Opening The Election


Scoop is Opening the Election in 2017 in an effort to increase transparency, accountability and openness of government in this election cycle.

We are providing avenues for open and participatory discussion on the merits of various policies, proposals and topics in this election campaign.

Our focus is on 5 key areas selected by Scoop readers as the most important to be addressed in this election year; Housing, Environment, Inequality, The future of work and Health.

The new engagement tools we are using to Open the Election are:

Scoop's online public engagement platform allowing users to collectively address complex and contested issues in our society.

Any Questions
A new platform allowing you to ask questions to candidates and receive open, transparent and rateable answers.

Opening The Election Emails
Our supporters get updates on the latest election news.

Open Government
We will also seek to provide information to help keep you informed on developments in the movement for a more Open Government.

Other tools for voters:
RockEnrol, We Have Power, Policy, Vote Compass

Featured Election2017 Stories

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