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Cablegate: Leahy Vetting for Laf and Isf Candidates For


DE RUEHC #8601 2832020
R 092013Z OCT 08



E.O. 12958: N/A

B. BEIRUT 1424
C. BEIRUT 1418
D. BEIRUT 1402
E. BEIRUT 1394
F. BEIRUT 1367

1. (U) In response to referenced Leahy vetting requests, the
Department has reviewed its files and finds it possesses no
credible information of gross violations of human rights at
this time by the members of the Lebanese Internal Security
Forces and Lebanese Armed Forces personnel listed below. If
at any time the Embassy becomes aware of any information
regarding incidents which could be deemed to be credible
information of a gross violation of human rights by these
individuals, the Embassy should so inform the Department.

2. (U) The following Lebanese Internal Security Forces
personnel were listed (ref A) as candidates for the
ATA-funded terrorist crime scene investigation course. Leahy
vetting was conducted at post with no derogatory results.

Last Name: HAMATI
First Name: Carlos Adib
D/POB: 02/10/1979; Lebanon
Gender: Male
Rank: First Lieutenant
Division: ISF Staff

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3. (U) The following Lebanese Internal Security Forces
personnel were listed (ref B) as candidates for the
ATA-funded terrorist crime scene investigation course. Leahy
vetting was conducted at post with no derogatory results.

Last Name: ATAYA
First Name: Mohammad
D/POB: 08/11/1982; Lebanon
Gender: Male
Rank: Police Officer
Division: Judiciary Police

4. (U) The following Lebanese Internal Security Forces
personnel were listed (ref C) as candidates for the
ATA-funded explosive incident countermeasures course. Leahy
vetting was conducted at post with no derogatory results.

Name: CH'HAITA, Ziad
Delegation Leader
Rank: Lieutenant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 01/16/1978; Sweika, Lebanon
Current Position: Prime Minister's Protective Detail

Name: HARMOUSH, Imad
Rank: Adjutant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 06/08/1972; Samkanieh, Lebanon
Current Position: ISF Explosives Bureau

Name: KAWAM, Badreddine
Rank: Adjutant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 04/03/1966; Sidon, Lebanon
Current Position: ISF Prime Minister's Protective Detail

Name: BOLHOS, Dib
Rank: Adjutant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 11/01/1969; Lebanon
Current Position: ISF Explosives Bureau

Name: YOUSSEF, Wissam
Rank: Adjutant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 12/23/1971; Sweiri, Lebanon
Current Position: ISF Explosives Bureau

Name: FAYYAD, Marwan
Rank: Sergeant Major, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 02/15/1964; Bkifa, Lebanon
Current Position: ISF Explosives Bureau

Name: ESBER, Chawki
Rank: Sergeant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 07/28/1969; Akkar, Lebanon
Current Position: Prime Minister's Protective Detail

Name: TAFESH, Qassem
Rank: Corporal, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 03/20/1977; Katermaya, Lebanon
Current Position: Prime Minister's Protective Detail

Name: SAADEH, Michel
Rank: Corporal, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 08/10/1975; Qanat, Lebanon
Current Position: ISF Explosives Bureau

Name: HAJJAR, Mohamed
Rank: Adjutant, Lebanese Internal Security Forces
D/POB: 03/08/1969; Ch'him, Lebanon
Current Position: Prime Minister's Protective Detail

5. (U) The following Lebanese Internal Security Forces
personnel were listed (ref D) as candidates the INL-funded
Lebanon police basic cadet training course. Leahy vetting
was conducted at post with no derogatory results.

