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Scoop Coverage: TPP Signing In Auckland, And After

Scoop Coverage: TPP Signing In Auckland

Press releases, reaction and commentary relating to the signing ceremony for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal in Auckland on 4 February 2016.

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April: Government Seeking To Stymie Report On TPPA

Jane Kelsey: "Why the government suddenly announced it is fast-tracking the report date for the select committee considering the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) from the end of May to 4 May is now clear. It gives the Waitangi Tribunal three rather than seven weeks to produce its urgent report..." More>>


More Cuts To NZ Consultation: Ratification In US Heading For 'Lame Duck' Session

US lawmakers and senior officials are leaning towards the likelihood of the Trans-Pacific Partnership achieving ratification in Washington DC during the so-called "lame-duck" session of Congress expected later this year, Prime Minister John Key says. More>>


March: Govt Majority On Select Committee Refuses To Extend Submissions

National’s majority on the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade committee has refused to extend the deadline for submissions on the 30-chapter Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) past the 15 sitting days set out in the Cabinet manual, despite provision to do so if the government agrees, reports Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey. More>>


Submission Schedule Not 'Flexible': Democratic Deficit On The TPPA Continues

With nine working days left before the deadline for submissions on the TPPA inquiry, these promises have not been fulfilled... It is inconsistent that the deadline for submissions currently falls before most of the government’s planned information sessions on the TPPA. More>>


Werewolf Issue 59: TPP - Obsolete, At Birth

What are we to make of the fact that one of the central elements of the TPP – the “investor state dispute settlement” (ISDS) mechanisms – is already obsolete? In November, barely two months after the TPP deal was completed, the European Trade Commission formally presented to the US its proposal to scrap the existing ISDS system, and to replace it in all future trade deals with an Investment Court System. More>>



Protesters project giant message onto SkyCity

Protests Close Roads: TPP Signed In Auckland

“TPP was signed by Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Viet Nam.

“In addition to hosting signature, New Zealand will be the Depositary for TPP. This means we take responsibility for some administrative functions,” says Mr McClay.

Following signature, the Government will submit the final text of TPP and the National Interest Analysis to Parliament. The legislative changes to implement TPP will then go through normal policy and Parliamentary procedures.

“Signature marks the end of the negotiating process. The text of TPP is agreed, but not yet legally binding.” More>>

Photos: TPPA Signing Protest in Wellington

Protest: Kiwis Reject The TPPA “It was a huge march and we were thrilled that so many Kiwis came out, especially since it is a weekday, during a bus strike, and after government scare-mongering about law and order.” The marchers today weren’t a small segment of New Zealand society. They are a majority – public opinion polling says that most Kiwis oppose the TPPA. More>>


8m Anti-TPPA Banner Droppped at Te Papa

Gordon Campbell: The Treaty/TPP Overlap

...The final outrage is that the Key government has chosen to sign away sovereign rights – whether it be via ISDS provisions or over IP patents, copyright terms etc etc – on the eve of the Treaty of Waitangi celebrations, and at the SkyCity casino in Auckland, which is the site of another of this government’s dubious deals.

This piling up of provocations cannot be accidental. Quite cynically, the Key government appears to have chosen to deliberately link opposition to the TPP with Maori radicalism. More>>

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PM's Post-Cabinet Press Conference: Waitangi And TPP

Update - Key invited to attend, speak at marae. Prime Minister John Key today said his office has received an invitation for him to visit the Lower Marae on Waitangi Day, but was waiting for a meeting of the Te Tii Marae Trustees. More>>


Olex Sydor: Photos - TPP Rally At Government House

Photos from Saturday's Wellington rally to hand over a petition to the Governor-General on the TPP at Government House. More>>


TPP Signing: Implicit Police Threat Appalling

Reports of the police visiting known activists to ask their plans for the TPPA show appalling judgement and are a poor attempt at a chilling effect, said the Green Party... “It carries with it an implicit threat and New Zealanders have the right to speak out and have their voices heard." More>>


Labour Ructions:

Gordon Campbell: On Bribing The Saudis, Investor-State Disputes, And Oscar Racism)

Does this sound familiar? In the mid 2000s, New Zealand wanted to pursue a humanitarian policy, on live sheep exports. This happened to offend a Saudi foreign investor, who eventually threatened legal action against it… More>>


PM's Press Conference 26/1/16: TPP, Waitangi, Sheep

Other commitments mean Prime Minister John Key's first post-cabinet press conference for the year would be a short one. Before explaining this, Key showed willing by rattling through his summary of Cabinet discussions like a man whose goal was to get through all the words as quickly as possible. More>>


TPP Text Released: Gordon Campbell On Why The TPP Is Something We Shouldn’t Sign
So the Trans Pacific Partnership is due to be signed next week. This means very little, beyond a confirmation that the text being signed was indeed the text that was negotiated… the research evidence is accumulating that the alleged benefits from the TPP are being wildly over-stated. More>>


TPP Analysis: The Economics Of The TPPA
“It is striking how little the TPPA will deliver. Without the TPPA, our GDP will grow by 47% by 2030 at current growth rates. The TPPA would add only 0.9%... Even that small benefit is a gross exaggeration." More>>


TPP Analysis: Government Fails To Meet Obligations To Maori
‘Maori have long-standing concerns about law and policy relating to issues such as traditional knowledge, biodiversity and environmental management’, says Carwyn Jones, who wrote that section of the paper. ‘The TPPA will hamper the ability of future governments to develop Treaty of Waitangi-consistent law and policy in these areas.’ More>>


Auckland Signing Confirmed: World Bank: TPP Better For NZ Than US
New Zealand stands to reap considerably greater benefits from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade and investment agreement than the United States, says a new study of the controversial pact by economists at the World Bank. More>>


14/11/15: Massive Turnout Of Kiwis Say ‘TPPA: Don’t Sign’

“The Government has spent the last five weeks since TPPA negotiations concluded on a comprehensive PR mission to tell New Zealanders that this deal is supposedly in their best interests. Today, over ten thousand kiwis nationwide proved that PR mission has failed,” said It’s Our Future spokesperson Edward Miller. More>>


Scoop Audio: Jane Kelsey On The TPP Text

Professor Jane Kelsey held a TPP briefing for media, covering the current timeline and obstacles for US and NZ adoption of the agreement, the status of NZ challenges relating to negotiations, specific issues so far raised by the released text, and plan for full analysis in the New Zealand context. More>>


November: Text Released - "Government’s Snow Job On TPPA Exposed"

‘As expected, access to the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement reveals major holes in the government’s “fact sheets”’, says Auckland University law professor Jane Kelsey... More>>



Previously: Scoop Coverage: TPPA Deal Reached

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