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Making Scoop Work For You

Scoop.co.nz is a useful tool for business - ScoopPro is our way of ensuring that professional users of Scoop get the most out of the service and support us to maintain and continue improving it.

In November 2017 Scoop is making important changes to its products and publishing policies that professional users need to be aware of. We have simplified our licensing and product offering, making it easier for our professional users to maximise the value they receive from Scoop.

Scoop’s terms and conditions now require ‘professional users’ of Scoop to hold a ScoopPro ‘Professional use license’. If you are using Scoop professionally (for research, news intelligence, or PR purposes in the workplace) then you or your organisation needs a ScoopPro Account in order to comply with our copyright terms. So far, 180 organisations are ScoopPro licensed.

Professional use of Scoop includes:

Reading the Scoop.co.nz website at work, on mobile devices and at home (for business purposes), making copies, sending links to clients and colleagues, printing news items out, sharing news items internally, and monitoring Scoop using third party media monitoring tools such as Google Alerts.

What ScoopPro Means for your organisation

As of November 2017, Submissions from ScoopPro users will receive priority consideration for publishing, and only ScoopPro news item submissions (including Press Releases) will be permitted to include hyperlinks. (This change will apply retrospectively to remove hyperlinks from all past news items published on Scoop by Non-ScoopPro clients.)

Becoming a licensed ScoopPro organisation now also benefits your organisation by unlocking access to advanced new ‘power user’ features which are available only to ScoopPro users.

ScoopPro provides news intelligence services and enhanced Press Release features, through access to bonus versions of ScoopPro’s InfoPages and Newsagent products.

If you are a professional who regularly uses Scoop, are involved in submitting content to Scoop for publication, or part of an organisation that finds Scoop useful, then you should continue reading this page and consider purchasing a ScoopPro license.

Why ScoopPro?

Organisations value Scoop’s timely business intelligence news-feed, its open approach to publishing, and its readership that includes thousands of news-makers, influencers and decision-makers. After more than 18 years as the go-to place for a timely feed of breaking news press releases, Scoop is the home of NZ’s national debate.

However this service is often taken for granted by its users, who assume that Scoop will always be there. In reality, Scoop is a not-for-profit business and a public service with no wealthy backers. Online advertising is no longer a viable means of financing publishing services in NZ, so

securing the long-term future of Scoop has been our focus for the past three years. We are nearly there, but we need the collaboration of our professional users in order to enable us to continue serving NZ’s news-making and news-using community.

Scoop is now funded almost entirely by its professional users through licences and the purchase of ScoopPro subscription services. This revenue supports and improves the services that Scoop provides to its readers and ensures our news source remains open for free public access to support an informed society. This also to maximises Scoop’s ability to reach a large, high-quality audience with the content supplied by you, our professional users.

Your ScoopPro fees help to cover the costs of publishing the curated Scoop news feed (including your news items). Scoop publishes around 1,000 stories each week to a monthly readership of 500,000. We host the largest public news archive in NZ dating back almost 20 years and we are the go-to search source for press release information, both online and in subscription products like Knowledge Basket’s NewsText.

When you send your content to Scoop it is also automatically included on a filtered basis in Scoop’s Newsagent push email service which reaches thousands of users in the ScoopPro community, including many central government institutions, corporates, media, businesses, NGO’s and more.

Simply put, without ScoopPro license income, Scoop cannot continue to maintain the networked mutually beneficial ecosystem it provides to NZ’s professional ‘news making’ and ‘news using’ community.

So if you value timely news intelligence from a wide range of sources and want to get your message out there, we are calling on your organisation to purchase a ScoopPro license and help Scoop maintain and enhance this public news channel into the future.

How ScoopPro works

When an organisation becomes a licensed ScoopPro organisation, all staff are legally authorised to use Scoop and make use of all Scoop Content for professional purposes.

If your organisation is not a licensed ScoopPro organisation, when your staff use Scoop for professional purposes (including: accessing timely raw news information, conducting business research - e.g. finding clients, checking what competitors are doing on Google, or sending links to your press release published on Scoop to business contacts or clients) then they are doing so in breach of our clearly advertised terms and conditions of use. Your organisation is effectively free-loading and you are threatening our ability to provide you with a service that you use.

Additional Benefits Of a ScoopPro License

As of November 2017, your organisation can also take advantage of the range of special features available exclusively to ScoopPro users.

ScoopPro makes your organisation a ‘Power User’ of Scoop - you get two exciting professional features for free; InfoPages and Newsagent.

Infopages ensures your outgoing communications on Scoop are optimised for maximum impact.

Newsagent enables your team to access a timely news intelligence news-stream via newsletters containing links to news on the latest developments in your region and/or key industry sectors.

Who is ScoopPro for?

We currently have over 180 ScoopPro licensed organisations who value access to Scoop’s useful publication and business intelligence service. Our current ScoopPro users come from all sectors including business, government, community, professional services and media. The list of all licensed organisations is available here.

ScoopPro Summer Sales Offer

Over the next two months we have set a target of getting 100 more ScoopPro licensed organisations on board. This number of additional organisations will secure long-term sustainability for Scoop by the end of 2017. This will also enable us to shift our focus to further expanding the range of professional services and content we offer next year.

What Does ScoopPro Cost

ScoopPro is affordable - costs are scaled according to organisation size with discounts for nonprofits making it within the reach of all organisations.

What the ScoopPro Package Includes

Core ScoopPro Professional Use features include:

1. ScoopPro InfoPages

Customise your organisation’s public face on Scoop.

Your ScoopPro account allows you to add your logo, an organisational description and a link to your organisations website to your Scoop Infopage which collates all your news content in one place.

Upgrade to a ScoopPro InfoPages Gold with a 50% discount until 31 December

If you choose to upgrade to Infopages Gold your company logo - linked to your website - will be placed at the top of all your releases and on wire index pages and your InfoPages profile with your company description and multiple direct contact links will be placed in the bottom of all your press releases.

2. ScoopPro Newsagent

A News Intelligence feed tailored to your organisation and its unique needs;

Team members in ScoopPro Licensed organisations have free access to a selection of daily Newsagent Broadcast business news intelligence newsletters, tailored to their industry or region.

Current options include coverage related to 16 NZ regions and 16 industry sectors including:

Arts & Culture

Banking and Finance


Digital Communications



Energy News


Health Industry


Legal Affairs

Media Matters

Primary Industries

Social Enterprise

Social Services

Sustainable Development

If your industry or sector isn’t here please let us know.

Until December 31st we are offering a 50% discount on Newsagent Professional to all ScoopPro users.

ScoopPro users can also opt in for a free trial of our ‘Newsagent Professional’ News Intelligence service which allows even greater tailoring of your newsfeed with full text emails and tailored newsletters. Our system is sophisticated and can provide you with both a very targeted set of business news intelligence - the news that you cannot afford to miss - or with a broad pipeline of news matching your keywords or matched phrases.

Trial it now and if you decide to stay before 31 December you receive the 50% discount.

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ScoopPro is affordable and useful - costs are scaled according to organisation size with discounts for non-profits making it within the reach of all organisations.

ScoopPro provides greater media intelligence and enhanced Press Release visibility at a Fair rate

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