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Email Virus Warning

JIM MURPHY, Media Flash subscriber, passes on this urgent warning from
Microsoft: There is a new virus - Wobbler. It will arrive on an E-mail
titled 'California'. IBM and AOL have announced that is very powerful,
more so than Melissa, there is no remedy. It will eat all your information
on the hard drive and also destroys Netscape Navigator and Microsoft
Internet Explorer. Do not open anything with this title and please pass
this message on to all your contacts and anyone who uses your E-Mail
facility. Not many people seem to know about this yet so propagate it as
fast as possible.'

* 'If you receive an E-Mail titled 'Win A Holiday' do not open it. It will
erase everything on your hard drive. Forward this letter to as many people
as you can. This is a new, very malicious virus and not many people know
about it. This information was announced yesterday morning from

Global Editions For Fairfax Papers

* FRED HILMER, Fairfax CEO, says The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and
The Australian Financial Review will now be published at Press Point
on-demand centres across the world. The Age starts today with a 32-page
A3-tabloid global edition, available at hotels, retail outlets,
bookstores, international airlines and universities throughout North and
South America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. Price is $US2.50 and £1.50.
STEVE HARRIS, Age Publisher, says the edition will be available on the day
of publication. Press Point is led by former New York Times COO LANCE
PRIMIS. Papers are printed from PDF files. Others in the network include
Financial Times (UK), Guardian (UK), Washington Post National Weekly (US),
Bloomberg News (US) and Handelsblatt (Germany).

B&T Resigns ABC Audit

* SAMANTHA TANNOUS, Editor of Ad News published by JEREMY LIGHT for Yaffa
Publishing, has made much of B&T Weekly's resignation from the ABC audited
paid circulation list. B&T's circulation had fallen to 5463 in the
December 1999 ABC figures, with Ad News reporting 7970 circulation. A
'house ad' promotes Yaffa's MICHELLE BECKLEY and MARIA GATOUDIS as the
people to contact for media industry advertising.

* P.S.: For media industry advertising, don't discount Media Flash. With
6300 subscribers, we're now the industry's 'number two' publication ...
and as they say, 'we try harder'.

Text Media Float: Oversubscribed?

* ERIC BEECHER, Chief Executive of Text Media, appears likely to have led
a highly successful public offering of shares, with the offer scheduled to
close this Friday (August 25). Company Secretary IAIN HORDEN'S
Supplementary Prospectus notes total funds intended to be raised by the
offer are $21.25 million, less secondary sales of $17.25 million. Gross
proceeds are $4 million, less expenses of $1.115 million. Net proceeds are
expected to total $2.885 million. Text Media officials are bound under
Corporations Law, ASIC and ASX rules to keep a silence during the IPO
period, and all are playing it strictly by the book.

* J B WERE, underwriters, will be entitled to an underwriting commission
of 3 per cent of $21,250,000. They will also receive a management fee of
0.75 per cent of $21,250,000; plus reasonable costs in connection with the
offer. Lawyers BLAKE DAWSON WALDRON are due for $140,000 for legal work on
the float. Auditors/accountants PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS notch up $176,000.
ARTHUR ANDERSEN'S Corporate Finance Division will receive $408,000 for
financial advisory services in relation to the float.

Web Media Group Launches

* ALEX McKINNON, Managing Director of Web Media Group, is launching - a network of professional content people including
writers, editors, proofreaders, covering a range of specialist areas and
providing multi-media content and editorial management to all forms of
media. PAUL PALYZA, on (02) 9219 9911, is seeking additional specialists
in all subject areas for mew clients developing newspapers, magazines and
Internet portals.

