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The Week Ahead - Black Plane - Diana's Death Mysteries - Black Caps Win In Style - Tragic Death - Why New Zealand Is So Violent - Liquor - Seafood Industry Happy With New Rules - APEC and full coverage of the latest developments in the Winebox saga and much more...

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The Week Ahead: Secrets, Lies, Liquor and Producer Boards

- Scoop is anticipating a big week in Parliament this week with mounting pressure on the government and particularly the Prime Minister, as the opposition mounts an offensive on the Secrets and Lies revelations made by Nicky Hager last week. See… The Week Ahead: Secrets, Lies, Liquor, Prod Boards [1] in the Headlines wire.

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Black Plane

- A story first written up by Scoop is gathering steam. The 'unique' Kevin Roberts wanted an All Black plane [1] and now pressure is growing on Air New Zealand to deliver. In the Sunday Star Times Air New Zealand CEO Jim McRea is quoted saying the idea is now under active consideration as pressure mounts – see coverage in the News Monitor wire. Today a Scoop reader has a question and answer on the question of How Did Saatchi's TM The Silver Fern? [2] . See the Headlines wire.

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Unanswered Questions Remain On Diana's Death

- John Howard reports that on the second anniversary of Princess Diana's death there remain a number of unanswered questions. See… Diana's Death - Unanswered Questions Remain [1] in the Headlines wire.

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Kiwis Win Test Series in England

– The Black Caps snatched a test series victory from England last night and farewelled coach Steve Rixon in style. The Kiwis won by a comfortable 83 runs after bowling superbly in perfect seaming conditions. Dion Nash took 4 for 39 in the final innings and Daniel Vettori and Shane O'Connor took two wickets each. Chris Cairns was awarded player of the series. The series was won 2-1. It is the second New Zealand series win on English soil and the third series win ever. Some English journalists must be keeping low profiles... For a full report (through the eyes of an Englishman) see… The Sporting Scoop: NZ Win Cricket Series [1] in the Headlines wire.

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Scoop Today

- Today's top 20 rating items on Scoop were... Scoop Ratings - Diana, Cricket and The Week Ahead [1] .

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Tragic Death

- ACT says the death of four year old James Whakaruru [1] is a grim reminder of the dangers facing children who grow up in s severely dysfunctional families. In most of these families, education achievement is minimal, violence is rife, drug and alcohol dependency is part of the daily lifestyle, and parental responsibility is negligible.

[1] -

Why New Zealand Is So Violent

- New Zealand will keep its place as the most violent country in the developed world after South Africa until we get full employment, a victim-centred justice system and a vastly improved mental health system, Alliance leader Jim Anderton says. See… Why New Zealand is so violent [1] in the Parliament wire. However National think they have the solution, although rather different from Anderton’s. Justice Minister, Tony Ryall said average sentences for the most violent crimes have risen steadily under National-led Government. See… Sentences For Violence Longer Under National [2] , also in the Parliament wire.

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Peters Speech – Winebox

– “Even parties who claimed to stand against the establishment and the two old parties, even parties and politicians who claimed to support MMP, increased representation of the average New Zealander and co-operation and constructiveness between political parties for the sake of the country - even they refused to support the public and New Zealand First in our campaign for justice.” See the whole lot… Winston Peters West Auckland Speech [1] in the Parliament wire. However ACT Richard Prebble has this to say: “It seems extraordinary that commentators are now saying that a legal ruling on an academic point of law, about a complex tax arrangement that happened 15 years ago, restores Mr Peters credibility.” See Prebble’s speech… Winebox allegations not upheld [2] , also in the Parliament wire.

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Birch Not Fit To Be Revenue Minister – Peters

- This afternoon New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters delivered a broadside at the Finance Minister saying Sir William Birch "either does not understand the law or he has contempt for the law. Either way he is not fit to be Minister of Revenue." See… Birch Not Fit To Be Revenue Minister - Peters [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Spirits Industry Ask Parliament To Treat All Alcohol The Same

- Ahead of Parliament finalising the liquor laws tomorrow the spirits industry is calling on MPs to reconsider their position on the types of alcohol that may be sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. See… Treat Spirits the Same: 'Alcohol is alcohol' [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Changes Approved To Fisheries Cost Recovery Rules

- Fisheries Minister, John Luxton and Treasurer Bill English today announced that Cabinet has agreed on changes in fisheries cost recovery rules designed to reduce business compliance costs within the fisheries sector. See… Cabinet Approves Change To Fisheries Cost Recovery [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Seafood Industry Welcomes Moves

- The New Zealand Seafood Industry council welcomed the new cost recovery package which was supported by Cabinet today. See… Cost Recovery Reforms Pave Way For Brighter Future [1] in the Business wire.

