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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings November 8 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Election Results 2008: Electorate Status Table

The Scoop Editor

This page will shortly contain live results from the New Zealand 2008 General Election held 8 November 2008. The electorate Status table shows the electorate race vote totals for each electorate.

2: Story Removed
The Scoop Editor

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3: Undernews For November 6, 2008

In 1991, Larry Summers - now reputed to be high on Obama's appointment list - signed a memo when he was vice president and chief economist of the World Bank concerning the handling of pollution in less wealthy lands. When an excerpt of the memo was ...

4: Roy Morgan Poll Oct 20 - Nov 2: Nats 42% Lab 34.5%
Roy Morgan Research

On the eve of the 2008 Election the New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National Party support at 42% (down 1%), a 7.5% lead over the Labour Party at 34.5% (up 2.5%).

5: TV3's Final Poll

The 3News final Poll November 2008

6: Obama Inspires Hope in India, Pakistan
J. Sri Raman

"Will India of the 21st century produce a Barack Obama?" So asks the title of a debate program on a leading Indian television channel. Ever since the Wednesday morning that shook the world, popular Indian list serves have kept popping questions like ...

7: If You Liked Enron And Cheney, You'll Love AIG
Martha Rosenberg

It sounded like an Enron deal all over again. In 2000, Gen Re agreed to buy $600 million in reinsurance coverage from insurance giant American International Group (AIG) creating the appearance of a $100 million risk. But secretly it was no risk ...

8: Gaza: Israeli Army Endangers Lives Of US Nationals
International Solidarity Movement

Currently today (6th November), citizens of Britain, America and Italy are being fired upon in Khuza'a, close to Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip, who are partaking in the picking of olives on Palestinian land close to the Green Line.

9: Buyers Beware: 45% Of NZ Cars For Sale Are 'scary'

Media Release 8 November 2008 Buyers Beware: 45% Of NZ Cars For Sale Are 'scary' Close to half the used cars offered for sale in New Zealand now have money owing or other serious issues which could potentially rebound on the new owner, according ...

10: Arrest In Kerikeri Murder Case
New Zealand Police

Police have arrested a 14-year-old Kerikeri male in connection with the death of Liberty Templeman in Kerikeri.

11: Story Removed
The Scoop Editor

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12: Fitzsimons visits the future at campaign's end
Green Party

Today Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons visited a junior school under construction which incorporates a number of heating and energy initiatives, making it one of the most efficient schools in the country.

13: Is National Data Mining Our Polling Stations? Why?
Alastair Thompson

Today in Wellington when I voted in Karori a National Party scrutineer took down the page number and line from the electoral role which records my name and address.

14: Sharples takes issue with media advice on voting
The Maori Party

Dr Pita Sharples is furious at statements by some media commentators that a vote for the Maori Party is a wasted vote.

15: Lyndon Hood: The Campaign In Pictures
Lyndon Hood

Selected Scoop editorial images from the 2008 New Zealand election campaign by Lyndon Hood.

16: Election Day In US: Record-Breaking, Mostly Smooth

Scattered problems throughout the country don’t tarnish presidential outcome. This week we’ll hear from our reporters in the field about what they saw on Tuesday.

17: Party reports further electoral irregularities
The Maori Party

Dr Pita Sharples has today revealed that some voters casting an advance vote were told that they could not vote for the Maori Party unless they are on the Maori roll.

18: Where Is English In The last Week Of Campaign?
New Zealand Labour Party

When asked to detail precisely which of Labour's policies he would reverse in order to deliver his proposed 'Bright Future' under a National-ACT government, John Key made it clear that a National-ACT government only has one bottom-line, non-negotiable ...

19: Top Scoop Stories - 8 November 2008 News Summary
The Scoop Editor

LEAD STORY Election 08: Gordon Campbell Counts Down To The Poll NZ POLITICS Wellington: Proposed Pigeon Cull Called Off Secret Taper: Greens None Too Happy With 'Mischief' Making National Blogger Retrospectives: Lyndon Hood's Campaign In Pictures Obama ...

20: Obama Cabinet Good and Bad News
David Swanson

According to news reports , president elect Obama is considering for Labor Secretary three people who actually know something about labor and actually support the intended mission of the labor department, which is protecting the rights of laborers. And ...

21: Presidential Turnout Flat: How Did That Happen?
Michael Collins

(Wash. DC) In 2004, we were told to anticipate a red versus blue election. It didn't turn out that way but that was hardly mentioned .

22: Election result one for the birds
Forest And Bird

The kakapo today declared election victory in Forest & Bird’s annual Bird of the Year contest.

23: Why Vote Libertarianz?
Libertarianz Party

What sort of country do you want to live in? Every action you take, everyday, helps determine what sort of country you live in. On election day you get to make a public statement about what you'd like this country to be like. Do you want to live in a ...

24: "No We Won't" to nuke power
Harvey Wasserman

As the world media filled with the victory of Barack Obama, a defeat for atomic power in his own back yard sent a Solartopian message to the new administration.

25: Campbell: NZ's Non-Election Comes To A Close
Gordon Campbell

With one day to go, this election campaign continues to be a foregone conclusion that stubbornly refuses to turn into a real contest. The narrative that the media would have preferred – tightening race, mounting drama, nail biting excitement ...

26: Dosing for arthritis drug may be too slow
University of Otago

Researchers at the University of Otago Christchurch have completed a study which indicates that current approaches for treating rheumatoid arthritis may be too slow to control the onset of joint damage associated with the disease.

27: March Construction fined for Avon River discharge
Environment Canterbury

A Christchurch construction company has been fined after the Environment Court found that March Construction Ltd illegally discharged dewatering water containing high levels of clay into the Avon River near the Swanns Road Bridge, Richmond, on December ...

28: Fonterra and EW working together for environment
Environment Waikato

Dairy giant Fonterra and Environment Waikato officials have met ahead of next week’s Waikato Agriculture Summit to start developing an agreement about what future environmentally sustainable dairying in the region should look like.

29: Top UN Officials To Attend World Economic Forum
United Nations

New York, Nov 6 2008 1:10PM Senior United Nations officials will be among the 700 global executives, economists and other experts attending the World Economic Forum that kicks off tomorrow in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

30: Cairns Lockie Mortgage Commentary 7 Nov 2008
Cairns Lockie Limited

Official cash rate 6.50% (unchanged) 90 day bill rate 6.65 (down from 7.11) 1 year swap rate 6.00 (down from 6.31) 3 year swap rate 6.20 (down from 6.36) 10 year bond rate 6.01 (up from 5.92) Kiwi dollar 0.5920 (down from 0.5892)

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