Cablegate: Cameroon's Nominees and Public Diplomacy Plan for The


DE RUEHYD #1041/01 3421443
R 081443Z DEC 09


STATE FOR S/P Greg Berman and R/PRR Sehreen Noor-Ali


E.O. 12958: N/A

REF: STATE 112468

1. In response to reftel, Embassy Yaounde submits the following
nominees in rank order of preference for the Presidential
Entrepreneurship Summit:

Alamine Ousmane Mey

Mr. Alamine Ousmane Mey is the General Manager of the Afriland First
Bank, one of the largest banks in Cameroon. Under his leadership,
Afriland First Bank has facilitated access to banking services and
finance to develop business in the Cameroon Muslim community.
Afriland Bank created the Islamic Deposit Account, aiming to
facilitate access to financial operations by the Muslim community
with sharia compliant solutions. Afriland Bank also assists the
Cameroonian National Hadj Commission and offers Muslims a savings
plan to finance a trip to the holy places in Mecca.

Ahmadou Moussa

Mr. Ahmadou Moussa is the General Manager of the Complexe Avicole de
Mvog Betsi in Yaound, a private company which specializes in the
reproduction of chicks using artificial incubation with vials
imported from Iowa. A Muslim, Mr. Moussa has extended his business
to all three regions of the Grand North, employing almost one
hundred people in Garoua, Maroua and Ngaoundr. Recently, he
extended his business to N'djamena, Chad. His ambition for next
year is to create an industrial chain of slaughtering which will
enhance his ability to export chicken. He is also working on a
project to create a training school in the Grand North aimed at
encouraging the Muslim community into professional poultry farming.

Mr. Moussa is the President of the Inter Professional Poultry Sector
Union of Cameroon and President of the Inter Professional Poultry
Sector Union of Central Africa. He is also member of the Cameroon
Chamber of Commerce.

Ibrahim Moukouop Nguena

After graduating from the National Polytechnic Institute in Yaounde
with an engineering degree in Computer sciences, Mr. Moukoup created
Megasoft Cameroun in 2000. A lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute,
he directs the "Polytech-Valor" project which promotes
entrepreneurship among young engineers. Himself a young entrepreneur
from a strong Muslim- influenced community in West Cameroon, he
encourages young Muslims into entrepreneurship and assists graduates
in the difficult job market of Cameroon. Mr. Moukouop is also a
consultant for the International Labor Organization and for the
National Social Insurance company (CNPS) in Cameroon.

Dalle Seth Biack

Mr. Biack is the management adviser to Cameroon Active Wear Impex
(CAWER), the first Cameroonian company to take advantage of the AGOA
textile visa for Cameroon by shipping a container of t-shirts in
November, 2009. Mr. Biack expects orders that will allow him to
send a container a week, a significant export opportunity for
Cameroon. He has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from
Laval University- Quebec, 1985, and a Masters degree in Management
of Small and Medium Size Organizations from Quebec University of
Chicoutimi, 1988.

Musa Usman Ndamba

Mr. Musa Usman Ndamba is a business leader in the Mbororo
communities of the North West region of Cameroon - a minority
community with limited access to education and other social
amenities. He is President of the Bamenda Economic Operators
Association, a grouping of over 1,000 small businesses in the area.
Among his accomplishments is the expansion of the traditional
"njanji" system of cooperative credit which provides small scale
financing in the various markets in Bamenda. His association pools
small daily savings of its traders into a common account from which
the traders take turns receiving small loans.

Herman Aghanguh Kamfa

Mr. Kamfa founded SOLARHYDROTECH Power Company in Bamenda, Cameroon,
after graduating from the International University Bamenda in
Electronics and Electrical Engineering. His engineering company is
developing a number of projects, including: recycling computer
monitors into TV receivers which he resells to poor families in his
community at affordable prices; micro hydro power for rural
communities; biomass and waste conversion to energy; and solar

photovoltaic electricity for household lighting and water pumping.
He invented a solar incubator for premature infants, which is
currently in use in some hospitals in his community, and he is
currently working on a project to make solar energy affordable and
available to remote communities not connected to the national
electricity grid.

