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News Intelligence


Imagine if you could receive news content that you need to know, before you know that you need it? Thanks to Newsagent, you can. Whereas most Media Monitoring services enable you to find out what is in the media following publication, Newsagent, powered by Scoop’s real-time news feed, provides you with information early enough for you to act often before publication by mainstream publishers.

Scoop's Newsagent service helps individuals and teams save time and keep informed about news that matters to them by emailing daily bullitens, reports, and real-time news based on individual needs. Scoop content that is most relevant to you or your organisation is filtered and can be delivered to your email inbox within seconds of it being processed by an editor.

Newsagent is an invaluable tool used by media, individuals and a wide range of businesses, organisations and Government departments throughout New Zealand.

Newsagent Broadcast

Newsagent Broadcast delivers emerging news coverage reports on all 16 New Zealand Regions, as well as a number of key sectors, including Media, Digital Communications, Housing, Legal Affairs, Banking & Finance and many more.

Any staff member of an accredited organisation can create an account and have access to Newsagent Broadcast - this is an added value service of being accredited at no additional cost.

Broadcast aims to help our accredited users stay better informed and save time, so that you can become both more productive and increasingly efficient.

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Newsagent Professional

Newsagent Professional is ideal for Communication and Public Relations professionals. It tracks our news-feeds based on chosen keywords or phrases and/or selected topics and sends only the relevant news – in full text to your inbox, and all in real-time.

If access to timely niche, competitor, brand mentions, corporate, political, sector or issue specific news and information as it's published is useful for you - or if you need to know you won’t miss anything in your niche - then Newsagent is for you.

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Newsagent Executive

Newsagent Executive delivers a customised newsletter (designed to cover what you need to know) once or twice daily as well as the news which is very important to you (like mentions of your brand or name) in full text in real-time. It combines the best of the Newsagent Professional service with the convenience of the Newsagent Mediapass – perfect for those who need to keep informed without creating email overload.

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Newsagent Mediapass

Newsagent Mediapass creates a customised newsletter or bulletin for personal use, or as an automated daily or twice daily internal newsletter provided to key staff in your organisation. Mediapass features Advanced Keyword Tracking to help refine the content of your newsletter to exactly what you want and delivers a convenient news summary to you and your team daily or weekly according to the delivery schedule you choose.

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