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Today's Celebrity News

Julia's Away, So Danny's At Play

He's been married less than four months but already Danny Moder's out and about seeing pretty women in LA's strip clubs. Julia Roberts' hubby and pals were spotted partying up a storm in the Fourplay club, chugging down lagers and stuffing girls' garters with $20 bills. " Danny told me Julia was filming in the Big Apple and he needed to let off steam," says busty bisexual stripper Debbie Ricard. " Danny was just out for a bit of fun. He tried to grab me and said 'Great tits,' but I warned him there was no touching. Danny backed off right away saying 'Ok baby, maybe later.' But there won't be a "later" sniffs Debbie, 24. " Danny scribbled his cell number on a napkin but I won't be calling any time soon. "I'm a big fan of Julia's. I'd rather date her than her husband!"

Princess Stephanie Admits Bottle Habit Princess Stephanie has to dye her hair twice a month otherwise she would sport a "white mane". Steph says gossip mongers prematurely cost her the sexy natural brunette locks loved by ex boyfriends and husbands alike. She says the pain and sorrow that devastated her in the aftermath of the car crash that killed her mum, Monaco's 'fairytale' Princess Grace, remain with her daily. "I didn't kill my mum but people will never stop accusing me," says Steph, who has always denied she was illegally at the wheel as a 17-year-old. "It's no fun having to get out the hair colour twice a month."

Melanie's Drug And Dope Pact With Son Alex

Melanie Griffiths' son Alexander has given up dope - and that led to a bonus spin-off...his mum banning booze. The Working Girl star recently admitted she gave Alex, 17, a taste for marijuana after introducing the drug to him. Though the youngster ended up in rehab, he says Melanie was being "tough on herself". "I'm a big boy now," he says. " Antonio said I must take responsibility and I am." Admitting his days of "chilling out with weed" are over, Alex believes his stand had a valuable spin-off - inspiring Working Girl star Mel, 45, to hop back on the wagon. Commenting on tabloid reports Melanie had been on drinking binges, Enrique Jorge, Antonio Banderas' longtime buddy, reveals: "They are thinking of letting cameras in the house and doing their own reality TV just to show that she's back on track. "Things are cool," Enrique adds. "She now won't have so much as a bottle of beer in the house."

Dead Ringer Dogs Crowe

Russell Crowe believes a lookalike is making his life a misery. The Aussie hunk has been told a "dead ringer " is turning up on the set of Cold Mountain in Rumania - sparking reports the Oscar winning star is dating Nicole Kidman, who is starring in the movie. "The guy does look like Russell, sports a scruffy beard, and takes a delight going around town signing autographs and blabbing to anyone who'll listen about the Gladiator," a set source says. " But one thing lets him down - he speaks with a Rumanian accent."

Andie's Good Butt Therapy

Gorgeous Andie MacDowell, who recently married childhood friend Rhett Hartzog, is pleased with all the body pump work she's been subjecting herself to. Andie, who has three children - Justin, 16, Rainey, 13, and Sarah, 7 - from her first marriage, says: "I think I have a better body now I'm in my 40s than I did when I was in my 30s. I know I do. I've worked very hard on my butt the last couple of years, because I wanted a nice round butt as opposed to no butt. I like a butt on a woman. I think it's a good thing." It's clearly worked. Andie says: "Rhett's happy and I feel better now than I ever felt. I also feel sexier."

Exit Christina, With Bruised Ego

Is songbird Christina Aguilera suffering from an inferiority complex? The hot tempered star pulled out of a Beverly Hills charity-raiser starring Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan - telling aides she didn't want to be 'upstaged.' One aide says: "Christina doesn't want to let folks down, she's sent off a big cheque. But she suffers from this pop tart tag. Julia and Meg are, like, revered as Hollywood sweethearts."

Best Of The Rest Of Today's News

Sir Paul McCartney's ambitious bride, Heather Mills, was once nearly killed by a lovesick lesbian she'd been living with. The strange incident is one of many that Mills, who has often been accused of exaggeration, recounts in her memoir "A Single Step" (Warner Books). She writes that it wasn't until she decided to move out of the flat they were sharing that she realized the woman, Gloria, "a short Joan Collins lookalike," was a lesbian and in love with her. Gloria, a topless model who had tried to get Mills to pose topless as well, threatened her with a knife but she managed to escape. Mills had a hard time even before she lost her leg when a police motorbike ran her over at age 25. Her father was a con artist and so bad at it that she had to steal clothes and food, and she was an "old hand' at shoplifting by the age of 10. "I only got caught twice," she brags. "It didn't stop me." When she was 8, she and a friend were kept captive by a paedophile who molested them for three days until cops broke down the dovelling fair cleaning vomit off the rides, then lived like a bum in a cardboard box under London's Waterloo Bridge. She became addicted to hot tubs after she got a sexual thrill courtesy of the bubble jets, and lost her virginity soon after when she picked up a man at a disco. But of all the things that have happened to her, Mills says being thrust into the public eye because of her relationship with McCartney was the worst. "I'd say one of the most horrible ordeals I'd ever been through was the media harassment," writes the shy maiden, as if she didn't love the attention. As reported on

