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*** Court Reports From Friday: Six Bailed In Aftermath Of "Terror" Decision, Five More "Terror" Accused Get Bail In Auckland & "Terror" Accused Bailed & Name Suppression Lifted ***
*** Latest Comment: Nicky Hager: How To Decide Who Is A Terrorist? & Paul Buchanan: A Comment On Terrorist Conspiracy ***
*** Urewera 17 Profiles: Emily Bailey, Valerie Morse, Ira Bailey , Omar Hamed & Rongomai Bailey ***

Rule Of Law Demands An Inquiry Into "Operation 8"

There is some irony that Wednesday Parliament is debating at length the Madeleine Setchell affair (Scoop Video) - and that only Tuesday an urgent debate into the Decision of the Solicitor General (Scoop Video) not to charge 12 people with Terror offences was refused by the speaker. While the Setchell affair is a fascinating (to the media) and somewhat sordid little affair, it has no punch compared to yesterday morning's revelations in the Dominion Post (link), The Press - and doubtless several other publications over the next few days. More >>

"Terror" Evidence Leaked: Minto And Meurant Discuss The Evidence With John Campbell

[TV3 Video On Demand] Campbell Live has obtained the evidence collected by police which was given to the Solicitor General in an effort to charge people under the Terrorism Suppression Act. Thanks to a last minute call from the Crown solicitors they cannot broadcast it - but they can discuss it obliquely. More >> See also... John Minto: Police go for trial by media

Scoop Video: Solicitor Gen. "Terror" Charges Press Conference

Video on demand of Solicitor General Dr David Collin's 4pm press conference this afternoon. Dr Collins announced will not be granting leave for charges to be laid under the "Terrorism Suppression Act" against 12 people arrested on October 15th. After reading out a prepared statement Dr Collins took questions from the media. Bail applications for the 10 accused who remain in custody will be held in Auckland District Court tomorrow. More >>

U-17: "Shame" Calls Target Left-Leaning Labourites

Scoop News: (Text+Photos+Video) Joseph Barratt reports that cries of "shame" met Labour party members as they entered the annual Labour conference earlier today as protesters gathered outside. Over a hundred people turned up outside the Bruce Mason center in Takapua to show Helen Clark and other Labour party members their anger at new anti-terror legislation. Includes video of an alleged assault by a Labour Party delegate. More >>

Urewera 17 Court Hearings In Auckland District Court Completed: 10 In Jail - Seven Bailed - Seven Have Name Suppression

- Court appearances of the Urewera 17 have now finished in the District Court in Auckland. 16 of the 17 accused arrested as a result of police terror raids on October 15th have appeared over the past 2 days. (The 17th person arrested on Oct. 15 in Ruatoki faces drug charges unrelated to the "Terror" raids and it seems was just caught by accident in the "Terror" net.) For full coverage of the marathon court session see... Full Coverage: Urewera 17 In Court - Nov 1st & 2nd. For a summary of the results from the 2 days of hearings see also... Indymedia: Urewera 16 In Court - 2 More Bailed

Paul Buchanan: A Comment On Terrorist Conspiracy

To clarify the debate given continued evidence suppression and putting legal wrangles aside, the question as to whether at least twelve of the Urewera 17 were involved in a terrorist conspiracy reduces to four fundamental principles: capabilities, preparation, planning and targets in the construction of a terrorist plot. Beyond that, it is a matter of ideology and law. More >>

Minto Vs Trotter: Left Fights Itself Over Terror Raids - John Minto:"Kia ora Chris, I don't usually write to people like this because there are usually more productive things to do. However I'll make an exception in this case. I didn't see your earlier pieces on the so-called "terror roundup" but saw your Dominion piece on Friday and SST column last weekend. I thought both were shallow and sometimes pompous but more importantly they were a weak commentary on kiwi activism and potentially damaging in relation to the accused." EDITOR'S NOTE: Scoop sought a response from Mr Trotter to this letter. At present Mr Trotter has decided not to respond. More >>

Scoop Video: PM On Mallard's Fisticuffs, 'Terror' - Video on Demand of the Prime Minister, Helen Clark's post Cabinet press conference for Parliamentary press gallery journalists held at 6.50pm Monday evening. More >>

Urewera 17: Maori Party Declaration Re: Police "Terror" Raids - We consider that the use of the Terrorism Suppression Act as the vehicle for justifying the attack against specific groups of New Zealanders has engendered a level of fear and anxiety amongst the general community…" More >>

Paul Buchanan: The "Guantanomisation" of NZ's national security policy - Intelligence specialist and Auckland academic Paul Buchanan writes that the arrest and detention without bail of seventeen activists represents a step towards the "Guantanomisation" of national security policy in NZ. More >>

Ruatoki Fallout: Police Explain What Busses Were And Weren't Searched - Police have now checked the facts surrounding allegations around armed police involvement with school buses. The facts are as follows: A school bus load of children was not stopped and searched by armed police. More >>

"Operation 8": Protestors –Call For End To Police "Terrorism" - Protesting this week's early morning raids and demanding that police abandon their threats of terrorist charges against the17 activists arrested protestors rallied around NZ over the holiday weekend. More >>. See also court reports from the bail hearing in Wellington & Auckland yesterday.

Immigration: Locke Worried Advanced Passenger Processing Working Too Well - The use of a United States database for New Zealand's Advance Passenger Processing system raises serious concerns, the Green Party says. "This could easily lead to many innocent people being stopped from getting on planes coming to NZ," Green MP Keith Locke says. More >>


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Mixed Sight: New Zealand, The Five Eyes And China

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