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Fracture - Kiwi Move To Open Soon


A bungled burglary causes the lives of two families to spiral out of control

Director Larry Parr Screenplay Larry Parr

Starring Kate Elliott, Jared Turner

Based on the Maurice Gee novel Crime Story Published by Penguin Books

Brief Synopsis Fracture is a revealing emotional drama which illustrates the traits that push us apart and pull us together as families. Fracture tells the story of 20-year-old solo mother Leeane Rosser (Kate Elliott) who showers her one-year-old son with all the love and care he could want. Rejected by her Christian fundamentalist mother (Miranda Harcourt), Leeanne gets no help from her family. She tries to stay close to her beloved brother Brent (Jared Turner), but is unaware of his secret career as a house- breaker. When one of Brent’s burglaries goes terribly wrong, two families are sucked into a crisis that will amplify and reveal many truths of the heart.

Distributed in New Zealand by Polyphony Entertainment

Cinema Release September 09, 2004

Publicity Enquiries Diana Goulding, MediaMix Limited 2 Rugby Rd, Birkenhead Point, Auckland, New Zealand Tel +64 9 480 4858 Fax +64 9 480 4857 Email

Leeanne Rosser (Kate Elliott) a strong but world-weary 20 year-old solo mother, sits riding in a hot commuter train with her one-year-old, half-Samoan son Sam (Jamal Spellacey). It’s her mother’s birthday and Leeanne and Sam put up with the heat to visit her in Wainuiomata on the outskirts of Wellington. But her mother (Miranda Harcourt) is feeling the pull of the church, and refuses to accept Leeanne’s baby born out of marriage. Leeanne’s father (Tim Lee) is helpless to bring them together.

Unknown to all of them, Leeanne’s brother Brent (Jared Turner) is out creating mischief. He pretends to be a student or a bible salesman, and then robs houses when their owners are absent.

Today an unsuspecting victim, Ulla (Jennifer Ward Lealand), returns home during his robbery. Brent panics and sends Ulla plummeting down the steps with a sickening crack, Ulla is paralysed, her neck broken.

From that moment on, everything is changed for Leeanne and her family, and Ulla and her family,

Ulla has a 15 year-old daughter Olivia (Alicia Fulford Wierzbicki) and an estranged husband Athol (Michael Hurst), who still lives at home and buries himself in his rental properties. Her husband’s mother Gwen (Liddy Holloway) lives next door, having divorced Howard (John Noble) after a 40-year marriage. Gwen is the only person who can take responsibility for Ulla.

Howard, remarried to a model, is a high flying property magnate, on the brink of a lucrative deal to develop a tower on the Wellington waterfront. Howard’s other son Gordon (Alistair Browning) is a property bottomfeeder desperately seeking fatherly guidance on his way to jail.

Brent sees a composite drawing of himself in a newspaper, as the man who is wanted for the crime. He realises that his fingerprints will be found on Ulla’s banister. He attempts to unload some of Ulla’s stolen jewellery on Mrs. Ponder (Brenda Kendall), an antique/junk dealer who acts as his ‘fence’. But she is too smart, and soon knows Brent is wanted by the police. Brent is left with nowhere to turn but inward, into his own paranoia and fears.

Mrs. Ponder puts pressure on Brent to leave the country. When Leeanne visits his flat to ask if she and Sam can come to live there, he loses his temper and sends them away in tears.

One day as Leeanne is watching Sam on the swings at a waterfront park, a helicopter comes swooping out of the sky, almost knocking them to the ground with its downblast. Howard and his potential investors step out to survey the site, and Leeanne lets loose on them. It is a chance interaction that makes him realise he must re-evaluate his life.

Two policemen are getting closer to Brent. But he has vanished. Leeanne, forced out of her home by a bullying boyfriend, ends up at Brent’s flat with Sam, only to find it empty and trashed. It isn’t long before the police swoop in and claim that Leeanne is implicated in her brother’s crimes.

Both families are now at breaking point. Brent’s fate may lie in his own hands, but it will be Leeanne’s strength and dedication to her child that will carry hope for the future.

Fracture filmmakers Director & Screenplay/ Larry Parr

Fracture is Larry Parr’s second feature film as director, the first being A Soldier’s Tale (1988) starring Gabriel Byrne.

Larry Parr's film career began as associate producer on Roger Donaldson's Sleeping Dogs (1977) and Smash Palace (1981). He was also associate producer of Nagisa Oshima’s acclaimed Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. He has produced many features in New Zealand including the record-breaking Came a Hot Friday, Constance, Shaker Run, Starlight Hotel and Saving Grace.

As well as directing two features, Larry has directed several documentaries on Maori subjects and has nurtured the careers of several young filmmakers.