Yazbek, Abbas; 01Oct1973; Hawsh Al Rafqa,Lebanon; Youssef;
Ibtissam; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Fares, Jean; 19Aug1977; Halba, Lebanon; Khalil; Aaida;
Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Al Aitt, Hassan; 01Jan1974; Baalbek, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Fatima; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Raad, Naji; 04Aug1969; Baalbek, Lebanon; Mohsen; Fatima;
Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Sharif, Nabil; 22Jun1979; Al Yammouneh, Lebanon; Hussein;
Yumna; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Mokh, Maher; 10Apr1981; Baalbek, Lebanon; Mohammad; Zeinab;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Al Mausawi, Ali; 03Feb1982; Al Nabi Shite, Lebanon; Abbas;
Khadijeh; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Wakim, Naamat; 08May1983; Al Kfeir, Lebanon; Ramez; Hessneh;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Reda, Ali; 05Dec1972; Aaita Al Shaeb, Lebanon; Ahmad; Zahra;
Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Yaacoub, Hassan; 01Jan1974; Hawla, Lebanon; Moustapha;
Ramzieh; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Nassreddine, Imad; 25Jul1972; Shaqra, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Leila; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Daher, Hussein; 21May1981; Aaitroun, Lebanon; Ali; Fayzeh;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Harb, Samir; 15Sep1969; Rahbeh, Lebanon; Naaman; Hilaneh;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Jerji, Habib; 25Apr1972; Bassri, Lebanon; Antoine; Violet
Sleiman; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Sabat, Tony; 06Mar1972; Hadshit, Lebanon; Sarkis; Therese;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Haidar, Walid; 25Oct1974; Houeish Akkar, Lebanon; Khaled;
Azizeh; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Bou Aarwa, Nawaf; 14Jul1966; Bibnine Akkar, Lebanon;
Moustapha; Khadijeh; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Khdaro, Youssef; 01Dec1980; Akkar, Lebnaon; Boulos; Badrieh;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Khalil, George; 10Feb1964; Qebbeh Tripoli, Lebanon; Youssef;
Seniora; 1st Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Mahfoud, Simon; 10Mar1966; Qebbeh Tripoli, Lebanon; Adib;
Leila; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Saleh, Marwan; 15Aug1975; Tripoli, Lebanon; Nabil; Wilda;
Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Sheaib, Moudine; 01Dec1978; Nahleh, Lebanon; Fawaz; Nour Al
huda; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Tarraf, Nazih; 02May1974; Al Karak, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Fayzeh; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Makki, Hussein; 30Mar1974; Froun Bint Jbeil, Lebanon; Hassan;
Ramzieh; Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Ayoub, Charlie; 30Mar1974; Kahf Al Mloul, Lebanon; Youssef;
Lucy; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Nassr, Maan; 02Sep1982; Aley, Lebanon; Mhanna; Nassibeh;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Hadifeh, Makram; 20Jun1973; Ain Qanya, Lebanon; Anis; Mona;
Corporal; Gendarmerie

Abou Nabhan, Habib; 10Dec1972; Kfarzabad, Lebanon; Badih;
Nadia; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Ishac, Fady; 13Dec1975; Ain Akrine, Lebanon; Hanna; Muntaha;
Sergeant; Gendarmerie

Yaacoub, Nabil; 09Jan1973; Zouk Mikael, Lebanon; Samir;
Nazha; Corporal; Gendarmerie

Abou Merhi, Emile; 10Feb1964; Zaghr Teghrine, Lebanon;
Ghossoub; Souad; 1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Awad, Haytham; 01Mar1969; Aalmat, Lebanon; Aazzat; Amira; 1st
Sergeant; Beirut Police

Khreibaty, Hussein; 01Mar1977; Aadshite, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Izdihar; 1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Jaber, Jaber; 30Jul1967; Kfarman, Lebanon; Mohammad; Fatima
Sleiman; Sergeant; Beirut Police

Faysal, Fady; 03Oct1972; Ain Dara, Lebanon; Faysal; Samia;
Sergeant; Beirut Police

Daher, Sajih; 02Oct1979; Hawla, Lebanon; Hussein; Hessneh;
Corporal; Beirut Police

Abdelkarim, Shadi; 12Oct1977; Furn Al Shebbak, Lebanon;
Antoine; Mary; Corporal; Beirut Police

Mneimneh, Oussama; 30Jul1980; Al Bashoura, Lebanon; Othman;
Izdihar; Corporal; Beirut Police

Al Fakhry, Mahrousse; 01Feb1970; Zahleh, Lebanon; Boulos;
Mona; Sergeant; Beirut Police

Makhoul, Naiim; 30Jun1974; Al Zawareeb Akkar, Lebanon; Fouad;
Sukkar; Corporal; Beirut Police

Nassreddine, Bassan; 15Jan1974; Al Hermel, Lebanon; Ali;
Zeinab; Sergeant; Beirut Police

Jarjoura, Elias; 19Feb1980; Aabra Sidon, Lebanon; Nqoula;
Ktina; Corporal; Beirut Police

Rahmeh, Ibrahim; 11Feb1977; Al Rihane, Lebanon; Khalil;
Tamman; Sergeant; Beirut Police

Mahmoud, Khodr; 05Dec1980; Zaghdraya, Lebanon; Moustapha;
Salimeh; Corporal; Beirut Police

Haddad, Boulos; 01Jul1981; Debel, Lebanon; Maroun; Georget;
Corporal; Beirut Police

