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What if Everyone just kept their Mouth's Shut?

What if Everyone just kept their Mouth's Shut?

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This is usually the most combustible of the various sites, obviously it won’t be today for reasons that I don’t think I have to elaborate on. Instead, I’m going to talk around something in a ‘what if’ kind of way and let you take from it what you may find useful for explanation or conduct.

There are things going on in this world that are reprehensible to the degree that one hardly knows what to say. One of these things is the recent admission that a certain country has been harvesting organs from those upon whom they are practicing irrefutable genocide. It’s being said that we now have indication as to why certain obvious innocents were targeted at seeming random. It’s being said they were targeted because their appearance matched an organ need in the oppressor community. If you go to most of the alternative newsgathering sites over the last several days you will see numerous articles on what’s been happening in the organ harvesting industry of the unwilling.

Some of what is surfacing is the equal of all the tales that have been told about Dr. Mengele and others. The irony here is dripping, so as to challenge the quantity of tears shed over the recently departed century. The irony is as great as any irony that has ever been. This is not the only outrage attributed to these sources. Their outrages are apparent across the world on any given day and they glare out of the pages of history with a dark, unpleasant glitter.

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We’ve heard about some group called the illuminati which is purported to be behind the genocidal nation. We’ve heard about reptiles that may be behind the illuminati or in their membership or perhaps in an organization of their own. We hear about rogue aliens with bad intent and we hear all sorts of things far and near and we don’t know what the deepest truth may be. What we do know is what we see on the surface and we can readily see the names of people and nations who are engaged in actions that are inimical to and distasteful for anyone possessing an element of humanity.

In the area concerning the laws of most countries, when you are apprehended for criminal enterprise, while employed by a criminal organization, you are still responsible for what you have done. It’s not all your employers fault. If you lie in a court of law, concerning crimes and criminals of which you have knowledge, you have committed the crime of perjury and that is a felony. The only difference between this happening in court and what the media does in public is something I will let you decide for yourself. Should a person who sees this taking place speak out against it? What if no one did?

It is okay to kill unarmed citizens in a war but it is usually not okay to kill any kind of citizens if you are not in a military engagement or a theater of war. Wars, for the most part are caused by banks and corporations for the purpose of profit. Does this not make members of the military, hired guns? Perhaps the members of the military are merely following orders and are also unaware of the actual purpose of the war. It’s been said in a court of law many times that, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. What am I supposed to think about that?

A particular country has been killing indigenous citizens in their own land for nearly a hundred years for the purpose of taking their land. They have been doing this because of their interpretation of ‘so-called’ Holy Scripture, which was written by their forebears. That’s mighty convenient on the surface. They say that this scripture was given to them by God. God has not told me this and as hard as I look, I cannot find anyone who can show me any proof that God told them this either. A casual inquiry shows that the vast majority of those making this claim are not genetically of the type to whom this land is supposed to belong to in the first place. Those who are being murdered and driven off of their land are of this genetic type. This is an established fact, even if the scripture it is based on is not. What am I to think about this? Should I say something about it? What if no one said anything about it?

Corporations can routinely get away with things that a citizen cannot. Banks can engage in self-serving practices that would cause an individual to be sent to jail. Rich men can do things that poor men cannot and when they are occasionally caught out at their criminal enterprises they can hire legal representation that poor men cannot afford. When they are sent to jail, they are sent to special jails where poor men are not sent. Nations can get away with things that would land a citizen on death row and nations can do things to their citizens that would land a citizen in jail or on death row. Should I avoid saying something about this in order to avoid the attention of powerful entities or to avoid the censure of my readers and anyone who might object to my doing it? What if no one said anything about any of these things?

Powerful banking and corporate interests have compromised the leaders of many of the major nations in this world. They tell them what to do. They have conspired to destroy the economy of the nations in order to exert a greater control over the citizens. They did this during the Great Depression as well and it was also a real help in bringing about a world war from which these banks and corporations profited. It was true then and it is true now. Should I not say anything about this? What if no one was saying anything about this?

People are paid a lot of money to report the news in print and electronic media. They report the news according to what the heads of the corporations tell them to report. They are given the tone and the shape of the information and they are told not to deviate from it. They receive a fine lifestyle and a public profile, which they can translate into all kinds of profit for themselves simply by being an obliging liar. Along the way they are somehow able to convince themselves that they are telling the truth… even when the facts directly in front of them contradict all of what they are saying. Am I not supposed to call attention to this? What if no one dissented from the pro forma lies that have brought us to this pass?

Religious texts tell us to bear all things and submit to governmental authority. This is damned convenient. Especially when I note that those who founded the church on their teachings did nothing of the kind. I also note that everyone who changed the course of the church and impacted on it for the better also did not simply bear it and submit. It’s right there for anyone to see. So which is it? Submit and be abused and go along with the program, when the program is in opposition to all of humanities best interests or… say something?

Should we all just color in between the lines of the approved coloring book and follow all the rules even though our leaders and the rest of the people at the top of the heap do no such thing? Because a criminal, organized crime enterprise, has gotten themselves a country in order to do awful things at home and around the world, should I just accept this? When that country is based on observable lies and absurd claims that somehow became gospel in the face of all evidence to the contrary, should I just accept it and deny what my eyes and ears and heart and mind tell me? Severe laws have been passed to silence all criticism of this country and its agents. Should I submit? Should I submit when no such laws exist for anything similar anywhere else? Is this not injustice? Am I not also unjust... and a moral coward... if I go along with the program?

There is no personal gain for me in speaking out; quite the contrary. Why would I or any of the few of the rest of us who do, do so? There must be a reason and I can only think that it is associated with conscience and as reaction against unnecessary injustices perpetrated upon our fellows. Just because it isn’t happening to me does not mean I should ignore it.

Perhaps my tone is less measured and circumspect on occasion than some of those who read here might prefer. Someone said I should be more like Gandhi. A lot of people died because of what Gandhi was about. Which Gandhi are they talking about? There were several chapters of Gandhi. I am an imperfect work in progress. I have been waiting a long time for an end to those shortcomings which plague not only me but all of us. Some of us are more concerned with their departure and some of us have just learned to live with them and even turn them to personal profit.

I have been waiting a long time for the lightning bolt that will make it all clear to me. Until that bolt hits me, I can only do my best and when I err, correct it and continue. I am not afraid of these people and I am not a friend or an associate of anyone who does not have the greatest good for the greatest number of people as their motivation for action. I have no sponsors and no corporate policies; no mentors or patrons to whom I owe fealty. Like some number of us at work in this time, I answer to myself and the one who sent me. That’s the best you’re going to get.


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