Cablegate: Ankara Media Reaction Report

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Military objects to U.S. loan conditions - Hurriyet
Robert Wexler urges Turkey to send troops to Iraq - Milliyet
PM Erdogan: We'll decide on Iraq fast - Aksam
Iraqi Intifadah: Unemployed Iraqis revolt - Hurriyet
EU's Patten: Turkey essential for Iraqi rebuilding -
F-16 technology crisis between U.S., Turkey - Turkiye
Verheugen: Turkey will become occupier if Cyprus is not
resolved - Milliyet
Israel continues construction of security barrier - Sabah

Rumsfeld defends $87 billion additional Iraq budget at
Congress - Radikal
Jobless in Baghdad revolt, attack police - Radikal
Military uneasy over U.S. loan conditions - Cumhuriyet
U.S. hawks halt technology transfer to Turkey - Zaman
Ret. Gen. Zinni: Heads must roll at the Pentagon - Yeni
Annan: Baath members should be in Iraqi government -
Americans close Turkmen newspaper in Telafer - Zaman
Chechens lose 400,000 victims in four years - Yeni Safak


Military concerned about U.S. loan conditions: Turkey's
military leadership has grown uneasy that the $8.5 billion
U.S. loan for Turkey is linked to Turkish military activity
in Northern Iraq. TGS Chief General Ozkok said at a
reception to mark the reopening of the parliament Wednesday
that he is not happy that the government has pledged to the
U.S. that Turkey will stay out of Northern Iraq in return
for a loan deal worth $8.5 billion. The ruling party did
not consult the military before agreeing to the condition,
Ozkok said. Other top military commanders said that
economic agreements should not be linked to political
conditions. State Minister for the Economy Ali Babacan
responded by saying that the conditions the U.S. Congress
placed on the loan had been announced on April 16, and that
the text of the agreement was available on the Internet.
Ambassador Cofer Black and delegation in Ankara: An
American delegation led by State Department counter-
terrorism coordinator Ambassador Cofer Black arrived in
Ankara late Wednesday for talks with MFA officials on
regional terrorism issues. Ankara is expected to give the
Americans the message that Turkey will take unilateral
action if the U.S. fails to make concrete moves to eliminate
the threat posed by the PKK/KADEK in Northern Iraq. Ankara
wants to retain the right of `hot pursuit' against the PKK.
The Turks will ask the Americans to refrain from statements
which might create an impression that Turkey is acting under
U.S. pressure regarding the Iraq issue. The Turks are also
expected to press the Americans for a written agreement on
the issue.
President Sezer addresses the reopening of parliament:
President Sezer addressed lawmakers at the reopening of the
parliament on Wednesday, and noted that the Turkish
Parliament that will decide about the deployment of
peacekeepers abroad. Sezer urged the effective
implementation of EU reforms. He said that the existence of
the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) should not be
ignored if a solution is to be reached in Cyprus. Sezer
encouraged the government in its fight against corruption,
and urged a transparent administration. Parliamentary
immunity for lawmakers should be restricted, he noted.
Sezer also urged the government to adopt effective measures
to renew trust in the banking system. He dwelled on the
significance of a pluralistic democracy, and warned the
government to show restraint in using its authority.
Dailies write that Sezer has `drawn a roadmap' for the AK
Party by warning the government against overreaching in his
90-minute speech.
Pentagon blocking F-16 technology transfer to Turkey:
Dailies cite U.S.-based "Defense News" in claiming that the
Pentagon has warned BAE Systems North America not to
transfer a state-of-the-art F-16 defense technology to
Turkey. Turkish defense industry officials and the military
have grown uneasy over the attitude of the Pentagon on the
issue. Papers regard the U.S. policy as an economic
sanction against Turkey, and believe that the U.S. is
attempting to punish Ankara for its reluctance to deploy
peacekeepers in Iraq.

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B) Iraq/US-Turkey

"Israeli Pilots Are Rebelling"
Zafer Atay commented in the economic-political "Dunya"
(10/2): "A group of Israeli war pilots protested an order to
attack civilian targets and criticized the Israeli
occupation. Both the wording and the nature of the protest
require a careful analysis, and this is much too important
to be called as an isolated action by individuals. . The
Israeli government's current policy in dealing with
terrorism is only serving to undermine peace and stability.
Israel is keeping up its `war against terrorism' rhetoric,
yet its policy is harming civilians, not terrorists. .
Moreover, as a result of Israeli policy, Arafat has gained
in prestige and become even more influential than before.
Israel continues to make a big mistake by dreaming of
eliminating terror by murdering Arafat. Given the
circumstances, the protest voiced by the Israeli pilots is
extremely significant."

"Humanitarian assistance or deployment of troops?"
Soli Ozel wrote in the mass appeal "Sabah" (10/2): "The
ruling AKP has so far failed to provide a tangible vision
about Turkey's future in both domestic and foreign affairs.
Urgent foreign policy issues highlight this inefficiency in
a striking way. The Cyprus issue continues to suffer from
irrelevant remarks and inconsistent policies. The Iraq
issue is another example. Turkey's Foreign Minister went to
the US for consultations without being accompanied by the
MFA's Undersecretary. FM Gul's remarks from the US are
reason to be frightened about the future. We still don't
understand whether or not the government wants to send
troops to Iraq? It is even unclear if the troop decision
will be made before or after a UN resolution. . The Prime
Minister and Foreign Minister should feel obliged to tell to
Turkish public about their strategy, their policy approach,
and their analysis of the situation."


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