Hadshiti, Jad; 10Mar1978; Baalbek, Lebanon; Karam; Ivone
Ziadeh; Corporal; Beirut Police

Hussein, Anwar; 25Sep1971; Sin El Fil, Lebanon; Ali; Sakneh;
Sergeant; Beirut Police

Al Hajj, Boutros; 21Feb1966; Rmeish, Lebanon; George; Aline;
Sergeant; Beirut Police

Mahfouz, Ali; 23Mar1978; Baalbek, Lebanon; Rafiq; Fatima;
Corporal; Beirut Police

Hamieh, Mohammad; 12Jan1980; Shamestar, Lebanon; Nazira; Ali;
Corporal; Beirut Police

Al Khatib, Adnan; 30Oct1976; Majdal Aanjar, Lebanon; Qassem;
Mariam; Sergeant; Judicial Police

Rizk, Marwan; 05Dec1976; Zahleh, Lebanon; Elias; Jandark;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Al Hajj Hussein, Aala; 29Apr1976; Baalbek, Lebanon; Mahmoud;
Leila; Sergeant; Judicial Police

Abdelkhaleq, Bassem; 16Aug1968; Majdelbaana, Lebanon; Shafiq;
Najah; Sergeant; Judicial Police

Azar, Joseph; 06Oct1977; Anfeh, Lebanon; Gerges; Nouhad;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Skaff, Ezzeddine; 25Apr1972; El Tel, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Fayzeh; Corporal; Judicial Police

Wehbeh, Farouq; 22Jan1974; Al Koura, Lebanon; Qayssar; Leila;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Saab, Bassel; 01Mar1977; Al Kahlounieh, Lebanon; Wajih;
Bader; Corporal; Judicial Police

Al Saifi, Houssam; 28Dec1974; Aghmid, Lebanon; Youssef;
Nahal; Corporal; Judicial Police

Khodeir, Rishar; 06Jun1972; Aalma, Lebanon; Antanios; Wadad;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Reda, Qassem; 20Oct1975; Beirut, Lebanon; Mohammad; Dalal;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Saliba, Dany; 22Aug1977; Daurass, Lebanon; Elias; Mariam;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Al Wardani, Mazen; 12Oct1976; Al Manara, Lebanon;
Abdelfattah; Naziima; Sergeant; Judicial Police

Nehmeh, Moustapha; 06Mar1981; Al Kfour, Lebanon; Ahmad;
Fatima; Corporal; Judicial Police

Maamari, Joe; 01Sep1979; Beirut, Lebanon; Jean; Lima;
Corporal; Judicial Police

Abdelrazzaq, Qayssar; 21Nov1975; Al Soueiry, Lebanon;
Youssef; Khadijeh; Corporal; Judicial Police

Mazloum, Ali; 16Jan1971; Britel, Lebanon; Hussein; Nadima;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Al Bayeh, Joseph; 01Jan1973; Kfarhebbou, Lebanon; Habib;
Shahideh; Corporal; Judicial Police

Hadwan, Ali; 18Nov1973; Jezzine, Lebanon; Hussein; Naama;
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Al Raii, Abdo; 17Jun1977; Ras Baalbek, Lebanon; Nqoula;
Saydeh Al Mudawar; Sergeant; Judicial Police

Abdelkhaleq, Fady; 05Jul1978; Majdalbaana, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Wafiqa; Sergeant; Embassy Security

Nehmeh, Qozhaya; 22Dec1977; Hawara, Lebanon; Boutros; Mariam;
Sergeant; Embassy Security

Al Doueihy, Joseph; 19May1977; Zgharta, Lebanon; Boudy;
Ibtissam; Sergeant; Embassy Security

Mohsen, Moussa; 00/00/1972; Aaitite, Lebanon; Ahmad; Bahija;
Sergeant; Embassy Security

Qassem, Abdallah; 25Jun1969; Al Qantara, Lebanon; Salman;
Mariam; Sergeant; Embassy Security

Naufal, Atef; 22Feb1976; Al Kfeir, Lebanon; Khouzaii;
Qawqaba; Sergeant; Embassy Security

Al Bitar, Rony; 04May1976; Ras Baalbek, Lebanon; Hani; Aida;
Sergeant; Embassy Security

Sharaf, Anwar; 08Sep1977; Hassbaya, Lebanon; Fawaz; Hiam;
Sergeant; Embassy Security

Al Mustarah, Ahmad; 03Mar1980; Al Hadath, Lebanon; Ghanam;
Leila; Sergeant; Embassy Security