Tax Refund For Foxtel

* JUSTICE JOHN LEHANE says Foxtel's TV guide was tax free because it was
neither a 'program of entertainments or program of amusements'. FIONA
BUFFINI of The AFR reported that Foxtel is entitled to a refund for sales
tax paid on the acquisition of the magazine from printers Wilke & Company.
The magazine, now led by Group Publisher NICK CHAN and Publisher DIANA
O'NEIL, is now published by ACP Magazines, as agent for the News TV
Magazines - ACP Magazines partnership. The 144-page mag, now edited by
MICHELLE BATEMAN, under ACP Customer Publishing Editorial Director CHUCK
SMEATON, is printed by Hannanprint. The September issue includes a C7
Olympics insert, offering a $54.95 package until August 31, to rise to
$76.95 after that date.

What Future For Bayside Southern Cross?

* BRIAN STAGMAN'S crew at The Bayside Southern Cross (re-badged as a
Melbourne Weekly licensed edition) include some who are again speculating
on the future of the 24-page gloss-newprint hybrid, with
32,000-circulation in the Beaumaris, Black Rock, Brighton, Hampton and
Sandringham sand-belt wealth-belt. The paper is headed by General Manager
Photographer DAMIEN HORAN and Ad Manager MARIA STEVENSON. These same names
are in the skite box for sister publication, Emerald Hill Times including
The Melbourne Weekly. Bayside editorial is being filed by KATE WILLIAMS,
with EHT words written by DHANA QUINN and JEWEL TOPSFIELD, plus MANDI
ZONNEVELDT and PETER ANGELOPOULOS who write for Melbourne Times.

Strong Independent Tradition of Pride

* PAUL THOMAS, Managing Director of South East Newspapers, contacted Media
Flash after last week's report on the expansion of Melbourne titles by
NEIL COLLYER at Fairfax Community Newspapers, and industry speculation on
any marketing moves that may be made by SYLVIA BRADSHAW'S team at Leader
Newspapers. Paul Thomas emphasises that his family have had a proud
90-year tradition of independent publishing through their Pakenham
Gazette, Berwick News and Cranbourne News titles, and do not want them
regarded as speculative chess pieces in the marketing battles of other
companies. His company also produces the North-Western Real Estate News
and South-Eastern Real Estate News, the latter now being stitched and
trimmed. It has been printed at JOHN B. FAIRFAX'S Capital Fine Print plant
in Canberra. The company started in 1909 with ALBERT THOMAS starting the
Berwick Shire News and Pakenham and Cranbourne Gazette, after he'd
established the Violet Town Sentinel (now in HELEN DONALDSON'S Euroa
Gazette), and taking over the Southern Mail and Outtrim News at
Korrumburra (Vic.).

North East Online Formed

* PHILIP NOLAN, Managing Editor of North East Newspapers, has announced a
new company, North East Internet Pty Ltd, 'formed by local media and
investors to build and promote NorthEast TODAY'. The site will have 'a
range of cyber stalls and information booths', with sites for local towns
and cities. Media include HARTLEY HIGGINS' newspapers including The
Chronicle at Wangaratta, and WALTER MOTT'S 3NE and EDGE FM radio stations.
'An advisory board, representing local government, communities and
commerce interests will be appointed and advise on content and services.'
Community information meetings are planned.

Queensland Quips

* PAUL SCOTT of Hot-FM writes: "KARL STEFANOVIC of Channel 9 Brisbane,
newly recruited from Channel 10, was seconded to read the Gold Coast news
last week. His work was not un-noticed by talkback callers. He was hired
as guest co-breakfast host for Sea FM for three days this week on his days
off. Meanwhile, his partner CASSANDRA THORBURN has moved from Ten to Nine,
and is mixing weekend reporting with Assistant Producer roles at
Queensland Extra."

* GAVIN LAUMAN and ART CONNELL, Editor and Ad Manager respectively of the
Pine Rivers Press, have added a new dimension to the business excellence
awards being run through the News Limited Suburban Newspapers network.
They have added a Hall of Fame, in the Quest Newspapers promotion,
inducting four businesses at this month's gala night.

