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Cablegate: France: Blue Lantern Level 2: Pre-License End Use

This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.




E.O. 12958: N/A
CHECK ON APPLICATIONS 05-943227, 05-943228, 05-943674, 05-943844

REF: 04 STATE 258597

1. As requested reftel, Post reached out to the French entities
listed as end-users in reftel para 4: Onera, MBDA, and ETBS to
confirm that they had indeed ordered the accelerometers requeted
and also to EADS Astrium to confirm its order for an airborne
amplifier. We transmit their response below in order by their
relevant license application numbers. We note that none had
anything derogatory to say about Bruel and Kjaer.

2. Regarding application 05-943227:

In late February, EconOff spoke with Patrick Chantelat of ETBS
(Etablissement Technique de Bourges et Surveillance Industrielle
Armement), which is a division of DGA (Delegation Generale pour
l'Armament) of the French Defense Ministry. Mr. Chantelat, who
works directly with Sylvain Doffemont, who signed the export
license application, confirmed that these items (i.e. two 7270A-
2K accelerometers, two 7270A-6KM6 accelerometers, two 7270A-
20KM6 accelerometers, two 7270A-200K accelerometers, and 7
technical data CDS, as specified in license application 05-
943227) were ordered to replace old and worn out stock. The
accelerometers are used to take measurements to ensure that
equipment is functioning within required specifications.
Regular testing of equipment using these accelerometers
eventually wears them out, thus ETBS is renewing their stock.
When asked what they test, Chantelat responded anything from
rifles to light anti-tank missiles, i.e. .765-155 mm caliber.
After this conversation, Mr. Doffemont followed up with a fax in
early March, confirming that ETBS will be the end user, that the
end-use will be for acceleration measurements and related
testing of equipment, that equipment has not yet been received,
and that intended use conforms with end-use certificate.
ETBS has no qualms about using Bruel and Kjaer as their
intermediary to supply the needed equipment from the U.S. maker.

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3. Regarding application 05-943228:

French research institute ONERA responded to our letter on March
11 by letter signed by Pascal Geoffroy, Director of the Solid
Mechanics and Resistance Testing ("Endommagement") Department,
and copied to ONERA's Head of Research, Mr. Eric Deletombe.
Geoffrey said that he was happy to finally have a contact about
this order, noting that his normal avenue for information and
updates was Bruel and Kjaer France, then their main office in
Denmark, then Endevco in the U.S., none of whom had been able to
explain to him the delay in the progress of the export license
approval. He then proceeded to answer our questions by
confirming ONERA's order of two accelerometers 7270A-200K, which
had been placed on May 14, 2004, via the French distributor
Bruel and Kjaer. He also confirmed that ONERA will be the final
end-user of this equipment, adding that in fact the equipment
will be used as part of a research program ("plan d'etude
amont") financed by the Defense Ministry and DGA (Delegation
Generale pour l'Armament), which is the acquisition and
procurement division of the French military establishment. This
study (number 010704) is entitled "Integrity of Naval Stuctures"
according to Onera's letter, which further described the planned
testing in a way that can be summarized, as it was on the
license application, as explosion testing on dynamic materials.

Up to now, Onera does not use this type of equipment and is not
yet familiar with these sorts of tests. Hence, they have no
previous experience with Bruel and Kjaer as a supplier. Through
our own research, we were able to determine that Onera is a
public research institute that often conducts research for
various branches of the French military. Lastly, Onera
confirmed that the intended end use is in conformity with the
end-use certificate.

4. Regarding application 05-943674:

EADS Astrium was open and quite forthcoming when we contacted
them. However, they were the slowest in producing a complete
response. Our EADS Astrium contact confided to us that much of
the delay was due to the need to correct an improperly completed
initial license application as well as a thorough review of
their response by their legal counsel before it could be
released. In the end we received a very complete response by
overnight mail on April 26 from EADS Astrium's Export Compliance
Manager Patrice Henacker. It reads as follows:

Begin quote.

This letter is in response to your queries related to DSP 5-
943674 applied for by one of our suppliers. The hardware
related to this DSP 5 is an amplifier (reference 2662M12G)
manufactured by ENDEVCO of California. We hope that the
following elements will answer your queries:

(1) What is the end use of this hardware?

