable Independent News Platform

Scoop’s Free Services provide a considerable amount of value to the businesses who routinely use them. Namely: a) Free exposure of their communications to a wide and influential audience and b) access to a stream of real-time actionable information.

Importantly, Scoop’s free services are more valuable to the businesses and organisations who routinely use them, because they are free:

• If Scoop were to charge for the publication of releases we wouldn’t have a comprehensive set of all the day’s press releases.
• And if Scoop were to charge for access to the website it would reduce the visibility of the releases.

Scoop has been dubbed ‘the home of the New Zealand argument’ by media commentator Russell Brown. It is a unique piece of infrastructure which benefits us all. But it needs to be paid for. In its early years Scoop was primarily advertising supported, but in recent years this has become less viable as a means of financially supporting Scoop.

Scoop’s Premium Services - Additional Value For Professional Users

Because the core service Scoop provides for the public is free, it is supported by clients that use it’s professional services. These are.

Publishing and Integration – Scoop’s new InfoPages service adds your brand, profile and useful links back to your website to your published news.

News Intelligence – Scoop has pioneered a unique email News service that delivers the ‘news you need to know’ in real time, and specialised bulletins to keep your team informed but not overloaded.

Scoop Licensing – Organisations that use Scoop are accredited by paying a small annual licence fee that supports the service and keeps it free for the public (a.k.a. Scoop's Ethical Paywall).

Advertising – Scoop has a range of options to help advertisers connect with Scoop’s readers and the wider Scoop Media network of sites.

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