* KYLIE KNIGHT and LISA CRAWFORD are preparing an Entertaining Caboolture
section in the Quest Newspapers - Caboolture Shire Herald, with ads led by

West Australian Wire

* DAVID BIGNOLD, Group Sales and Marketimg Manager of Perth's Community
Newspaper Group, has announced a Suzuki Baleno major prize in a raffle
sponsored by his company. Proceeds for the raffle go to the Women and
Infants Research Foundation. The newspapers also hold a fund-raising
golf-a-thon for the organisation.

* CHANNEL 31 PERTH is airing The Sensitive Future, a series about the town
planning processes shaping Perth. It features celebrated City planner PAUL

Melbourne Desk

* EDDIE McGUIRE, SAM NEWMAN and BRIAN TAYLOR host Channel 9's annual footy
match - the E.J. WHITTEN Legends Game - next week, on Tuesday, August 29.
Their Grand Final Edition airs on Thursday, August 31.

* CHERYL LONG (no relation) and NARDA CAIN have won Alpine Shire full-page
advertising for their free eight-page Ovens & Kiewa Valley Echo, produced
from Bright (Vic.) and printed at The Yarrawonga Chronicle. Long
previously had the Myrtleford-based Independent Weekly.

* RUTH JONES has stepped down as CEO of the Australian Film Institute for
a position at a philanthropic organisation. DEB VERHOEVEN, head of RMIT's
School of Media and Cinema Studies, takes over.

This Week in Byron Bay

Police fear NYE riot; North Rail to close off beach access; Bats favoured
in school site decision; Plans for three wood fired power stations; MUNGO
MacCALLUM considers O'Loughlin's judgement - all in this week's ECHO,
Byron Shire's independent locally-owned weekly with attitude. THE ECHO
hits the streets of Byron Bay and the web at on Tuesdays.
National advertisers are welcome to communicate with Australia's most
sophisticated rural market. Email or ring (02) 6684
1777. (Advt.)

Your ABA

* CHRIS SZYMANSKI forwards this exchange from the Australian Broadcasting
Authority's current hearing (from Wednesday) for full-time radio licences
in Sydney:

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: Mr Ramos, at page 15 of the evidence folder, if you can
refer to it - -

* 'MR RAMOS: Yes.

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: - - 2 Groove indicates that it represents a community
commonly referred to as Generation X.

* 'MR RAMOS: Yes.

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: And the community consists of the people who fall
within the age group of 25 to 40.

* 'MR RAMOS: Yes.

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: What has 2 Groove relied on to support its belief that
there exists a generation called Generation X?

* 'MR RAMOS: Is that a serious question?


* 'MR RAMOS: I understand that we are not bound by the rules of

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: That is correct.

* 'MR RAMOS: One should never answer a question with a question - but
experience, my own experience.

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: So you're saying based on your own experience you think
there's a Generation X. Is there anything that you can point to that
suggfests that there is a generation called Generation X? Where can I find
a book that refers to Generation X or an article? Is there anything like
that which you can point to?

* 'MR RAMOS: Documents and articles are not necessarily direct evidence of
the existence of such a generation. One might ask do baby-boomers exist?

* 'MS VASSILIADIS: We are referring to Generation X in this instance.

* 'MR RAMOS: Marketing information and research comparisons. If your
question is that Generation X does not exist, my answer to that question
would be that you need to get out more.'

Air Waves

* HOMER SIMPSON goes 24 hours a day on FOX-8 from September 15, during the

* RENAE LEITH of The Sunday Mail (SA) reports that NWS-9 is rumored to be
producing a new show to match ADS-7's Discover. Nine's Location Adelaide
attracted only 48,500 viewers last year.

* JOHN PINCH, Clear Channel executive, is tipped as new Australian Radio
Network boss. Clear Channel is a 50 per cent owner of the network.

* RADIO 3AK PTY LTD is a new company that applied for registration as a
proprietary company last week (Monday, August 14) with the Australian
Securities and Investments Commission. Fotr those about to perform a
company search: ACN 094 135 261. (Not to be confused with Radio 3AK
Holdings Pty Ltd, ACN 077 454 730; or Radio 3AK Investors Pty Ltd, ACN 075
084 712).