Mansour, Ali; 02Mar1970; Qssaibeh, Lebanon; Qassem; Aawatef;
Sergeant; Embassy Security

Sabouna, Wissam; 04Sep1973; Al Noury, Lebanon; Ihsan; Hanaa;
Sergeant; Embassy Security

Shehadeh, Nadim; 15Mar1979; Deir Kifa, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Mariam; Corporal; Embassy Security

Hussein, Jihad; 28Apr1978; Al Mounssa, Lebanon; Hammoudeh;
Saadeh; Corporal; Embassy Security

Gebrayel, Youssef; 20Mar1973; Al Miyeh ou Miyeh, Lebanon;
Maroun; Najibeh; Corporal; Embassy Security

Younes, Hassan; 05Aug1980; Britel, Lebanon; Mohammad; Rafaa;
Corporal; Embassy Security

Zeaiter, Hussein; 10Mar1967; Iaat, Lebanon; Hassan; Khadijeh;
Corporal; Embassy Security

Bashaalani, Tanios; 18Jun1983; Zahleh, Lebanon; Gerges;
Hayat; Corporal; Embassy Security

Al Hakim, Halim; 18Sep1977; Al Mesherfeh, Lebanon; Saiid;
Nabila; Corporal; Embassy Security

Merhi, Khalil; 27Sep1972; Beirut, Lebanon; Abdallah; Samiha;
Corporal; Embassy Security

Doumit, Imad; 21Feb1975; Eddeh, Lebanon; Samih; Aida;
Corporal; Embassy Security

Al Zeraif, Walid; 07Dec1977; Shamestar Baalbek, Lebanon;
Sobhi; Roz; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Al Bayeh, Pierro; 27Sep1976; Dbayeh, Lebaon; Youssef; Souad;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Munajed, Bassam; 18Feb1975; Al Tebbaneh Tripoli, Lebanon;
Mohammad Ali; Khoudouj Mallass; Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Semaan, Robert; 22Jan1973; Qebleh Zahleh, Lebanon; Elias;
Nadia Semaan; Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Al Baysari, Franssoua; 08Apr1974; Qebbeh Tripoli, Lebanon;
Boutros; Mary Al Aabed; Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Salman, Hassan; 02Dec1978; Zoqaq Al Blat, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Zeinab Harajli; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Abdelhussein, Ali; 22Feb1974; Shamestar Baalbek, Lebanon;
Abbas; Fawzieh Al Najjar; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Al Issa, Rabih; 24Jan1979; Tripoli, Lebanon; Zein; Fadia
Baltaji; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Eid, Youssef; 23Sep1980; Rashaya, Lebanon; Shafiq; Elham Abou
Aasli; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Malkani, Qassem; 22Oct1980; Arki Sidon, Lebanon; Youssef;
Wafiqa Nasser; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Salameh, Joseph; 01Oct1980; Zouk Mikayel Keserwan, Lebanon;
Aziz; Youmna Ria; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Aajram, Nqoula; 17Feb1979; Ashrafieh, Lebanon; George; Nahida
Salloum; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Daher, Rabih; 19Mar1975; Beirut, Lebanon; Hassan; Zahra;
Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Mekh, Ali; 04Mar1972; Hermel, Lebanon; Hassan; Shafiqa;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Al Aoun, Ahmad Jad; 29Jun1981; Jib Jinnine, Lebanon; Ali;
Arkan; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Hammoud, Ayman; 27Apr1979; Saoudi Arabia, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Fatima; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Fawaz, Tareq; 31Mar1978; Shehim, Lebanon; Shafiq; Hiam;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Barakat, Bassam; 01Jul1976; Blat Marjaayoun, Lebanon; Aatef;
Nazek; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Ghanem, Tony; 01Oct1975; Rashaya, Lebanon; Elias; Nijmeh;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Abou Naoum, Elias; 15Jul1972; Ablah, Lebanon; Naoum; Salma;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Abboud, George; 13Jan1975; Debel, Lebanon; Habib; Suleima;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Bjoun, Hanna; 14Feb1980; Ashrafieh, Lebanon; Tanios; Mary;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Ayyash, Hassan; 27Mar1981; Harouf, Lebanon; Mohammad Ali;
Zeinab; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Abdellatif, Rabih; 04Apr1975; Tripoli, Lebanon; Mehieddine;
Houda; Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Malak, Tareq; 16Aug1980; Akkar, Lebanon; Nabil; Iman;
Contract Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Hadid, Nassib; 14May1975; Keferqahel Koura, Lebanon;
Mohammad; Fatima; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Darwish, Omran; 02Feb1978; Jabal Mohsen Tripoli, Lebanon;
Ali; Khadra; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Zoueitini, Paul; 08Aug1980; Al Zahrieh Tripoli, Lebanon;
Jean; Najwa; Corporal; Mobile Forces