Producer/ Charlie McClellan

Fracture is Charlie McClellan’s first film as producer. American-born, he has worked in the New Zealand film industry for 10 years. Most recently he was involved in the visual effects for Niki Caro’s Whale Rider, after serving as Visual Effects Producer at Weta Digital in Wellington from 1995 to 2001. Charlie oversaw the R&D and pre-production ramp-up for digital effects on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as producing effects for Robert Zemeckis’s Contact (1997) and Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners (1996). Charlie wrote and directed the short film Room Tone, which played at seven international festivals, and was nominated for a 2001 Nokia NZ Film award for best script. Before arriving in New Zealand, he was a post-production executive for Miramax Films in New York, and worked on independent films such as Clerks, Heavenly Creatures, and Farewell My Concubine.

Cinematographer/ Fred Renata

Since shooting Fracture, Fred was director of photography on Greg McGee’s Skin and Bone. He was also cinematographer for the TV series Hard Out, Street Legal, and the feature film Magic and Rose (2000).

Editor/ Jonathan Woodford-Robinson

A seasoned editor of film (Tongan Ninja, Hopeless and now Fracture), TV(Fish Skin Suit, Maori Battalion B-Company, Lovebites) and commercials. Jonno was an assistant editor on The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King and also did online edits and digital effects shots for many other films and TV programs.

Production Designer/ Kayne Horsham

Coming from a hotbed of artists and technicians under Richard Taylor at the Weta Workshop in Wellington, Kayne was an Art Director on The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Production Designer on Adam Larkin’s feature Akido Insane. Kayne also was onset Art Director for the BBC production of The Lost World and many commercial TV campaigns in New Zealand.
Fracture cast Leeanne Rosser/ Kate Elliott

One of New Zealand’s rising young stars, Kate Elliott earned positive reviews in 2003 with feature appearances in Harry Sinclair’s romantic comedy Toy Love (finalist 2003 NZ Film Awards) and Greg Page’s genre horror The Locals.

Kate has had extensive training for performance in theatre and has appeared in many NZ-based TV productions including House of Sticks, Xena, and Street Legal. She plays as Katherine Mansfield in the German co-production short film An Indiscreet Journey.

Brent Rosser/Jared Turner

Fracture is Jared Turner’s feature film debut, having starred in the international theatrical tour of Jake and Pete (Theatre of Image), the acclaimed short film Basilisk Stare, and the Australian TV series All Saints and Home and Away.

Since graduating from Theatre Nepean (UNWS) in 2000, Jared has acted in commercials, and has performed in theatre projects including the World Premiere of the new Australian work Solitude in Blue, Caryl Churchill’s Blue Heart and Rules of the Game.

Inspector Franklin/ Cliff Curtis

One of New Zealand’s best-known actors, Cliff Curtis’s feature credits include Niki Caro’s Whale Rider, Lee Tamahori’s Once Were Warriors, and Peter Wells’ and Stewart Main’s Desperate Remedies. In Hollywood he has been seen in Martin Scorsese’s Bringing Out the Dead, Ted Demme’s Blow, and Michael Mann’s The Insider. Howard Peet/ John Noble

John Noble’s appearance as Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) is a crowning role in a long and distinguished career in the acting profession. John’s film credits include The Outsider, Superfire, The Natalie Wood Story, The Dreaming, Nostradamus Kid, A Sting in the Tail, Call me Mr. Brown, Airtight, The Monkey’s Mask and A Virtual Nightmare. He has had guest roles in the TV series Big Sky, Police Rescue, Water Rats, Timetrax, Above the Law, Stingers, The Young Lions, Home & Away and Tales of the South Pacific. For the last five and a half years he has played in All Saints as the neuro surgeon Dr John Madsen.

He appeared in the mini-series Hills End. John teaches acting at Brent Street School of Arts. He has conducted master classes at NIDA, Flinders University, the R.A.A.F, the Centre for Performing Arts, Carclew Youth Drama Camps, the S.A. Education Department, the National Book Council and the NSW & ACT Writers Centres. He has a private teaching studio specialising in presentation skills, accent modification, and film and television performance and audition preparation. As Artistic Director of the Stage Company of S.A for ten years, John was involved in South Australia’s cultural explosion in the 1970s and 80s, producing over 70 new Australian plays. He served an eight-year term as a Trustee of the Adelaide Festival Centre and was associated with the Australian productions of Cats and Les Miserables.

Fracture director’s statement

My first interest in Maurice Gee's novel seems so long ago.

I was working with Maurice on another project when he told me that the rights to "Crime Story" had become available. That afternoon I went to the library, got a copy of the book and read it. My recollection is that I approached Maurice's agent within a week of that conversation.

What appealed to me was the hopelessness of Leeanne's situation. Having spent considerable time in a depressed small town, I had seen young women trapped by that hopelessness. But here was a character who continued to fight against being trapped by her situation.