Ikome Efokoa Wegmuller

Mr. Efokoa is the CEO and founder of Blue Drops Studios, a leader in
the nascent Cameroonian film industry. He directed and produced the
film "Not My Will," which portrays the challenges of university
students in Buea, Cameroon. Efokoa also produces music videos,
which have received awards and have been nominated for the Kora All
Africa Awards 2009. Efokoa is active in promoting the film industry
in Cameroon, helping facilitate the Fako film festival, organized by
The French Cultural Center, in Buea.

Paul Kamgang

After a career in information technology, most recently as the Chief
Information Officer for Shell Exploration and Production Cameroon,
Mr. Kamgang founded African Project Management Consulting, a company
that specializes in building business capacity and project
management training. He created the African Project Management
Academy, delivering international management standards courses such
as PMI, ITIL, and SIX SIGMA. He has helped numerous high profile
businesses and hundreds of professionals obtain international
certification in project management standards. He holds a Masters
Degree in Computer Science from the National Advanced School of
Engineering - Yaound.

Patu Jume Shang

Mrs. Shang runs Tadu Dairy, a multipurpose cooperative of more than
300 farming families aimed at increasing milk and beef production
and subsequent transformation into value added products. The
co-op's new milk processing unit has a 1000-litre capacity and can
produce yoghurt, butter and cheese. Tadu Diary trains milk
collectors, milk processors, and marketing agents to work with its
innovative collection and distribution system. Shang has
implemented modern accounting methods, human resources, quality
control, and a code of hygiene. Her artificial insemination program
has led to notable increases in efficiency and production.

Among Mrs. Shang's other accomplishments are: helping elaborate
Sectoral Policy for the Cameroon Ministry of Livestock Under the
Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiatives in 2001; acting as
provincial representative of the committee in charge of the
implementation of the lactoperoxidase system; acting as a promoter
at the international dairy expo in France and in Senegal in 2005 and
2008 respectively; acting as President of the Management Board of
the Jakiri Veterinary School since November, 2009.

Yves Fokou

Educated in engineering at Purdue University, Yves Fokou manages his
father's lumber and hardware businesses in several countries in
Central Africa. Officially, he is the Assistant director of S.C.T.B
(Societe Camerounaise de Transformation du Bois) and C.E.O of FOBERD
CONGO, a hardware store which recently opened a supermarket section,
SOFAPRAL, a wine factory, SFPAL, a construction supply manufacturer,
and CODECO, a soap and detergent manufacturer. At the wood
processing company, he made several improvements in processing
timber which resulted in avoiding wasted timber and keeping the
company out of bankruptcy. Mr. Fokou implements an anti-corruption
policy in all of his businesses that focuses on ethics, transparency
and integrity.

Haman-Adji Moussa

Mr. Moussa is a published novelist and predictably quirky inventor.
His latest innovation is a game for families entitled the "Cameroon
Game," which aims to educate people about Cameroon's place in the
world. A Muslim hailing from the northern Sahel region, Moussa
originally worked in the airline freight business; if his latest
foray into the game industry pans out, he promises to follow it with
the "Obama World Game."

Paul Mbafor

Paul is a young entrepreneur who, with his father and brother,
founded Eshcol Housing And Mortgage Corporation, a real estate
company. One of the company's projects is to develop an "American
city" housing community in Mimboman in partnership with

approximately one hundred Cameroonians in the diaspora. The project
would attempt to replicate the planned housing developments of the
U.S. He led a team of his company's top 4 executives to Embassy
Yaounde's annual Investment Forum on Projects and Finance held in
April, 2009 in Washington DC.

2. Embassy Yaounde's public diplomacy plan will include:

- A roundtable of entrepreneurs and business leaders hosted by
Ambassador Garvey in Yaounde or Douala in January;
- A roundtable of entrepreneurs and business leaders hosted by the
Ambassador in the Muslim majority Extreme North Region of Cameroon
in January;
- A continued dialogue via email on business and entrepreneurship
issues with roundtable participants and select business leaders;
- Meeting with entrepreneurs during in-country travel (such as the
Ambassador's recent visits to dairy and other agricultural
cooperatives in North West Province).
- Press coverage for the Entrepreneurship Summit.

3. Mission point of contact for this initiative is Pol/Econ Officer
Erik Martini, who can be contacted for additional details or
follow-up with nominees.

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