Cablegate: Media Report President Bush's Visit to Africa;

This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.

080941Z Jul 03




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. The June 29 edition of the government-controlled
weekly "The Sunday Mail" devoted considerable space to
articles talking about the forth-coming historic visit to
Africa by United States President George W. Bush and
Secretary of State Colin Powell's op-ed in the New York
Times on Zimbabwe. Excerpts follow:

2. Under headline "Bush in no position to talk democracy,
says top U. S. writer" the paper carried the following
article (adapted from Michael Moore's latest book entitled
`Stupid White Men') by Munyaradzi Huni, Political Editor,
on page one:

"United States President Mr. George W. Bush is a
threat to American national security and a `Thief-in-
Chief' who should not lecture the world about
democracy and human rights, says a leading American
writer, Mr. Michael Moore. He says there is nothing
sadder than seeing other leaders of the world trying
to `mimic the leaders of our country,' as their main
preoccupation is to exploit the poor countries. On
the other hand, political commentators and diplomats
from Southern Africa have warned Mr. Bush that he
will be met with a baptism of fire during his visit
to Africa next week if he tries to lecture to `us
things like democracy and human rights that he is
wantonly violating in his country. . . .'"

3. Under headline "Two great liars of our time" the same
paper carried another article (based in part on Moore's
book) on page 9 by Munyaradzi Huni:

"One of America's most respected writers, Michael
Moore, in his latest book entitled `Stupid White
Men" that is selling like hot cakes all over the
world, describes U. S. President George W. Bush as
`a drunk, a thief, a possible felon, an unconvicted
deserter and a crybaby.' If Moore had gone a step
further to tell the world that Mr. Bush is also a
bully and an unrepentant liar, then he would have
become the first person to give the correct
description of the U. S. leader. But still his
description ranks among the best so far. . .Mr. Bush
and Mr. (Tony) Blair have manufactured lots of lies
against Zimbabwe and it's now like an obsession as
they dream about regime change in the country, but
just like all lies, they will work only for a short
time. . .Like typical bullies, Mr. Bush and Mr.
Blair's lies are all about trying to promote and
protect U. S. and UK interests at all costs and
using whatever means necessary. No wonder why they
ignored the U. N. as they invaded Iraq. . . ."

4. Under headline "an overwhelmed house Negro" the
government-controlled weekly "The Sunday Mail'
(06/29) carried the following propaganda articles
under the scornful phantom chitchat column "Under
the Surface":

"An overwhelmed House Negro": "U. S. Secretary of
State Colin Powell is really behaving like an over-
fed House Negro as many have always thought he is.
He is one hell of an unashamed sell-out - a true
Uncle Tom who has been overwhelmed by events. Last
week he decided to show his boss, George W. Bush,
how good he is in following instructions, even
stupid ones, when he wrote a shameful article in the
New York Times attacking the Zimbabwean
government. . . ."

"The victory that never was": ". . .America and
Britain thought Saddam (Hussein) was one big
fool. . .But news from Iraq will tell you that
Saddam is no fool at all. Like a true war
strategist, Saddam retreated after realizing that
America and Britain were coming with `weapons of
mass destruction.' He let their soldiers take over
Baghdad and, like true fools, Bush and Blair
celebrated. To them the war was over. But not for
Saddam. The war was just starting. Now American
and British soldiers in Iraq are under siege. They
are dying on a daily basis. We are not celebrating
death here, but then Bush and Blair were celebrating
as they massacred thousands of innocent Iraqis,
including journalists they had accredited to cover
the war as if it was some football match. . . ."

"Winner of the Week: George W. Bush:" "U. S.
President W. George W. Bush is really taking things
too far. . .How can Bush try to preach democracy,
human rights, good governance and the rule of law
when we all know that he is the first culprit to
break all these concepts? Just look at what he has
done in Afghanistan and Iraq and just look at how
bad his government is treating Arabs. Even for
South African leader Nelson Mandela has had enough
of Bush's nonsense and he has refused to meet the U.
S. leader on his first visit to Africa. The bully
is getting thick-headed with every passing day, but
the good thing is that the more his head gets bigger
and thicker, the more enemies he is creating for
himself and all American citizens. Who else would
take Under the Surface's award this week?"


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