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REF: STATE 118192

1. Post has received a letter of congratulations (text in para. 2)
for President-elect Obama from the President of National Umma Party
of Sudan, former PM Al Sadig Al Mahdi. A copy of the original
letter is being transmitted to the Department via pouch.

2. Begin Text:

5 November 2008

To: Senator Barack Obama
President-Elect of the United States of America
Washington DC, USA

From: Imam Al Sadig Al Mahdi
President of the National Umma Party of

Re: Congratulatory Message

My dear brother

I write to congratulate you and all the forces which have suffered
from the status quo, and have had the audacity to hope and act for

I cannot find words strong enough to describe the exhilaration of
the majority of peoples all over the world at your meteoric rise and
election as the 44th president of the United Sates. At the same
time, I cannot find words strong enough to describe the mess which
the neo-cons have meted world wide.

You have captured the spirit of time and made change your most
effective motto. Our key message to you is a double yes for change.
But before defining the terms of change, give the stakeholders, who
have been the victims of the outgoing misguided policies, your ears
and listen as you promised:

1. Your parental home, Africa, the cradle of Human Civilization, is,
in cosmic terms, a Global black hole. It aspires to a qualified
panel to decide what America can do to help it, pull itself out of
it's present predicament, and to define what its own genuine
representatives should do to help themselves.

2. In the Middle East all America's interests are with the Arabs,
yet all America's positions are with expansionist Israeli policies.
This anomaly cannot continue. America must realize that there is no
peace without justice and work for a genuine, sustainable and just

3. The free market economy achieved wonderful results in terms of
enterprise, innovation, and productivity. But like all aspects of
freedom, it presupposes a backbone of discipline.

Discipline which Mr. Bush and his team undermined by an internal
fiscal free fall, and an external military adventurism which
overburdened the U.S economy.

To add insult to injury, the brinkmanship over Iran fuelled the
speculative rise in the price of oil.

Not only the Americans, but the whole world has been inspired by
your election, look up to you to restore discipline in the economy,
to terminate brinkmanship and military adventurism and to develop
the social welfare potential of the free market economy.

4. My own country, the Sudan, had suffered from the misgovernment of
its own neo-conservative type leadership. In our context, change
cannot come in the same way as in America. In response to various
factors, the country's leadership has now accepted the necessity for
change. What is now being considered is to convene a National Forum
to undertake the following reforms:

(a) To end the DARFUR crisis in terms which will endorse all the
legitimate demands of the people of DARFUR.
(b) A redoubled effort to develop the Peace Agreement, The NAIVASHA
Agreement, to become a National Commitment, to enhance its
implementation and to achieve its cherished targets of just peace,
making unity attractive, and effecting Democratic Transformation.
(c) To guarantee Human Rights, and basic freedoms.
(d) To hold general, free and fair elections to resolve the power
struggle democratically.
(e) To pursue the duty of accountability for criminal conduct as
specified by UN Security Council Resolution 1593 without
surrendering the country to chaos, i.e. to reconcile retributive
Justice with restorative Justice.

To achieve the above stated, a National All Party Conference is
planned to give the resolution of these issues consensual

This is the outline of possible change in the Sudan. We look forward
to your support for this endeavor.


As the last legitimate elected Prime Minister of Sudan, a leader of
a party (the National Umma Party) which continues to struggle for
democracy and human rights, and as an African who sees the future of
the continent in terms of its geo-political unity and not a damaging
ethnic schism, and as a Muslim who believes that Islam preaches the
accommodation of modern social change, accepts cultural and
religious plurality and calls for peaceful International Relations;
I pray to Allah to bless your efforts to effect the promised change,
in the pursuit of which, we extend our hand for cooperation to
effect the desired change in our respective countries, and support
for your effort to pursue the Agenda of International Good

Please accept my best wishes and heartiest condolences for the loss
of your grandmother.

I am, /s/
Elected Sudanese PM 1986-1989
Elected IMAM of AMSAR Dec. 2002
Elected President of UMMA Party 2003


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