Community Radio

* BRUCE and KAYE CARTY, husband-and-wife managers of Radio Yesteryear
(Kariong, Central Coast, NSW) have been granted a permanent licence for
their community station, specialising in music from the '30s to the 70s.
BOB STAINES' Central Coast Express Advocate reports the call sign changes
from 104.5FM to 99.1FM.

* GREG ALLEN-PRETTY starts the evening shift tonight (Monday) at 2CBA-FM
103.2. He tells Media Flash that Program Director JOHN O'DONNELL already
has the station sounding 'a lot more focussed'.

So, This Is Showbiz

* MORNA STURROCK, former Fleet Street journalist, opened the Second
'Stitched Up' Festival at Wangaratta (Vic.).

* VAL JELLAY was honored by MIKE MUNRO'S This Is Your Life team on
Thursday night. Val's address, to order her latest book, is 57 Page
Street, Albert Park, Vic. 3206.

Australian Media Job Directory

* SEE our Employment Section at the bottom of the page.

Big Names Dept.

* ANDRÉ HAERMEYER, Victorian Police and Emergency Services Minister, will
have his staff member COLIN BROOKS under State Opposition scrutiny. As
reported in Media Flash's Midweek Update (Wed., Aug. 16), Brooks - also a
City of Banyule Councillor - is a shareholder in Australian Press Holdings
Pty Ltd, which plans to launch The Banyule Observer local newspaper on
September 2. Brooks' business partner is DALE PETERS, current Banyule
Mayor, and also a former Haermeyer office staffer. They will pitch their
weekend distribution newspaper against The Heidelberger, established in
1959 by JOHN MORGAN'S Heidelberg Publishing Company, with the MOTT
FAMILY'S then-Leader Publishing Company. A look at Victoria's registered
business names also shows two other names on the official list: Banyule
Leader and Banyule Independent. The Banyule Community News monthly is run
by CAP Press owner CARL A. PREUSKER, son of ARTHUR PREUSKER - Editor of
The Local Paper (Manningham, Vic.).

* IMPORTANT NOTE from ASH LONG: From 1995 to 1999, I published a weekly
paper called The Advertiser in the Banyule - Nillumbik area. Recent enough
to be still listed in the Yellow Pages. I was a Manager at Leader in the
late 1970's and early 1980's when some of the newspapers under my
responsibility were The Heidelberger and Diamond Valley News. I am a
member of the local Rotary Club of Rosanna. So I do have a wide, practical
knowledge of the area and its people. Insiders say that a Leader
Newspapers staffer told a strategy meeting last week that I am an investor
or participant in the new Banyule Observer. Absolutely, categorically not
so. In my only conversation with co-owner COLIN BROOKS, he wouldn't even
reveal where the paper is being printed!

Smaller Names Dept.

* PAUL SCOTT of Hot-FM writes: "ABC Regional Manager at Mildura/Swan Hill,
VICKIE ADAMS, was one of 10 ABC employees in Australia selected to carry
the Olympic Torch. Her stint was a 400-metre effort at Mildura on Saturday
(August 19)."

* DAVID FRASER has joined the Board of PMP Communications as a
Non-Executive Director.

* ROY WRIGHT has joined The Age as Associate Advertising Director.

* JOHN DIXON, former Executive Editor at Community News (Vic.), is in
hospital following a double leg amputation.

Movers And Shakers

* JULIE UPSON, Publisher of The Western Times (Vic.), went to the aid of
Art Director MICK MARTIN, resting at home after a mild heart attack
several weeks before. Mick was said to have suffered another attack, with
Julie and ad rep MARY WYTIK driving Mick straight (well, almost) to
Western Hospital. Was there some equally urgent newspaper business on the
way to the hospital?

