Publishing and Integration

Publishing and Integration


All content sent to our editorial team in Wellington is reviewed against our editorial policy, tagged and formatted, then published under the byline of the contributor. Press releases published to Scoop receive high public, business, and media visibility, as well as exposure to Government decision makers.

Scoop publishes around 1,000 news items each week. Many of these are press releases from NZ business and government sources, with editorial from Scoop, columnists and other opinion on key issues.

Press Release Publishing

Scoop's policy on the publication of press release and associated material is simple. If it's a press release issued in New Zealand, is legible, legal, sane, not hateful and not defamatory we will most probably publish it. There is no cost to submit a press release for publishing though most organisations need a licence as per our terms of use.

If you would like your Press Releases published on Scoop send them to us by email to

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InfoPages - Adding Value To Your Releases As They Appear On Scoop

When press releases are published they are automatically added to an InfoPage in the name of the author organisation. This creates a news channel for that author or organisation.

InfoPages subscriptions enhance this content adding branding and context information to every piece of content on Scoop. By adding an image (logo or photo), brief profile text and contact links content is made more useful for readers to take action - i.e. email the organisation, call, click through to a website contact page, follow on twitter, like on Facebook or call to inquire about purchase of products and services.

InfoPages Gold adds to this value by adding a logo to the top of all your news releases, and including your InfoPage profile and links at the bottom of your content.

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