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Mittelmoda Italy Fashion Awards

At Mittelmoda_the fashion award 2004 an exclusive collaboration with Otago Polythechnic School of Fashion.

Among Mittelmoda's Finalists a scholarship offered by Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin_New Zealand will be awarded to the collection which most of all will show innovation in the use of materials and methods.

The Otago Polytechnic scholar in residence is an innovative and valuable project that will enable the scholar, students and lecturers to interact and consider the effect internationalization has on the fashion business. This is an opportunity to explore and question fashion conventions and to produce a selection of works for exhibition.

The Award
* Return airfare from a major international airport to Dunedin, New Zealand
* Stipend of €1000 per month
* Accommodation
* Studio, including use of the fashion and industrial product workshops
* Materials

Criteria for selection
* Mittelmoda_the fashion award finalist
* Innovative design practitioner, ideally someone who is interested in experimentation with materials and or methods of production and has an inquiring mind
* Willing to take part in cultural exchange and discourse including seminars on their work and design influences
* Available for residency in Dunedin_New Zealand for up to 8 weeks [minimum 4 weeks], to be taken before November 2005

This collaboration marks an important step of Mittelmoda's mission in creating continuous feed-back between academic world, industrial fashion system, and young creative talents all over the world, and it's permanent target of being a unique chance of spiritual, cultural, and professional exchange.

Mittelmoda_the fashion award: the finalists

The Jury has selected the finalists for the 12th edition of Mittelmoda_the fashion award, the international contest for emerging fashion designers. Their collections will be showcased in Grado_Gorizia (Italy) on the 10_11 September 2004, where they will compete for the 11 prizes on offer.

Those selected are young students and graduates in fashion design, coming from 22 nations, not only from the countries with a long tradition in fashion such as the Uk, France, and Belgium but also from emerging nations such as Uruguay, New Zealand, and Singapore. Mittelmoda have created over the years contacts with 621 fashion schools and academies in 66 countries, more than 900 young designers enrolled in this years contest. (see finalists’ list attached).

Beppe Modenese_Honorary President of Camera Nazionale Moda Italiana heads the Jury, composed of renowned fashion journalists and design experts: Giovanni Bianchi_La Perla Style Office, Mariella Burani_Fashion Designer, Sergio Ciucci_Exté Creative Director, Elio Fiorucci_Fashion Designer, Icarius _Lancetti Creative Director, Paolo Landi_Fabrica Advertising Director_Benetton Group, Vittorio Missoni_Deputy President of Camera Nazionale Moda Italiana, Fabrizio Servente_Sisley Director.

The criteria followed by the Jury in judging the competition were creativity, feasibility, and portability. Furthermore, the winning collections attain a high profile in the international fashion marketplace.

To the list of the 26 finalists already selected, students will be added from Eastern Europe and will be chosen at the Textile Fair, Styl and Kabo on the 23_24 August in Brno_Czech Republic. Among the young designers from Eastern Europe enrolled in Mittelmoda, a pre-selected group of 12 students will showcase their collections and be judged by an international jury with the winners, not only representing Eastern Europe, but also competing for the Mittelmoda Eastern Europe Award offered by MerylâNylstar SpA, at the finals in September.

The final fashion show will take place on the 11th September 2004 in Grado - Gorizia (Italy), followed by the presentation ceremony, where the 11 prizes will be awarded:

1st Mittelmoda Award, Eur 8000 and 2nd Mittelmoda Award, Eur 4000 for the best and second best collection

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana Award, Eur 3000 for the most creative collection

Mittelmoda Eastern Europe Meryl Award, Eur 3000 for the best collection created by a young designer from Eastern Europe

Sisley Award, Eur 3500 + internship for the most passionate-easy to wear-universal collection;

Vesti di Cotone Award, Eur 2500 for the best interpretation of the characteristics of Cotton;

Masters of Linen Award, Eur 2500 for the best interpretation of the characteristics of Linen

Shirt Avenue Award, Eur 1000 for the best interpretation of the shirt;

Sistema Moda Italia – Efima Award, Eur 1000 for the best collection of experimentation and research;

La Perla Award, Eur 1000 + internship for the best women’s underwear collection;

Beachwear Award, Eur 2500 + exhibition in Cannes for the best womenswear beachwear collection

Mittelmoda_the fashion award is organised by Gorizia Fiere and promoted by Mittelmoda International Lab in collaboration with Camera Nazionale Moda Italiana and Associazione Tessile Italiana.

[Please note - the designer will retain ownership of any work produced under the visiting scholar scheme. The School of Fashion at Otago Polytechnic reserves the right to use images of these works for publicity purposes for up to two years following the completion of the residency.]

For futher information

Mittelmoda_the fashion award

The showcase for the third millennium’s fashion creations.

