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Iraqi children weep for their `angel,' Margaret Hassan -
Iraq, too, cries for `Mother Margaret' - Hurriyet
Husband wants Margaret's body back from insurgents -
Amnesty inquires about fate of other wounded in Fallujah
mosque - Milliyet
FM Gul: Incidents in Fallujah will leave deep scars -
Sunnis may revolt in Iraq, boycott elections - Aksam
Putin's ultra nuclear bomb - Sabah
Seven Turks killed in Iraq in past week - Milliyet

World gone mad: US not bound by law, Russia develops
`Apocalypse' bomb, Japan changes its pacifist constitution -
AI: Warring parties ignore protection of civilians in Iraq -
Bush's army made up of `baby killers' - Yeni Safak
Rice's nomination will intensify the power of the `hawks' -
Yeni Safak
Rice's life is all about Bush - Radikal
Chirac: Iraq war has increased terrorism - Cumhuriyet
Turkish NGOs protest Fallujah incidents at US Embassy -
Turkish students prefer New York - Zaman


Fallujah/Iraq: FM Abdullah Gul said that he was deeply
saddened by the killing of a wounded, unarmed Iraqi by US
troops in Fallujah. Gul stressed that the killing could
have a deep psychological impact on the people of the
region. `US must act very carefully,' Gul noted. Gul added
that the upcoming Iraq conference in Egypt might indicate a
`softening' of US policies with regard to Iraq.
Parliamentary foreign relations committee chairman Mehmet
Dulger (AK Party) said that the western world has become
desensitized, and underestimates the value of Iraqis who
have been killed or are missing. `They see the Iraqis as no
different from insects,' Dulger charged. He also urged the
EU step up to its responsibilities on the Iraq issue. AKP
deputy group chairman Faruk Celik said that those who bomb
children and the infirm cannot be said to constitute a great
state. True Path Party (DYP) Chairman Mehmet Agar said that
the murder of an Iraqi by US troops is linked to a `power
elite that does not recognize any limit to pursuit of its
interests.' Most commentaries today also focused on the
Fallujah incident and included harsh criticism of the United
States. Many columnists described US actions as `war
crimes,' while others used the term `genocide.'

Killing of Aid Worker: Several dailies carried articles
about the death of Margaret Hassan, the head of CARE
International in Iraq, who was killed by her captors on
Tuesday. "Milliyet" and "Sabah" reported condemnations of
the killing by British and Irish leaders as well as Iraqis.
"Cumhuriyet," however, cited Robert Fisk's column in "The
Guardian," in which Fisk questions whether an Islamist group
was really responsible for the killing. According to
"Cumhuriyet," Fisk raised the possibility that Hassan may
have been killed by someone else `to discredit the

FM Gul comment on Secretary Powell: FM Gul said described
outgoing US Secretary of State Colin Powell as a man who has
`gained deep respect around the world.' Gul said that
Powell, being a good soldier, had an unrivaled sense of
responsibility in critical events and in times of armed
conflict. `Secretary Powell has played an extremely
significant role during his time in office,' Gul said.

Turkish truckers killed in Iraq: Two more Turkish truck
drivers were killed near the town of Beyci, some 200
kilometers north of Baghdad, Turkish papers report. The
truckers had been traveling south on the road to Baghdad
when they came under attack. A total of 31 Turks have been
killed in Iraq since July 17 of this year.

Cyprus/EU: FM Gul said on Wednesday that if the EU offers
Turkey any option other than full membership, Ankara would
end its efforts to pursue accession talks. Turkey has taken
`bold and swift' steps forward to reach solution to the
Cyprus problem, Gul recalled, adding that Ankara would not
recognize Nicosia before the EU summit in December. Gul
also implied that a possible Greek Cypriot veto of Turkey's
full accession will be blocked by other EU countries.
Meanwhile, the European Parliament approved an EU assistance
package for north Cyprus worth 259 million USD. The package
must also be approved by the EU Council.

Turkish shop-owner closes door to Americans: A Turkish shop-
owner in Ankara posted a sign saying `Americans are not
allowed' in the window of his shop in order to protest
recent incidents in Fallujah. The shop, which sells
souvenirs and handicrafts, is located in the old part of
Ankara and is frequented by American clients.


"Her Master's Voice"
Sami Kohen commented in the mass appeal "Milliyet" (11/18):
"Being very close to President Bush, Condoleezza Rice is
expected to act according to her master's voice. Powell at
least had the courage to warn the hawks in the
administration, and managed to establish a dialogue with
friendly countries based on a more flexible diplomacy. The
State Department's new boss will likely act according to the
strategies shaped by President Bush. All of this means that
the new Bush administration will continue its unilateral and
aggressive policies."

"The Reign of the Hawks"
Yilmaz Oztuna argued in the conservative "Turkiye" (11/18):
"The nomination of Rice for the State Department is a
radical development which might affect world politics.
Given her academic background, Rice is expected to make a
rapprochement with Russia, but not with France. Such a
development might lead to a role for Russia in the Broader
Middle East initiative. Turkey might be offered a key role
as well. . The ongoing war in Iraq is ignoring human
rights, and the entire world is criticizing the Bush
administration. Rice's presence at the State Department
will not help to cool things off. Powell at least tried to
control Rumsfeld's more extreme tendencies. Condoleezza
Rice can be expected to support them and encourage him even

"Condoleezza Rice Bush"
Mustafa Balbay commented in the social democrat-opinion
maker "Cumhuriyet" (11/18): "Current events validate the
concerns that the second Bush administration will be even
more hawkish than the first. With the nomination of
Condoleezza Rice, every cabinet member of the new
administration can be identified closely with Bush.
Apparently, Secretary Powell was a dove according to the
Bush criteria. .. When you look at Rice's record during the
first administration, she championed the idea of reshaping
the Middle East at all costs. If you wonder about how this
reshaping is to unfold, you should look at the Iraq example
to see what the Bush administration understands about
democracy and freedom. Rice has been dubbed the world's
most powerful woman. Now she is going to do her best to
exercise that power at the State Department."


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