These amplifiers are used to condition the signal of
accelerometers which are part of the acoustic instrumentation of
the ARIANE 5 launcher. ARIANE 5 is the European launcher,
developed under the control of the European Space Agency (ESA)
and built by EADS Space Transportation for Arianespace. These
amplifiers are either used as ground instrumentation (i.e. only
during integration and vibration tests), or are set onto the
launcher equipment bay for telemetry during launch.
(2) Who is the end user?
When these amplifiers are used for flight (i.e. set onto the
launcher and launched), the end user is Arianespace of France,
the foreign consignees are EADS Space Transportation SA of
France, industrial prime; EADS Space Transportation GmbH of
Germany, industrial co-prime; and EADS Astrium SAS of France,
integrator of the equipment bay in which these amplifiers are
integrated. When these amplifiers are used for integration
instrumentation only, the end user remains EADS Astrium SAS.
This is case of the part ordered under license 05-943674.

(3) Was the foreseen use (of the 2661M12-G ordered under license
05-943674) in accordance with the end user certificate?

Yes, the foreseen use of this specific amplifier was in
accordance with the end user certificate provided by EADS
Astrium SAS. This specific amplifier was ordered for
integration instrumentation purposes only, and would have stayed
at EADS Astrium SAS premises. Therefore, if the DSP 5 had been
approved, its usage would have been in compliance with the DSP
83 and the end user certification provided by EADS Astrium SAS.
Eads Astrium SAS has in its stock several amplifiers of the same
type previously delivered by ENDEVCO without traceability of
associated DSP 5s. Because EADS Astrium SAS was aware that
these devices were to be considered as ITAR controlled, EADS
Astrium SAS had requested authorization from DTC to integrate
these amplifiers in the Arian 5 launcher (GC 0649-04 approved
August 30, 2004, for four amplifiers, and GC 0628-04 approved
July 26, 2004, for five amplifiers). It is these amplifiers,
duly covered by the above DTC authorizations, which have been
embedded into the Ariane 5 launcher.

(4) Did EADS Astrium SAS sign the end user certificate provided
by the U.S. applicant with the license application?

EADS Astrium SAS cannot warrant (attest to) which end user
certificate was provided by the U.S. applicant with the license
request. EADS Astrium SAS signed a DSP 83 and an end user
certificate, both dated September 23, 2004, and which were given
by EADS Astrium SAS to the Danish reseller Bruel and Kjaer for
the purpose of the U.S. license application. EADS Astrium SAS
recognizes that the "end user statement military end user"
provided, and in particular paragraph four of this statement
might not have been clear, and should have referred clearly to
the U.S. authorities (and not to the Danish authorities). To
avoid this kind of confusion, EADS has since imposed on all its
procurement chain an EADS "end user statement" format.

(5) Indicate the delivery dates of all of these parts by EADS
Astrium SAS

The one amplifier associated with DSP 5-943674 was never
delivered to EADS Astrium SAS (because the DSP 5 was RWAed). As
mentioned, EADS Astrium SAS had in stock nine amplifiers
previously delivered by ENDEVCO in 1999. EADS Astrium had
obtained authorization from DTC to use these amplifiers for the
instrumentation of the Ariane 5 launcher (GC 0628-04 and GC 0649-
04). Four amplifiers covered by these two GCs were further
shipped to KOUROU, French Guyana.

(6) Has EADS Astrium SAS already used Bruel and Kjaer as a

Yes, Bruel and Kjaer is a regular supplier to EADS Astrium SAS
for all Endevco instrumentation (captors, accelerometers, cables
and plugs) and we understand that they are fully approved by
Endevco of California as their distributor. Up to now, EADS
Astrium SAS has not encountered difficulties with this supplier.

End quote.

5. Regarding application 05-943844:

In early-April, post Blue Lantern action officer received the
following reply letter from Patrick Bernard of MBDA Missile
Systems Office for Management of Contracts. Our informal
translation follows:

Begin quote.

In response to your letter, we would like to provide the
following clarifications:

Nine accelerometers 7270A-200K were ordered by MBDA France from
our supplier: Bruel and Kjaer, rue du Champoreux - BP 33 - 91541
Mennecy Cedex France.

The supplier requested a signature on a DSP 83 form, which
returned in August 2004. This DSP 83 indicated that we are the
end-user of these nine units, which are intended to be
incorporated into testing equipment used to take shock
measurements and used for trials in France for the Scalp EG

We reconfirm this end-use which was reported in August 2004 and
we inform you that these materials have as yet not been
delivered by our supplier.

End quote.


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