Courteney Cox needs another house to fix up. Having finally finished renovating the L.A. manse they bought in 1996, Cox and husband David Arquette have put the five-bedroom pad up for sale at just under $6.5 million. As they start looking for a new nest, Arquette thinks it's time to clear up an oft-told tale that Brad Pitt used to clean the Arquette family's pool before he hit it big. "It's a complete urban legend," Arquette tells Webster Hall curator Baird Jones. Okay, but is Brad available to do it now? ... As reported in the New York Daily News

The 37-year-old "Sex and the City" star gave birth after only an hour of pushing, sources tell The Post. Sarah Jessica Parker is one sexy mama now. The "Sex and the City" siren gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in the wee hours yesterday morning at Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side, sources said. A placard on the door to the star's private, heavily guarded sixth-floor room revealed the baby's name, "David Perkins Broderick." Parker, 37, is married to baby-faced stage and screen actor Matthew Broderick. Parker apparently delivered her first child with relative ease, "pushing for just an hour," one source told The Post. She and her hubby arrived at the hospital with two cars full of security guards in tow and were immediately whisked upstairs, sources said. After the birth around 3 a.m., the newborn did not go to the nursery with other babies but instead remained in the room with Parker, as is customary in the case of moms in private rooms, sources said. The famous family's littlest show-stopper apparher hit HBO show, in which she plays frenetic sex-columnist Carrie Bradshaw. Neither the pair's reps nor the hospital would comment on the joyful event. The first photos of the couple's new bundle could fetch more than $200,000 for some lucky paparazzi, according to some estimates. As reported on

Julia Roberts got dressed up Saturday for what she thought would be a nice dinner and dancing at the Players Club. The star was dumbfounded when she found 100 of her closest pals waiting for her, all dressed in black tie, shrieking "Surprise!" Danny Moder went all out for his new wife's 35th birthday, renting the club and booking the Noel Freidline Quartet to play for his bride - who recently learned how to ballroom dance for her role in "Mona Lisa Smile." As reported on

Barbra Streisand dined at Arnie Morton's in BevHills with hubby James Brolin, and when the $180 bill came, the diva whipped out a crumpled, 1-year-old $100 discount coupon - then took a calculator from her purse and figured a 15 percent tip only on the $80 she had to cough up! That's right, folks - Ms. MultiMillionaire left a lousy $12 tip for the poor schleps who waited on her! As reported in the National Enquirer

Sharon Stone showed the right stuff at the Whitney Museum's "Black and White" gala last week when another woman showed up wearing an identical Vera Wang blouse and black tuxedo pants. Stone, accompanied by designer Wang, went up to the woman (who probably paid retail) and told her how good she looked. The party raised $1.7 million for the museum. As reported in the New York Daily News

ROBBIE WILLIAMS shouted "screw you" before singing a bitter song about ex-love NICOLE APPLETON on a TV special. He introduced Sexed Up from new album Escapology by denouncing former fiancee Nicole, who has angered him by revealing in her autobiography that she aborted his baby. And he informed the stunned audience that he used the lyrics - which contain the words "screw you" - to dump her four years ago. Robbie told the 450 guests invited to watch the concert being filmed for BBC1 on Sunday night: "The day I wrote this I played it to my then girlfriend and I closed my eyes to sing it. When I opened them again she was curled up in a ball in the corner of the room. Still, time heals all wounds." He added: "Here's a clue - look what I was doing in 1998 and she's now going out with someone from a very famous rock band." Then he looked into the camera, yelled, "If you are watching, I'm very sorry - screw you", jabbed his finger into the lens and launched into the song. As reported in the Sun,,2002500618,00.html

NICK Nolte's arraignment on charges of driving under the influence and being under the influence of a controlled substance have been postponed so his lawyers can test a blood sample. Prosecutors said the 61-year-old actor had used the banned depressant gamma hydroxybutyrate, of GHB, the so-called date-rape drug, before he was stopped on September 11. Police said his black Mercedes-Benz was swerving into oncoming lanes near his west Malibu home. "He was not under the influence of a date-rape drug. That's ridiculous," his lawyer Mark Werksman said outside court. "Nick Nolte is not out there popping illicit or narcotic drugs." Werksman and deputy District Attorney Loni Petersen had a brief private discussion with Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira. Nolte wasn't in court. The judge said Nolte could remain free if he abides by several conditions, including random drug tests, treatment in a ubstance abuse program, no driving until his license suspension ends, and abstinence from alcohol and drugs. As reported on,4459,5382090%255E10230%255E%255Enbv,00.html