The Contest

Organised by Gorizia Fiere, Italy, and established in 1993 as a non-profit event,

Mittelmoda is an international fashion design competition for aspiring young designers, and students. The showcase is one of the most sought-after, allowing the finalists to present their original ideas, and collections to the fashion world, winning prizes for outstanding creativity.

Keeping an ever-watchful eye on the international talent market, Mittelmoda has established contacts with over 600 fashion academies, and schools throughout the world.

This event offers the fashion industry an ideal opportunity to view the potential of leading young and international creative fashion designers.

The goals

The contest’s primary goal is to offer the chance through fashion, to exchange, and compare different cultures, in order to aid professional and personal growth for young designers.

At the same time, Mittelmoda focuses on their future, raising their visibility in the world

of fashion, as well as creating a link with job reality.

Previous winning contestants are currently working for many eminent fashion houses throughout the world.

Mittemoda has now successfully achieved sourcing the latest trends and ideas in the fashion world.
Mittelmoda International Lab’s activities enable the clothing and textile industry to obtain detailed research on new fashion designers. Their comprehensive database contains information on all the young designers that have competed successfully over the past eleven years.


22nd May ’04: deadline 14th June ‘04: finalists’ selection

Mittelmoda_the fashion award’s 12th edition will take place in Gorizia_Grado on the

10th & 11th September 2004.

The competitors are selected from all parts of the world to display their creations, and

are judged by an international jury composed of journalists, and fashion experts.

The opening dinner will take place on the evening of Friday 10th, followed by a

fitting session for the panel of judges to view.

The morning of Saturday 11th, will be dedicated to a workshop, with the fashion show commencing in the evening at the Parco delle Rose_Grado, and will conclude with the award winners ceremony.

The Awards

Mittelmoda is sensitive to budding talent, and has the support of many leading brand names in the fashion world. Companies that are constantly on the lookout for the latest designs, and have chosen to support the event by offering cash prizes and internships to the winning entries:

1st Mittelmoda Award, Eur 8000 presented for the best collection

2nd Mittelmoda Award, Eur 4000 presented for the second best collection

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana Award, Eur 3000 for the most creative collection

Mittelmoda Est Europa Meryl Award, Eur 3000 for the best collection created by a young designer from Eastern Europe donated by MerylNylstar SpA

Sisley Award, Eur 3500 + internship for the most passionate-easy to wear-universal collection;

donated by Sisley - Benetton

Vesti di Cotone Award, Eur 2500 for the best interpretation of the characteristics of Cotton;

donated by Fondazione Industrie Cotone Lino

Masters of Linen Award, Eur 2500 for the best interpretation of the characteristics of Linen; donated by Centro Lino Italiano

Shirt Avenue Award, Eur 1000 for the best interpretation of the shirt; donated by

Consorzio Produttori Italiani Tessuti per Camiceria

Sistema Moda Italia – Efima Award, Eur 1000 for the best collection of experimentation and research;

donated by Sistema Moda Italia and Efima

La Perla Award, Eur 1000 + internship for the best women’s underwear collection; donated by Gruppo LaPerla

Premio Beachwear, Eur 2500 + exhibition in Cannes for the best womenswear beachwear collection

offered by Consorzio MarediModa.

Satellite Projects

Apart from planning this event, in conjunction with the fashion world, and textile industry,

Mittelmoda will be working on various satellite projects during the year.

One project, Mittelmoda Estern Europe emphasizes the opening up of the Eastern European market, and at the same time marks the collaborations between Mittelmoda, and fashion events organised by the Brno Trade Fair, in the Czech Republic. It is hopeful that the competition will become an annual event, and in February a fashion show took place

presenting four finalists from Mittelmoda 2003.

In August 2004, on the Brno catwalk 15 design projects from Eastern Europe will be judged,

with the winners taking part in the 2004 Mittelmoda show, representing Eastern Europe.

The Special Mittelmoda Eastern Europe Meryl Award, donated by Meryl®Nylstar, will

be awarded to the winning Eastern Europe finalist, while all remaining finalists receive the other prizes.

The second project is linked to Fashion, Tradition, and Beauty in Ancient Italy, promoted by the Soprintendenza per i beni Archeologici del Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The contest is open to the young creative fashion students from

Friuli Venezia Giulia. Their creations (clothing and accessories), inspired by ancient Italy, will be displayed at an exhibition taking place at the Archaeological Museum in Aquileia during March 2004, with the foremost creation winning a place amongst the Mittelmoda 2004 finalists.

In its second year, the third prestigious project is an event that links Mittelmoda’s presence at the AltaRoma fashion week, in the Italian capital. One of the finalists will participate at the kermesse, showcasing their collection and outfits presented at this event.

Mittelmoda links up to the Italian competition Riccione Moda Italia too, where in July some finalists of Mittelmoda’s past showcase their collections to offer an international aspect.