It suited me to concentrate on Leeanne. I wrote a first draft quite quickly, but found it too dark and bleak. I had to go back to the novel for help.

Time's a wonderful thing. Over the next four years things happened in my life that enabled me to see more clearly what the film should be about.


Crime against family comes in many forms, both from within and without the family.

I'm attracted to the notion that every family has its own crime story.


Fracture Director Larry Parr Producer Charlie McClellan Screenplay Larry Parr Based on the novel “Crime Story” by Maurice Gee Editor Jonathan Woodford-Robinson Cinematographer Fred Renata Music Victoria Kelly Sound Design Tim Prebble Production Design Kayne Horsham Hair and Makeup Design Frankie Karena Costume Design Amanda Neale Casting Liz Mullane Cast Leeanne Rosser Kate Elliott Brent Rosser Jared Turner Clyde Rosser Tim Lee Irene Rosser Miranda Harcourt Sam Rosser Jamal Spellacey Howard Peet John Noble Gwen Peet Liddy Holloway Ulla Peet Jennifer Ward Lealand Athol Peet Michael Hurst Gordon Peet Alistair Browning Olivia Peet Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki Darlene Peet Sara Brodie Danny Paul Glover Mrs. Ponder Brenda Kendall Inspector Franklin Cliff Curtis Detective Harawira Julian Arahanga Detective Peters Tammy Davis Jody Jay Saussey Jasmine Sophia Hawthorne Tony Dorio Jed Brophy Councillor Fisher Tim Gordon Mayor Cora Sharon Tyrell Des Casey Jason Whyte Denise Casey Mia Blake Guy living below Brent’s John Mailoto Pathologist John Chalmers Mrs. Carpenter Glenis Levestam Teenagers selling beads Nathan Parr Peter Niblett Doctor Nancy Brunning Disgusted Nurse Rosie Guthrie Judge Rawiri Paratene Taxi Driver Rachel House Churchman John Smythe Sione Ta’ala Dane McMahon Police Officer Gentiane Lupi Police Officers Deighton Conder Heta Timu Jeffrey Scoringe Joanne Donnelly Kane Harawira Katy Roche Lance Craig Megan Banks Rangi Joseph Renee Sheridan Simi Lavulavu Fingerprint Expert John Turner Ambulance Officers Joanna Richardson Richard Caine Police Dog Handler Julian Lewis Asian Businessmen Charles Lun Peter Young Bus Driver Nina Moeahu Street kids Bede Moher J J Craig Jared Rawiri Mark Ruka Tom Dorman Nurses Serap Ozden Maria Gerondis Gaynor Cawley Doctor Gerd Pohlman Patients Mike Hollings Paul Taki- Love Regan Wharikawa Jonathan Woodford-

Music Orchestrated and Conducted by Victoria Kelly Music Recorded and Engineered by Nick Buckton Record/Engineer Assistant Wayne Laird Music Recorded at Eden Terrace Audio

Score - 2003 Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Australia) Pty Ltd. Source music licensing by Mana Music (NZ).

“Sick Of This” (M Samuels, P Matthews, K Holt, D Rhodes) Control Performed by Stylus Courtesy of Wildside Records “Jesus You Are My Lord” (M Lomavita, M Pau, S Auva'a) Control Performed by Pacific Soul Courtesy of Pacific Dream Records. "Take Me There” (M Tepania, J Ta'ale, SJ Auva) Control Performed by Pacific Soul Courtesy of Pacific Dream Records. “Version 2” (D Schwalger) Control Performed by The Nomad Courtesy of The Nomad “Black Sunrise” (House Of Shem remix) (The Black Seeds/T Perkins) Control Performed by The Black Seeds, remixed by Te Omeka Perkins at House Of Shem Studios and Southgate Entertainment. Courtesy of LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa “Smooth Rhodes” (J. Geor/L. Carter/H. Ellis/J. Frigo. Contains lyrics from Detour Ahead (Carter/Ellis/Frigo) Woodrow Music ASCAP 1948 Performed by 50Hz feat. Miss La Courtesy of LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa “Seconds” (D Tamaira, C Faiumu) Control Performed by Fat Freddys Drop Courtesy of The Drop Ltd “I Hear You Call My Name” (J Mulholland) Control Performed by Gasoline Cowboy Courtesy of Gasoline Cowboy “Day To Day” (M Carpinter, N Major, C Mason, B Lichfield) Control Performed by Autozamm Courtesy of Flaming Pearl Records “Condition Chronic” (R Brennan, D Lawton, C Yong, P Matthews) Control Performed by Tadpole. Courtesy of Antenna Recordings “Aftonland” poetry by Par Lagerkvist courtesy of PRISM international.


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