* JULIE UPSON is in partnership with renowned Editor RON COLEMAN, with
their Western Times stable of three papers rumored to be a takeover target
of RUPERT MURDOCH'S Leader Newspapers. Our real estate spy says Ms Upson
seemed unperturbed when her Newport home failed to sell at auction several
weeks ago. It is now listed for private sale at $530,000, with Jules
making her move to a new $600,000-plus home at Williamstown's Rifle Range

* ZOE VELONIS is leaving the Editor's position at Brother Sister newspaper
in Victoria.

* JENNY BOUDA is leaving for Melbourne after 11 years at The Alpine
Observer and Myrtleford Times (Vic.).

Regional Round-Up

* MICHAEL GOREY is promoting the Alpine Link online business in Myrtleford
(Vic.) Chairman is JUDY BREWER, and Regional Sales Manager is DAVID
MONTGOMERY. Michael's by-line is also seen in the editorial columns of
North East & Goulburn Valley Farmer.

* PAUL SCOTT of Hot-FM writes: ANDREA CLOSE has resigned from duties at
Mildura's 99.5 FM and 3MA-FM to return to TV in Canberra, presenting the
weather and undertaking relief newsreading duties at TEN from August 21,
but taking three weeks off for pre-arranged Olympic Games duties as venue
announcer for table tennis and basketball.

* TIM HUGHES has landed production/announcing work at 3WM Horsham,
following a scaledown at 3MA Mildura/Star FM 99.5. ANTHONY MILICH, who
lost his position at Bendigo, is out of radio - he's home in the Riverland
of South Australia working his next move. Ex Prime-TV advertising salesman
at Mildura, TRENT ROSE, is back in radio. Trent is with 3SH Swan Hill, in
the town where he was raised and educated.

* CHRIS McPHERSON'S Country News weekly tabloid, 41,500 circulation in 11
newspapers, last week included its Horticulture & Viticulture Quarterly.
North-East Victorian contemporary HARTLEY HIGGINS is publishing the
Victorian Viticulture News, also quarterly.

Odds and Ends

* NEVILLE WILKINSON writes: 'Dear Ash, Just a background on our company.
We are a small publishing business called MagNet Publishing. we have just
published our first issue of a motor sport publication named V8X Supercar
Magazine - nothing but V8 supercar. The publication is aimed at the 18-28
youth demograhic but our larger footprint will tend to be 14-38. The first
issue is due on the shelf on August 18 (Friday last week) and is a
lifestyle magazine in the sport of V8 Supercare racing. In the future we
plan to expand our website incorporating more information and activities
plus a V8 Supercar Ezine service.'

* LINDSAY FOX, head of the Linfox transport group, took out a full-page ad
in today's Daily Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald to praise Olympics
organisers. He signed off with "I am, You are, We are Australians. Now
let's get on with it!'

* LISBETH GORE ('ELLE McFEAST') 'stars' in the latest YAHOO SERIOUS
offering, Mr Accident. Critics say she should go back to interviewing MARK
'CHOPPER' READ, and he should go back to his name of GREG PEAD himself.

The Local Report

* LEANNE SMITH is leading the push of Fairfax Community Newspapers in
Melbourne's eastern suburbs, and has included a 16-page color House & Land
section in the Maroondah Journal and Yarra Ranges Journal editions, with a
combined 69,024 circulation. They have won over space from major client
KURT GUNTHER of Rosier Real Estate from Leader's Maroondah Mail and
Llillydale & Yarra Valley Express. The ad team on the FCN papers includes

* TOM MILOSEVIC'S Messenger Newspapers has lodged a Freedom of Information
request with the South Australian State Government for documents related
to colored sands at Maslin Beach.

