Cablegate: Exbs: Turkey Advisor Monthly Reporting Cable-

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E.O. 12958: N/A
(OCTOBER 2004)

REF: STATE 146478

1. Summary: This month the EXBS advisor conducted program
consultations in Washington DC with many agencies, including
meetings with many of the NP program implementers at the
Departments of State, Energy and Homeland Defense, providing
insight into the decision processes of the GOT and the
deconfliction of upcoming events. Mid-month, he also
articipate in a EUCOM-hosted meeting on the Black Sea.
Finally, EXBS advisor coordinated the successful visit of the
DOE Commodity Identification Training (CIT) program team.
This new training will ultimately be customized for Turkish
use and become a component of the core training provided to
all Customs field personnel.

2. Completed Actions for the Reporting Period

A. Site Assessment and Meetings During Recent Reporting

1) October 4-8- EXBS advisor conducted Program
Consultations in Washington DC with program manager and
representatives of various support agencies, including
Department of Energy, Homeland Defense (Customs and Coast
Guard) and State. He provided up dates on the various
program and began the planning process for the upcoming year.
He conducted a review, with NP desk officer, of available
funds and projection of funding requirements to meet program
goals. Finally, EXBS Advisor explored various potential
initiatives that could be considered during the development
of the long-range program plan for Turkey.

2) October 18-20- EXBS Advisor attended the EUCOM
sponsored Black Sea Initiative Conference held in Garmish
Germany. EXBS Advisory provided short briefing on EXBS
program and how it was different from most DOD security
cooperation programs. EXBS Advisor also provided input
concerning general operations on the Black Sea.

3) October 22- EXBS advisor met with Head of
Department, Arms Control and Disarmament Bulent Meric.
During the meeting EXBS adviser reviewed information that he
collected during Washington consultations including PSI, NP
Agreement, and other engagement opportunities. Finally,
arrangements for meeting location, agenda and participants
for the DOE CIT team were completed.

4) October 25-26- Department of Energy led Commodity
Identification Training (CIT) Program team visited Turkey to
conduct meetings with members of the Turkish government.
(see Section E)

B. Training Conducted During Reporting Period: None.

C. Equipment Delivered During Reporting Period: None

D. Imminent Training or Equipment Status Update:None

E. Significant Developments in Export Controls,
Nonproliferation, or Related Border Security

1) Turkey participated as an observer in the PSI
exercise conducted in Japan. The Turkish participation was
noted in an AP article, which was shared with the Turkish MFA
in hopes of continuing their active participation in PSI

2) DOE CIT team visited Turkey from October 24-27 to
conduct second coordination meeting to allow GOT to begin the
process of developing a comprehensive training program to
improve the recognition of Nuclear Dual Use items by Custom
and other border security individuals. GOT is very
interested in developing training protocol for the course
along with qualified instructor. GOT will also contact
Turkish exporters with the hopes of obtaining samples of
locally produced dual use items that can be used in training.
EXBS advisor will assist GOT in the development of
comprehensive training plan.

3) The United States verbally received the Turkish
reply to the U.S. comments on the NP Cooperation Agreement
(written comments were received in November). The newest
draft appears to a layman to meet the necessary requirement
for approval, but we are awaiting Washington's instructions
(requested in Ankara 06240).

3. Future Activities

A. Nov 27- Dec 5 (tent)- DOE Radiological Threat
Reduction Team to conduct training in conjunction with an
equipment donation to the Turkish National Police through
INTERPOL Non-proliferation program.

B. Dec (tent)-EXBS Advisor will accompany CSI team
planning to make preliminary assessment on the Port of Izmir.
C. Dec/Jan (tent)- DOE SLD Team to conduct follow on
visit to Ankara to finalize list of priority of border
locations for installation of equipment and to begin planning
for site surveys. This visit is dependent on the status of
NP Cooperation Agreement.

D. Jan 17- 20, 2005 (tent)- DOC team scheduled to visit
Ankara to introduce the Product Identification Tool to
members of the Turkish government. This tool can improve the
resources available to Turkish Customs official at the border
processing locations.

E. Mar 2005 (tent)- EXBS Advisor to conduct program
consultations in Washington DC.

4. Red Flag Issues

A. Finally the lack of the U.S.-Turkey NP Cooperation
Agreement has limited the impact of the EXBS program here.
Expedited evaluation of the GOT's latest comments by the
Department would be greatly appreciated in order to finally
complete this agreement, which has been in negotiations for
over two years.

B. The GOT is very interested in beginning the SLD, ICP
and CIT Programs. While the start of the ICP and CIT
programs do not require approval of the NP Cooperation
Agreement, this agreement is one of the first items of
discussion at every meeting between the EXBS advisor and GOT
personnel. Finalizing this agreement will allow a broader
array of program activities, permitting full engagement with
the GOT.

5. Contact Information for EXBS Adviser ) Kevin Lyon,
phone (90)(312) 455-5555 ext 2525, fax (90)(312) 468-4775,


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