Cablegate: Post Response to Oig Report Number Isp-I-09-22a, March


DE RUEHNM #0697/01 2680540
R 250540Z SEP 09




E.O. 12958: N/A

Ref: a) State 67277 b) Niamey 312
c) McCormick - Amb. Allen e-mail of 03 Apr 2009

1. (U) Embassy Niamey provides the status update below to
recommendations from the subject report in response to the
referenced cable. Post's responses to its "Action" recommendations
are provided below:

a. (SBU) Recommendation 1: Embassy Niamey should work with other
mission elements to develop and implement a mission-wide
communications strategy and public affairs calendar. (Action:
Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: The newly arrived Public Affairs Officer (PAO) at
post has developed and implemented a mission-wide communications
strategy and public affairs calendar. The PAO meets with mission
agency heads on a regular basis to share and receive information and
updates on planned mission-wide events and initiatives, and has
coordinated a proactive media and public information plan to
highlight these activities.

b. (SBU) Recommendation 2: The Bureau of Overseas Buildings
Operations, in coordination with Embassy Niamey, should expand and
reconfigure the Consular Section's workspace. (Action: OBO, in
coordination with Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: Post has taken the initial steps to begin this
project by moving the access doors to the conference room so that
the non-load bearing wall separating the Consular Section can be
moved back to enlarge the consular space. Post will coordinate with
OBO as required to move forward with this renovation as part of the
OBO rehabilitation project scheduled for 2010.

c. (SBU) Recommendation 3: The Bureau of Overseas Buildings
Operations, in coordination with Embassy Niamey, should provide
controlled workspace for the collection of consular fees. (Action:
OBO, in coordination with Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: Post will coordinate with OBO as required to move
forward with this renovation as part of the OBO rehabilitation
project scheduled for 2010.

d. (SBU) Recommendation 6: Embassy Niamey should implement a
residential furniture pool. (Action: Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: The agency representatives approved the proposal
and the ICASS Council adopted a furniture pool at the June 2009
meeting. Post began implementing the ICASS furniture pool during
this summer transfer season and all residential furniture is being
transferred to ICASS in the NEPA inventory system.

e. (SBU) Recommendation 7: Embassy Niamey should establish a
preventive maintenance program and begin scheduling preventive
maintenance visits to the residences. (Action: Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: A preventive maintenance program already exists
for monthly preventive maintenance of generators and quarterly
preventive maintenance of water distillers. A preventive
maintenance program for air conditioners was initiated by the TDY
Facilities Manager and has been well received by all residents. The
ICASS Council approved a request for two trades helpers, a
refrigeration/air conditioning technician, and an electrician at the
June 2009 meeting. HR currently is conducting the recruitment to
fill these vacancies, having completed the classification of the
positions upon receipt of completed position descriptions.

f. (SBU) Recommendation 9: Embassy Niamey should add a locally
employed staff member to the customs and shipping section. (Action:
Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: The request for a Shipping Assistant was put
forward to the ICASS Council for consideration at the June 2009
meeting. The position request was approved, a position description
has been completed, the position has been classified, and
recruitment currently is underway to fill this position.

g. (SBU) Recommendation 10: The Bureau of Overseas Buildings
Operations, in coordination with Embassy Niamey, should build a
structure to relocate unclassified telephone equipment. (Action:
OBO, in coordination with Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: Post is awaiting OBO inspection, review and
approval of the completed demarcation building. The telephone
switch has been installed in the new structure and post has
established a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

h. (SBU) Recommendation 11: Embassy Niamey should establish
recordkeeping procedures that require staff to sign for entry and
departure from the frame room. (Action: Embassy Niamey)

Progress Report: IMO maintains a record of access in compliance

with 12 FAH-6 H551.5-6-3 (c). Niamey is not a critical technical
threat post. The access list and formal sign in sheet records the
specific room accessed, name of uncleared individuals, name of the
escort, date and time, as well as work performed.

i. (SBU) Recommendation 13: Embassy Niamey should develop a
contingency plan and system documentation for its classified and
unclassified information networks and systems. (Action: Embassy

Progress Report: Although a Memorandum of Agreement was established
with Embassy Dakar for off-site storage of back-up tapes,
discontinuation of Air Senegal flights has prevented regular
shipment of back-up tapes. Regional courier service is now using
Air Burkina, but flights are sporadic. Service thus has not been
able to maintain a bi-weekly schedule for delivery of the classified
pouch. Progress on systems documentation has been made, but the
departure of the IMS in June left the IMO to manage operations solo
until the arrival of the new IMS in mid-September. Post is slated
to receive an IRM/GITM-funded FilesX system that will backup Post's
classified and unclassified information to Washington via the
network in 2011.

j. (SBU) Recommendation 14: Embassy Niamey should identify and
label wiring and cabling and remove unneeded wiring throughout the
compound and the American Cultural Center. (Action: Embassy

Progress Report: Post will coordinate with OBO concerning the
Chancery refurbishment project and DS concerning the security
upgrade project to minimize repetitive work and streamline the
labeling and clean up of cabling throughout the compound as upgrades
are installed. IMO is working with OBO and RIMC to rewire the
cabling. IMO has created a Build of Material (BOM) and had ordered
the BOM to start rewiring the Embassy. Embassy will start removing
unused wire when the new additional staff is hired in ISC.

2. (SBU) Per Ref A, recommendations 4, 8, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19
were closed previously. Post herein addresses and considers OIG
recommendations 1, 6, 7, 9, and 11 worthy of closure, as discussed
in the progress reports above. Post has made significant progress
on OIG recommendations 2, 10, and 13. Post will continue to work
with OBO to take additional measures to close out OIG
recommendations 2, 3, 5, and 10. Finally, Post will continue to
seek the necessary resources to address OIG recommendation 14.


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