* FRED HILMER has foreshadowed a return of the printing of Fairfax
Community Newspapers to The Age presses, returning by April next year from
JOHN B. FAIRFAX'S Rural Press plants at North Richmond (NSW) and Ballarat
(Vic.), and TONY WHITING'S Border Mail at Wodonga (Vic.). The Fairfax
Board has approved a color capacity upgrade for the Age 'U' Goss press,
enabling back-to-back color: 'Whilst the new Tullamarine facility will
cater for The Age and The Australian Financial Review, (it) does not cater
for current and future color and capacity demands for FCN in Victoria.' Up
to 45 jobs will remain at Spencer Street to print the FCN titles. News
Limited Suburban Newspapers boss GENE SWINSTEAD is expected to soon
announce new press arrangements for his Melbourne stable of 31 titles.

Personal Bests

* JOHN GANNAN continues a top run at the Frankston-Longbeach Flier and
Mornington Peninsula Flier (Vic.) with the second fortnightly edition
registering 84 pages, including 56 pages of real estate. Expect the
Fairfax Community Newspapers title to soon go weekly.

* MAXINE McKEW'S interview with TOM HUGHES QC, published in The Bulletin
edited by MAX WALSH, was a fine piece of journalism.

* JOHN ENGISCH'S Northern Beaches Weekender, edited by JOY WILSON, this
week had the Page One screamer headline of 'World War III'. Quite a scoop
for the Dee-Why based weekly (NSW).

Glass House Dept.

* DENISE SIMPSON, Manager of the 40-page Southern Gazette Community (WA),
could have been a little red-faced this week when the computerised Page 3
went to press, complete with a spot reading 'Missing Ad. Ad Number:
387568. Account Number: 15529. Account Details: NEVILLE B. MAY. QJumper ©
1999. Quantum 2000.'

* PHILIP NOLAN, Managing Editor of Victoria's North East Newspapers, had
his publications invite readers to dial up the company's new joint
venture, - 'no appearance Your Worship' when we
tried to click on, today.

* TONY MORRIS, Publisher of the 88-cent Numurkah Leader (Vic.), raised
some local eyebrows with this week's direct front-page wording on a
difficult subject in his paper: 'Well known Murray Football League
administrator, DAMIEN JONES, tragically took his own life in the early
hours of Friday morning last week. Damien suffered a break down in May and
had been fighting severe depression ever since.' Brave coverage in a small
town paper.

Members' Mailbag

* LILIANA INGUANTI is new on the Media Flash subscribers' list. Liliana is
Customer Service Manager of Fairfax Business Publications' Magazine
Division. We also add VANESSA McQUARRIE, E-Marketing Writer at B & T
Weekly; RACHEL SAVIO of Mirror Australian Telegraph Publications;
ELIZABETH STEREL, Executive Editor at Sydney Morning Herald; EVE SINTON,
Environment Editor at The Echo, Byron Bay (NSW); DAVID PRATER, Researcher,
Centre for International Research on Communication and Information
SAMPSON at Fairfax Community Newspapers (Vic.); ANGELA E. CLARKE at Pol;
DARREN WOODLEY, P3, South Melbourne.

* Welcome also to CAM WARD; ARUN BISWAS; journalist ANDREW MALE; MICHELLE
BUCKLEY, Recruitment Sales Manager at Courier Newspapers (NSW); AMY TRAVIS
at Pacific Strategies; RACHAEL HARRIS at Rural Press.

Editor's E-Mail

* DAMIAN O'KEEFE writes: "Dear Ash Long, I am writing in response to the
piece on ALEX CLULOW'S Sydney Night Out publication. Mr Clulow is quoted
as saying the publication will be 'the only magazine catering to Sydney
night venues'. 3D World Publishing have been publishing 3D World for 10
years. The content is mostly based on night venues/night clubs and
associated music." EDITOR REPLIES: Mr Clulow's quotes come the front-page
of his South Sydney Bulletin. Media Flash featured 3D World in June this