Mittelmoda is very active on the educational level, and is launching a

Master in Styling & Communications project promoted by Trieste University, and in collaboration with Mittelmoda International Lab. The project responds to the present need to create fashion managers specialising in style and design who will able to successfully manage a companies brand name, in a logical and consistent manner.

Supporters and Partners

Organised by Gorizia Fiere, Mittelmoda_The Fashion Award is promoted by Mittelmoda International Lab in collaboration with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and the Associazione Tessile Italiana.

Mittelmoda has obtained the patronage of the Ministero dei Beni e Culture Ambientali as well as

the contribution of the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Over the years, many various brands and institutions, with the same needs of sustaining creative talent, on an international level, have taken part in Mittelmoda’s activities.

Brands: AirDolomiti - Benetton - Calzedonia - Chimento - Exté - Ferré - Hugo Boss - illycaffè, Inghirami - Intimissimi - La Perla - Marzotto - Malo-Masters of Linen - Max Mara - Meryl Nilstar - Nescafè - Pancaldi - Reporter - Red Bull - Romeo Gigli - Sanremo- Sisley

Institutions: Centro Lino Italiano- Fondazione Industrie Cotone Lino- Cotton Council International- Shirt Avenue-Sistema Moda Italia- Veletrhy Brno/Styl

Creativity is Mittelmoda’s prime and continual focal point. With a constant and professional eye for detail, with a touch of irony, it successfully supplants traditional ways with young, original, and vibrant fashion ideas.

For further information please contact Mittelmoda’s HQs (See Heading) or visit our website


What people say …

In Italy we should invest more in the important relationship that links up economy, culture and youth vocational training: we must deal with the latter if we want to maintain Italy`s leadership in fashion and in the textile and clothing sector. Mittelmoda has chosen to deal with the future of young designers, and for this reason it must be encouraged and supported Santo Versace

These days young designers believe that in other to impress they always have to invent new things. On the contrary, they should understand that the main goal of a designer is to create something that a company can appreciate and therefore produce. We have decided to award the saleability of ideas rather than inventions
Beppe Modenese- Honorary President of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

The Mittelmoda concept of encouraging and rewarding young international design talent is admirable. Securing the support of key individuals and organisations in the fashion business and of so many design schools around the world is an impressive achievement. But, most importantly, the organisers have understood the value of continuity for projects of this type. The importance of Mittelmoda`s commitment to young designers over many years is both brave and unique, and gives this project such credibility... It is encouraging to see how Mittelmoda is determined to develop its role as a vital link between young talent and the fashion industry
Stephen Higginson-International Textile

I think that the whole world has become a big melting pot where different origins and cultures are mixed. Gorizia is a privileged observatory in my opinion...Only here it is possible to see the various and different interpretations of what happens in the world around us, with so many countries represented and fashion designers we wouldn`t be able to see elsewhere. It is very important that this event takes place Ted Polhemus, Anthropologist and Fashion Writer

It seems that Mittelmoda is the only international event within the arts which brings people from all around the globe together, in a spirit of true and lasting friendship Norma Starsakowna, Director of Research, The London Institute

Everyone has this dream to become a fashion designer...A prove of this is Mittelmoda`s great success...A showcase for the true heirs of today`s top fashion designers Vogue Italia

From Mittelmoda_the fashion award to …

Some emerging fashion designers who took part in Mittelmoda

LO CHUN MAN e DARREN CABON - (UK): graduated at the Royal College of Art, the couple took part in Mittelmoda 1994 as Lo&Cabon and won a prize. Later on they showcase at the

LONDON FASHION WEEK, starter up Studio 50,a business on their own in Londra. Furthermore they are teachers at the

College in Colchester and Winchester, and visiting lecturers at the Royal College of Art.

BRIAN KIRBY alias BRIAN OF BRITAIN - (UK): graduated at the Royal College of Art, he took part in Mittelmoda

1994 and was awarded a prize. Later on he created his label, became Boudicca and was inserted in the calendar of the LONDON FASHION WEEK where he currently showcases.

ANN-SOFIE BACK - (UK/SVE): born in Sweden and graduated at the Central Saint Martins in London, took place in Mittelmoda 1998, she then worked for per various French magazines. Ann-Sofie has created her label produced by Cube and

showcases at the LONDON FASHION WEEK her website:

ERIC MEUNIER alias WILLY - (Belgium): born in Belgium in 1970, he attended for a year the Hogeschool Antwerpen and for three years La Cambre. He took part in different competitions and was awarded many prizes: in 2001 he won at Mittelmoda_the fashion award the Vesti di Cotone Award; in 2002 went to the Festivàl de la Mode in Hyéres and at the same time won Coral Fashion Award in Belgium. Then he has worked in Antwerp, opens up an atelier and showcases his collections in Paris.

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