Al Omar, Afif; 19Jul1981; Edbel Akkar, Lebanon; Afif; Nahia;
Corporal; Mobile Forces

Mohammad, Hisham; 12Aug1980; Dhour Al Hawa Al Koura, Lebanon;
Sleiman; Jourieh; Corporal; Mobile Forces

6. (U)The following Lebanese Internal Security Forces
personnel were listed (ref E) as candidates for the
ATA-funded terrorist crime scene investigation course. Leahy
vetting was conducted at post with no derogatory results.

First Name: Michel
D/POB: 06/23/1973; Lebanon
Gender: Male
Rank: Captain
Unit: ISF Counterterrorism Division

Last Name: HAWA
First Name: Elie
D/POB: 07/16/1977; Lebanon
Gender: Male
Rank: Sergeant Major
Unit: ISF Judiciary Police

7. (U) The following Lebanese Internal Security Forces
personnel were listed (ref F) as candidates the INL-funded
Lebanon police instructor course. Leahy vetting was
conducted at post with no derogatory results.

Mansour, Hassaan; 28Jul1968; Dalhoun, Lebanon; Saiid;
Wassileh; Adjutant; Regional Gendarmerie

Dandash, Ali; 08Apr1970; Al Hermel, Lebanon; Morshed; Fatima;
Adjutant; Regional Gendarmerie

Ismaiil, Ismaiil; 09Mar1966; Aanout, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Nahdieh; Adjutant; Regional Gendarmerie

Sleima, Elie; 09Dec1972; Al Hemaira, Lebanon; Youssef;
Mariam; Adjutant; Regional Gendarmerie

Sheaib, Bilal; 04Jan1973; Wadi Faara, Lebanon; Jamil; Hayat;
Adjutant; Regional Gendarmerie

Hamzeh, Anwar; 05Apr1972; Al Khodr, Lebanon; Mohammad;
Mariam; 1st Sergeant; Regional Gendarmerie

Khodr, Amine; 08Oct1966; Ain Aata, Lebanon; Maaza; Souad
Ghazaleh; 1st Sergeant; Regional Gendarmerie

Munzer, Tareq; 21May1965; Kuwait, Kuwait; Ghaleb; Nour; 1st
Sergeant; Regional Gendarmerie

Bottoubia, Sharbel; 05Jun1974; Beit Munzer, Lebanon; Youssef;
Salwa; 1st Sergeant; Regional Gendarmerie

Abdelwahab, Mohammad; 24Jul1965; Berqayel Akkar, Lebanon;
Khaled; Rahmeh; Adjutant; Regional Gendarmerie

Qamez, Nadim; 00/00/1972; Qarssoun Al Deenieh, Lebanon; Ali;
Khadijeh; 1st Sergeant; Regional Gendarmerie

Al Zayek, Fouad; 31Jan1980; Ghazir, Lebanon; Fransswa Joseph;
Siham Al Ghobeiry; Lieutenant; Beirut Police

Al Hayek, Rani; 15Jun1978; Damour, Lebanon; Habib; Mary Rose;
Lieutenant; Beirut Police

Youssef, Youssef; 01Jan1970; Al Hayssa, Lebanon; Mohammad
Ali; Rashideh Al Ali; 1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Kenaan, Mansour; 16Feb1969; Marsati, Lebanon; Kamel; Amneh;
Adjutant; Beirut Police

Najm, Nalhi; 21Mar1964; Al Aazounieh, Lebanon; Wahib; Amineh;
1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Abdallah, Nader; 13Jun1976; Al Nabatieh, Lebanon; Mariam;
Youssef; 1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Ziadeh, Bassam; 29Jul1977; Aghmid, Lebanon; Michel; Noura;
1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Issa, Ali; 05Mar1962; Teirfalsieh, Lebanon; Hassan; Fatima;
Adjutant; Beirut Police

Baydoun, Ahmad; 04Jan1969; Beirut, Lebanon; Abdelrahman;
Safiya Baydoun; 1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Nahed, Youssef; 27Mar1970; El Fardis, Lebanon; Assaad;
Mantoura; 1st Sergeant; Beirut Police