* RICHARD WALSH writes: "Dear Ash, Your account of the fate of The Sunday
Review in your A long Story - Part 3 (Media Flash, Wed., Aug. 16) was so
garbled as to be totally misleading. In particular, your statement:
'BARTON'S Sunday Review followed a similar sales pattern to the 1999
example of The Eye, created by ERIC BEECHER'S Text Media: both failed to
create a demand for the publications.' In truth, the Sunday Review became
the Saturday Review and then The Review, before merging with the Sydney
fortnightly Nation and emerging as Nation Review. This weekly, in one form
or another, lasted most of the 70s. In its heyday it outsold Fairfax's
National Times and was arguably amongst the most influential newspapers in
the country. It did not fail to create demand; on the contrary, it
ultimately sank under the burden of fending off more than 50 libel suits.
Best wishes, Richard Walsh." EDITOR REPLIES: Richard Walsh selfishly
restricts his Review memories to HIS days, ignoring that it continued into
the early 80's under publishers including GEOFF GOLD, MARY MONTAGU and
PETER ISAACSON. And we've challenged Walsh to prove one of his claims, by
producing a copy under the banner of The Saturday Review. We bet his
memory is wrong: $100 to the Salvos if he comes up with the goods. The
Zeitgeist wire has returned to silence.

Long Shots

* JENI COOPER, Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, perhaps needs her team to
take care with promotions in the 96-page National Edition. Yesterday's
front-page boasts a '20-page color travel lift-out' in Body + Soul. B + S
made just three pages in the National run. The index gave a reference to
gossip columnist ROS REINES on Page 94. All that readers found was PHILLIP
KOCH'S writings.

* RICHARD SCHMEISZL'S by-line at the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times
carried an 'Exclusive' tag this week over a local union yarn. At one time,
admittedly in the 1970's, the Sentinel-Times was streets ahead in layout
and presentation. Now, even the paper - produced by NOEL LADGROVE - has
conceded that it is perhaps time for an editorial make-over, with a Page 3
note about a PANPA Awards adjudication: 'This is not a pretty newspaper,
but it is feisty and knows it.'

* JOHN HOWARD, Prime Minister, is called a 'Party Boy' in one online
publication's report about last week's National Press Club knees-up. The
newsletter has withdrawn its early Monday edition reference using the word

Bottom Line

* $21.9 MILLION half-year profit is the result announced by APN News &
Media CEO VINCENT CROWLEY: it's a 31 per cent increase.

* 30 EMPLOYEES is all that the Electrical Trades Union represents at Seven
Melbourne, according to full-page ads placed on Saturday by HSV-7 MD DAVID
ASPINALL, taking a stance over a threat to disrupt the broadcast of the
AFL Grand Final on September 2.

* $200,000 is being claimed by the Australian Bankers Association, from
Australia Street Consulting, according to TIM BOREHAM of The Weekend
Australian. The company's BOB MILLER - agent of JOHN LAWS - denies the
debt, and alleges that the ABA owes it the sum of $67,000.

* $296,960 is the claim against the ABC by former Programmer HUGH McGOWAN.

Last Word

* TOM SALOM reports in today's Daily Telegraph that GRANT GOLDMAN has been
dumped as the voice of NSW Cityrail.

P.S. -

* ROXANNE DUNKEL'S Australian Jewish News had a comment on Friday about
the elevation of JOE LIEBERMAN as potential US Vice-President. A whimsical
piece predicts the US will 'never have to pay retail again for nuclear

A Long Story - Part 4

* ASH LONG recollections have been held over - just like his career!

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Work Wanted

PAUL BETHELL, at, writes: I am a freelance broadcast
journalist, who worked for the BBC in London for 20 years and is now
living in Melbourne. I've been given your e-mail address by John Benson of
La Trobe University. Could you please put me on your e-mailing list for
the list of vacancies for casual work that you compile? Many thanks.

Senior Appointments

* BIZ.COM - the E-commerce section in GREG HYWOOD'S Sydney Morning Herald
- is hunting for a journalist to edit the section.

* ALLAN RAE at Rae Consulting is finding a Public Affairs Professional for
Esso and Mobil, reporting to the Public Affairs Manager, with possibility
of assignments in Exxon Mobil's global organisation.

