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Cablegate: Unamid Deployment Update

DE RUEHKH #1810/01 3521556
O 171556Z DEC 08




E.O. 12958: N/A


1. (SBU) Summary: In discussions on December 14-15, UNAMID officials
told poloff that the mission is still on target to meet its goal of
60 percent deployment by the end of December 2008. They also remain
hopeful that 80 percent deployment is possible by March 2009, though
it appears that this target is increasingly unrealistic. The flow
of equipment within Sudan and Darfur continues to proceed smoothly.
UNAMID officials are concerned that several TCCs have failed to
provide load lists for their equipment. Deterioration of the runway
at Nyala airport is an ongoing concern, but UNAMID plans to repair
it. UNAMID officials reported that the GOS remains cooperative and
has not posed any impediments to deployment. End Summary.

2. (SBU) On Dec 14-15 Poloff spoke with Colonel Noddy Stafford,
Chief of Military Plans UNAMID, Lt Col Vincent Tissier, Staff
Officer for Operational Plans, and Hugo Wyers, Formed Police Unit
(FPU) Coordinator for Sector North, to discuss UNAMID deployment

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3. (SBU) Stafford told Poloff that UNAMID troop strength has reached
10,292, up from 9,815 last week. This represents approximately 53
percent of the envisioned number of "boots on the ground," and
Stafford believes the 60 percent will "definitely be met" by year
end. He also thought that the 80 percent deployment could be
achieved by March, though significant obstacles remain. Wyers
reported no change to the Formed Police Unit (FPU) strength of three
units comprised of 420 staff. Including unarmed personnel, there are
a total of 1,995 police personnel deployed.

Thai Deployment and the Recent Bangkok Airport Shutdowns
--------------------------------------------- ---------
4. (SBU) UN officials have been working to combat communication
problems between Troop Contributing Countries (TCCs) and UN
DPKO--most notably the failure of TCCs to provide proper equipment
load lists to the UN. With that in mind, Stafford and DPKO Liaison
Lt Col Tim House met with Major General Jerdwud Kraprayoon, Director
of Thailand's Peace Operations Center, and approximately 40 members
of his staff December 8-9 to review deployment best practices. The
Thai officials were "very receptive," asserting that they would work
with UN NY to negotiate a date for pre-deployment between mid-Jan
and mid-Feb, as well as an inspection date for UN officials to
return and ensure all equipment meets UN standards.

5. (SBU) Stafford's visit to Thailand also coincided with the recent
shutdown of Bangkok's airports due to political unrest, and he was
part of the UN contingent evacuated from the country. He noted that
evacuation procedures from Thailand were "very good," and provided
him with new insights to apply to UNAMID contingency planning.
Among the new considerations are what is needed for welfare
facilities to feed and house evacuees; IT facilities and personnel
to facilitate computer communications; international calling
capability to assuage family members; and guidelines for liaising
with embassies to track personnel movement.

Nyala Runway Needs Repair
6. (SBU) A Nov 3 report from the United Nations stated that a
portion of the Nyala airport runway is crumbling. This area has
been repaired by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) three
times in the past year, but the problem persists. (Note: The damage
to the runway occurred during the rainy season, making proper
rehabilitation efforts difficult to implement. Exacerbating the
problem is the fact that a drainage tunnel passes under the damaged
portion, weakening the ground above. End Note.) The SCAA has given
approval to complete the required repairs, and site engineers are
currently assessing situation. Their tentative plan is to dig out
the crumbling concrete, refill the runway with good gravel, compact
the base, and pave over it with asphalt. The work is anticipated to
take one full day, and the engineers will liaise with the airport
manager for the most suitable runway closure times (possibly at

COE Priorities for Equipment Movement
7. (SBU) UNAMID's current prioritization of contingent-owned
equipment movement is as follows: 1) the Nigerian Level II Hospital;
2) Chinese and Egyptian Engineers; 3) Ethiopian and Egyptian
Infantry Battalions; 4) the Nepalese FPU; and 5) the Pakistani
Engineers and Level III Hospital, as well as the Bangladeshi
Multi-role Logistics Unit.

