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Cablegate: Aec Plenary Minutes - Dec. 12 Meeting

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R 310614Z DEC 06




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SUBJECT: AEC Plenary Minutes - Dec. 12 Meeting

Ref: Khartoum 02765

1. Summary: The Assessment and Evaluation Commission (AEC) held
its 15th plenary session in Khartoum on December 12. The plenary
session involved somewhat heated discussion about the AEC Chairman's
recent remarks to the press about the oil fields and other armed
groups (OAGs) operating in the South (covered in septel). Other
topics include the Malakal incident (reftel), and updates on the new
currency and the population census. (Note: Although in draft form,
the minutes nonetheless are indicative of issues under discussion
and the nature of interactions among participants. End note.)

2. The draft minutes from the December 12 AEC plenary meeting are
as follows:

(Begin text)
Draft Minutes from the 15th AEC Plenary Meeting held on 12 December
The meeting was attended by representatives from Italy, Kenya, NCP,
the Netherlands, Norway, SPLM, U.K., U.S. and observers from
EU-Germany and EC, and L.O.A.S. The U.N. participated.
The minutes from the 14th AEC Plenary held on November 14th, 2006
were adopted.
The Chairman reported that his Press Conference held on December
10th entitled, "The CPA - 2 years after signing" was well attended.
It represented his personal views and was accurately reported in the
media. The "Opening Statement" would be circulated with his report
for the period November 14th to December 12th, 2006.
NCP commented that the media would mistake the Chairman's personal
observations as the AEC's collective report. NCP Commission member
Idris Abdelgadir had been approached both by the Office of the
President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the
Chairman's observations on violations of the CPA in connection with
the oil fields and the OAGs. NCP did not argue the fact that the
Chairman could hold a Press Conference. However, his methodology
was in question. It was important to collectively "guard against
any peace spoilers." The AEC has the role to support unity and
insure that the CPA is implemented.
The Chairman responded that his personal observations were based on
facts and were in accordance with the provisions of the CPA.
SPLM noted that the Press Conference was excellent. Its contents
had been tabled on numerous occasions to the Commission and its
Working Groups. The Commission should report honestly, truthfully,
and factually. More attention is required to two issues: 1) the
"National Reconciliation and Healing Process;" and, 2) "Ssecurity"
as the basic right of every citizen. SPLM questioned whether there
was a plan in place to deal with OAGs.
SPLM further noted that the Chairman is mandated by "this body" (the
Commission). The report had been balanced.
NCP reported that the recent events in Malakal were the result of
conflict within the JIU. However, SPLM challenged that
interpretation and explained that the conflict had been between
SPLM-JIU and the militia component of the JIUs. Proper SAF was not
the issue. SPLM added that at war time, the government used the
militias to conduct counter-insurgency. SPLA never adopted that
approach. One should report the situation as it is and be able to
resolve it.
Reports from the Working Groups were presented.
The Coordinator for the Security Arrangement Working Group reported
that at the time of the last meeting (December 6th) the security
incidence in Malakal was under investigation.
NCP argued that monitoring the cease-fire was impossible in the
absence of precise SPLM locations and lists. SPLM responded that
the assembly areas of the SPLM were well known. The problem was
with the recurring defections and shuttling of troops between one
side and the other. The JDB, OAGCC, and UN should address these
problems and coordinate efforts.
The Commission agreed it would hold a Special Session with the
JDB-OAGCC soon. The agenda would be the redeployment process, OAGs
and the DDR progress.
The Coordinator for the Working Group on the Three Areas informed
the Commission that the report would be submitted once the parties
had finalized their comments on the discussion during the meeting on
December 7th. It had dealt with Abyei and the scope of its interim
administration. The parties had come closer on the issues.
The Coordinator of the Power Sharing Working Group reported on the
Special Session with the Border Committee. Although its budget was
not released, the committee could access funds and start activities.
The timetable was to conduct the technical work by the end of this
dry season. A report would then be submitted to the Presidency. If
it is approved, implementation would proceed in the following dry
The Coordinator for the Wealth Sharing Working Group had to postpone
the meeting. Norway reported that the introduction of the new
currency was scheduled for January 9th, 2007. However, although the
norm is to print 50% of a new currency prior to a launch, Sudan had
only 10% printed. Distribution would commence in the South.
Support and confidence in the new currency is vital. Funds from the
international community would be required to support the process.
NCP informed that the technical report on the Wealth Sharing 2007
budget encompassing CPA and DPA would be submitted to the Presidency
and then to the National Assembly. FFAMC had submitted its report
including projections for oil revenues. Projects connecting the

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KHARTOUM 00002925 002 OF 002

North and the South would receive national funding in 2007. In
infrastructure the railway, river transport and some roads in the
South would be funded. In agriculture cattle vaccination and seeds
are budgeted for. National revenue institutions such as customs,
national taxes, and standards for imports are also included.
The National Land Commission was in the process to submit to NCRC a
draft document.
Under AOB on the agenda: the Chairman informed the Commission that
a new coordination unit had been introduced by the Presidency to
support all the CPA Commissions. NCP underlined that the unit is
set up to support and organize. It will "not encroach on" the work
of Commissions. SPLM noted that documents from the Presidency
should be released both in Arabic and English.
The chairman also informed that the "Pilot Census" was scheduled for
late January 2007. The Commission would hold a Special Session with
the Census Commissions in the North and South and invite UNFPA to
give an update on preparations for the census.
Again, the Chairman reminded the commission members to complete the
forms designating commissioners and alternates.
The 16th AEC Plenary meeting is scheduled for January 16th, 2007.
Reminders will be sent.
(End text)


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