[1] -

Green Party Fortress Mentality

- “The Green Party's 'fortress New Zealand mentality', distortion of the truth and ignorance of commercial reality should be a warning to the public," Defence Minister Max Bradford said today. See… Green Contract Claims 'Arrant Nonsense' [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

V8 Street Race For Auckland?

- Auckland City Council and a motor sports event specialist are investigating a number of potential sites for a V8 supercar street motor race to be held annually in the city, starting in 2001. See… Major V8 Waterfront Motor Race Investigated [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

Reducing Traffic For APEC

- Auckland City Council will be open for business during next month's APEC conference, but with fewer staff on duty in its central city premises. See… Reducing Auckland's Traffic For APEC [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

Prebble / Bunkle Clash Over Hospital

- Responding to media requests for his answer to Alliance MP Phillida Bunkle's claim that National would site the new main hospital at Newtown because of his campaign as MP for Wellington Central, ACT MP Richard Prebble said that there was some truth in her claims. See… Prebble Only Wgtn. MP To Support Newtown Hospital [1] in the Parliament wire. However Phillida Bunkle says the Alliance's Hospital Plan ensures Wellington Hospital will not be downsized, will not be 150 beds short, will be full sized and it will have full tertiary services. Above all, it will also be fully publicly financed and owned and based in Newtown. See… Prebble admits using Hospital as election Football [2] in the Parliament wire.

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Power To The People

- The Consumers' Institute says there has been a lot of interest in their power information service. The service, called PowerSwitch, ranks electricity retailers by price, based on details of usage and location provided by the user. It is available through the Internet ( and the Institute says there have been more than 12,000 visits web site.

Bad Blood Anger

Around 60 people gathered at Parliament yesterday to highlight the plight of Hepatitis C victims. They were infected following the use of unscreened blood in transfusions from 1990 to 1992. They want the Government to do more to compensate about 150 people infected by bad blood. The Government says that since July last year, it has settled out of court with 18 people who got Hepatitis C from bad blood, and made offers to around 40 others.

Death Toll Rises

- The death toll from the Earthquake in Turkey has risen to 12,000 with around 30,000 still missing.

The Future of Universities

- The Alliance said that Max Bradford's suggestions that only three universities should undertake research means New Zealand would lose four universities [1]

[1] -

On The Campaign Trail

- "Make no mistake, Election '99 is about making the right choice. A choice about leadership, about ideas, about the New Zealand we want to be and about who can deliver.." said Jenny Shipley in her 'Looking Ahead' speech. [1]

[1] -

Sir Ron's "Smart" Transaction Not So Smart After All

- Scoop formed an early view on Sir Ron's "Smart" transaction [1] , on the day he reported back in August 1997. Scoop has compiled a set of links from the archive showing how the Wine-box story has unfolded over the last two years. A good place to start is Scoop's Davison Report preview - which explains why the wine-box report was always destined to miss the point. Winebox Report Will Miss The Point [2] . It still has. See... THE DAVISON WINEBOX REPORT--- SCOOP FULL COVERAGE [3] in the Headlines wire.

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Several Winebox Findings Ruled Invalid

- The High Court in Auckland has ruled that several key findings of the Winebox report by Sir Ronald Davison are invalid. In a decision that took one hour to deliver the finding announced that Sir Davison made an error of law in finding the 'Magnum Transactions' were legal and in finding there was no incompetence in the Inland Revenue Department or Serious Fraud Office. Despite these initial rulings being judged invalid does not mean the IRD or SFO were incompetent or that the Magnum Transactions were illegal. The finding notes that this reduces the criticism of Winston Peters in Sir Ronald Davison's report.

Peters Claims Victory For Taxpayers

- Winston Peters has immediately claimed the decision is a victory for all New Zealand taxpayers. See… Winebox Decision Victory For New Zealand Taxpayers [1] in the Parliament wire. Scoop will keep you updated and will file a background report in the Headlines wire later this afternoon. Earlier in the day NZ First MP Ron Mark gave a speech on the Winebox. See… Winebox Speech From Ron Mark MP [2] in the Parliament wire. Also, Winston Peters made a speech on his favorite subject. See… The Winebox - Who's Responsible? - Peters [3] in the Parliament wire.

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