KHARTOUM 00001810 002 OF 003

Movement Status in Detail:
8. (SBU) Last week's Eid Al Adha holiday meant that most contractors
were unavailable from December 8-12, and movement of equipment came
to a virtual halt for several days. However, contractors have
resumed work this week. Stafford reported no problems with
cooperation from the GOS. The following is the current status of
each unit deploying to Darfur.

9. (SBU) Nigerian Level II Hospital: Of the 96 items being shipped
to El Geneina, four percent has arrived, while 79 percent is in
transit. Seventeen percent remains in El Obeid, including five
containers, 12 water tanks, and three watch towers. Batteries were
replaced in the 15 vehicles sitting in Nyala and they will be moving

10. (SBU) Chinese Engineers: Of the 246 pieces of equipment being
shipped to Nyala, 85 percent has reached the final destination, 12
percent is still in transit and three percent remains in El Obeid.
The equipment awaiting transportation includes 4 trailers, a jeep
and 2 dump trucks. The IL-76 cargo plane is expected to come
on-line on December 16, and Stafford hopes the vehicles will be
moved by air.

11. (SBU) Egyptian Engineers: All of the 323 pieces of equipment
being shipped from El Obeid to El Fasher via Nyala have reached
Nyala. No equipment is currently in transit and the movement
completion date is estimated at December 25. The Egyptians are
waiting for all of their equipment to be installed in El Fasher
before they deploy their inspection and repair teams. The equipment
in Nyala consists of 12 trucks, 3 generators and 15 break/bulk

12. (SBU) Ethiopian Infantry Battalion: Of the 158 pieces of
advance party equipment being shipped to Kulbus, 100 percent is at
the final destination. Of the 461 pieces of equipment needed to
support the main body of the Ethiopian Infantry Battalion, as well
as the Transportation Company and the Logistics Company, five
percent has arrived in Kulbus with 79 percent in transit and 16
percent (78 vehicles including 9 APCs) still in El Obeid. One
hundred containers and 282 vehicles have been delivered to Nyala or
are currently en route by train. Two hundred fifty four vehicles
are scheduled to be delivered to El Geneina and 91 to Kulbus by
contracting company 'Agility' by December 20. Seventy eight
vehicles are being prepared to be loaded at the El Obeid for
transport by the next train on December 13. Nineteen APCs in El
Obeid should also be loaded on the train December 13. UNAMID is
having difficulty transporting portions of a sewage plant and will
attempt to send the equipment by air to El Geneina and then by road
to Kulbus. UNAMID suggested the Ethiopians build a pond as an
interim solution. Spoiled food is another problem as two or four
containers of the six inspected contained food that had gone bad.
The food containers with non-spoiled food will be sent to El

13. (SBU) Egyptian Battalion 1 Advanced Party: Of the 41 containers
and two vehicles being sent to Um Kadada, most will have arrived by
December 20. UNAMID is urging the Egyptians to move their own
equipment using Egyptian resources (which they should be capable of
as a self-sustaining TCC.)

14. (SBU) Egyptian Battalion Main Body: Of the 385 items being
shipped to Um Kadada 99 percent is at the final destination with
only three water plants remaining in El Obeid. The parts are
scheduled to be delivered December 15 via MI-26 helicopter.

15. (SBU) Egyptian Battalion 2: All data for this battalion are not
yet determined. The original plan was for the equipment to arrive
in Nyala on December 22, but the shipment was cancelled by the
Egyptians and has not yet been rescheduled. The unit will deploy to
Ed Al Forsan in South Darfur. Two hundred additional personnel will
arrive in Nyala on January 31.

16. (SBU) Egyptian Transport Company: Of the 173 pieces of
equipment scheduled to be shipped to Nyala 99 percent of the
equipment has been delivered with only one 35-ton fork-lift unable
to be moved from Port Sudan due to its size. Movement of this piece
is TBD.

