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1. Bolivia,s IPR Outreach Pilot Program Funding Award:

In 2004 through 2005, USAID assisted the Servicio Nacional de
Propiedad Intelectual (SENAPI) in modernization efforts. In
early 2008, the USG renewed contact with SENAPI to examine
the possibility of working together. Underlying the present
proposal is a goal to assist Bolivia in open discussions on
IPR issues, while serving USG interests of promoting IPR as a
tool for economic development and encouraging compliance.

2. Outreach Plan

Since the Bolivian public is largely unaware of IPR, SENAPI
has designed a series of activities to be carried out in the
three main cities of La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.
Mission Bolivia proposes to support additional activities
through this program as a way to work with the GOB on issues
of mutual interest, while avoiding duplication of effort.
SENAPI,s program will include a series of academic and
informational activities, business roundtables, and other
activities to involve all IPR stakeholders.

Main Objective: To inform the public about IPR, its role for
economic and social development, and to build awareness.

Specific Objectives:
- involve national authorities from different areas (trade,
exports, industry, health, etc.) in IPR programs
- teach the public that IPR ( trademarks and industrial
property rights specifically) is an effective tool to promote
- convey to civil society and IPR stakeholders that
copyrights and copyright associations are mechanisms to fight
piracy and promote cultural diversification

Short term goal: To identify actors involved, discuss
industrial property rights, copyright, and set up specific
timelines to implement SENAPI %s action plan.

Medium to long term goals: To establish a sustainable
promotion plan to inform public and civil sectors about IPR.

The SENAPI program will last an entire week each in La Paz,
Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba, and the USG will support
activities as described below.

3. Conference Activities:

a. IPR Outreach to Stakeholders
- Patents Museum. Bolivian patents and inventions will be
shown to the public, highlighting Bolivia,s creativity and
the use patents for economic development.
- Business round table on Trademarks: This "inverse" fair is
intended to gather firms with consolidated trademarks, firms
without trademarks and industrial designers, university
students of marketing, graphic design and social
communication, promoting the concept, use and practical
experiences of trademarks.

b. Parallel to the conferences, experts will inform the
public on different IPR issues.

c. Seminar: "Copyrights and the Challenges with new
- Short theatrical piece on "Piracy"
- Music, copyrights and related copyrights
- Copyrights and software protection
- New challenges on copyrights

d. Seminar: "Collective partnerships copyright associations"
- Functions and reach of the collective partnerships
copyright associations
- Control and transparency
- CONACINE (cinema group)
- The role of SENAPI in the face of new challenges on
copyrights and piracy

e. Cultural Outreach
- National film week
- Street Theater at the Trademarks fair
- Introductory theatrical piece
- Artists, Night on Calle Jaen (La Paz,s colonial museum
- National Photographic and Painting exposition

The activities are expected to attract the following
audiences: Entrepreneurial organizations, scientific

societies, academy, professional associations, teachers
associations, cinematographers, music associations, artist
associations, software companies, representatives, micro,
small and medium businesses associations, and university
students. Materials developed will also be shared with high

4. Follow-up Activities, outreach to shareholders and students

After the conferences, the USG will assist SENAPI in
implementing other IPR informational activities, such as four
seminars with specific social and economic sectors related to
copyright to be held in each of the cities of La Paz, Santa
Cruz and Cochabamba.

Also, Post will assist SENAPI with about thirty encounters
with students, ten in each of the cities of La Paz, Santa
Cruz and Cochabamba.

- - - -
- - - -

SENAPI Outreach Program (Three Cities) and Follow-Up

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- -
Outreach activities 2, 3a-e
Activity a.
(Set-up, local rental space, other) 600
Activity b.
(working material, catering services) 300
Activity c & d.
(rental space, materials, catering, equip) 2000
Activity e. ( local rental space, other) 600
Promotional Material for all activities 2000

Activities for the Follow-Up under 4
Seminars on Copyrights in 3 cities
(rental, catering, equip, materials) 4450
Students encounters 3 cities
(electronic equip., other) 3050
Promotional Material for all activities 3000

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Total 11000 5000

5. Cost Estimates

Total budget for the program is USD16000. Post will cover
USD5000 and is requesting USD11000 from State in special IPR
outreach funds. Cost include edition and printing of
promotional and informational material, local space rental,
electronic equipment for the seminars, catering services,
working material for the seminars, transport and distribution
cost of promotional and informational material. Please see
detailed budget for each activity.

6. Follow-up Process

USAID%s contractor BTBC has developed mechanisms to measure
outreach activities. All events financed by the USG will be
measured by a participants, evaluation after conference.

Workshops will be implemented by sector in the three cities
to further the dissemination of IPRs. These events will also
be evaluated by participants after each seminar.

Results of the activity will be examined in light of the
following indicators:

- Number of people attending the conferences financed by the
- Number of potential agreements between trademark designers
and business (at trade fair)
- Number of people reached and press coverage at cultural

SENAPI will also provide a report after six months,
discussing the impact and results of the USG-supported

7. Additional Funding ($4,000 if available)

If the additional USD4000 is available, Post will use it to

expand the activities above, reaching more Bolivians with a
message on the basic value of IPR through cultural and
stakeholder programs. Post will particularly target students
and young people.

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