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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 22 October 2007



Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: March to War: NATO Preparing for War with Serbia?

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Today in the globalized realm of international relations everything is interlinked. Eurasia is all but a giant jigsaw in name. Two opposite forces are creating a synthesis. This state is a result of the dynamic and static pushes to infiltrate the Eurasian ...

2: Khagendra Thapa: My Vision for Nepal

Khagendra Thapa

According to the 2001 census of Nepal, there are 103 different ethnic groups in Nepal. They speak at least 90 different languages. Some of the ethnic groups are as small as 164 people. Nepal is a country of minorities. The largest minority group is that ...

3: New Zealand wins 2007 World Hip Hop Championships

NZ Ambassadors

Press Release New Zealand wins 2007 World Hip Hop Championships Saturday 20th October, 11pm, Belgrade, Serbia NZ Hip Hop crew - Xbox 360 NZ Ambassadors, have just taken out the World Hip Hop title in an all out World final held in Belgrade, Serbia at ...

4: Will the election theft machine do it again in 08?

With record low approval ratings for the Bush/Cheney regime and the albatross of an unpopular war hanging from the GOP's neck, do you think that a Democratic presidential candidate will win the White House, get us out of Iraq, and end our long national ...

5: Grey warbler surprise winner in Bird of The Year

Forest And Bird

Who says small, drab, grey insectivores can’t be loved? The grey warbler (riroriro) has emerged as the surprise winner of Forest & Bird’s Bird of the Year poll.

6: Hundreds March For "Terror" Accused In Auckland

Joseph Barratt

Protesting this week's early morning raids and demanding that police abandon their threats of terrorist charges against the17 activists arrested, a couple of hundred people rallied in support of the accused and ridiculed proposed new terror laws in ...

7: Cookson & Davies: NZ Post Colonial? Yeah Right


The orders are received. The men prepare, put their combat boots on, cover their faces and load their guns. The exits are blocked, the people are searched and terrorized and the activists are dragged away. Palestine, Iraq. Afghanistan? – not this time. ...

8: Rudd puts paid to Cullen’s anti-tax cut rhetoric

New Zealand National Party

Michael Cullen should be eating his words now that both major political parties in Australia are promising far-reaching tax cuts, says National’s Finance spokesman, Bill English.

9: Fireworks Fantastic 2007-Saturday 27 October 2007

Upper Hutt City Council

One of the Wellington Region's largest Fireworks display takes place next Saturday 27 October when Upper Hutt's busy outdoors season stars with this year's Fireworks Fantastic organised by Upper Hutt Rotary Club is at Trentham Memorial Park with gates ...

10: Groups join to back emissions trading scheme

Greenpeace New Zealand

21 October 2007 - Five of the country's leading environmental organisations have joined forces to respond to recent business criticisms of the Government's emissions trading scheme.

11: Sam Smith: Why Hasn't John Edwards Done Better?

Sam Smith

When Democrats talk about things they don't like about John Edwards, they typically express skepticism about a wealthy trial lawyer advocating populist positions or his $400 haircut or the size of his 10,000 square foot home and 15,000 square foot ...

12: Agenda Transcript: Maori Party's Te Ururoa Flavell


Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell is now taking a more cautious stanceon the nationwide police raids which have occurred in the past week. The Maori Party has been heavily critical of police actions, but this morning on TVOne's "Agenda" Mr Flavell said ...

13: Mythology and Iconoclasm of Zeitgeist The Movie

Charles Shaw

We humans are myth-driven creatures. Our mythologies help define us and shape us and provide us with the context of our lives, so that we may navigate through our days and make sense of a world that at times appears so overwhelming, out of control, ...

14: Protest NZ's Bid For UN Human Rights Council

Montreal Maori Solidarity Committee

Montreal. Last week in Aotearoa /New Zealand, Maori sovereignty campaigners, environmental, peace and social justice activists, were targeted in military-style raids under the post 9/11 Terrorism Suppression Act, and are being painted in the media as terrorists. ...

15: Scoop Full Coverage 2: Police Activist Raids

Scoop Full Coverage

Protesting this week's early morning raids and demanding that police abandon their threats of terrorist charges against the17 activists arrested, a couple of hundred people rallied in support of the accused, ridiculed proposed new terror laws, and ...

16: Cosgrove Speech: Investing In NZ"s Housing

New Zealand Government

Investing in NZ’s housing future - speech to the New Zealand Property Investors Federation Annual Conference

17: Burmese "Panties for Peace" Campaign

Terry Evans

A Burmese pro democracy group based in Chang Mai, Thailand have come up with an imaginative way of expressing their disproval against the brutal Burmese junta, by sending womans' knickers to Burmese Embassies.

18: Further Positive Preliminary Data on DiabeCell®

Living Cell Technologies

22 October 2007, Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia: Living Cell Technologies Ltd (ASX:LCT, OTC: LVCLY) is releasing this update on the excellent initial responses observed in its DiabeCell® trial in Russia to ensure that the information is available ...

19: North Shore Police Seek Assistance

Police - Nrth Shore Waitakere

North Shore Police are investigating an incident on Browns Bay Beach last Friday night, the 19th of October 2007, where a disoriented young woman was found semi-clothed and in a distressed state. Police are attempting to piece together events leading ...

20: Christchurch Protest Over Activists Imprisonment

Simon Scott

A peaceful but angry crowd of a 100 or so protesters, gathered in Cathedral Square, Christchurch on Octorber the 20th, as a gesture of solidarity with the 17 people arrested and labelled as “terrorists”.

21: Book Review: Israel/Palestine Question, Ilan Pappe

Jim Miles

Ilan Pappe's highly revised second edition of The Israel/Palestine Question offers the reader a very instructive read on changing historical perspectives about Israel/Palestine within one over-riding theme - land tenure and population control.

22: J. Sri Raman: The Return of Benazir Bhutto

J. Sri Raman

She came back, she was seen, she conquered - that might have served as the wrap-up line for the repeated footage on South Asian television channels of a former prime minister's return to Pakistan on Thursday. The summary, however, would not have stated ...

23: Alinghi Vows To fight On

Team Alinghi

Alinghi Will Continue To Try Up Until The Court Room Steps To Find A Solution To The Situation

24: Exposing Unacceptable Financial Advice


Exposing Unacceptable Financial Advice EUFA has gained great momentum with the media coverage since it was launched in September.

25: Rugby World Cup 2011: Spotlight on New Zealand

New Zealand Government

The next steps in New Zealand's four-year campaign build-up to hosting Rugby World Cup 2011 were announced by Rugby World Cup Minister Trevor Mallard, following the conclusion of the 2007 event in Paris today.

26: Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 21 October 2007

Scoop Daily Ratings

Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

27: Asia: Diabetes wake-up call after years of neglect

Bobby Ramakant

Diabetes mellitus is emerging as a major health problem in Asian countries with world's highest number of people with diabetes living in the region. This warning came from International Awardee (2005) of World Health Organization (WHO) Prof (Dr) Rama Kant, ...

28: Second Manukau Crossing "Doesn’t Add Up"

Campaign For Better Transport

The Campaign For Better Transport today questioned why the $250m second Manukau Harbour Crossing project is continuing in its present form.

29: Bureaucratic infighting costing patients

New Zealand National Party

National Party Health spokesman Tony Ryall says yet more in-fighting between District Health Boards is jeopardising co-operation within the health sector and costing patients services.

30: Peace Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

David Swanson

If you haven't already, you really should read Chris Hedges' book "War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning." The portrait of war and wartime propaganda and emotion is brilliant and deadly accurate. But the headline is misleading. War does not give ...


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