17. (SBU) Nepalese FPU: Of the 144 pieces of equipment scheduled
for delivery to Nyala, 83 percent has been delivered. Nothing is
presently in transit. Seventeen OT-64 APCs are still awaiting
transportation from Port Sudan until the GON arranges to provide
three trainers to train the Nepalese drivers.

KHARTOUM 00001810 003 OF 003

18. (SBU) Pakistani Engineer Company: Of the 356 pieces of
equipment scheduled to be delivered to El Geneina, none has been
delivered to the final destination. Sixteen percent is in transit
and 84 percent is still in El Obeid. The prioritized equipment list
has been provided to a contractor who will deliver all equipment
except the heavy vehicles by mid-Dec. When all the containers have
been delivered, personnel will be deployed to the El Geneina Super
camp to construct the Pakistani Level III Hospital.

19. (SBU) Pakistani Level III Hospital: Thirty percent of their
prefabricated "accommodation units" has been received in Nyala, but
further data on what else has moved are pending. The load list
consists of 160 containers, 28 vehicles and break/bulk equipment.
New York has authorized the movement of this equipment by air -- 53
out of 67 flights have been completed so far. The contractor has
increased the number of flights to three every two days into Nyala.
The contingent's main body of personnel is due to be deployed

20. (SBU) Bangladesh Multi-Role Logistics Unit: Of the 413 pieces
of equipment scheduled to be moved to Nyala, 94 percent has reached
its destination with one percent remaining in El Obeid and five
percent in Port Sudan. One container of ammunition remains in El
Fasher and will require approval to be moved by air. UNAMID is
planning to unload the container and move the ammunition via MI-8
helicopter to Nyala.

Other Equipment Movement

21. (SBU) Indonesian FPU: Of the 191 pieces of equipment scheduled
for delivery to El Fasher, 96 percent has been delivered with no
equipment in transit. The four percent remaining consists of one
forklift, two trucks, and three containers of ammunition and
awaiting transportation in El Obeid. The equipment is scheduled to
be delivered mid-Dec, and a decision on moving the ammunition via
air is still pending.

22. (SBU) Nigerian FPUs 1 and 2: 100 percent equipment has arrived
in Port Sudan and is scheduled to move to El Geneina and Zalinje by
mid January. Two large shipments of containers are scheduled for
transport this week.

FPU Operational News
23. (SBU) Members of the Indonesian FPU in El Fasher are
continuing to patrol Zam Zam, Al Salaam, and Abu Shouk
internally-displaced persons (IDP) camps, and Wyers reports this
activity is "increasing the level of trust for the FPU within the
community." The Indonesians also offered gestures of good-will
during the EID holiday, donating ten sheep for slaughter and
providing Muslim reading material in all three camps. Many of the
Bangladeshi and Nepalese FPU members have also departed for the
holiday season, and Wyers anticipates FPU activities will be
"sluggish" until after Jan 1. Wyers reported no difficulties with
the GOS.

Planning for Future Operations
24. (SBU) Lt Col Tissier reported visits from Nepalese and Nigerian
reconnaissance parties had been postponed due to unspecified visa
issues. The Burkina Faso visit is now scheduled from December 13 to
17 in Sector West, and officials will visit Foro Baranga and Habila
sites. (Note: The land has not yet been secured in Habila, so the
team will simply over fly the area. End Note.) The reconnaissance
party for the Italian air lift offer arrived in El Fasher on Dec 7,
but has not yet provided information of their findings.

25. (SBU) The South African contingent has successfully completed a
rotation in which 586 troops returned home and were replaced by 599
new troops on the ground. The rotation of the Rwandan battalions
was completed for the three Rwandan battalions on Decemeber 12. The
Senegalese rotation will take place from December 20 to 23.

26. (SBU) To expedite deployment in West Darfur, UNAMID needs C-130
or C-17 aircraft that can land on dirt runways of 2,000 meters.
Also required would be the associated load handling equipment. Once
the equipment backlog is cleared, continued progress in deployment
will depend on Senegal, Tanzania and Burkina Faso providing their
load lists to DPKO and UNAMID. Follow-up with these countries is
urgently required.


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