* CHRISSIE VINCENT at Lyncroft Sydney has the assignment to take
applications for a National Retail Channels Manager for Austar.

* ANDREW BRUSHFIELD at Michael Page International is recruiting a Business
Analyst for the Village Cinemas International division of Village
Roadshow. The consultancy - through MATTHEW GRIBBLE - also wants a
Commercial Manager for Foxtel.

* MARIA JOSIPOVIC at Management Recruiters Australia is advertising for
applications for a State Sales Manager - Victoria for one of Australia's
largest manufacturers and distributors of broadband wirless equipment. Be
'part of the future of digital TV', Maria invites.

* GENINE MARTIN and CLIFF STONEMAN of Dunhill Sales and Marketing are
hiring an Ad Sales Executive for a client.


* PETER QUINN, Manager, News Chronicle Community (WA), seeks applications
for an Advertising Sales Representative's position to be sent to the
Northbridge office. Colleague TAMMARA DUNCAN, Manager of the Comment News
Community advertises a similar vacancy, and CVs can be forwarded to the
Kelmscott office.

* SAM TANNOUS wants to appoint a Journalist/Production Editor to her Ad
News team in Sydney.

* NETWEEK is advertising in Victoria for an Advertising Sales Manager.

* HAZEL EDWARDS of the Healesville-based Mountain Views Mail (Vic.) is
promoting a part-time or full-time classified ad sales consultant vacancy
for the weekly.

* STEPHEN ROYALL, Associate Advertising Director at Illwarra Newspaper
Holdings, will pay a starting package of $27,154 for an Account Executive
to work for The Illawarra Mercury and The Wollongong Advertiser. He also
is about to hire a Telephone Sales Consultant.

More Jobs

* SUSAN McDERMOTT, GM at Melbourne Independent Newspapers, has set an
August 28 deadline for applications for the Prepress/Production Manager

* EMMA EDMUNDS, at Fairfax Community Newspapers (Vic.), seeks
Inbound/Outbound Telephone Sales Advisers to work from the Dandenong
Classifieds room.

* HEIDI VOLPE at BRW Media, Melbourne, is taking CVs for an Ad Manager for
Fairfax Business Publications - publishers of BRW, Personal Investor and
Shares. The Division also wants a Photographer, reporting to the
Photographic Editor, c/- Sydney.

* KRISTINA LECKENBY, Sales Manager at The Dandenong Journal (Vic.), is
hiring a Display Sales Representative for the 135-year-old title.

Even More Jobs

* CHERYL LONG, Director of Ovens & Kiewa Valley Echo (Vic.) wants an
Ad-visor for the Bright, Myrtleford, Mt Beauty and Beechworth area. 'We
don't want you to SELL, we just want to be a point of contact between your
local businesses and The Valley Echo.'

* PHILLIP NOLAN at the neighboring Myertleford Times is hiring a B- or
C-Grade Journo.

* DAVANH INTHACHANH is looking for a Marketing Assistant to join The
Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald.

* JIM LAWRENCE, Editor of Community News (Vic.), is advertising for a
Journalist to cover sport for the Moonee Valley and Moreland editions.
Sub-editing experience would be handy.

* GLEN ROHAN at Metro News put an ad in Saturday's Age for a Grade 1

And Just Finally ...

* DEBORAH STONE, Editor of the Melbourne Edition of The Australian Jewish
News, has introduced the 'Global Shtetl' column with a whip-around
featuring excerpts from The Jewish Week (New York), Jewish Chronicle
(London), The Canadian Jewish News and Forward (New York). 'The wandering
Jew is a weed,' she explains. 'When people use the phrase in Australia
they are usually referring to an unwelcome plant that finds its way into
everybody's garden. The name of course comes from the epithet often
applied to the dispersed community when internationalism wasn't so
fashionable. In the new century, being a wanderer is much more of a


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