Cablegate: Mx 2009-533, Odc Leahy Vetting Request


DE RUEHME #3247/01 3211617
P 171617Z NOV 09




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. Action request. Post requests a response within 12 business
days (December 3, 2009) per WHA/MEX guidelines for this Leahy
vetting request from ODC on Military Police SMEE, in Temamatla,
Mexico, beginning December 14, 2009.

2. Post possesses no credible evidence of gross violations of human
rights by the individuals listed below and requests that the
department conduct Leahy vetting check.

3. Name (Father, Mother, First), DOB, Military Identification
Number, POB, Position, Organization.

Alvarez, Gutierrez, Alejandro, 9-Feb-83, M, C-3866369, Valle de
Bravo, Mexico, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Arenas, Reyes, Omar, 6-Jun-1976, M, C-2657322, Minatitlan, Veracruz,
Tte Inf, MX Army

Badal, Hernandez, Jose de la Luz, 19-Dec-81, M, C-3866575, Cunducan,
Tabasco, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Barcelata, Toto, Juan Antonio, 8-May-72, M, C-879629, Hueyapan de
Ocampo, Veracruz, Sgto 1/o PM, MX Army

Burgueno, Prado, Carlos Ernesto, 15-Apr-80, M, C-4224474, Escuinapa,
Sinaloa, Tte Inf, MX Army

Ceballos, Ceballos, Jorge Luis, 4-Jul-71, M, B-7982549, Tenancingo,
Mexico, Tte Cab, MX Army

Chacha, Palayot, Rene, 3-Jul-77, M, C-2602326, El Platanar,
Veracruz, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Cruz, Perez, Abdias, 19-Nov-1970, M, B-8288467, Zayula, Puebla, Tte
Inf, MX Army

Escobar, Carrera, Israel, 10-Jul-80, M, C-3731928, Puebla, Puebla,
Tte Arm Blindada, MX Army

Escudero, Leyva, Micheas, 4-Apr-72, M, B-5617509, Tuxpan, Veracruz,
Tte Inf, MX Army

Garcia, Garciliana, Narciso Alegria, 27-Feb-76, M, B-8779812,
Cosoleacaque, Veracruz, Tte Cab, MX Army

Garcia, Medina, Miguel Angel, 13-Feb-82, M, C-4982278, Colima,
Colima, Tte Cab, MX Army

Gonzalez, Valdez, Porfirio, 4-Nov-1973, M, C-293579, Tutepec,
Oaxaca, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Guillermo, Santiago, Alvaro, 15-Oct-1969, M, B-6909598, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Guzman, Torres, Julio Cesar, 15-Feb-77, M, C-3176013, Rio Verde, San
Luis Potosi, Tte Inf, MX Army

Hernandez, Cruz, Homero del Rosario, 10-May-1984, M, C-6481380,
Tapachula, Chiapas, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Hernandez, Gonzalez, Rafael, 24-Oct-75, M, B-9641414, Jalancingo,
Veracruz, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Hernandez, Herrera, Javier, 15-Aug-1981, M, C-3870614, Mexico, D.F.,
Tte ZPDRS, MX Army

Hernandez, Islas, Elias, 29-Jul-1979, M, C-3396865, Ixtlahuaca,
Puebla, Tte Art, MX Army

Hernandez, Perez, Ramiro, 11-Mar-1972, M, B-7739763, La Cruz,
Hidalgo, Tte Arma Blindada, MX Army

Jimenez, Ramirez, Carlos, 3-Nov-1983, M, C-7051867, Municipio de
Tila, Chiapas, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Juarez, Mendez, Horacio, 3-Jan-1973, M, C-836969, El Pueblo y Puerto
de Tecolutla, Mexico, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Lima, Rosales, Alexis, 3-Sep-1975, M, B-9641521, Tlayacapan,
Morelos, Tte ZPDRS, MX Army

Lopez, Hernandez, Carlos, 5-Oct-80, M, C-4536481, Puerto Madero
Tapachula, Chiapas, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Millan, Almaraz, Alfonso, 8-Jan-1978, M, C-1474470, Puebla, Puebla,
Tte Inf, MX Army

Morales, Martinez, Leobardo, 2-Feb-86, M, C-8408642, Romero, Oaxaca,
Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Moreno, Hernandez, Ubaldo, 16-May-1979, M, C-4509573, Tototla,
Veracruz, Tte Art, MX Army

Pech, Vargas, Juan Carlos, 2-Nov-1978, M, C-3562432, Campeche,
Campeche, Tte Inf, MX Army

Sarabia, Camacho, Jose Luis, 7-Apr-82, M, C-5451380, Jamiltepec,
Oaxaca, Tte Cab, MX AQy

Solano, Redondo, Juan Antonio, 28-Oct-83, M, C-7275171, Tampico,
Tamaluipas, Tte Inf, MX Army

Toledo, Robles, Eduardo, 27-Aug-1977, M, C-1869125, Santiago
Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca, Tte ZPDRS, MX Army

Torres, Salinas, Fernando, 19-Nov-76, M, C-285735, Mexico, D.F., Cap
1/o ZPDRS, MX Army

Vargas, Castro, Misael, 14-Sep-79, M, C-3483630, Tecoanapa,
Guerrero, Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army

Velazquez, Mondragon, Jorge, Luis, 2-Mar-73, M, B-7925560, Mexico,
D.F., Maj INF DEM, MX Army

Velazquez, Soto, Nicolas, 6-Dec-84, M, C-6931334, Tlada, Puebla,
Sgto 2/o PM, MX Army


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