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Cablegate: Daily Iraqi Website Monitoring - August 29, 2005

This record is a partial extract of the original cable. The full text of the original cable is not available.




E.0. 12958: N/A

SUMMARY: Discussion on the Constitution was the major
editorial theme of Iraqi, Arabic language websites on August
29, 2005. END SUMMARY.


A. "Iraq's Constitution - Theatre of the Absurd" (Iraq4all,
B. "Islamists Remove Their Masks--Beware of the
Constitution" (Modern Discussion Website, 8/29)
C. "The Constitution between Compromise and Veto" (Dar al-
Iraqiya, 8/29)
D. "Ba'athism and the Legitimacy of the Constitution"
(Wattan 4 All, 8/29)


A. "Iraq's Constitution-Theatre of the Absurd"
Editorial by Salah Omar Al-Ali, Iraq 4 All News Website

"For six months now, the Iraqi National Assembly's theatre
has been showing a comedy entitled, `Drafting the Iraqi
Constitution.' And we reveal no secret when we say that all
acts were completely prepared in the White House kitchen. As
for the actors, they only have the role of translating these
scenes and expressing them through tragic gestures to limits
that make you sad and want to cry and through comic gestures
that do the same.

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Whereas some players support and others reject (they agree
and disagree) they all follow one director occupying Iraq's
thrown these days--the Occupiers (Ambassador Khalilzad and
Negroponte before him).

Many nations took a long time to draft their constitutions,
including the United States that needed eight years to
complete and approve its constitution, while Germany took
seven years after toppling the Nazi regime. So how can
Iraq's constitution be drafted in seven months while it's
still under the occupation of the U.S. military, and should
we distract people with this issue to divert their attention
from the main cause of resisting occupation?

The current constitution completely neglects the country's
sovereignty, advocates for sectarian confrontations under
the guise of federalism, and threatens unity under the
moniker of preserving rights.

Imposing a constitution drafted according to the TAL and
devised by the best known Zionist extremist personalities
represents the utmost degree of disrespect for Iraqis and
Iraq's future generations.

We join our voices with those demanding the rejection of
this draft which, if approved, will expose Iraq to great
catastrophes. We call for demonstrations, a collection of
signatures to be sent to the U.N., and convening meetings in
all Iraqi cities to clarify the dangers resident in this
draft proposed by an illegitimate National Assembly."

B. "Islamists Remove Their Masks--Beware of the
Editorial by Nejah Yousif, Modern Discussion Website

"I wasn't surprised by the vicious campaign launched by
supporters of the United Iraqi Alliance against the
Communist Party and the Kurdish coalition, after finding
itself in an undesirable position due to its failure in
providing security, deteriorating services, and
administrative corruption, in addition to many
assassinations and attacks executed by its militias
currently controlling police and military forces which can
be clearly seen though sectarian slogans mimicked by these
forces on Iraqi satellite channels.

Drafting a constitution is a national responsibility that
should not overlook any of the population's components nor
hinder half of the society through Islamic laws.

The current `revised' draft constitution reflects the
ambitions and desires of religious clerics to take over and
reach the state of clerical ruling currently found in Iran.
This draft is worse than the first constitution in Iraq's
history. The stinking stench of sectarianism is obvious and
its consequences will be inflicted on the suffering masses.

What makes things worse is that the election boycotters, or
those who are truly former regime elements, have rejected
the draft for proposing Islam as a main source of
legislation and not the main source of legislation. In
addition to opposing federalism and the eradication of the
Ba'ath Party they want to return to square one and
rehabilitate their fascist party members so they may re-
enter the political process and take over power again.

On the other hand, the U.S. seems to be confused about its
policy in Iraq, allowing Islamists to impose their Islamic
constitution over a multi religious and intellectually
diverse Iraqi society. The U.S. promoted this constitution
describing it as a democratic example that would encourage
the region's people, but what seems to me and others is that
it neither encourages Iraqis nor the region's people, and if
allowed to continue it will yield an ineffectual and
decrepit constitution.

And to complete the picture, the attack against secular and
democratic powers should start now. Where today's fascists
have learned from those of yesterday, and have followed the
concept of divide and conquer by assuring Kurds of
federalism (until they were able to gain endless rights for
the Shiite clergy and their take over of the police and army
forces) and circulating rumors about communists and their
struggles to distort their image and prevent any secular and
democratic visions.

Iraqis have shown patience and endured crises and bloody
wars to be able to live in a society of justice and
equality, without sectarian divisions where women remain
threatened by the authority and dominance of men. The only
thing I can do in the face of the enemies of democracy is to
vote `No' over the constitution."

C. "The Constitution between Compromise and Veto"
Editorial by Adil Al-Rubai'ee, Dar al-Iraqiya (The Iraqi
House) Website (http://www.normal.iraq-

"All civilized countries throughout the world have had their
democratic and constitutional experiments which developed
over decades or even hundreds of years before evolving into
their current forms guaranteeing stability and prosperity
for their citizens and promoting the peaceful transfer of
authority through democratic principles based on competition
among political parties and power through ballot boxes.

Although a lot of these experiments are similar in their
outlines, concerning the general principles of political
life, we can't ignore that each experiment is unique due to
political and constitutional changes.

And whoever reads the political and constitutional history
of these countries will find that constitutions were
developed and integrated over time in ways that match
peoples' hopes and open new horizons.

Our draft constitution and all of the hot debates around it
is a base for the new Iraq and not a future frozen in a
destiny that can't be changed or modified--especially if we
know that people have the final word. The important thing is
that sticking issues should be settled according to national
interests and not to use compromises to impose minority
vetoes on the majority because that won't serve the
political process or the national interest."

D. "Ba'athism and the Legitimacy of the Constitution"
Editorial by Abdul Baqi Faraj
Wattan 4 All (A Country for All) News Website
( 5&pg=articles)

`This constitution lacks legitimacy - this is what a man who
landed on a podium coming from another time announced! A man
without a mustache and long beard who put a white turban on
his head, who wore a flowing white garment with a black
short cloak on his shoulders. I thought for awhile that he
is one of Sahaba (Prophet's friends) or one who was carrying
his sword though he didn't have one.

You could give this individual, from another heaven, several
names! He resembles Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein,
Zarqawi, Qatar's Foreign Minister, the Supreme Leader of the
Islamic Republic of Iran, Bashar Al'Assad, Qdaf al-Dam and
numerable others of death and darkness. But he is comrade
Sheikh Abdul Nasir Al-Janabi who came forward this morning
to announce Iraq's constitution which Iraqi people will give
their vote to on October 15th. `This constitution lacks
legitimacy' because it wasn't written on a basis of

With whom and how could compromise be achieved? Abdul
Nasir's comrades announced.The constitution should be
written in a compromise with them! What they intend to do is
to re-legitimize respect for the Nazi Ba'ath Party.

Apart from being, you either agree or disagree with the
draft Iraqi constitution because its articles were written
by people with clerical minds. This is the political reality
and this is the power balance. You should listen to the
peoples' opinion even if you disagree with those who wrote
the constitution and with majority opinion which is not
always right !
You should then listen on October 15th for two letters or
more when people say `Yes' or `No.' "

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