Cablegate: (Sbu) Embassy Ankara Construction Security Plan (Csp) -


DE RUEHAK #0280/01 0530515
R 220515Z FEB 10




E.O. 12958: N/A



1. (U) This is an ACTION REQUEST. See paragraph 12.

2. (U) This telegram constitutes the Construction Security Plan
(CSP) for the installation of a split-pack air conditioning unit in
the Political Section suite of the CAA of Embassy Ankara. This
project requires confirmation. No action/work will be undertaken
for this project until notification of completed confirmation action
is received from the Department.

3. (SBU) Statement of Work: The subject project involves the
installation of ONE split pack air conditioning (A/C) unit in Room
216 in the Political Section suite of the CAA of Embassy Ankara.
There is no work in the core areas involved in this project. The
split-pack A/C unit will be installed on the exterior walls of the
CAA, with a four to five inch penetration made in CAA outer wall for
the refrigerant and drainage tubes of the split unit. This room
was built as an extension to the original building and has no
existing room air conditioning. The work for installation of the
split unit will be accomplished in the following manner:

A. Mounting of the exterior unit of the split-pack on the outer part
of the exterior wall adjacent to Room 216. (Three hours)
B. Mounting of the interior unit of the split-pack on the wall in
Room 216. (Three hours)
C. Boring of hole in outer wall for passage of refrigerant and
drainage tubes. Seal holes after installation. (One hour)
D. Connections of the new split pack A/C unit including electrical
and plumbing connections. (Five hours)
E. Testing of unit. (One hour)
F. Clean up and retouch. (One hour)

4. (U) Estimated start date: 26 April 2010

5. (SBU) Estimated completion date: 28 April 2010. The exterior
and interior placement and mounting of the split unit will take less
than one day. The final connection to include plumbing and
electrical connections and testing will take no more than one day,
and it will begin and be finished the same day. The estimated
completion can be earlier if approval of this CSP can be expedited.

6. (SBU) Estimated Cost: US$1,800.00. To include the A/C
equipment, materials and labor.

7. (SBU) Labor Schedule: Work will be performed by the Post's
IDIQ Air Conditioning contractor. There will be a total of four (4)
workers performing the tasks. Two craftsmen will be inside Room 216
and the other two will on the exterior of the building. Criminal
and other indices checks on the workers will be conducted prior to
start of work. Only workers yielding negative results to these will
be allowed to work. As work will take place within CAA, the
contractors performing the work will be under continuous escorts and
surveillance by appropriately cleared American employees. Two
Cleared American Escorts (CAE) will monitor the four workers to
maintain the proper escort ratio. Tools and non-electrical
materials brought in by the contractors will be inspected by ESO
before entering the work area.

8. (SBU) Procurement plan: The split units and materials for
this project will be acquired through random selection from post
stock (1 unit to be selected from 24 units available from post stock
at GSO).

9. (SBU) Secure storage: Split unit after random selection will
be taken to and maintained in the ESO secure storage, maintained
under surveillance and U.S. control.

10. (SBU) The Embassy RSO is designated as the primary Site
Security Manager (SSM) and will interface regularly with the
construction personnel and security escorts to insure compliance
with security procedures. ESO will provide technical security
assistance when needed. The RSO (SSM) and ESO will have
unrestricted access to the work site to ensure full compliance with
proper security procedures and requirements. The RSO (SSM) may
delegate the day to day operations of this project to the GSO, FM or
other security personnel, but remains responsible for the security
requirements associated with this specific project. The RSO (SSM)
may supplement, but will not lessen the provisions of this CSP as
required by local conditions and prevailing circumstances. The RSO
(SSM) will promptly notify the escort personnel of any security
inconsistencies or unauthorized work material found on the site.
The RSO (SSM), in consultation with OBO/PE/SM and DS/PSP/PSD/CAT,
may hold the project in abeyance pending resolution of any
inconsistencies or security related issues such a time as remedial
actions are taken to resolve the problem.

11. (SBU) Project documentation: The CAE personnel, acting by
and through the RSO (SSM), will maintain a log, which identifies

workers, materials, detail of work, and any anomalies. The RSO
(SSM) will immediately report any deviation from the CSP plan to
DS/PSP/PSD/CAT and OBO/PE/SM. The log will be verified daily by the
RSO (SSM) and become part of the permanent project documentation to
support any additional technical inspections.

12. (SBU) ACTION REQUESTED: Embassy Ankara requests DS/PSP/PSD
review and concur with this CSP. Work is estimated to start in late
April 2010 or earlier if approval of this CSP is received. Points
of contact for this project are RSO James Combs (x7014), ESO Elbert
Calpo (x7030), AGSO Sarah Borenstein (x7381), FM Sergio Tristan
(x7323), MGT Martina Polt (x7444). Embassy Ankara IVG prefix code
is 295 and telephone number is (011) (90) (312) 455-5555.

13. RSO has cleared this message.

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