Cablegate: Media Reaction On Iraq, April 2, 2003

This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. Regular columnist Wilmer Perez Regalado in liberal
party San Pedro Sula-based daily "La Prensa," 4/2 -
"Madness - War machine of war:" "In the war of George Bush
against Saddam Hussein, for both "axes of evil".. apparently
the God they implore and at times manipulate to do what they
want is a sanguinary, genocidal and blind God that has no
love for humanity. It is a God called Yahv or Al brought
down to the size of their hallucinating minds".

"Bush led a unruly adolescent life, the product of his
father's money, which was dedicated to the exploitation of
U.S. oil. He gave up amphetamines and alcohol when he was
forty years old; then he turned political and was elected
governor of Texas and then President. After giving up
addiction, he became religious, which now permits him to
"talk" to his God and consult him about personal decisions
and, more gravely, political plans."

On the other hand Saddam, a fanatic Muslim accustomed of
war, is an orphan who grew up with an uncle with pro-nazi
ideas who taught him a purified nationalism. His ascent to
power was fed by the western powers providing him raw
material to build chemical and biological weapons in the
fight against the Khomeni of Iran, enemy of the U.S., then
against Kurds and Shiites. He considers himself as a Jihad
or "holy war" spiritual leader against the infidels. Saddam
and Bush are two peas in a pod, or two tears in an
unredeemed world.

2. President of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise
Jacobo Regalado was interviewed for "La Prensa" daily
economic section, 4/2 - "War in Iraq still has not impacted
national commerce-- we can confirm that there hasn't been
any negative impact that could affect our business in the
international market. That is because in the first days of
the war saw a positive impact in the reduction of oil prices
to $26.99. However, some analysts have raised the
possibility that if the conflict takes a long time, oil
prices could increase."

3. Regular columnist Mario Alvarado in "El Heraldo" moderate
Tegucigalpa-based daily, 4/2 - "The other Globalization":
the garb of the current globalization project depends on the
system developed by the western social-political forces:
Democracy. After the collapse of East European socialism,
societies in a large part of the world have tried to find a
solution to their economic social, and political problems
within this system. But it also has served international
capitalists interests that have shaped the system to its
service. In the name of globalization, today proponents of
globalism attack economically, socially and politically
small nations or "peripheral nations" to take their
industries and natural resources using the excuse of "free

"In this context the rapine war against Iraq is a
manifestation of the most virulent aspect of globalization.
But it is also an aspect that has served more to unite
millions of women and men around the world against this war
of conquest. Humanity has already said no to globalization;
today it has said no to the War. Certainly, the new Hitler
could occupy Iraq and steal its oil, but he can't stop


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