Arnold Schwarzenegger has given the clearest indication yet that he might trade lights, camera and action for kissing babies and pressing the flesh. The Austrian muscle man, who has long been tipped to stand for the governorship of California, has given his backing of a campaign to public money towards after-school activities for children, and the move is being seen by many as the first step on the campaign trail. 'A lot of you know me from the movies, fighting gangsters and terrorists,' says the actor. 'But the fight I'm most proud of is the fight for children.' However Schwarzenegger, a Republican who counts George Bush Snr as a friend and is married to President John Kennedy's niece Maria Shriver, claims he has no political intentions. 'I don't want to run for governor, because it's very complicated just filling in the forms,' he laughs. 'Let's say I put down 'actor' as my profession, I might get sued for perjury.' With no new films on the horizon after Terminator 3 though, Arnie's new career direction miAs reported on

MADONNA's abuse of religious symbols in her new video looks set to enrage devout Jews. Madge is covered in Hebrew tattoos and wears a sacred Jewish prayer strap in the controversial vid for Bond film title track Die Another Day. At one point, sacred images go up in flames. Jewish spokeswoman Fiona Macaulay warned: "Her use of items intrinsic to Judaism will offend some people in the Jewish community." As reported in the Sun,,4-2002500628,00.html

CRAIG DAVID spends 40 minutes a day styling his beard with a razor, saying: "You can't do it half-heartedly." The heartthrob, who was a fat teenager, also admits he is addicted to chocolate and has been banned from snacking by his management. He says: "I can't just enjoy a piece. I'm like, let's have the whole bar and the rest of the bars." As reported in the Sun,,4-2002500628,00.html

Hospital drama for Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin. The star and his wife Christine rushed their daughter Alexandra, 5, to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. after she banged her head on a stone coffee table while playing at a pal's house. The frightened but brave little girl wasbleeding badly and had to have numerous stitches to close the gash in her forehead. But it looks like she's going to be OK. As reported in the Star Magazine Don't expect to see a pregnant Catherine Zeta-Jones in phone ads. The sultry "Chicago" star recently signed a deal to appear in commercials for VoiceStream's T-Mobile phones. Zeta-Jones reportedly got $1 million to replaced longtime spokeswoman Jamie Lee Curtis for the campaign, which is estimated to be costing $100 million. SO, A SOURCE says, the folks at VoiceStream were "pretty upset" when their new spokeswoman recently announced that she and hubby Michael Douglas are expecting a child in the spring. "The ads are quite sexy and show Catherine in a bubble bath or prancing around in a sort of provocative, playful manner," says a VoiceStream source. "Showing her pregnant is just not what the ad campaign is about. It's a real problem."A VoiceStream spokeswoman denies that the company is upset. "T-Mobile is all about getting more from life and we're delighted for Catherine and the rest of her family [for] being able to add new additions to their family," spokeswoman Kim Thompson told The Scoop. They're not so As reported on

Actress Winona Ryder claimed she was preparing for an acting role when she was first detained last December on suspicion of shoplifting at the posh Saks Fifth Avenue store, a Saks security manager testified on Monday. But her "performance" was captured on a 90-minute store videotape of her ill-fated shopping spree, part of which was shown to the jury on the first day of Ryder's trial on charges of burglary, grand theft and vandalism. Saks security manager Kenneth Evans testified that Ryder was "polite and apologetic" when she was stopped leaving the Beverly Hills store and found with some 20 items of designer clothes, handbags and accessories concealed about her person and in her shopping bags. When Evans told Ryder that the police were being informed of the incident, "she immediately stood up and took hold of my hand and apologized for what had happened," Evans said. Ryder then told him "my director directed me to shoplift in preparation for a role I am preparing," he added. It was not clear what role or wAs reported by Reuters

DEVASTATED Angelina Jolie kept a poignant diary that reveals the secret reason she walked out on her husband Billy Bob Thornton and rejected her famous father, actor Jon Voight. Jolie, 27, was changed after harrowing and heartbreaking journeys to impoverished Africa and Cambodia left her unable to relate to Billy Bob or her dad, say sources. "Hollywood seemed like such a shallow and trivial place to be after the pain and suffering she witnessed," says a close family friend. Pals say she'd try to speak to Billy Bob about the suffering victims of land-mine accidents or the homeless children she saw. He was sympathetic, but he couldn't feel what she felt. "Finally, Angelina chose to simply shut down," says a source. Just before her first trip to Africa in February 2001, the actress wrote: "I love my husband very much. Billy Bob didn't want me to go, because he loves me. But he is supporting my need to go," according to a source who viewed Angelina's journal. She added: "My dad attempted to cancel my trip. He called USA for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), the organization sponsoring me, but he couldn't stop me. I was angry with him, but I know he loves me and felt a need to protect me." Sources say Billy Bob and Angelina's dad feared for her safety overseas. According to sources, it was her trip to Cambodia in July 2001 that changed Angelina forever. Her diary includes heartbreaking descriptions of the victims of land mines she met and photos of tortured prisoners she was shown. "I can't breathe ...," the source says Jolie wrote while in Cambodia. "I saw pn after the divorce filing, that she had serious mental problems. "In the end, Angelina felt so alone that she broke from both Billy Bob and her father," says the source. "Now Angelina's life revolves around her son, Maddox. "She will never let him forget the country he came from, and she has promised to do anything she can to help the people there who still struggle to live." As reported in the Star Magazine

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