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Cablegate: Daily Iraqi Website Monitoring - October 13, 2005

This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.




E.0. 12958: N/A

SUMMARY: Discussions of the constitutional referendum and
reasons for voting `yes' or `no' are the major editorial
themes of Iraqi, Arabic language websites on October 13,


A. "Why We Say `Yes" to the Constitution" (Al-Sawt Al-
Iraq, 10/13)
B. "The Zionist Constitution, Playing with Iraqis' Feelings"
(Kitabat, 10/13)


A. "Why We Say `Yes" to the Constitution"
(Editorial by Majed Lafta Al-Ubaidi - Al-Sawt Al-Iraq - "The
Voice of Iraq" - http://www.sotaliraq.com/ )

"Since the draft constitution was published in media
outlets, many forums and discussions were convened to study
it. These discussions were conducted by a combination of
different Iraqi political and social groups that want to say
`yes' to the constitution and groups that want to say `no'
to the constitution. Dozens of symposia and meetings were
held to bring consensus to the constitution. Politicians
were able to reach a compromise by agreeing to enable the
next National Assembly the ability to amend the constitution
four months after the upcoming parliamentary elections on
December 15.

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"Those amendments to the constitution were passed on
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 by the National Assembly.
However, they have not convinced the groups that reject
participation in the peaceful political process to take part
in the referendum and say `yes' to the constitution. These
groups claim that this constitution is sectarian because it
was drafted under the occupation. In addition, they say that
current Iraqi politicians do not want to achieve real
national reconciliation because they do not negotiate with
the so called `national resistance,' which is in fact a
radical, nationalist, Ba'athist and Salafist set of groups.
If we look at the statements of Jawad Al-Khalessi, Saleh Al-
Mutlag, Harith Al-Dhari and other groups that bet on the
return of dictatorship, we would see that they use terrorism
as a tool to politically apply pressure to disrupt the
political process and disseminate chaos and destabilization
in the country.

"The wiser of the Iraqi political groups consider the
current political process solid and expect that the
constitution will pass. If we say `yes' to the constitution
it means that we will prevent the return of dictatorship,
which can be restored in a new way through implementing an
Iranian experiment, a nationalist state or a military
dictatorship. Those clever groups realize that this move
will be the key to restore independence and will set the
stage for the withdrawal of the occupiers. We all know that
the whole political process was orchestrated under the
protection of those occupiers. However, the constitution was
written by the hands of patriotic Iraqis in spite of their
divergent viewpoints. Voting for the constitution means that
we will vote for democratic progress in the new Iraq. Those
who call for rejecting the constitution will lose in the end
because they support terrorism and chaos."

B. "The Zionist Constitution, Playing with Iraqis' Feelings"
(Editorial by Abed Al-Jubouri - Kitabat - "Writings" -
http://www.kitabat.com/i9012.htm )

"There are two days until the referendum on the Zionist
constitution that was basically designed by Noah Feldman, a
thirty-six year old American citizen born of a Jewish
mother. This constitution was submitted to fifty-five
members [constitutional committee members] and fifteen weak
ones [Sunnis], who formed a completely weak drafting

"Statements flowed between agreement and disagreement until
it [the constitution] became a muddled vision for the simple
Iraqi citizen who could not distinguish anything, as he did
not receive any version of the constitution until today. It
was claimed that five million copies had been distributed
with food rations. However, since the citizens did not
receive their ration shares, which they care about much more
than the constitution, they did not get their copies of the

"All people look forward to the patriotic powers that reject
the occupation and they wait for a clear, frank statement
demanding that Iraqis completely boycott the referendum and
prevent its legalization. Legalization might give it
justification for the division of Iraq and its people in the
future. These groups issuing statements and speeches
frustrate us; they showed us that they are clearly divided.
It was that traitor, Mohsen Abdulhamid [leader of the Iraqi
Islamic Party], whose party agreed on the U.S.-Zionist
agendas in a meeting headed by the U.S. Ambassador,
Khalilzad. They announced the agreement on the fake

"The National Dialogue Council and two other patriotic
parties remained silent regarding today's meeting. We
understand the American-Israeli threats and pressures on
those silent powers who reject a new Sykes-Picot for Iraq
[refers to the 1916 agreement between Great Britain and
France to divide the territory previously under the control
of the Ottoman Empire into their own spheres of influence].
But they should announce publicly and before God that they
are unable to represent the group on whose behalf they
speak, or announce courageously their complete withdrawal
from this sinful process in order to prove themselves not
guilty in the historical records.

"All bets on the Al-Sadr trend have failed; we thought that
this trend would be truly patriotic and capable of handling
any national responsibility. There is nothing left for these
poor people except relying on themselves and boycotting the
referendum, as we hope."


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