Franjieh, Antoine; 26Jan1970; Zgharta, Lebanon; Elias;
Maryet; Captain; Judicial Police

Zbib, Abdelnabi; 19Feb1980; Tefahta, Lebanon; Ziad; Sakneh;
Lieutenant; Judicial Police

Al Maneh, Housam; 28Jan1961; Kfarssaroun, Lebanon; Qassem;
Afaqat; 1st Adjutant; Judicial Police

Saleh, Mohsen; 15Jul1974; Al Taybeh, Lebanon; Hussein;
Fatima; 1st Adjutant; Judicial Police

Abou Khalil, Abbas; 15Nov1966; Al Qalileh, Lebanon; Ali; Oum
Al Banin; 1st Adjutant; Judicial Police

Abou Zaani, Khodr; 01Sep1973; Kamed Al Lawz, Lebanon;
Hussein; Qadrieh; 1st Sergeant; Judicial Police

Najjar, George; 19Jul1981; Niha, Lebanon; Elias; Wardieh; 1st
Sergeant; Judicial Police

Salloum, Imad; 25Sep1970; Al Dababieh, Lebanon; Salim;
Wardieh; Adjutant; Judicial Police

Gebran, Roger; 10Oct1973; Al Buhaira, Lebanon; Youssef;
Nazira; 1st Sergeant; Judicial Police

Al Athath, Rami; 03Mar1981; Shamestar, Lebanon; Ahmad; Najat;
Lieutenant; Embassy Security

Habib, Sharbel; 30Oct1978; Jezzine, Lebanon; Sobhi; Nawal;
Lieutenant; Embassy Security

Al Wazzan, Khaled; 02Jan1979; Beirut, Lebanon; Kamal; Tamam;
Lieutenant; Embassy Security

Abou Absi, Khaled; 12Nov1966; Al Marj, Lebanon; Samir;
Fatima; 1st Adjutant; Embassy Security

Terro, Ibrahim; 20Jan1961; Barja, Lebanon; Khalil; Nattla;
1st Adjutant; Embassy Security

Abou Khuzam, Nazem; 25Jan1958; Kfarhim, Lebanon; Ali;
Khuzamieh; Adjutant; Embassy Security

Maroun, Adib; 08Nov1971; Al Maamarieh, Lebanon; Youssef;
Mariam; Adjutant; Embassy Security

Al Zayyat, Hassaan; 02May1969; Burj Al Shemali, Lebanon; Ali;
Fatima; Adjutant; Embassy Security

Moussalli, Khalil; 14Feb1973; Ras Baalbek, Lebanon; Ibrahim;
Hola; 1st Sergeant;Embassy Security

Mouawad, Elias; 13Mar1979; Bssalim, Lebanon ;Khalil; Matilda
Mokarzel; 1st Sergeant; Embassy Security

Mohammad, Al Qarssifi; 30Apr1978; Sidon, Lebanon; Khalil;
Raqiya; Lieutenant; Mobile Forces

Al Doueihi, Youssef; 29Apr1983; Zgharta, Lebanon; Nakhleh;
Roset; Lieutenant; Mobile Forces

Amhaz, Mohammad; 04Mar1967; Nabha, Lebanon; Hassan; Ghazieh;
Lieutenant; Mobile Forces

Rahmeh, Assaad; 23Apr1965; Bshari, Lebanon; Antonios; Zahia
Abou Younes; 1st Adjutant; Mobile Forces

Idris, Suheil; 04Apr1969; Al Aain, Lebanon; Ali; Nafja Idris;
1st Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Fadel, Khodr; 01May1977; Younin, Lebanon; Mohammad; Deebeh;
1st Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Al Hajj Shehadeh, Omar; 19Jun1971; Shehim, Lebanon;
Abdelhafiz; Raya; 1st Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Zebian, Malek; 25Apr1968; Mazraat Al Shouf, Lebanon; Maarouf;
Leila; 1st Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Tanios, Nabil; 05Oct1971; Bujderfel Batroun, Lebanon;
Youssef; Fadwa; 1st Sergeant; Mobile Forces

Deeb, Bassem; 26Mar1973; Burj Hammoud, Lebanon; Abdo; Zakieh;
Adjutant; Mobile Forces

8. (U) The following Lebanese Armed Forces officer was listed
(ref G) as a candidate for U.S.-sponsored military training.
Leahy vetting was conducted at post with no derogatory

El-Ahmadie, Nader; 10May78; Charoun, Lebanon; Halim; Amale;
1LT; Physician

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