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  • Molesworth & Featherston (Weekend) – 15 Sept. 2005 - Rolling Poll: Lab 39.72%, Nat 40.76%
  • Centrebet - Brash Firms as PM Betting Favourite After Debate

  • 16 Sept - Herald Digipoll: Lab 44.6%, Nat 37.4%

  • TradeMe - National Picked To Win 45% Of Party Vote

  • Muffin Break - It's National - By Half A Bean!

  • SCOOP POLL WATCH: TVNZ Says Its National – TV3 Says Labour

    Poll Clash - TV polls released this evening at 6pm on the two major TV networks signal two different outcomes for the election on
    Saturday. TV3/TNS says its Labour in the lead, TVNZ/Colmar Brunton says its National. See full details here… See... Poll Clash: TVNZ Say National, TV3 Say Labour. See full details here…Pollwatch: TV3/TNS Lab. 40.5% National 38.7% & here… Poll Watch: TV One Colmar Brunton - Nat 43, Lab 37

  • Hide leading in Epsom - Roy Morgan poll

  • Mâori TV TNS Poll – Te Tai Tonga Electorate

  • Centrebet Election Punters Betting on Change of Govt

  • 14 September - Fairfax ACNielsen - Nat 43%, Lab 37%

  • Generation Jones is driving NZ Voter Volatility

  • Keepleftnz Poll Points to LPG landslide

  • 11 Sept - One News Colmar Brunton poll: Nat 41%, Lab 39%

  • Sept 11 - HoS Digipoll: Lab 42.1%, Nat 38.5%

  • Sept 11 - ACNielsen-SST Poll: Nats 44.1%, Lab 37.2%

  • On the SST poll, see also...Public Address 12/09/05 - Gadzooks!, Frogblog: Who the Hell knows? & Keepleftnz Poll Points to LPG landslide

    Scoop Poll Watch: TV3 Poll Reverses National's Lead

    3 News TNS Poll - Projected number of seats in the House on the basis of the latest poll results Number of seats* Labour 57 National 45 NZ First 6 Green Party 8 Maori Party 2 United Future 2 Progressive 1 ACT - Total seats 121 * These figures are based on Progressive, United Future and the Maori Party winning one electorate seat each See... TV3/TNS Poll Stunner: Lab: 45% Nat: 36%

  • TNS Poll – Te Tai Hauauru Electorate

  • TNS Poll – Te Tai Tokerau Electorate

  • 7 Sept - Parties Neck And Neck In Muffin Break Poll

  • 4 Sept - One News Colmar Brunton: Lab 38%, Nat 46%

  • 3 Sept - Fairfax/AC Nielsen: Nat 44%, Lab 41%

  • 2 Sept - Herald-Digipoll: Lab 43%, Nat 39%

  • Mâori TV TNS Polls:
    Tainui - Mahuta (Labour) 57%, Angeline (Mâori) 36%
    Tamaki Makaurau - Sharples (Mâori) 49%, Tamihere (Labour) 43%

  • 31 August - 3 News TNS Opinion Poll: Lab 48 seats, Nat 51. Also … Full Tabulated Results

  • Muffin Break Bean Poll Puts Labour In The Lead

  • 28 August - One News Colmar Brunton Poll: Lab 43%, Nat 40%

  • 28 August - BRC-SST poll: Nats 43, Lab 37 post Nat tax cuts

  • Herald Digipoll - Labour: 45%, National: 36%

  • Scoop Poll Watch: UMR Insight/NBR Lab: 42 Nat: 33

  • Centerbet 23/8 - Brash's PM Odds Blow Out To A Campaign High

  • Two TV News Polls Confirm Labour Leading - New TVNZ and TV3 polls both show Labour making gains in the crucial party vote. TVNZ's Colmar Brunton Poll has Labour ahead by eight points, TV3's TNS poll shows Labour ahead by four.
    The Latest TV3 Poll points to a Labour/Green/Progessive Government with a majority of one. See... Scoop Poll Watch: TV3 TNS Poll 6pm 22 August and Scoop Poll Watch - TVNZ Colmar Brunton: 21/08/05 Labour Leads

  • 19 August - Morgan Poll Shows Labour Up 2%, Nats Fell 1.5%

  • 12 August - Centrebet: Election Punters Betting That Labour Won Debate

  • Punter Takes A Flutter: $50,000 On The Nose For Labour - A Centrebet punter today bet $50,000 on Labour winning next month's New Zealand election. Centrebet reacted by cutting its exclusive odds on Labour retaining power from 1.61 to 1.53. The Centrebet punter will make a profit of $30,500 if Labour provides the next prime minister. "I'd be very happy if I was Helen Clark and very concerned if I was Don Brash as election punters don't bet so big so early unless their fancy is miles in front," says Centrebet's Gerard Daffy. See... Punter bets $50,000 on Labour winning NZ election

    Scoop Image: Election 2005. Molesworth & Featherston’s Rolling Poll Shows Labour Continues To Rise - The turnaround in Labour’s fortunes in the rash of polls at the end of last week have shot it back in front in our rolling poll of polls, leaving it with a new-found confidence; and all the options. Molesworth & Featherston counts the numbers… See... Molesworth & Featherston (Weekend) – 5 August 2005

  • Scoop Poll Watch: One News Colmar Brunton: Aug 05

  • Maori TV/TNS Poll Samuels Well Behind Harawira

  • Maori TV/TNS Poll: Turia at 74% in Te Tai Hauauru

  • 1 August - Star Times Confirms Labour On The Rise

  • 28 July: - Centrebet: Labour becomes the NZ General Election favourite

  • 27 July - Centrebet: Labour's Loans Policy is a Winner Say NZ Punters

  • 26 July - Centrebet: Labour and National joint favourites for election

  • 25 July - Response To Marae Digipoll Survey Results

  • 18 July - National Increases Lead Over Labour

  • 28 June - NZ Herald-DigiPoll

  • 19 June - TV1 Colmar Brunton Poll

  • 18 June - Fairfax NZ/ACNielsen Poll

  • 15 April - 3 News TNS Poll

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